PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 33 Teaser

Volume 2 Chapter 33 Er Dai?

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Fu Jingmo was very diligent and sincere. If he wasn’t doing housework all day long, he would find some trivial things to do. Gu Panpan and others started to have a better impression of him. After all, almost no one would hate a diligent, hardworking person who is pleasing to the eye.

Soon the friendly match was about to begin. The friendly match was being held in the Grand plaza of Jing Du. Although it was open to the public, it was suggested that only superhumans enter. The positions in the front row were reserved for the more powerful mercenaries in Jing Du to sit. 

Although Cai Yingying’s family mercenary group did not enter the first few ranks, they were still considered to be a relatively large mercenary group. Naturally, they could occupy a spot. Cai Yingying brought Shao Qing to them early on. 

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