PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 23

Volume 2 Chapter 23 Nan Yuan Bei Zhe*

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* Act in a way that defeats one’s purpose

In a split second, Yan Qiyue felt that if Shao Qing had really died, he would also accompany her. This would be good since when they were alive he couldn’t become her husband then at least when they died he could at least be buried with her.

The entire snake was suddenly gripped by the atmosphere. Without regards to his life, Yan Qiyue outputted his powers. He was outputting enough that the space around the python began to show signs of instability causing small cracks in space to appear.

Reflecting that, Yan Qiyue’s face became more and more pale with drips of blood sliding out the corner of his mouth. He had already used up all his strength, so much that he was overdrafting his powers. If this continued there would be only one ending: his crystal would shatter and he would die.

Just when Yan Qiyue was preparing to perish alongside the python, he suddenly saw something coming out of the python’s head and gradually get taller. With a final pop followed with the flying of blood everywhere, the snake had a massive hole opened up on his head. A bloody Shao Qing then climbed out of the hole with some difficulty. 

At that moment, her hair and her entire body was covered in snake flesh. There was even some sticky liquid on her. She looked as if she had just climbed out of hell. 

Exerting all her strength, she pulled out her leg from the hole. Still not entirely stable, Yan Qiyue came pouncing over. Even though her body was completely filthy, Yan Qiyue didn’t care and hugged her tightly.

Shao Qing coughed: “Don’t worry, I’m okay.” Actually, she had done it on purpose. Otherwise why else would she dare to stand right in front of the snake to investigate for such a long time when she was still unclear about the Qiu Tang’s ability to keep the snake confused?

The snake didn’t have any weak points besides a few spots. Attacking its eyes were useless and attacking its Qi Cun also did nothing and there was no need to mention its anal area. It was only its mouth and stomach that there were no scales protecting it.

There’s no way they could just pick up its tail to stab at its butt. For its stomach, there might not even be the opportunity to come back out. Thus, Shao Qing chose the most difficult and the most opportune place: the mouth.

The snake liked to suspend its prey then swallow it straight to its stomach. Their sharp teeth weren’t meant to kill the prey but rather to poison them. Thus, Shao Qing didn’t have to worry about being bitten when she was swallowed down. Flinging out her vines, she had kept herself suspended on the snakes teeth. Then at the end she used her knife to stab through the snake’s brain.

With bare hands, she tore through the inside of the snake and dug herself out. Before, the situation was too complex for her to discuss it with Yan Qiyue. She was scared that Yan Qiyue wouldn’t allow herself to risk it and insist on going in himself so she decided not to tell him.

Shao Qing couldn’t help but comfort Yan Qiyue: “It’s just a snake, it wouldn’t be able to finish me off.”

Yan Qiyue leaned his head against Shao Qings shoulder and let out a relieved sigh then passed out. Looking down, Shao Qing saw Yan Qiyues deathly pale face and the blood on the corner of his mouth, yet he looked so peaceful.

Wood elemental energy naturally had the ability to heal although it was quite weak. However, it was definitely better than nothing. To Shao Qing who had such a strong regenerative ability, that small amount of healing ability it brought wasn’t useful to her at all.

Placing Yan Qiyue on the ground, she used her ability to probe his body. The power in his body was completely dried up with only a faint amount still cycling within his body.

In that instant, Shao Qing understood.Yan Qiyue had thought she had died and was going to risk his life. Overdrafting his power like that, it was evident that Yan Qiyue was prepared to die.

Shao Qing felt perplexed. She had never met this kind of man before, someone who would love her so much that he would be willing to die with her.

Moreover, even though they had developed into an intimate relationship where they couldn’t ever define it as platonic, Shao Qing had never thought that they had become lovers.

She had only taken Yan Qiyue as a child to pamper with a mix of friendship and familial love as well as an unclear complicated mood.

However, now, Shao Qing couldn’t help but feel like she wanted to avoid this since she couldn’t give Yan Qiyue what he wanted.

On one side transferring her energy to heal the wounds on Yan Qiyue’s body and on the other, she continued to let her thoughts go wild. Once his breathing became steady, Shao Qing then let out a sigh of relief. Standing up she went over to the snake.

