PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 34

Volume 2 Chapter 34 For Er Dai

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Vines, fireballs, and soil shields. Abe Jing Xue used five kinds of abilities in succession. Everyone who was watching had their chins drop to the ground quickly. How can you describe this? An average person becoming a superhuman was already a massive evolution, yet Abe Jing Xue, he actually had five abilities?!

This discovery made the base’s superhuman a bit flustered. With this strong first impression, they felt that they would lose. Finally, they were slapped by Abe’s folding fan off the stage. 

Don’t think Abe Jingxue’s movement was just elegant, when the superhuman fell off stage, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face became like gold paper in a moment. He had hurt his internal organs. If it did not recover properly, there would definitely be obstacles to future rankings.

More crucially was that when the superhuman came down, the base couldn’t get a second person to fight against Abe Jing Xue. It’s not that there was no one in the base, but no one thought they could beat him. 

If this last game was lost again, this friendly match will be a big slap to the face. 

However, in this situation, no one dared to say that they could fight Abe Jing Xue. He had already shown five kinds of abilities. Seeing how casual he was, who knew what other tricks he had. 

The scene suddenly fell into a deadlock. Some people were eager to try, but no one dared to stand up and really try it out. Some of the more powerful players, such as Wu Jiaojiao, have already appeared. If they went again, wouldn’t it be saying that China had no one?

Shao Qing sat quietly. She also had an urge to try it out, but she didn’t want to expose herself. Strength was something that could be intimidating, but it wasn’t like she had some kind of big power that was earth shaking.

Right now the biggest problem facing Shao Qing was actually Er Dai. Rather than stealing the limelight, it was better to ponder over how to save Er Dai. 

In fact, she still has a choice. That is, when Abe Jing Xue left Jing Du, they could ambush them and rescue Er Dai. But Shao Qing was afraid of any accidents that could happen during this period. 

She was not willing to see any harm come to Er Dai, so the sooner she rescued him the better. 

Shao Qing gritted her teeth and suddenly stood up. She was not very skilled, but was still rather fluent and spoke the language of the island. “Mr. Onmyoji, I really want to compare notes, but before that, there is one thing I want to discuss with you.”

When she stood up, Shao Qing had thought it through. The worst result was that she forcefully took Er Dai. If someone blocked her, it would be the leader of the island country. It wasn’t’ a bad thing to kill him so why not do it in a problem free setting. 

The last plan was to launch a zombie siege. Even if they had to face all of humanity, what did it matter? As long as the people she cared about were safe, it was enough.

“I don’t know what this beautiful lady wants to discuss with myself?” Abe Jing Xue was very elegant as he listened attentively. 

Shao Qing pointed to Er Dai: “That boy over there is my family. Due to an accident, he went missing. I do not know what the situation is and why he is in your ranks, but I hope I can bring him back.” 

Qiu Xiao Aizi didn’t want that: “That can’t happen!” But very quickly, she seemed to have thought of something again. After all, such a decisive rejection, the other party was still a close relative, it was a bit inhumane. 

It’s not as if she was an enemy. It was just a relative who wanted to reunite with Er Dai. If she refused, isn’t it too cold-blooded? Qiu Xiao Aizi bit her lower lip and couldn’t help but look at Er Dai. Er Dai did not look cold as usual or look at the ground. Instead, he had a warm gaze she had never seen before, a warm eager and gentle look as he stared at Shao Qing.

At that moment, Qiu Xiao Aizi knew that what Shao Qing said was true. Qiu Xiao Aizi’s nose was sour, and her heart was also somewhat pained. She first saw Er Dai when she secretly snuck out. Encountering a mutant beast, Er Dai had just happened to pass by. He was originally hurriedly running south, but when he saw the group of mutant beasts, he turned back. 

Within the group of mutant beasts, he was only injured slightly. That fierce expression, Qiu Xiao Aizi felt like a princess who was saved by a hero. It was full of unspeakable feelings.

 Of course, Qiu Xiao Aizi did not know that Er Dai purely wanted to get high ranked crystals to  bring back to Shao Qing. 

