PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 17

Volume 2 Chapter 17 Fleeing for your life 

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Qiao Mo felt that Yan Qiyue seemed particularly odd today. During the day he would usually be stick onto Shao Qing. Yet, today he wasn’t. It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t like Shao Qing anymore. In fact he seemed more like a young woman taking sneaky bashful looks at Shao Qing.

As soon as anyone approached Shao Qing, he would throw death glares at them until they had their hair stand on end and depart on their own.

More terrifying is, he wore a white shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned. This caused the teeth marks on his neck and hickeys on his collar bone to be all revealed.

Qiao Mo was horrified by the thought. Could it be that last night the two were bang bang bang? In fact, could this be Yan Qiyue’s first time? Otherwise why else would he act like a newly married woman.

Qiao Mo couldn’t ponder more on this because they had already arrived. This area was filled with the vegetation Qiao Mo had described, a reduced version of a tangerine tree. With round leaves, the aroma it emitted would cause the surrounding people who smelt it to become powerless. On the leaves hung a bright red fruit that resembled an apple and hawthorn. With it’s glossy skin, it looked very delicious. 

At the very middle, there was one tree that was taller and more robust than the rest. Even the fruit was bigger.

Underneath that tree was a lantern and if one were to look at it carefully they would realize that it wasn’t a lantern. It was actually another vegetation that could emit glimmer.

That small lantern was very adorable. Flashing, it appeared to be floating in midair, but it actually had a very slender stem propping it up. In brief, this vegetation had a super cute aura to it. 

“Our target is that.” Qiao Mo pointed at the small lantern. “Once we collect it, then we can help our brother’s wife to subdue the Qiu Tang*.”

* what they are calling those trees

Shao Qing nodded her head. She vaguely sensed a thread of danger and spoke up: “Be careful everyone, something seems off.”

“I’ll try first.” One earth elemental held up an earth shield and slowly approached the cluster of Qiu Tang. Completely quiet, the Qiu Tang did not show any signs of activity. It was only until he was very close when there was a faint rustle like wind blowing on leaves.

Among the quiet harmony, Shao Qing seemed to pick up a weak sound of insect wings. Lifting her head up, she saw a black hornet that was slightly bigger than the ordinary bee spiraling around the Qiu Tang. 

If they saw this hornet anywhere else, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Yet this jungle is filled with variation animals running amuck. Not mentioning the hornet, even a mosquito could be very damaging.

“Watch out for the top of your head.” Shao Qing warned. As that person lifted his head to look, he discovered the hornet and let out a breath. Immediately following, an innumerable amount of hornets came flying from the surrounding tree.

The densely packed hornets looked terrifying, causing the earth elemental user to be frightened and rolling backwards. Using his earth shield, he covered his whole body. 

A fire elemental user immediately hurried to throw a fireball. A bee would be scared of fire, but who knows if these hornets are afraid or not.

Afterwards it will be shown that they are scared of fire. It’s probably the innate characteristic of a bee, only fire would scare them. But unlike an ordinary bee, it wouldn’t be life threatening.

Those hornets quickly dodged the fireball. But even though they were skimmed by the fireball, they weren’t harmed at all.

Seeing this, the fire elemental user rushed to cover the earth elemental user with a fire shield. Afterwards, he also gave Qiao Mo and the rest including Shao Qing a fire shield.

With the fire shield, those hornets wouldn’t rashly approach them. Qiao Mo scrunched up his eyebrows: “Get rid of those hornets.” If they don’t get rid of them, they wouldn’t be able to approach the Enkianthus*.

* the lantern flower

The remaining superhumans stepped forward. Taking out their abilities, they used it against the hornets. For a moment the sky was filled with superpowers, but they still weren’t able to exterminate the hornets.

This was because the hornets were too small of a target. To target one they would just have to rely on blindly hitting. While the hornets were very nimble, they would easily fly over the attacks so a large portion of them were able to escape.

Qiao Mo frowned. These hornets are hard to deal with but they had to be dealt with. With no other means, he asked: “Qiyue, could you temporarily freeze that space?”

Yan Qiyue nodded his head: “I could.”

“Everyone stop for a moment. Once Yan Qiyue makes a move, I want everyone to gather their powers and attack that spot.” Qiao Mo waved his hand, coldly speaking.

Yan Qiyue waited for them to get ready, then he froze that area. The hornets were immediately frozen, unable to move in midair. The prepared superhumans all fired away destroying that area.

All of them let out cheers to celebrate but only Shao Qing noticed that Yan Qiyue was a bit pale. Controlling such a large scope of hornets was quite taxing for him.

However, there were still quite a few hornets left. If they were to continue exterminate the hornets in this manner, Yan Qiyue would at least do this another 5 times. Shao Qing couldn’t help but speak up: “I have another plan. Let me try.”

Qiao Mo would naturally give Shao Qing face. Ordering the superhumans to stop, he stood aside to see what Shao Qing was planning.

Releasing her carnivorous flower, the man eating flower hasn’t eaten anything in a long while. Once Shao Qing released it, it belched and spat out a few bones that seemed as if they were used like toothpicks.

The superhumans stared at the man eating flower as it continued to open and close, the movement of its petal concealing the stamen.

Once the man eating flower came out, it began secreting a type of sweet stimulating smell. When those hornets smelt it, they immediately began flying over to the man eating flower’s ‘mouth’.

All the hornets that wandered into the man eating flower’s ‘mouth’, in the next second was disintegrated, becoming the man eating flower’s nutrient.

This is why everyone could only see a steady stream of hornets entering the man eating flower’s ‘mouth’ and even though the number of hornets should be capable of filling the flower’s head, they couldn’t see a ‘bloated’ expression from the man eating flower.

It was until the hornets were completely wiped out did it shake its head and burped out some broken wings, satisfied. 


Wings came out.

Gulp. The superhumans swallowed down their saliva and stepped away from the man eating flower a bit. Shao Qing touched its head, completely satisfied.

The big flower to her currently didn’t have much use. Especially now that she has reached rank four, the opportunities to use the man eating flower had decreased significantly. Shao Qing was actually considering exchanging it, but in the end she wasn’t willing to part with it.

After all, it has accompanied her since the beginning and has helped her out quite a bit.

Yan Qiyue really liked the big flower and even attempted to pounce over to touch it’s head. This almost caused the flower to swallow his hand.

Facing such a cruel flower, Yan Qiyue liked it even more: “Does it have a name?”

“It’s called Da Hua.” Shao Qing tapped Da Hua’s head, telling it to be more obedient. This time when Yan Qiyue reached out to touch it, Da Hua became agreeable similar to how Yan Qiyue is with Shao Qing. 

* Da Hua = big flower

“How cute.” Yan Qiyue sincerely sighed. Then the surrounding people who were watching also sighed with him. As expected people who don’t belong together won’t live together. These two cruel creature together, really is a match made in heaven.

They also decided they won’t ask Shao Qing how she tamed Yan Qiyue that evildoer because Shao Qing herself wasn’t an ordinary person.

“There still might be some dangers, let’s have Da Hua scout for us.” Shao Qing patted Da Hua, then Da Hua shifted appearing heavy and cumbersome. Yet, it was unusually fast as it squeezed into the Qiu Tongs.

Similar to the field of flowers before, the cluster of Qiu Tang was covered with skeletons underneath. While Da Hua was drilling it’s way through, it also sneakily ate two Qiu Tang fruits. In the end it was able to scout out a route with its intoxicated movements.

“Nothing.” Shao Qing let out a sigh and took Da Hua back. Then she spoke: “For now, no other dangers were discovered. Should we go over?”

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