PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 18 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 18 Confession 

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Shao Qing had never encountered this type of man before. That’s why when they interacted, she had always used her awkward gentleness to treat him. However, in this moment, Shao Qing was somewhat helpless. Clasping his face, his charming eyes were pitch black and lacking focus.

Shao Qing had heard Yan Qiyue speak about his past before including the time he had murdered his stepfather. Right now, Shao Qing knew it wasn’t the case that Yan Qiyue didn’t care. As before, his heart always had a knot and right now this knot was about to explode.

“Snap out of it.” Shao Qing frowned and quietly spoke. It was only after a long time did Yan Qiyue slowly awake. Curling up into a ball, he placed his head on his knees giving the impression he was in a panic.

She was eventually going to abandon him, so what’s the point of struggling?

A bit anxious, she felt that she might have given a blow to Yan Qiyue. Scared of her leaving, this sweet loving man who called her baby was on the verge of collapsing.

When they had initially met, Shao Qing had never thought that she could affect a man in such a profound way. So she had never worried about what would happen to this man if she left.

“Yan Qiyue, snap out of it for me.” Shao Qing picked Yan Qiyue’s chin up. Hardening her heart, she forcefully bit Yan Qiyue’s collarbone leaving behind faint teeth marks. At the place of the teeth marks, a trace of blood was oozing out.

Yan Qiyue shuddered then he lifted his hand to cover his eyes. His frail appearance was so pitiful. It was after a long time that he eventually used his hoarse voice that attempted to contain his fear to voice his concerns: “Can you not leave…. You could bring your family here…. Is it your boyfriend… I won’t tell him the things that happened between us. As long as I can see you…. Even if it is from a distance, I’m fine with that….”

“No boyfriend. But I have a child and a lot of comrades. When you first met me, you have also seen my situation. There’s a high chance that they are also injured. I have to return…” Shao Qing quietly spoke: “I live in S city survivor base. I can promise you that if you are willing, you can move there with me. If you aren’t willing after I take care of my family I can come to find you.”

Expecting to be discarded, Yan Qiyue moved away. A pair of bright red eyes like a rabbit who didn’t eat his carrot was now glistening with brilliance: “What did you just say?”

“I said, if you are willing to move, we can live together. The house I have in the S city survivor base is rather small. If you do move, then I’ll request a larger house. If you aren’t willing to move that is okay as well. I’ll come to visit you often.” As soon as Shao Qing finished speaking, the originally dispirited Yan Qiyue came pouncing over. Rolling about within her embrace, he asked: “You’re not going to abandon me?”

Shao Qing nearly fell onto the ground because of him: “No, I was just worried that since everything is going well here you wouldn’t want to leave. If that is the case, won’t me saying I want to take you away and you saying you won’t leave be a slap to my own face.”

“That won’t happen. Wherever you go, I’ll follow.” Yan Qiyue was happy instantly. He thought he was going to be thrown away once again. Fortunately, Shao Qing wasn’t ready to throw him away.

Relaxing, Yan Qiyue was completely content now as he lied on Shao Qing’s chest. “You have a baby? How big is he? What does he like? Do I need to bring anything for him?”

Shao Qing poked the fire and replied: “My son is one this year. I gave birth to him when I had turned into a zombie, so his physique is different from the average baby. Even though it hasn’t been even one year since his birth, he already looks like a 4-5 year old child. You don’t need to bring him anything. In addition, I am taking care of a zombie. His name is Er Dai and doesn’t bite. However, he really sticks to people. I am also taking care of a poor girl named Shao Tong. She’s very reserved and doesn’t speak much. Finally I also have my teammates. I have a small superhuman team. The members consist of my family and Yan Hanqing, Gu Chuan and Gu panpan. They are all really good people. You’ll understand when you meet them.”

In an instant, Yan Qiyue was able to organize everything into a chart within his mind. From the order of introduction, he could tell what place that person was in her heart.

So even though Shao Qing had mentioned that all of them meant the world to them, there was still a ranking. The ranking was probably her son first, then Er Dai, then Shao Tong and finally followed by her teammates.

Someone who is in a similar situation as her, Er Dai sounded quite threatening. Shao Tong was a young girl, so her threat could be eliminated. However, Yan Qiyue’s final goal was to rise to Xiao Baozi’s spot.

Although they haven’t even moved yet, Yan Qiyue had already started calculating.

Shao Qing looked at Yan Qiyue’s face which was in deep thought and couldn’t help but laugh: “What are you worried about? Relax. You’re super adorable. I’m sure everyone will love you.”

Yan Qiyue was finished by the ‘you’re super adorable’. Originally trying to decide his strategy, in an instant he became bashful.

Just when he was about to say something, he could suddenly hear the faint sounds of footsteps. His expression became chilly as he shouted: “Who’s here!?”

