PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 33

Volume 2 Chapter 33 Er Dai?

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Fu Jingmo was very diligent and sincere. If he wasn’t doing housework all day long, he would find some trivial things to do. Gu Panpan and others started to have a better impression of him. After all, almost no one would hate a diligent, hardworking person who is pleasing to the eye.

Soon the friendly match was about to begin. The friendly match was being held in the Grand plaza of Jing Du. Although it was open to the public, it was suggested that only superhumans enter. The positions in the front row were reserved for the more powerful mercenaries in Jing Du to sit. 

Although Cai Yingying’s family mercenary group did not enter the first few ranks, they were still considered to be a relatively large mercenary group. Naturally, they could occupy a spot. Cai Yingying brought Shao Qing to them early on. 

Shao Qing also saw Cai Yingying’s father for the first time. Cai Yingying’s father looked like he was good-natured. Upon seeing someone, his face would light up in a smile. Radiating with happiness, it was hard not to obtain a favorable impression. 

Moreover, when Cai Yingying’s father and Shao Qing’s group talked, there was no putting on airs. They did not look down on Shao Qing’s group coming from a position of a “nameless squad”. In short, he seemed amiable. 

After a while, several other top mercenary groups arrived. The most eye-catching naturally was Rose Thorn. All the members were attractive. The most eye-catching was the captain Wu Jiaojiao. Wearing a tight-fitting leather outfit, her figure was exceedingly conspicuous. With curves sticking out the front and back accompanied with a small waist, on top of an alluring appearance, she simply attracted the eyes of all the superhumans in the audience.

Naturally the one Shao Qing looked at wasn’t the girls, but the man who sat in the corner who appeared drowsy. He had a delicate face. Although his facial features weren’t prominent, he was still worth a second look. 

The reason he attracted Shao Qing’s attention was because he had no presence. Even though he was dozing off among a group of people, he didn’t attract others attention.  

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Taking another look, he probably felt Shao Qing’s gaze and opened his eyes. Once he did, the feeling he gave off was completely different. 

It was like the finishing touch that brought the painting to life. His face was still delicate but in a flash, it was as if people couldn’t move their eyes away from him. Especially those eyes, gleaming in the sunlight, slightly squinting, it was like a smile yet not. 

Meeting eyes with Shao Qing, Shao Qing gave him an earnest sizing up and then looked away.

The man was a bit curious. He was very clear about his own appearance. Very few people who made eye contact with him would be able to naturally look away. 

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However, when Shao Qing looked away, her eyes clearly reflected the words “not interested” which made him a little discouraged. 

The people of the island country and the higher ups came together. As soon as the people of the island country arrived, Shao Qing nearly bounced up. This was because at the end of the island team, there was a girl wearing a cherry kimono and right beside the girl stood a young man. His eye had a long scar. Shao Qing nearly flew over to hold the boy in her arms. 

She had looked for so long and now Er Dai has suddenly appeared in front of her. 

That is Er Dai! Shao Qing didn’t need to ask, she didn’t have to say anything. Just from one glance, she could recognize him immediately. That was definitely Er Dai. 

Yan Hanqing also saw Er Dai. He grabbed Shao Qing’s hand and whispered: “Don’t be impulsive. Let’s take a look first.” 

How can Er Dai be with the team of island people? Shao Qing suppressed the urges in her heart and carefully observed. She found that Er Dai’s expression was very gloomy, with a bit of eagerness and impatience. The scar on the corner of his eye was obviously not a new injury, but it did not disappear. More importantly, Shao Qing’s heart was filled with murderous rage. She was almost certain that Er Dai was being coerced. “Don’t be impulsive.” Yan Hanqing could feel the killing intent from Shao Qing and grabbed her shoulder: “Look again, look at the situation. Er Dai is currently very safe.” 

Shao Qing took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse in her heart, but she kept watching Er Dai. He also felt her gaze and turned his head. When he saw Shao Qing, his eyes showed delight but there were also grievances. 

