PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Yan Hanqing’s hand trembled, spilling half of the spoonful of sugar in. He silently stirred the spoon in the milk, trying to be careful to not spill any. After a bit he stopped the fire and and took the hot milk pan off the fire. 

“I’ll go wake up Bao Bao.” Shao Qing didn’t lament on anything and returned to her room. She naturally did not see the tender gaze Yan Hanqing was giving her. 

After waking Xiao Baozi up and having him finish the milk, Shao Qing wiped off Xiao Baozi’s milk stache and lifted him up then carried him outside. 

The air in the early morning still wasn’t good. It had a gloomy stench to it as if the entire world was in the process of molding. 

By the time Xiao Baozi and Shao Qing finished going for a stroll, people just awoke to eat. Shao Qing who originally wanted to check if there were any wild game to catch brought Xiao Baozi back. Once they arrived at the second floor, Shao Qing saw that one of the superhumans were ordering around one of the recently saved women. 

He had purposefully ordered the woman to clean up the gruel that had fallen on the ground. As soon as the women stooped down, she would reveal her fair ravines. Moreover since their clothes do not fit properly, there would be a brief flash of her lower back. But whether it was her waist, chest, the numerous tiny scars or the purplish hickeys; all of these overlapping in Shao Qing’s eyes made it a thorn in her eyes. 

Reaching out to cop a feel, before he could touch the woman’s butt, Shao Qing had already used her whip to whip his arm. That one move gave the back of his hand a wound that was about two fingers wide and one finger in length. At that time he gave a loud shriek causing the people downstairs including Yan Ruru to come see what happened.

The first thing he did was withdraw back. Feeling a bit guilty, he later noticed that his scar was becoming more inflamed. Lifting up his head in anger, he threw daggers with his eyes towards Shao Qing: “What do you think you’re doing? What did I do to provoke your anger? For what reasons did you make a move against me!”

Not giving Yan Ruru any face, the vine within her hand was ruthlessly brandished. Hearing the sharp sound of the whip breaking the wind allowed everyone to witness how ruthless her attack was.

That man was completely frightened and immediately tried to erect a wind shield. However, the shield couldn’t withstand even a second of the attack and immediately shattered. Following which the vine without showing any mercy at all landed on his face. The man was directly thrown to the side.

Yan Ruru frowned. She hadn’t seen the earlier events, so she was a bit frustrated regarding Shao Qing’s merciless attitude. Extending her hand she said: “Please wait. Captain Shao. Did my brother (not actual) provoke you in some way? Why are you treating him this way?”

Shao Qing calmly replied: “If Captain Yan can’t take care of her subordinates, then I don’t mind helping you out. Please immediately give those women to me. Over on my side, even though they would be required to do some chores, they at least won’t be played with by men. 

Yan Ruru was stunned for a moment then frowned: “What are you talking about? What just happened?”

Shao Qing pointed at the woman kneeling on the ground and coldly sneered: “I think you should be asking your ‘good’ brother what he had just done.”

Being whipped on the face, he was completely swollen. Once he opened his mouth, three teeth fell out. Infuriated, he reproached: “Didn’t I just order her to clean up the floor? What’s wrong with that?”

“Does wiping the floor mean having their bums touched?” Shao Qing indifferently replied: “Just now, your good brother attempted to molest her. While five or six of them were just watching from the side for entertainment. I don’t think that these women staying over at your side would receive any protection at all. Instead it would be like leaving the tigers den to enter the wolves mouth. They really deserve to have some pity.”

Seeing Shao Qing’s taunting gaze, Yan Ruru who was originally angry immediately became embarrassed. She had a clear understanding of Shao Qing’s temper. She wasn’t the type to lie, so if Shao Qing had said it in addition to the scene, they were all enough to prove what had happened.

All at once, Yan Ruru’s rage rose up. Pulling out the whip on her waist, she used it to hit the still arguing noisily man on the other side of his face causing it to swell as well. Opening his mouth, another three teeth fell out when he spat out blood.

Giving a chilling sweep all around, she coldly said: “Didn’t I say it before? No one is allowed to touch these women, we have to treat them like our camerades. What are you guys doing?”

