PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 42 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 42 Saving People 

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“A debt?” Before the sentence was finished, Gu Panpan smashed down. Gu Panpan’s fist hit his face, he couldn’t even send out a scream before his whole head was smashed into the ground.

His legs were still convulsing. But with Gu Panpan’s strength, he had probably gone to God. 

Several other people then reacted, screaming and rushing up. Fireball, wind blade, vines, earth shields, they all came flying over. 

Gu Panpan stepped forward and put on a bodybuilding pose. Any power that hit her, no matter what it was, disappeared at that time leaving not even a white mark. 

The only thing that didn’t dissipate was a vine that entangled Gu Panpan’s arm. She waved her hand and broke the vine easily. 

Gu Panpan exposed a small white tooth as she smiled gently, then hit her fist to the ground. There was a click on the ground and a crack was opened. The crack spread out to the bottom of several people’s feet. 

Er Dai immediately shot forward. He flew out quickly, grabbed one of the collars of the men and twisted his neck. 

Another person wanted to make a move. Before his hand was stretched out, Yan Qiyue suddenly compressed the surrounding air and turned him into a vacuum-packed jerky. 

Within three minutes, the crowd of people were dealt with. Everyone was lying on the ground. At this time, someone opened the door and ran out with his pants on. “What’s wrong?” 

He hadn’t had time to see what was going on outside before a sharpened blade of mental power cut off his head. 

It was still Er Dai who stepped forward to collect all the crystals. Then they entered the room.

This was a large warehouse, and the light was very dim. Many boys and girls were crowded in the corner. Even if they heard a sound outside, they were afraid to look out.

There was also a little girl, sixteen or seventeen, who was lying on the straw mat. Eyes wide open, her entire body was purple, and beneath her was a mess. 

This little girl was actually stabbed to death. After watching this scene, Gu Panpan couldn’t help turning her head and cursing: “I knew I shouldn’t have let these beasts off this easily!” 

Shao Qing stepped forward. She rolled up the mat and covered the girl’s body. “The people who are guarding you are dead. Right now run quickly, run away in different directions. The people of Han Shulin will be coming over immediately.” 

These people were skeptical. They all stared at one another, not daring to run away. This was because someone tried to run away before and was arrested by Han Shulin’s people. In the presence of everyone, they were tortured to death. 

They were like birds startled by a bow. How would they dare listen to Shao Qing’s words and just run away? 

“Han Shulin’s people are coming. Those who want to leave have to leave quickly. If you don’t hurry we won’t be able to protect you.” Gu Panpan couldn’t help adding. 

At this time, someone finally stood up tentatively, trotting to the door. Hesitating whether to leave or not they turned to Shao Qing and said, “Thank you.” 

After the first one, there was a second and third. Those uncertain also started to run outside. Who would be willing to give up this chance for freedom? 

Everyone who ran outside thanked Shao Qing when they passed by to express their gratitude. 

Soon, most people left. With the majority gone, Shao Qing dug a pit and buried the girl. She was about to leave when she found that several people did not leave. 

Shao Qing walked over. There were three people in the corner who did not leave. One was a little girl who looked only eleven or twelve years old. The other was a woman who looked like a young woman. The last one was a teenager. 

The young woman looked flushed, like she had a high fever. The boy had a lame leg, which had been twisted into an odd angle. It appears he was crippled.

The girl supported the young women and youth. She was only eleven or twelve years old, incredibly thin, and could barely support another person. 

The youth tried to persuade her: “Leave. Don’t care about us… otherwise once Han Shulin comes…” 

There were tears in the girl’s eyes. No matter how they swayed in her eyes, they did not fall out. Pouting, she had a weepy voice that was still very firm: “No, I won’t go. I’ll carry you away! I have a lot of energy!” 

The youth was helpless. His leg was broken and because there was no medicine, he could not treat it. It was inflamed and hurt a lot with each movement. He couldn’t even crawl, let alone walk. 

When the girl stopped talking, she dragged the boy and tried to drag the young woman. But, neither budged.

When she was young, she had a high fever. After timely treatment, she still damaged her brain causing her IQ to be lower than the average child. 

Before she still had the love of her family, but after the end of the world, her family was ruined and she was kidnapped. It was the teenager and the young woman who had been protecting her. 

In order to protect her, the teenager had gotten his leg broken and the young woman had been taken advantage of while she had a high fever. Although she was stupid, she was sincere. How could she leave them? 