Having not seen each other for so long, Er Dai had calmed down a lot. He didn’t immediately show his urge and stood there quietly. There was no extra movement at all. He just expressed his unhappiness through his eyes. 

Shao Qing saw it very clearly. His eyes were so full of longing that it was overflowing. Shao Qing felt distressed. Since they met, they have only been separated twice. For the first time, she left him. The second time, she had abandoned him in a different way. 

This time when they reunite, Shao Qing will definitely not let it happen again. He had a chain on his wrist that was attached to the girl wearing the kimono.

After the island people were seated, the two sides had a friendly exchange. Shao Qing could understand the language of the island. However, she did not care much about those conventional greetings. Her hearing was particularly sensitive and she could even hear the kimono girl’s use of Chinese speaking to Er Dai: “Do you hate places with a lot of people? It will be over soon. After it’s over, how about I take you around for a walk.” 

Er Dai ignored her and looked at the ground. The girl wasn’t discouraged. The entire time, she continued to whisper into Er Dai’s ears until a man around her said: “Your highness, Ai Zi, should be seated.” 

Being called your Highness and also being a woman, someone immediately emerged from Shao Qing’s mind. One person, Qiu Xiaoai, the only daughter of the island’s emperor. 

How could she be among the island envoys? 

Shao Qing couldn’t help but frown. If this woman is really Qiu Xiaoai, if she wanted to take back Er Dai forcefully, it would be a little troublesome. 

The requirements of a friendly match naturally wasn’t meant for anyone to be killed. After all, it is run under the banner of friendship. But of course, it is normal to not be able to hold back sometimes, so even if someone did die, the two parties wouldn’t pursue responsibility for the killing.

These things weren’t said, but everyone knew it clearly. The first person to appear on stage from the island was a man who was a little short, but had a massive head. While for this side, it was the deputy head of the Frozen Ice mercenary group. Within Jing Du, he could be ranked among the top few superhumans. 

At the beginning of the fight, the deputy head of the ice had suffered several damages. The abilities of the island nation were earth-based. He seemed to be a ninja of some sort. He seemed to be skilled at using the ground to flee and combining martial arts. 

If it was a desperate struggle between the deputy head of Frozen Ice and the earth elemental user, the one who would die would definitely be the earth elemental user. However it was currently just a competition, with the losses the deputy head faced and his unfamiliarity with the ninja’s routines, the result was a loss. 

Once he lost, it wasn’t just himself, it was the entire superhuman group from Jing Du who felt that they lost face. After all, this was the first match. Losing to the island country, if the opening was not good, how shameful is that? 

The second game had not yet begun, when Wu Jiaojiao stood up: “This round is mine!” She had an explosive temper. Not saying anything further, she went up on stage.

When Wu Jiaojiao was on the stage, all the superhumans below began cheering and whistling. Although her temper would make one think that she was a fire elemental user r, Wu Jiaojiao was actually a water elemental user.

The water system had the least attack power. Initially, people thought that water users were useless. Can you kill a zombie by throwing a water ball at them? 

Later on, the water source became gradually polluted and the amount of water that can be directly consumed became less and less. Water elemental users then became precious. This was because water elemental users were equivalent to a living water purifier. People could not eat for several days, but they couldn’t survive without drinking water for a few days. 

Although the water elemental users did become more precious, still in people’s minds, they were in a supportive role, only suitable for raising in the base. 

Wu Jiaojiao overturned these thoughts. As a water elemental user, when the Rose Thorns was just founded, many people looked down on them because the Rose Thorns consisted of only girls and thus held bad intentions towards them. She had once been singled out by six peers of the same rank and won then because of her accumulation of similar military successes was she able to build up the reputation of the Rose Thorns. 

It can be said that Wu Jiaojiao was the idol for all the girls and water elemental users in Jing Du. Wu Jiaojiao was indeed very strong. She did not give the opponent any opportunity to evade at all. The water penetrated into the soil. The superhuman who was originally planning on forming a shield found he couldn’t control the ground beneath his feet.

