PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 26

Volume 2 Chapter 26 Someone wants to pry the wall*

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* try to seduce someone away

Originally they should have arrived at Jing Du survivor base by the third day, however on their journey there, they encountered a tiny, little accident.

Right when the full moon came out, the zombies revolted. Even Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi were influenced. Xiao Baozi was still okay, since he was only around a rank 2. Shao Qing on the other hand is a rank 4. The higher the rank, the stronger the influence. She still wasn’t at the point where she might lose her rationality, however according to the fluctuations, once she arrives at around rank 6, it will be a lot harder for her to control her actions.

Furthermore, since Shao Qing had experience with actual flesh before, once that craving for flesh erupts, it will be even harder for her to restrain.

Luckily, her will power is formidable and she could still resist those urges. Even though Yan Qiyue is more than willing to donate some blood to Shao Qing, she was scared it would one day become an addiction, thus she would rather avoid that situation.

After the full moon had passed, there were aftermaths of the disaster everywhere since it not only affected zombies but also mutated animals as well. Shao Qing got Shao Tong to use her spiritual energy to search the surroundings. Seeing that there weren’t any particularly strong zombies in the vicinity, they continued on their way. 

Not having walked more than a few miles, they were able to see a group of people clothed in ragged, shabby material completely bloodstained. Just from a glance, they could tell that these people had just gone through a fierce battle.

They were crowded around a young couple. Those two seemed to be in quite a sorry state, but compared to the others surrounding them they were slightly better.

Seeing Shao Qing and their car driving by, their eyes lit up. They hurriedly rushed over to the moving car hoping to catch a lift. Their speed was extremely fast and they nearly got run over.

Once the car stopped, a person came over to knock on the window. The person sitting in the front passenger seat was Yan Qiyue. Opening the window, he asked: “Is something the matter?”

The hidden meaning behind his words were, if there is nothing urgent then get out of the way.

That person’s expression froze. Before he was able to speak again, the young girl from behind came running over and pushed him away. With bright eyes she answered: “So it’s like this, last night we encountered a zombie wave and all our supplies have been used up. Is there any chance you could sell us some stuff?”

Yan Qiyue turned around to look at Shao Qing. Shao Qing nodded her head. Selling them some food supplies and other things wasn’t a big deal. These small matters were nothing. If they were able to help, they would be willing.

“Market price, how much do you want?” Yan Qiyue lazily asked. The young girl calculated it for a moment then replied: “Three bottles of water should be enough. For food, we need enough for 5 people, three meals a day. 5 pieces of rank 2 zombie crystals and 8 rank 1 crystals should do?”

The price the young girl had mentioned was quite fair, so Yan Qiyue nodded his head. Taking out the items, he made the exchange with the young girl.

After the exchange, Yan Qiyue waited patiently for the young girl to leave. Yet, the girl did not leave. Instead, she bashfully asked: “We also don’t have any means of transportation. From the direction you guys are driving towards, you should be heading towards Jing Du survivor base. Could we get a free ride? I live over in Jing Du. If there’s anything I can do to help, I will definitely help out.”

If it was in normal times, Shao Qing definitely would have rejected her. Who would be bold enough to let in a group of strangers into their car. That was the sensible choice. However, she was in urgent need of people who were familiar with the Jing Du survivor base to figure out the circumstances there. This way it would make it easier for her to find Er Dai.

Since those people coincidentally appeared, it would save her a lot of time rather than searching around Jing Du. Even if they had bad intentions, they wouldn’t be able to pull off anything. This was the confidence that comes with power; thus, Shao Qing calmly gave Yan Qiyue a look. Yan Qiyue replied: “Get on.”

The young girl was delighted and gazed at Yan Qiyue with an ambiguous look. On the contrary, the young man looked at Yan Qiyue with a particularly cold gaze.

5 people successively boarded the car. Even though the space within the family car was quite big, but it was an additional 5 people. There was bound to be some congestion.

Once the young girl boarded the car, she was stunned. Yan Qiyue’s appearance was incredibly handsome with delicate features making one stunned. However, when she got in the car she realized that there were two others who don’t lose out in appearance to Yan Qiyue. 

