PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 42 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 42 Saving People 

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The first thing she had to do was to release the pus in the boy’s leg, then straighten his bones. 

His bones were long and crooked. Wherever it was broken first is where she had to crack. But, trying to find it now was more troublesome. 

Shao Qing cut the boy’s trouser legs and looked at it with the pink light. The boy’s legs had swelled like sausages. The puffy skin was pale and some places were bluish, bulging, and looked like it was oozing. 

Shao Qing squeezed it, starting from the calf. Groping it slowly, even gentle touches caused the teenager to wince in pain, let alone squeezing it. 

The teenager was sore and was sweating buckets. His gums were sore because he was biting down on his teeth too hard. 

Shao Qing pinched from the bottom to the top to find the place where the fracture first occurred. She took out a small knife and touched the most severe part of the swollen area and dug in.

The viscous pus was mixed with blood. It immediately poured out from the wound, there was quite a bit of volume as well. It slowly trickled down the young man’s calf. 

This pus was very bad for the recovery of his legs, so Shao Qing had to release all the pus inside. She didn’t mind how gross it was at all, so she squeezed the pus out with her hands. The more she squeezed, the more pus flowed out. 

The teenager bit the back of his hand, his body constantly twitched but he still didn’t cry out or move. 

Shao Qing finally let out all the pus visible to the naked eye. The skin on the juvenile legs suddenly became loose, especially at the joints. It was like a water blister that had all its liquid drained.

After the pus was removed, Shao Qing found the old wound. With the hand knife, she lightly broke the young man’s leg bone again. 

She broke it skillfully. Not only was it at the position of the last break, but also the exact point where it broke, there was no difference at all. 

The teenager jumped a bit from the pain at this time. He couldn’t hold his breath. Shao Qing helped him reconnect his bones, applied medicine, and bandaged him up in one go. 

After bandaging, Shao Qing pulled the teenager’s arm over and pasted the remaining medicine powder on the tooth mark on his arm. 

Probably because it was too painful, the teenager almost bit off a piece of meat from his arm. Feeling Shao Qing apply medicine on his arms, only then did the teenager relax and let out a weak: “Thank you ……” 

He understood that thank you couldn’t repay Shao Qing at all, but he had nothing to offer. He was even a burden to Shao Qing. Rather than saying something emotional, it is better for him to say nothing and wait for a chance to do something to repay her. 

After helping the boy regain his leg, Shao Qing put away the lantern grass and the cave returned to darkness. With several wounded people lying inside, the others were outside. 

The girl was very close to Shao Tong, sitting next to her. While Er Dai and Yan Qiyue seemed to have a mutual understanding, one left and one right occupying both sides of Shao Qing. Xiao Baozi and Yaya occupied Shao Qing’s arms.

Fu Jingmo and Gu Panpan who arrived late could just sit on the side. 

Calculating the time, Han Shulin should be searching up here by now. Shao Qing frowned. She held her breath and listened to the voices outside. But at this time, a hand quietly touched her thigh. 

The hand stroked her thigh gently, moving gradually, there was an ambiguous taste. 

Shao Qing felt a bit numb. This hand clearly came from Yan Qiyue on her right. She was holding Xiao Baozi in one hand and the other hand was going to slap him, but if she did this, there would be a sound. It was too obvious in an empty cave. 

Shao Qing had to take hold of Yan Qiyue’s hand and push it aside. Yan Qiyue was a little wronged. After a while, he made a comeback. 

The position he put it this time was Shao Qing’s waist. Shao Qing’s waist was very thin and naturally felt great. Yan Qiyue forgot to return for a few seconds, then Shao Qing held his claws and threw it away. 

Every time Shao Qing threw his hand away, Yan Qiyue would move it back relentlessly. Er Dai had night vision and his five senses were particularly strong. He immediately discovered Yan Qiyue’s small movements and stared at Yan Qiyue. Leaning over, he hugged Shao Qing, not letting Yan Qiyue approach. 

