PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 25 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 25 Want to cut in line? 

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After playing with Xiao Baozi for a while, Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing discussed of what happened when Shao Qing and the zombie king jumped into the river with Er Dai following behind and after Yan Pingsheng’s troops arrived.

The first thing the troops did when they arrived was try to see if they could fish Shao Qing or Er Dai out. A group of people following along the river, after going who knows how far, still couldn’t find Shao Qing and Er Dai. Most of the people had already believed that Shao Qing had died, but Yan Pingsheng and Meng Shen were unwilling to give up.

At that time, Yan Hanqing and the rest who had waited for a long time also arrived. Both sides searched for several days, but ultimately decided to temporarily give up and take a break.

Following Meng Shen and them, they went to Lin Chuan survivor base. After conforming, they continued down the Yan river to search. As long as it was a survivor base, they would go in to search and make inquiries.

When they finally arrived at Lin Chuan survivor base, most had lost all hope. Yet who would have thought that at this time when they were preparing to leave they would run into Shao Qing.

Shao Qing also spoke about her experience. Naturally she skipped over the things that shouldn’t be brought up. The main point that stuck out was the fact that Yan Qiyue had saved her.

Naturally once this matter was brought up, everyone viewed Yan Qiyue in a more gentle and friendly manner. Within her superhuman squad, they were all Shao Qing’s most intimate family. The closer they were, the harder it was for new people to join in.

Especially when they were fighting to survive.

However, Yan Qiyue was Shao Qing’s benefactor. All of them were extremely grateful to Yan Qiyue. They immediately became a lot more tolerant of him.

Even Xiao Baozi changed his view on him a bit.

Of course, if Yan Qiyue exposed his ‘early bird catches the worm’ story perhaps Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan might strip him alive.

However, if it really comes to it, the first encounter with Shao Qing was actually Er Dai. After Er Dai and Shao Qing’s first incident, the men had all felt unpleasant. However, they also understood that there was no other choice in that situation.

Yet what about Yan Qiyue? Saying it in an unpleasant manner, shouldn’t it be first come first serve? How could he come halfway and steal the kill! Did he ask the men for consent?!

The men understood Shao Qing’s personality. Just obtaining her body didn’t mean they got her heart. She was someone with her own opinion. The more opinionated, the harder it is for someone to win her.

Thus none of the men were willing to give up after Er Dai’s incident. This kind of women, if they were to give up they would have a lifetime of regret.

Who would be stupid enough to give up?

From Lin Chuan to Jing Du wasn’t too far but it wasn’t close either. After all, usually when you calculate it would be based on a straight line distance. However, Lin Chuan survivor base and Jing Du survivor base were separated by mountains.

If you wanted to directly pass through these mountains, a family car definitely won’t do it. Just the mountain’s height would break a cross country car’s chassis. Thus, making a detour was a necessity.

At night, they all slept inside the car. Bringing down the sheet??, they treated it as a bed and slept. Although it was a bit narrow, but considering it is during an apocalypse, this isn’t bad.

Shao Qing didn’t sleep. Unable to sleep, she sat on top of the car and patrolled for the night. Under the faint moonlight, she began to sew some clothes.

The python’s body was extremely long. The skin she had collected was sufficient to make each person a protective vest. After all, Yan Hanqing and the rest were different from Shao Qing. Even though they were superhumans, if they suffered damage at their heart, it would be fatal to them. Thus, Shao Qing had no choice but to think about how to protect them. 

The python’s skin was incredibly tough. At least when Yan Qiyue and her had fought it, they had only left a few dents.

Even though they had skinned it and its defensive ability wasn’t as good as when the python was alive, normal knives shouldn’t be able to penetrate it.

The first piece was made for Xiao Baozi. His was the most economical as it required the least material. Just a small section was enough to make his vest.

For the others, she definitely had to use a larger portion. Using the thorns on her vines as needles, she carefully sewed the material continuously. Although it was quite troublesome to make, the product didn’t look half bad.

When it was 2am, when everyone should be asleep, Yan Qiyue suddenly came out of the car and climbed to the top of the car.

“Why aren’t you sleeping? If you don’t sleep, it won’t be good for your body.” Shao Qing then tidied up the remaining material and then cut another strip out.