E/N lololol not even save girl dead

Later, when Abe Jing Xue came, there were some obstacles in communication between the two sides. With Er Dai’s impulsive temper there were conflicts. Er Dai definitely couldn’t have beaten so many superhumans. What’s more, he had a lot of secrets that he couldn’t show to others.

Thus, Er Dai was arrested. Qiu Xiao Aizi was naturally not willing to let Er Dai stay in prison. In her heart, Er Dai was the hero who rescued her. However, Er Dai had gone crazy once and tried to leave several times, so she had no option but to restrain him.

Now that people who Er Dai really cared about came, even if she wanted to confine Er Dai, there was no excuse.

Even so, Qiu Xiao Aizi still didn’t want to easily hand over Er Dai. She pretended to be polite: “If you can win against Abe Jing Xue, then I will give you the person. If you lose, I won’t give him back no matter what. ” 

Shao Qing’s original thought was if force was not needed then do not make a move. But to the front of this scene, not using force was not an option. “Onmyoji, then please enlighten me.” 

Shao Qing’s actions were quite abrupt. After all, there were many famous superhumans in Jing Du and she was not famous at all. She had no qualifications to stand up. She didn’t even have the qualifications to speak. 

So immediately there were several superhumans who thought they were clever and immediately stood up and stopped her: “If you don’t have the ability, don’t make a fuss, this is not your home.”

Shao Qing didn’t look at them, she just went straight ahead. The few superhumans didn’t even have a chance to make a move. They just felt as if they were pushed out by invisible hands and couldn’t even get close to Shao Qing. 

Other people who had objections didn’t talk at the moment. Those higher ups looked at each other and finally nodded silently. No one was standing up now anyways. Also, Shao Qing seemed somewhat capable. The most important thing is that Shao Qing was some unnamed junior. Even if she lost, they wouldn’t lose too much face. 

Shao Qing went on stage, both people stood face to face. The imposing manner of the two was completely different. If Abe Jing Xue gave people the feeling that it was a spring breeze filled with a hidden murderous aura, Shao Qing was like calm water. The tranquility of the waves hid the possible dark tides that hid underneath. 

When the two people arrived in the middle, they didn’t immediately start fighting. Instead, they exchanged a few words first. The first to speak was Abe Jing Xue. He suddenly said: “Using how you people may phrase it, Miss, you look very familiar, have we met before?”

Shao Qing shook her head: “It’s probably because I look quite average. But I have not met mister Onmyoji before.”

“I like an opponent like you, miss. My name is Abe Jing Xue.” Abe Jing Xue seriously introduced himself: “In front of you is the guard to the water god palace.” 

The water god palace is the ancestral hall of Abe Seimei. Of the successive generations guarding there, they were definitely the astronomical doctors of the island country and they were the best at divination. 

An astronomical doctor was not a degree, but a special existence of the island country. This was a very important position within Onmyoji’s. Abe Jing Xue did not mention his position, but the inheritance, which showed that he respected Shao Qing. 

Although Shao Qing did not have much contact, she has heard of it. Just like the Onmyoji warriors on the island country, the celestial dynasty also had ancient martial arts passed down from generation to generation. Although it wasn’t as impressive as novels and TV, there were still things like Muay Thai boxing, judo, and so on. 

I am afraid that Abe Jingxue misunderstood her as an ancient martial artist. Shao Qing was not prepared to explain. She said faintly: “Shao Qing.” Then got into a fighting pose.

Even in the presence of so many people, she was not prepared to keep any cards. This was because nothing was more important than Er Dai. 

She must win this battle! 

“Please.” Abe Jing Xue still politely reached out, his wide sleeves naturally drooped. Suddenly a breeze came and his sleeves moved slightly. It was not the wind, but the vines of Shao Qing breaking through the ground. 

Countless vines like sharp spears stabbed out from underneath the floor of Abe’s feet. Striking  his hand down, flames sprang out. 