“It’s me.” From a hidden spot, the youngster who had questioned Shao Qing before came slowly walking over. Yan Qiyue originally wanted to let out a breath, but suddenly felt something didn’t seem quite right.The paleness of the youngster was horrifying, while his expression and march was stiff. He couldn’t help but ask: “Weren’t you running away with Qiao Mo? Why would you suddenly appear here?” 

“We got separated…..” the youngster’s voice was hoarse, while his gaze seemed lax. As he approached he was suddenly blocked by Yan Qiyue forming a wall to block him: “Who are you? No, what thing are you!?”

The youngster’s mouth pulled into a stiff smile: “I’m your comrade….” When the last word came out, he suddenly opened his mouth and a bright red tongue came lashing out breaking apart Yan Qiyue’s protective screen. Yet, his target was Shao Qing.

Yan Qiyue’s expression was cold. His powers surging forward, he directly solidified the atmosphere around the tongue. Shao Qing in response quickly pulled out a knife and sliced the tongue off cleanly.

The youngster let out a scream that was not similar to a human scream at all. His eyes changing into snake eyes, his four limbs landed onto the ground and he came rushing towards Shao Qing.

Right from the beginning his target was evident: Shao Qing. Shao Qing couldn’t make out what it was, but she quickly reacted. Extending out her hand, vines came drilling from the ground to quickly bind the youths arms and legs. With tacit understanding, Yan Qiyue raised his hand and constricted the air around the youngster. His five fingers slowly closing together, the youngster’s body was as if it had become a bomb and within the next second it exploded.

After the explosion, a white slender thing flew out, drilled into the ground, and disappeared.

“What the heck was that….” Yan Qiyue was completely confused. He had never seen anything like that. Something that was able to control a corpse and even allow the corpse to speak.

Quite obviously, the youngster that had appeared before them was already dead.

Shao Qing also didn’t know. Becoming alert, she released Da Hua and said: “I’ll keep watch tonight. You go get a good rest, just in case it returns later tonight. If you’re exhausted, our fighting strength would decrease by half.”

Yan Qiyue knew that Shao Qing’s physique was quite extraordinary. Even if she didn’t sleep for several nights, it wasn’t anything at all. Not being unreasonable or trying to show off, he just coquettishly extended his hand out to Shao Qing: “Can you hold me while I sleep….”

Shao Qing’s face was expressionless. She was always a kind of person who would be amenable to coaxing and not coercion. As a result she was eaten by the stubborn Yan Qiyue: “Make sure you’re well behaved when you’re sleeping. Don’t move around.”

Yan Qiyue immediately nodded his head sincerely. Then he quickly got up and gave Shao Qing a quick peck on the lips: “Goodnight kiss.”

Then he quickly laid down. Shao Qing was completely helpless. Holding him again, she laid out a quilt on the ground then sat down holding him.

Yan Qiyue used her leg as a pillow. Especially content, he closed his eyes. So long as Shao Qing lowered her head she would be able to see his delicate features, especially those gorgeous red lips.

She couldn’t help but think back to that night: Yan Qiyue sincerely kneeling by her side, his warm lips and nimble tongue. Shao Qing quivered. She has always been a cold person regarding those things, but after meeting Yan Qiyue it was as if she got infected going as far as to thinking of those filthy things.

Yan Qiyue secretly opened his eyes a slit to look at Shao Qing’s cold countenance. She had that appearance nearly the entire day, that face that didn’t want strangers to approach her at all. It was only the fact that Yan Qiyue had been with her for so long that he had gradually gotten used to her so that he can distinguish the small changes on her face. 

For example right now, Shao Qing was absent-minded right now. Furthermore, she was also somewhat embarrassed. Could it be…. In that instant, Yan Qiyue and Shao Qing’s line of thought were in sync. Extending out his the tip of his pink tongue, he licked his lips resembling a demon fox trying to seduce someone. Facing Shao he said: “The moonlight is just right. Does master need me to wait on her?”

Then Yan Qiyue was slapped by Shao Qing: “Go to sleep and recover your energy. Don’t think about unnecessary things. There could be some creature hidden in the dark.” 

Yan Qiyue was furious. If it weren’t for that human-like monster, perhaps tonight he could’ve seduced Shao Qing!

No matter what, he had to kill that thing! Otherwise, he won’t be able to get rid of his fury!

“Sleep.” Shao Qing covered up the bonfire. Even though the flame was able to disperse a lot of wild animals, at the same time it would also be able to attract a lot of beasts who weren’t scared of the light.

Concealing the flame until it was very feeble, it wasn’t giving off too much heat. Afraid that Yan Qiyue might get cold, Shao Qing took out a thick cotton jacket and laid it over Yan Qiyue’s body.

His body is too frail. It definitely wouldn’t be able to stand tossing around in the cold. The damage would be too much.

Thinking about this, Shao Qing touched her chin. Giving him tiny lashes everyday won’t do. Even though she had amazing control over her strength, it is still damaging to his body.

Now that Shao Qing had already taken Yan Qiyue under her wing, furthermore planning on helping him treat his body… then suppressing his desire is something that must be done.

Then it’s decided~

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