When she was cutting, she would use space cracks. This particularly tested her control and was like training for Shao Qing.

After climbing up, Yan Qiyue leaned on Shao Qing’s legs and sighed: “Do they not like me?”

“They’re just not used to it.” Shao Qing rubbed his head and comforted him. “After all, we’ve been together since the beginning of the apocalypse. If a person suddenly wanted to join, they definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable. But, after they get accustomed, it’ll be better.”

Yan Qiyue secretly roasted them. 

“Panpan and the rest are really nice. You’ll know after interacting with them more. You have given up everything to follow me. No matter what, I won’t treat you poorly.” Shao Qing smiled. Suddenly she felt as if they were in ancient times and were eloping as a poor scholar and a noble miss, except their positions were switched.

Yan Qiyue nearly blurted out that he wanted status.

However, he chickened out and swallowed it back down. Instead opting to act like a spoiled child, he rolled about Shao Qing’s embrace: “All I have left is you now. You have to protect me properly and don’t let anyone bully me, After all, I’m very delicate.”

Shao Qing really wanted to kick him. If the people in Lin Chuan survivor base were to hear Yan Qiyue’s words, they would probably be annoyed to death. Delicate, are you joking?

“Okay, go back to sleep. The sun’s almost coming out.” Shao Qing pushed Yan Qiyue down with her feet. Persevering still, he climbed back up: “I really can’t sleep. How about we talk some more? Maybe we can talk about Er Dai?”

Bringing up Er Dai, Shao Qing suddenly froze. The corner of her eyes became a bit moist. She wasn’t frail, but just recalling the dim-witted zombie and how his whereabouts were unknown, made her iron heart feel sour.

She could still clearly remember her days with Er Dai. Even his facial expressions when she helped him clipped his nails were painted vividly in her mind.

Er Dai was stupid. Even within zombies, he was probably the stupidest of them all. Otherwise why else would he still come back when he was abandoned?

However, the one she cared about was that stupid Er Dai. He didn’t know how to speak and even more couldn’t express his feelings. However whenever she was in a life-threatening situation, he would always be right in front of her.

Following her in jumping into a river, what other zombie would be this stupid?

When Yan Qiyue saw Shao Qing recalling the past, he knew that it wasn’t a good idea. He had brought up a topic that shouldn’t have been brought up. Originally he had wanted to find a topic to speak with Shao Qing about to develop their feelings. Instead, he had just brought forth the feelings Shao Qing had for Er Dai.

Most likely nothing would happen tonight, Yan Qiyue quickly kissed Shao Qing on the lip: “Good night, I’m going to bed first. Come back in the car soon.”

Not knowing whether to cry or laugh and not feeling like doing anything, she put the materials away. Lying down, she just wanted to gaze up at the stars.

However with this weather, even the moonlight was hazy. How could there be stars? In the past when she was on night vigil, she would always be with Er Dai. Er Dai always sticking close to her, it would be more lively unlike how cold and desolate it is now. 

On the other side of things, Yan Qiyue who just came back into the car immediately saw a few pair of eyes throwing daggers at him giving him a fright.

Especially Gu Panpan. Going towards Gu Chuan’s side she whispered: “Only the babies who cry will get the milk. Brother, why are you not doing anything!”

E/N: im team gu chuan hundo p

Yan Qiyue:……

Gu Chuan just stared at Gu Panpan then he lied down and continued to sleep. Yan Hanqing though stood up. When he did that, Yan Qiyue and Gu Panpan both gave him a hard stare.

Not out of their expectation, Yan Hanqing climbed up to the roof of the car. The two immediately lifted their ears up as if afraid that Yan Hanqing might do something he shouldn’t. 

E/N: Damn g chuan need to up his game cuz nice guys finish last sigh

“Why are you guys all lining up to talk to me tonight?” Shao Qing shifted to the side a bit to give Yan Hanqing a spot.

Merely covering Shao Qing with a coat, he said: “There’s a strong wind. It’s uncomfortable with such big winds, why don’t you come back in the car. Everything should be fine.”

Gripping on to the coat she felt the loneliness in her heart blow away like the wind.

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