Shao Qing’s vines were not afraid of fire, but the flame of Abe Jing Xue still hindered the vines for a moment. At this moment, Abe Jing Xue used the power of recoil, and his whole body temporarily floated for a while. In the next second, countless airstreams supported him in escaping the vines that rose towards the sky.

At this time, Shao Qing had already appeared at the side of Abe Jing Xue. With a solid fist, she punched Abe Jing Xue. 

A layer of water rings emerged from around Abe Jing Xue. The water ring was very gentle, but was able to push Shao Qing nearly one meter away, the distance immediately opened. 

But when Shao Qing and Abe Jing Xue’s water ring came into contact, she felt that something was wrong. The water circle gave her a feeling that it was not a pure water elemental power. 

With this kind of doubt, Shao Qing sent the vine to bother Abe Jing Xue. Once again she launched an offensive attack against Abe Jing Xue’s body. 

Several times in a row, she deliberately took the attack of Abe Jing Xue with her own body. In the eyes of outsiders, it looked as if she received a hit and lost. But she was actually very happy.

She had discovered Abe Jing Xue’s secret. He wasn’t some superhuman with a bunch of different elementals. Afterall, having two systems was already extreme. Three was a defiance against nature. While five or more is simply inhuman.

Shao Qing first noticed that all of Abe Jing Xue’s attacks had similar energy fluctuations. Although the water elemental powers were no different from the typical water elemental, they didn’t have the unique characteristics of the water elemental. 

In short, his abilities had the appearance, but not the critical component, such as the heat of the flames or the vitality of the wood. 

Abe Jing Xue should have a special ability to assimilate his own energy and change them into various abilities. 

After discovering this, Shao Qing was a lot more calm. She steadily fought. Steadily harassing him with vines, she continuously released seeds of the dodder.

The dodder seeds were all attached to the surface of Abe’s body and did not penetrate deeply. They simply soundlessly began absorbing his energy quietly. 

Superpowers were not endless. Sooner or later, it would exhaust itself. Shao Qing was simply pushing this ahead of time. 

To tell the truth, Shao Qing’s abilities were more suitable for chaotic situations. She is a bit more disadvantaged during one on ones. However, Shao Qing remained calm. She constantly tested Abe Jing Xue and discovered that Abe Jing Xue’s killing power was not too different. 

At least compared to Zhu Mochen who had the explosive properties of metal or the poisonous vine that were on her thorns, his lethality was a little smaller. 

Of course, the more important thing is that Shao Qing wanted to analyze his weakness. She was constantly fighting and relying on her vines to harass Abe Jing Xue to observe the status of Abe Jing Xue.

Her superpower was more than that of a typical superhuman. Abe Jing Xue was not higher than her in terms of level, so according to normal, his powers wouldn’t be comparable to Shao Qing. Not out of Shao Qing’s expectation, after a long time, Abe Jingxue suddenly paused for a moment. This could be a sign of a momentary fault in the energy supply. Shao Qing immediately launched the offensive. The first thing she did was tear open space. 

The so-called instantaneous transfer was actually breaking the barriers of two spaces, thus moving from one position to another location. For example, Shao Qing from where she stood directly travelling to the back of Abe Jing Xue. 

Unexpectedly, Abe Jing Xue also disappeared. He had appeared in the position where Shao Qing was originally… 

That was to say, both people had similar abilities in teleporting. They both also wanted to attack each other at the same time, so they appeared at the opponents spot at the same time. Thus, no one could sneak attack anyone. 

This was a big coincidence.

After this time, the difficulty in wanting to sneak in a similar way greatly increased. After all, the other side is now prepared. 

Regarding Er Dai, Shao Qing was not willing to take risks. She would rather steadily strike and slowly grind down Abe Jing Xue. 

Therefore this situation occurred on the field. You come flying with a fireball,and I would block with the vines as a shield. My vines fly over, and you use wind to avoid them. 

Not to mention those who watched the battle, even Gu Panpan felt a little sleepy and bored. This should be the longest battle ever. Since no one can do anything within a short time, to produce results… 

They would have to wait at least half a day. 