Shao Qing gave a calm command: “Panpan, go and carry the elder sister. Er Dai, you carry this little boy on your back.” 

Then Shao Qing gave Xiao Baozi to Shao Tong and picked up the little girl by herself: “Go! Before they come, let’s withdraw.” 

Several people nodded and each person with someone on their back evacuated. When they left, Han Shulin had brought some people rushing over. 

Shao Qing asked Shao Tong to launch her mental power shield, then led them away from the side. Right next to the secret base was a mountain. Han Shanlin would definitely send people to search around. All she had to do was hide until the reinforcements from Jing Du arrived.

Although they had three ‘burdens’ now, as long as there were no accidents, hiding until reinforcement arrived was not a problem at all. 

Shao Qing didn’t say a word and went up the mountain. It was best to hide in the mountain. No matter the complexity of the terrain or the obstacles of the road and trees, it was in Shao Qing’s favor. 

In addition, there were many plants on the mountain. In case of any situation, it is much easier to run away if there was Shao Qing, a wood-type superhuman. 

As soon as they were up the mountain, Shao Tong immediately spread her mental strength and started searching along a straight line. The most suitable place to hide was found within a few minutes. 

Shao Qing led the group without question and followed Shao Tong forward. 

The mountain road was extremely rugged. Superhumans were okay, but Fu Jingmo couldn’t keep up with the speed. Among the remaining people, there was only Yan Qiyue who did not carry anyone extra. But Yan Qiyue knew that Fu Jingmo had intentions towards Shao Qing, how could he be willing to carry him? 

So Yan Qiyue walked forward holding Fu Jingmo, the kind of child-like holding. He grabbed Fu Jingmo’s belt and dragged him all the way up. When he encountered a difficult place to go, he changed his posture and used his arm to hold him. 

After arriving at the place, Fu Jingmo was as white as paper and almost puked all over. Currently in front of them was a mountain wall. 

There were vines tightly covering the mountain wall. But if it was opened, a black hole could be seen and the hiding place that Shao Tong found was there. 

After the group entered the cave, Shao Tong released the mental power shield and covered the opening of the cave. As long as the vines were not lifted away, no one could find it. 

The cave was very shallow, but very dark. In order not to expose it, they could not light up a fire. Several people sat together and the whole cave was very quiet.

Shao Qing put the girl down. She took out the lantern grass and inserted it on the mountain wall. It will be a while before people from Han Shulin search here. She had to take advantage of this time to look at their injuries. 

The most serious of the three was not the young woman, nor the young girl, but the young man with the broken leg. His leg was twisted like a fried dough twist. Shao Qing touched it slightly and saw the young man tremble in pain. 

He was very strong. Even though he was in immense pain, he didn’t say anything. He just clenched his teeth tightly. 

Shao Qing squeezed his joints again, bulging, soft and swollen, it should be full of pus and blood. 

“Your leg injury is very serious and you haven’t treated it in time, so it hasn’t been able to heal. Because of the self-healing ability of the human body, your leg bones have become crooked and the position of the bone joints is all filled with pus. You have only two options now. The first is a direct amputation, which is a little less painful. However, for the rest of your life you can only rely on a crutch or a wheelchair. The second is that I break your leg again, cut open the flesh to drain the pus, and then straighten the bone. Let it grow anew. It will hurt more and if it fails you still have to amputate it. You choose yourself.”

Shao Qing analyzed the advantages and disadvantages and explained it to him clearly.

The boy gritted his teeth, “I choose the second one.” He still has people to protect. If he amputated his limbs, he can only lie in bed his entire life and become a burden for others. 

Then he might as well be dead, what is a little pain?

“Okay.” Shao Qing nodded and then went to see the young woman. After careful inspection, she found that the young woman had been tormented by many people in turn. This has caused her private place to be ruptured causing a high fever.

She sent the men to the entrance, leaving only the girls. Shao Qing then took out some anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs from her space.

The powder was more difficult to find. She opened the capsule and poured out the powder inside. The young woman’s lower body was a mess and was heartbreaking to see. She had to wash her with water and then apply the medicine. 

After applying the medicine to stop the bleeding, Shao Qing took anti-inflammatory and high fever medications and gave them to the young woman before putting on her clothes again. 

After the girl was finally checked, Shao Qing was going to ‘operate’ on the boy.

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