PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 23 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 23 Nan Yuan Bei Zhe*

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Two people travelling for three days, only then did they leave the forest for the second time. At that time, Yan Qiyue could already do some simple movement. Running and jumping wasn’t a problem at all. However speed was still an issue, so Shao Qing continued to carry him.

Their speed was incredibly fast as they headed straight towards the exit. After running for about a day, Shao Qing was stunned. She could see a very familiar scene. It was the hole the bandits had dug as a trap, the place where their two cars had become scrap! 

Shao Qing was silent for a long time then she said: “We are Nan Yuan Bei Zhe*…..”

* acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose

If they continued forward then they will soon be at Yan Jiang!

They were going in the complete opposite direction of Lin Chuan survivor base!

Now placed in front of Shao Qing were two options. She could continue advancing forward to Jiang Bei survivor base to see if she could find Er Dai and when she returned she could even see if the rest were at S city survivor base.

The other option was returning back to Lin Chuan survivor base first to deal with Yan Qiyue’s matters then returning to S city survivor base and finally going to Jiang Bei survivor base to make a round.

Shao Qing didn’t know how to choose, so she flung the difficult problem to Yan Qiyue. Impressively, Yan Qiyue answered immediately: “We should first go to Jiang Bei survivor base. There’s no problems at Lin Chuan right now. As long as Qiao Mo doesn’t die, then there won’t be any chaos. We could return there at any time.”

Shao Qing let out a breath of air, then directly crossed the mountain pass. Going along the route they had travelled the previous time, when they arrived at the edge of the city, Shao Qing specially went to check out the place she had told Yan Hanqing and the rest to stay at. The people weren’t there, but the house was still orderly with no signs of battle. 

They must have left safely. Shao Qing let out a sigh of relief, then carrying Yan Qiyue, she used her fastest speed to pass through the city and arrived at the riverbank.

The Yan river was very wide. Shao Qing wanted to fly past it, but that was impossible. She could only think of another method. After going along the river for a long time, did she see a boat.

The abandoned iron sheet of a boat was placed on the underbrush and was already beginning to rust. But it just happened to allow Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue to travel across the river. Just past the river would be Jiang Bei survivor base. Shao Qing let out a breath, feeling a bit nervous.

She really hoped that at Jiang Bei survivor base she would be able to see her teammates, but she was also scared that they wouldn’t be there and that her hope would lead to even greater disappointment.

Yan Qiyue could feel Shao Qings trembling shoulders, so he deliberately distracted her: “I haven’t brought any gifts, would that be bad?”

Shao Qing couldn’t help smiling: “It’s not like you’re going to see your mother-in-law, why would it bad?”

Yan Qiyue’s eyes widened: “This is basically the same as seeing your mother-in-law. What if your teammates don’t like me and you just throw me away?”

Shao Qing’s mood was lightened a lot more , then she muttered to herself: Then I’ll tell them that I provide for you.”*

* the word she uses is used for when you provide/ keep a mistress

“Then you’ll have to provide for me my entire life.” Yan Qiyue leaned on Shao Qing’s back and laughed. When they arrived at Jiang Bei survivor base, Shao Qing let Yan Qiyue down and they both walked over together.

There were quite a few people at the entrance of Jiang Bei survivor base. They were probably nearby survivors seeking shelter plus some common people returning. Both required to be searched to verify that they had not been infected by zombies then were they allowed in.

As for superhumans, besides the first time entering the base and registering themselves, there was no need for inspection or registration.

It was both Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue’s first time arriving at Jiang Bei survivor base, thus they could only wait patiently in line. After all, if there were no rules then how would they form an establishment. Other people’s base had set up some rules, you couldn’t just rely on yourself having some ability to insist on doing something that does not conform with their practices.

People who insist on breaking the rules tend to be the ones to die first.

The two of them in the line were quite eye catching. After all, they were a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Furthermore, their clothes were tidy and effortless. Compared to the others who were refugees and looked malnutritioned with shabby rags, they were on a completely different level.

The line was rather long, but as long as there were no cutting in the lines, the speed was still fast. However, if there were people budging then it didn’t even need to be said.