Momo: My mans gu chuan

One of them was Yan Hanqing. He could be considered as a manly handsome. In addition to his temperament from years of serving in the army, among men he is definitely at the top.

While for Gu Chuan, even though he barely spoke, people would not miss him. He lied between Yan Qiyue and Yan Hanqing. With a delicate cold aura, he definitely does not lose out in charisma. 

Momo: Me like quiet cool boys~~~~~~

The thing that all three had in common was that they were all handsome. How handsome were they? That young man could be considered to be good looking but, in comparison to the other three he was left in the dust.

This was especially the case when all four sat together. The gap became even more apparent. This made the young man’s white face become even more pale.

Shao Qing who was in the center was quiet. Holding Xiao Baozi, she shifted over to give those people some space. Once the people sat down, Yan Hanqing then began driving again.

The young girl’s gaze landed on Xiao Baozi who was lying on Shao Qing, then she deliberately commented: “Your baby is so cute. To be able to give birth to such a good looking baby, your husband must be outstanding.” 

Momo: so sneaky lol 

Shao Qing gave a small smile: “He has already passed away.”

The young girl let out a breath of relief then in the next second that tone of voice immediately lifted up. Even though the car had several good looking men, she still had the most interest in Yan Qiyue. The moment the window rolled down and the young girl saw Yan Qiyue, she had decided to pursue him. 

If the child within Shao Qing’s arms was Yan Qiyue’s then that wouldn’t go well. Luckily, it wasn’t his. She was also able to fish out that Shao Qing was a widow, so Shao Qing’s threat was a lot smaller.

But just because it was a lot smaller, doesn’t mean there isn’t any threat at all. After all, Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue were from the same group. Who knows if there was some relationship between the two?

However, the young girl was confident. In terms of appearance, she felt that she wasn’t losing out. Regarding strength, she was already a rank 3 superhuman and her father was the head of a large army unit. The critical point was that she was young. No matter what it was, she completely surpasses Shao Qing!

Bringing up mercenary system, Jing Du’s mercenary system and S city’s superhuman squads were about the same. The mercenary system could be also called a more evolved version of superhuman squads. Within Jing Du, if there were less than fifty people then it was a superhuman squad. If it exceeded fifty people then it would be established as a large military unit.

If it was similar to Shao Qing’s situation where the squad had fewer than ten members, there were too many squads like that to count in Jing Du. Most superhuman squads wouldn’t recruit more members and directly join a large military unit.

The young girl and Shao Qing spoke for quite some time, then after the young girl patted her chest and promised: “My father has established a military unit and it has been established for quite some time. Within Jing Du, they could be considered to have some power. If you are going to Jing Du, I can be your tour guide. If you are staying in Jing Du, you guys could even join my family’s military unit. I could even get my father to give you positions, the lowest being a small captain.

Shao Qing just smiled and didn’t respond. After speaking a few more words, the young girl turned around to worm her way over to Yan Qiyue. When she spoke to him, the young man close by gave Yan Qiyue a sinister look.

Shao Qing frowned. This young girl called Cai Yingying obviously was interested in Yan Qiyue and the young man that she had brought obviously had some kind of relationship with her, possibly being lovers.

Yet, Cai Yingying openly snuggled closer to Yan Qiyue and the young man didn’t dare say anything. There were only two possible reasons. First, he didn’t have the courage. This possibility was small. After all, there were few men who were about to wear a green hat that would still cover their eyes and pretend nothing was happening.

* wearing green hat = being cheated on

The second was that he was a mistress being provided for, thus he couldn’t do anything to his financial backer. Taking his anger out on Yan Qiyue wasn’t out of love towards Cai Yingying but instead was him scared Yan Qiyue would steal his backer.

 Momo: sugar mama lol

A young maiden who was able to have a mistress certainly wasn’t compatible for Yan Qiyue. Shao Qing eyebrows knitted together. She completely did not notice that she had unconsciously rejected this matter.

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