Immediately following, a water curtain directly isolated the person from the outside world. Wu Jiaojiao lit a cigarette and lazily watched the water curtain slowly shrink until it finally wrapped into a person’s shape. 

The Yinyang Master of the island country shouted directly: “We admit defeat.” His Chinese was very authentic, with no accent at all. Wu Jiaojiao blinked and blew out a smoke ring. Secretly, she tightened the water curtain. When her water curtain scattered, there was only a dead person on the ground. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was shocked and used too much strength.” Wu Jiaojiao patted her 36D, her face feigning being delicate. 

People who were familiar with her wanted to call BS. With that temper, how could she still be delicate? But right now everyone just wanted to kiss her. She had just helped take revenge for the Chinese. 

There was no change in the expression of the onmyōji. He just called some subordinates to go and collect the body. 

He didn’t seem to be angry, and politely called the next person to appear. The next person to appear was the samurai warrior with the man bun. 

From a glance, Shao Qing knew he was still angry. This was because the man with the man bun was not ordinary. Once he stood up, one person from the Mad Devils mercenary group came out.

In general, the head of such a large-scale mercenary group would not lose easily. Besides Wu Jiaojiao with her temper, another deputy head came out. His strength was comparable to the head. 

When the two made their moves, Shao Qing sighed. She could tell that the deputy head of the Mad Devils could not beat the man with the bun.

As she expected, for the first half of the match they looked like they were pretty even. But Shao Qing saw very clearly, the man bun only used fifty percent of his strength, while the deputy head was already at full capacity. 

In the second half, the man bun suddenly increased his strength. Before the deputy head could even admit defeat, he was sliced in half. 

Cleaved in the middle, the size of both parts were equal. The blood and the internal organs squirted on the ground. Man bun probably deliberately made the scene so bloody to retaliate against Wu Jiaojiao. 

With this one move, he made the mercenary leaders especially the head of Mad Devils angry to death. After all, he lost an expert. Not saying anything further, he wanted to jump up and take revenge, but was pulled down. This was because it was discussed at the time. Two places were reserved for the base, and the remaining places were for each of the four mercenary groups.

Several people looked at the sleepy man in the corner. Of the four mercenary groups, he was the only one left. 

The man was still dozing off. From everyone’s stares, he nearly shivered and awoke. He blinked and stretched his arms. Standing in front of the crowd: “Is it my turn?” 

Several people dragged the bloody corpse past him causing him to breath in some of the smell. Waking him up a bit more, he glanced around. “It’s my turn right?” 

Several people nodded helplessly, and the man asked: “Who will fight with me?” 

The man looked up proudly, and pointed his bloody katana to the ground: “I can continue, no problem!” 

His words were clear. That is, he had no problem fighting a few of them, you can decide who to come up.

The man was not angry. He blinked: “Then can we start right now?” 

The man bun nodded, and the man immediately raised his hand. Six short knives the length of an arm flew towards Man bun. When the short knives flew over, man bun became alert and erected himself a fire shield preparing to block. 

However…. the six knives were inserted at his feet forming an irregular hexagon. The man bun laughed. This person’s control is this bad? How did he become a representative of China? Is there no one they could choose from? 

Without waiting for him to finish, the man suddenly pushed down the palm of his hand. The rumbling of an explosion that nearly caused people to become deaf erupted. Shattered soil flew everywhere, , and the arm with the katana fell onto the table in front of the island’s representatives.

After the explosion stopped, the place where Man bun was originally stationed became a large pit. The side of the pit was full of limb fragments, which were scattered throughout the site. 

If the deputy head of the Mad Devils died miserably before, then the death of Man bun was a spectacle too horrible to endure. At least the deputy head was a whole corpse. Even if he became two halves, one could still piece them together. What about the one before their eyes now? It was impossible to put them back together. 