The ones looking directly at Yan Ruru immediately lowered their heads, some felt ashamed while others just couldn’t bear with the pressure Yan Ruru was exerting on them. “Captain Shao, I am terribly sorry that something like this occurred within my squad. However, I can make an oath that this kind of thing will never happen again.” Yan Ruru swore.

“Give him to me.” Shao Qing pointed at the man on the ground. Anyone with eyes could tell that she had murderous intentions. Yan Ruru hesitated for a second. She knew that if this man fell into Shao Qing’s hand, he definitely would not have a good ending. He was her subordinate, her brother. Even though he had made a mistake, he didn’t deserve to die for it.

That person was getting a bit panicky. Both sides of his face swollen, all the words that came out of his mouth were unclear, but he was still able to convey his intention clearly: “Boss, you can’t hand me over to her! She’s a demon! She definitely will kill me!”

Shao Qing didn’t care what he said at all. She merely faced Yan Ruru and repeated: “If you have no means of punishing him then hand him over to me. This matter can’t just be forgiven like this.”

Yan Ruru gritted her teeth: “Captain Shao, I know he made a mistake, but…..”

“He just made a mistake?” Shao Qing sneered, then she brandished her whip towards the woman kneeling on the ground.  The women got frightened, her jacket torn apart.“All the men close your eyes. Anyone who peaks…. I’ll make sure that they can never open their eyes again.”

Shao Qing’s voice was calm, not sounding threatening at all, yet everyone’s movements were instant. They all turned their heads, none daring to peak.

Yan Ruru then noticed that this woman had only undergarments under her coat. Her body was covered with scars and marks that were all new. This meant that it was only after arriving here that someone had forced something on her.

In that second, Yan Ruru’s eyes became red. With incomparable calmness, Shao Qing asked the woman: “What happened last night? You can tell me. In front of me, no one is capable of threatening you or would dare do anything to you.”

The woman hugged her chest and after a long time did she numbly reply: “Last night, he came into my room and tried to rape me. When I tried to resist, he said that my sisters and I were rescued by him. Being used is only natural. Even if I were to tell anyone, no one would punish him. On the contrary he would retaliate on my sisters and I.” 

No matter her voice or expression, they were all numb and emotionless. She had originally just escaped from the tiger’s den and thought she has finally been saved. Yet, she had discovered she had actually fallen into a wolves nest.

Having hope then to be met with disappointment, it would only give way to more despair.

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Yan Ruru also became apathetic. Covering her face with shame, after a long while did she step forward to take off her own jacket to cover the woman: “This is my fault. I will leave him for you to deal with.”

The eyes of the man on the side immediately enlarged. “No! Please no! Boss you can’t do this!” He had seen Shao Qing kill before. She was exactly like a demon, fierce and savage.

Yan Ruru didn’t say anything or give him another eye. She was only filled with disappointment and fatigue. She had never thought that someone from her own squad would be capable of such animalistic things.

The vine in Shao Qing’s hand immediately extended forward tying up that man who was attempting to escape and slowly dragged him towards Shao Qing.

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That man who had begged Yan Ruru earlier, now seeing that she wasn’t going to change her mind, began cursing at her: “It’s no wonder they said that B*tches are merciless! Now I know! After risking life and limb together for so long, just because of one woman, one woman who had been ridden on by thousands, you are handing me over to the devil! Pah! You’re a f*cking b*tch!”

Yan Ruru’s body trembled with anger. She repeatedly tried to curb her anger, grinding her teeth: “So this is how you think of me….”

She wasn’t angry that he was cursing her, instead it was because in his eyes those women who received so much torture and humiliation had became his pretext and excuse.

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Since they have already been toyed with so much, since they have already been raped, because he is a high and mighty superhuman and she is a tiny member of the squad, there isn’t any harm in playing around?

That kind of thinking, that is no worse than a beast!

The thing that made Yan Ruru even more furious was that there was still someone holding her back trying to dissuade her: “He’s our own brother, how could that woman be more important than him? In any case he didn’t murder anyone, he just did it with her once right? Getting beaten up like this should be punishment enough.”

“Do you guys also think like this?” Yan Ruru angrily stared down at those people. Those people couldn’t help but turn away to avoid eye contact.

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Shao Qing’s voice fell into her ears: “I told you. Just leave this for me to handle. Aah…. I’ll make sure that everyone will be ‘satisfied’.”

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