Abe Jing Xue was also very clear about Shao Qing’s idea. After all, she wanted to fight the war of attrition, even someone stupid can see that.

Yet Abe Jing Xue could not do anything to Shao Qing. Shao Qing was more slippery than anyone he had fought before and he simply couldn’t constrain her.  Not to mention defeating her. 

Consequently, two people vigorously consumed their powers. Their powers soon became subsidiary and based on pure combat. Abe was not Shao Qing’s opponent. Shao Qing was a seasoned fighter in combat. Before the end of the world, she was incomparably skilled and Abe Jing Xue? He had a very high status, if he wanted to do anything, he didn’t have to make a move himself let alone using combat. Who would dare offend him? 

So it became Shao Qing beating up Abe Jing Xue. Abe Jing Xue could only rely on evasion. 

Originally, the first half of the battle, Shao Qing appeared to be beaten and the morale was very low. Some people even bowed their heads and were unwilling to see the results. After all, it’s really shameful to be beaten by the island people. Yet the situation at half time changed suddenly and Shao Qing began chasing Abe Jing Xue. 

At this time, both of them were in a very sorry state. After all, Shao Qing was strong, but her clothes were still ordinary clothes. Her whole body’s clothes were damaged a lot, and faint skin was revealed. Abe Jing Xue was also quite embarrassed. The corners of his mouth was all green.

Abe Jing Xue was angry. He had never been forced to this point. Abe Jing Xue formed some complicated gesture with his hands, then suddenly an earthy giant python rose from his sole. The python looked more than two meters high. Abe Jing Xue stood on the python’s head, but his soles were supported by wind energy, and did not actually touch it. 

When he used this move, many people began to exclaim. Being able to gather this much earth energy to condense such a big python that was this lifelike, he must be at least rank 4? 

Shao Qing slightly twisted her eyebrows and waved a hand. A dragon composed entirely of vines also lifted her up. Two people, one standing on the head of a python, the other riding a dragon, this scene was a lot more impactful than the previous battles. 

Abe Jing Xue extended one finger and the python under his feet snarled and rushed towards Shao Qing. The dragon at Shao Qing’s foot did not rush forward. 

The earth python and dragon intertwined in the air. You entangled my tail, I wound around your neck. It seemed to be evenly matched. As long as one party suddenly lost, that person will probably lose.

Abe Jing Xue also knew this. He put his hands together in his sleeves. His eyes were looking at the dragon and the python. His face was showing signs of overdraft and was a lot more pale. 

Soon his face became even more pale. This was because Shao Qing didn’t look and she jumped up as if she was a Peng bird and landed on top of the python’s head. With her fist, she slammed down. A crevice immediately broke out on the python. 

After a few more fists, the python began to fall. At this rate, his python will need to be hung up.

No one had ever pushed him to this point. Abe quietly made the second hand gesture. He was also among the top performers in the entire island nation. This was not because of his superior superpowers. On the contrary, Abe Jing Xue was the first person to combineOnmyoji and superhuman powers together. 

After mumbling a few strange syllables, the python suddenly was upright once more. Starting from the top of his head, it instantly turned into dark green, even the scales on his body looked vividly alive.

In the next second, the giant python opened its mouth and smashed apart the head of the dragon. Then it slammed its head and Shao Qing was smashed into the ground. 

How hard was Shao Qing’s body? She created a massive pit! 

If it was the typical superhuman, not mentioning broken bones, they at least wouldn’t be able to climb out. Many people looked apprehensive. Then they looked anxiously at the pit to see Shao Qing climb out. 

Yes, climb out. Ragged hair, clothes in disorder, she looked a bit ridiculous. But no one laughed. This was because Shao Qing stood up. Her left elbow had broken. The broken bone was exposed and stabbed through her flesh. 

Shao Qing had her right hand supporting her left hand. Then with a fierce move, she set her bones back to the right spot. Her face did not reveal any signs of pain.

She calmly looked at Abe Jing Xue and the big python. She had said it before, she would not stay her hand this time.

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