The man swept his fringes and elaborated: “I thought he was very powerful, so I used twenty percent more strength. Who knew he couldn’t even last for one move. This wasn’t my fault…” 

Man bun didn’t last more than two minutes before they were able to get their face back and completely smash the other person into pieces.

More importantly, the man standing there was not ready to go: “What? Send another person up. At this rate, I can face everyone.”

Cai Yingying laughed: “He’s giving us so much face, no wonder he is the head of Dark Thorn. I have decided, my male god is Zhu Mochen and my goddess is Wu Jiaojiao!” 

The man named Zhu Mochen in the end was unable to continue. This was because he was dragged back down by his deputy head. 

Sitting at the front, the Yinyang Master, unfolded the hem of his clothes. Then he said very modestly: “People say China was filled with talents, it is really worthy of the name Celestial Empire. The rest of the two rounds will be continued by me. If I am able to compare notes with a few masters, then this trip would have been worthwhile.”

Wanting to fight the next two rounds, naturally no one will say anything. This was his ability. If he doesn’t have the ability and dared say such big words, then he can only be beaten.

From the higher-ups area, a young man came out wanting to battle with the onmyōji. The two men exchanged names. Shao Qing knew that this onmyōji was called Abe Jing Xue. He wore a loose kimono and did not bring any weapons. There was a fan in his hand that had words Shao Qing could not read. 

Standing atop the stage, his grandeur was very gentle and stable. The superhuman from the base felt nervous. Fine energy fluctuations emanated from him, just from this contrast, he could tell he wasn’t as good as Abe Jing Xue. 

“Does he have anything to do with Abe Seimei?” Gu Panpan bit her finger and whispered. If one were to ask about the onmyōji’s of the island country, the most famous must be Abe Seimei. Abe Jingxue and Abe Seimei had the same surname, Gu Panpan couldn’t help her curiosity. 

“Abe Seimei’s onmyōji bloodline was cut off, cutting off the direct line. The last onmyōji had a female apprentice. After the end of the Abe family, she gave birth to a child with her husband and let him be surnamed Abe and inherit the onmyōji technique of Abe’s family. Abe Jingxue should belong to this branch.” Shao Qing explained very seriously, but probably was regarded as gossip by Gu Panpan.

If it were not for the apocalypse, the existence of zombies, superhumans, and mutated animals and plants, Gu Panpan would definitely think that the onmyōji’s were also just a legend. 

The onmyōji named Abe Jing Xue was very polite. Only after he bowed did he begin to make a move. When he made a move, they couldn’t even see what his abilities were. This was because when the superhuman from the base released fireblades or fireballs, he would just use his fan in his hand to easily block it. His other hand was even behind his back. 

This attitude was too infuriating. The superhuman was gradually becoming irritated. He pushed Abe Jingxue into a ring of fire, and then spent nearly three seconds condensing his abilities. Finally, at the foot of  Abe Jingxue, a red light suddenly appeared.  A blaze of flames spouted out like a volcanic eruption, sumberging Abe Jing Xue. 

At the moment when Abe Jing Xue was covered by the flames, many people breathed a sigh of relief. But Shao Qing raised her guard because she saw an undulation behind the superhuman of the base suddenly fluctuate and then a figure appeared. 

This figure was not someone else, it was the submerged Abe Jingxue. He lifted the folding fan then three cyan lights formed a diamond-shaped light blade and stabbed into the back of the superhuman.

This was clearly a wind blade. The flash movement should belong to the space category. The wind blade belongs to the wind elemental users. Could he be a dual-elemental user? 

Shao Qing was also a dual-user. In addition to the wood elemental abilities, she also had some space capabilities. Although she was not skilled in the use of space, the only thing she lacked was time.

 Since she had achieved a dual-system, can’t others also have that as well? 

But soon Abe Jing Xue broke her thought because the superhuman from the base also wasn’t weak. After sensing the murderous aura from behind, they rolled forwards and avoided the wind blade. Abe Jing Xue reached out and a vine drilled out from the ground to bind the ankle of the superhuman. 

Three systems?

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