Tearing open a snake was something she was quite familiar with. Treating it as if she was dealing with ingredients in the kitchen, she easily separated the skin and meat. With the skin of the snake so durable she could perhaps make armour with it.

There were quite a few benefits with the bones and meat. The meat could be eaten while the bones could be used for medicinal use and making alcohol. But, Shao Qing’s dimensional space has never been big. Even if her space had expanded after increasing rank, after packing so many things inside, there was just no space to place the entire snake. As a result, she took some chunks of meat, dug out the crystal and kept the skin. The rest was thrown away.

After dealing with the snake, Shao Qing brought Yan Qiyue to the river bank. Now that her body was covered in filth with the blood almost drying, if she doesn’t wash it now, it’ll really stick.

As a result when Yan Qiyue woke up, he saw Shao Qing sitting by the water sorting out her long long hair. Her black hair still dripping with water, Yan Qiyue could also see a glimpse of her fair neck.

Moving his body, he once again fell down. He had overdrafted too much and his body couldn’t handle it.  His entire body was currently on strike.

Sweeping her damp hair to the side, Shao Qing said: “Your body shouldn’t be moving around. Slowly recover. Before we leave this forest, you should be able to recover quite a bit. Just make sure not to use your abilities for the next few days and obediently let me carry you.”

Yan Qiyue didn’t speak. He felt angry, angry that Shao Qing acted on her own initiative but also unwilling to sound out his irritation, he just sulked by himself.

Shao Qing didn’t speak either. She simply piggybacked him. With her hair still damp, it would brush against Yan Qiyue, cool like silk.

Shao Qing wouldn’t coax people and didn’t know how to either. The two people didn’t say a word the entire time. When it was finally time to eat, they ate the snake meat. Grilling the meat and adding the seasoning, it smelled absolutely delicious.

Slicing it into strips, she handed it over to Yan Qiyue. Seeing Shao Qing’s usual calm, relaxed manner and her tender expression, he felt the anger in his heart dissipate.

Slowly picking up a slice, he bit into it fiercely. After eating his fill, he laid on Shao Qing’s chest. Yan Qiyue really wanted to tell Shao Qing to stop taking risks in the future and even if she does, she should give him a heads up. He was really worried, worried to death.

Yet that person who was usually able to say anything, at the moment, didn’t know what to say. What is his relationship with Shao Qing? Did he have the qualification to say those things?

Shao Qing seemed to have seen through what he was thinking. Carrying him, she quietly said: “I won’t do it again in the future.”

Won’t take risks or won’t take risks without letting him know? Yan Qiyue didn’t ask. He just firmly hugged Shao Qing’s neck, his heart steady.

Seeing no reaction from behind, Shao Qing couldn’t help turn around to take a look. Just when she did, Yan Qiyue also lifted his head up causing them to make eye contact.

But it wasn’t just their eyes that made contact, their lips also made contact. In that moment, Shao Qing was stunned. That soft feeling carrying a bit of warmth, what is it?

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he moved his head forwards and held onto Shao Qing’s lips. A soft tongue was stretched forward to probe Shao Qing’s mouth.

There was some meat fragrance mixed in with the unclear sweet smell. Shao Qing clearly had a weak taste, but this faint fragrance from Yan Qiyue eating meat or his saliva that has soaked his teeth, had infected her tongue.

Shao Qing was puzzled. Unconsciously she opened up her mouth a crack. Yan Qiyue’s eyes lit up, then prying open Shao Qing’s mouth he began to explore within.

After a long time, Shao Qing was somewhat dizzy. When she finally responded, she had turned her head too quickly. In that moment, Shao Qing’s face was as red as the sunrise. Staggering, she nearly crashed into the tree and her face became even more red.

As if she was flying, she headed back to the direction they were going, running at an incredible pace. Yet, the cold wind still couldn’t blow away the flush in her cheeks.

At this moment, she wasn’t flooded with the thought that she was taken advantage or that Yan Qiyue was so brave unexpectedly, instead it was the fact that his lips and tongue were so soft…..

Yi, why do I have such a strange thought!

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