Two people like little children fighting back and forth, but there was no sound at all. Even Gu Panpan who was not far away didn’t notice a thing. 

In the end, Xiao Baozi became annoyed. He threw Yaya directly. Yaya bit onto the claws extended by Yan Qiyue. Although Yaya did not use much strength, it still left a tooth mark. 

Yan Qiyue: QAQ

Why is he always getting injured? 

Just when the few people were in trouble, Shao Qing felt someone approaching from afar. Because there were too many people and he had an overbearing manner, all this momentum combined, it was almost as obvious as fireflies in the night. 

The others immediately became silent. Then Shao Qing heard someone not far away saying, “Boss said when someone finds those people, quickly send a signal to inform the army to come over. The person who found them will get a hundred pounds of grain, thirty pieces of rank 2 zombie crystal, and two beautiful women. We are in charge of this area, search carefully!”

The other people immediately responded eagerly and started searching. The place where they were hiding was very safe and with the protective cover of Shao Tong, as long as they didn’t make too much movement or someone knocked against this area, they shouldn’t be able to find them. 

Shao Tong’s mental strength was limited. Furthermore, with the rank and the existence of a rank four superhuman, she could only focus on blocking one thing, that is perception. Moreover she had to give up blocking the sound. 

So they had to be silent. If any sound was made, they would be found and immediately surrounded. 

Fortunately, everyone in the cave knew the general situation. Knowing that this was a critical moment, they were all very nervous. Even the semiconscious young woman covered her mouth quietly for fear of her coughing which could attract people outside. 

Quietly they waited, not daring to emit the tiniest of sounds. After a long time, when they thought they had gone, there was suddenly slight sounds of footsteps nearby accompanied by a voice: “Did you find anything over there?” 

Another voice: “Not yet, they are all mountain walls. What can I find? They wouldn’t be able to dig through mountains right?” 

“Hmmm you’re right …” The man agreed, then turned to leave. Shao Qing breathed a sigh of relief.  There was a crisp sound, not loud, but it caught the attention of outsiders. 

He looked back at the vines on the mountain wall and said aloud, “Did I have a hallucination?” Then he reached out his hand and opened the vines.

As soon as the vines were parted, a black hole appeared in front of him: “There is a space…” Before he finished, suddenly a flash of cold light passed. He immediately covered his throat, but there was still blood oozing between his fingers. 

“What is it?” One member of the group of people he had come with rushed over after hearing the sound. As soon as he came over, he saw the man fall on his back with blood spurting out.

He was shocked and scared. As soon as he was about to shout, Shao Qing had drilled out of the cave, holding a dagger in one hand and threw it out, nailing the man in the forehead. The dagger penetrated several inches into his brain. 

Shao Qing was slightly relieved, but also knew that a team could not have only these two people. Er Dai and Yan Qiyue also drilled out to scout with her. When they met someone, they quietly killed them. The corpses all covered the grass. 

Until the people searching nearby were all killed, then Shao Qing returned back to the cave. Fu Jingmo was blaming himself because the sound was made by him. 

Before Shao Qing had given him a gun, he had kept it hidden on his body. It just happened that the gun fell off his body, landed on the ground, made a noise, and attracted the people outside. 

It was all a coincidence but to the extreme, thus Fu Jingmo blamed himself. 

Shao Qing had no time to blame him. Their location will soon be exposed here. Han Shulin’s teams have all separated and gone back to report every now and then. When this squad is late to report,  Han Shulin would definitely send someone over to check, then they might be exposed. 

Still one person carrying another, Shao Qing led them up the mountain. When walking up, Shao Tong kept exploring with mental energy. They would avoid those they can and send out Er Dai to kill them if not.

They went all the way up steadily. Once they were halfway up the Mountain, the atmosphere seemed off. It should be that Han Shulin’s members were gradually decreasing. 

He was a bit smarter and didn’t dare cast his nets everywhere. This was because if there weren’t enough people to deal with Shao Qing  it was just like sending them free meat. They wouldn’t even stir up a splash. 