Just when Shao Qing was about to be at the front of the line, a couple of men putting on airs came walking over. From the entrance of Jiang Bei survivor base a young man who was pretty decent looking also came out emitting a licentious demeanour.

When those men saw the young man, they immediately went over to welcome him: “Hao Ge! Hao Ge you finally came, the rest of the bros have been waiting for you impatiently.”

The young man who was being called Hao Ge waved his hand at once: “Wait for what? Just follow me.”

Saying that, he brought those men straight in front of Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue, directly budging in line. Budging in line wasn’t a big deal though. With Shao Qing’s personality, she definitely won’t make a big deal over nothing.

Yet out of all the things they shouldn’t do, they pushed Yan Qiyue and it was not a light push.

Before Yan Qiyue had met Shao Qing, he was basically a devil incarnate with a nasty temper. But since meeting Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue has moderated himself quite a bit. At least he wouldn’t bother to argue about these kinds of small matters.

Yet out of all the things they shouldn’t do, they not only pushed him but also wouldn’t stop glaring at Shao Qing. Not to mention that their gaze appeared as if they wanted to strip Shao Qing’s clothes off her. 

As a result, that Hao Ge who came up had thoroughly offended Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue. He, however, didn’t realize a thing. He just continued to look at Shao Qing with saliva almost dripping out.

One word: hot. Two words: extremely hot. Three words: I want her! Hao Ge believed that he has seen quite a few beautiful women, for example, the beautiful women by his superior’s side, a big booty sexy chick. However, compared to Shao Qing, that sexy chick all of a sudden became windblown dust.

Not even the top ranked women in the base could be placed beside her. Compared to Shao Qing they were all on a lower class.

This kind of top ranked beauty, it was the first time Hao Ge had ever seen it!

Posing in a manner he thought was handsome, he fished out a cigarette and gave a signal to his brother to light it for him.

Hao Ge really thought that he was a model. No matter if it was the cigarette in his hand, the way he smoked the tobacco, or even his greasy fringes, he sincerely thought he was hot with no comparison.

Yet in Shao Qing’s eyes, he was just the final remarks at the end of a book. 

“Hey girl, where did you come from?” Hao Ge took the opportunity to chat: “Are you preparing to become a resident of Jiang Bei survivor base or coming here to find someone?”

Shao Qing didn’t speak. She was thinking if she were to beat up this man at the front entrance, would that not be giving face to Meng Shen?

Yan Qiyue spoke up: “Could you move? You’re blocking the entrance.”

Saying it in nice words, Yan Qiyue was pretty. Saying it in a vulgar way, he was effeminate. Why would Hao Ge pay any attention to Yan Qiyue? Making another pose with the cigarette he said: “Hey boy, how dare you speak to me like that. Do you know who I am? Do you know where this is? This is Jiang Bei survivor base! Running wild at the entrance of our base. You really are something!”

Yan Qiyue clenched his fists. It wasn’t because he was angry but because he had to retrain his anger. What if he made a move and accidentally killed this person. Wouldn’t that be inconvenient for Shao Qing? 

They had come here today to look for people not look for a fight.

Enduring silently, that person was convinced that Yan Qiyue had no ability causing him to become even more cocky. He coldly laughed: “Do you believe that I can make you crawl away from Jiang Bei survivor base? Boy, this older brother will teach you some sense. If you don’t have the ability, then go hide your face. Otherwise someone will just easily come over and snap off your neck.”

Yan Qiyue’s split second of murderous aura nearly took shape. This caused Hao Ge to shiver and murmur: “Did the wind pick up? It’s a bit chilly.”

“What you said just now is very accurate. If you don’t have the ability, then you should go hide your face, otherwise someone will just easily come over and snap off your neck.” Shao Qing smiled coldly. 

Her countenance was pure and beautiful, no matter how she smiled she looked good even when she was sneering.

Staring in awe, Hao Ge almost drooled. Then pleased with himself, he spoke: “Look, even the gorgeous beauty agrees with me.”

But, the gaze Shao Qing held towards him was one as if she was looking at a dead person.

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