Originally, teams of six people had become teams of twelve. If they meet Shao Qing, they will have time to signal others even if they can’t beat them. 

Shao Qing was even more cautious. After all, if they really meet, they would not have time to stop them from signalling others and will be under siege. 

At that time, they were still carrying people with them, it would be strange if they could break out. 

“Persist for a while longer, the reinforcements will arrive soon.” Shao Qing whispered. According to the number of days calculated, Yan Hanqing should be on their way back. If they travelled a bit faster, they should be reaching the Han Shulin survivor base at this time. 

Han Shulin’s action was big. He had sent so many people out to look for Shao Qing. Plus, those who Shao Qing let go may also run into Yan Hanqing. Yan Hanqing would definitely come find them first.

In any case, as soon as the reinforcements arrived, they would be completely safe.

Shao Qing was the most calm person among them. She calculated as she walked. Han Shulin has less than 200 staff members. This referred only to superhumans, ordinary people did not count. This mountain is very large. He will definitely divide the staff evenly and reserve a part of them to block the mountain pass and the way out. 

The manpower used to blockade must not be too small, otherwise they will be able to rush out. In this case, there will be up to a hundred people on the mountain and they will be divided into dozens per team, searching for them all over the mountain. The chance of finding them is still not big. 

As they walked up, Shao Qing asked Shao Tong to find a second safe place to hide. They were now carrying several injured people. It would be extremely unfavorable if they encountered Han Shulin. 

Shao Qing’s idea was to put down the injured people, Fu Jingmo, and Xiao Baozi then continue moving around the mountains to distract Han Shulin’s attention. In this way, Xiao Baozi and the rest would be a lot safer. In addition, Shao Qing and their strengths are quite high. Even if they are encountered, the possibility of an escape is relatively large. 

What’s more, wandering around and making some noises from time to time to attract Han Shulin’s attention is enough. 

After a while, Shao Tong found a second safe hiding place. It was a little safer than the first cave because this hole was on the side of the cliff. Most people with their straight way of thinking would not look towards the cliff. So they won’t find that there is a hole in the place two or three meters below the cliff. 

Shao Qing used vines as a rope to let people down one by one. The last one to go was Shao Tong. She ordered Shao Tong, “Take good care of them and wait for us to come back. No matter what you hear, what you see, what you encounter don’t come out, you understand? ” 

Shao Tong nodded her head very seriously and then said with her mental energy: “Sister Qing, you can rest assured that I will take care of them.”

Shao Qing put Shao Tong down. 

After settling down these people who couldn’t fight, as well as the wounded, Shao Qing took the others to set up their guerrilla attack. 

Among them, the worst one can also sweep through a team of Han Shulin’s, also it is easily swept through. Now that there are no more burdens, they would be like a fish returning to the sea. 

They used to avoid Han Shulin’s people, but now they are actively looking for Han Shulin’s people, just like hunters looking for prey. 

Whenever they are encountered, they will be directly killed by Shao Qing. 

Sometimes it’s a small team, sometimes it’s a few people who got separated. As long as they met Shao Qing, there is absolutely no way to live. 

These people just scooped out one after another and their hands became stained with the blood of many ordinary people. Even if a few were involuntary, it can’t change the fact that they had supported this cause for a long time. 

To deal with such people, Shao Qing didn’t have the concept of mercy. If she met the high-ranking staff of Han Shulin, she wouldn’t even let them die too easily. 

If she did she wouldn’t be able to look at those poor people who have been scourged by them, those heavy bones in the pit, or those who have had their homes ruined and those that have been sold as playthings.

If time is sufficient, Shao Qing even wants them to fully experience what it means to want to die when living and then send them to chat with God. Oh no, I am afraid that these people can only go to hell after death. 

On the other side, Han Shulin’s face was already dark. Every time he sent someone out, he gave an order that every half an hour, each team must send a person to report the situation back to him. Now three hours have passed, but there were already four teams that have lost contact with him……

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