PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 5

Volume 2 Chapter 5 The Consequence of making a mistake 

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“That’s a really pretty dagger.”

Meng Shen was surprised for a second, he probably did not expect Shao Qing to take the initiative to speak to him. A bit bashful, he replied: “Someone really important gave it to me.”

“Someone you like? Can I see it?” Shao Qing had an indescribable love towards cold weapons (weapons that use pure physical attacks). She had once bought a specialized cabinet to place short weapons. Inside, she filled it up with a variety of military knives, daggers, etc. 

Meng Shen hesitated for a moment then handed the dagger over to Shao Qing. Taking the dagger, Shao Qing looked at the dagger carefully. This dagger was a weapon meant for killing. A typical dagger that was for collecting and looking wouldn’t generally be sharpened and for those privately sold daggers although they would be sharpened, they wouldn’t be up to standard.

The back of the knife and it’s shaft’s gorgeous motifs would easily cause people to misunderstand that this dagger was for admiring; however, from the edge of the blade to the tip, it was all made for the purpose to kill.

Shao Qing loved plum blossom daggers that were sharp on both sides. At the point where you grab the dagger, there was a crescent moon shaft to protect the blade. The model was extremely exquisite. The crucial point was that this plum blossom dagger was most suitable for a woman to use.

The first dagger  she obtained was a short dagger that was only sharp on one side. It was a gift from an instructor. At that time, she wasn’t used to using an military thorn. Thus when she went out for missions she would rely on this dagger. Unfortunately,  for one mission she had gotten heavily injured and had lost that dagger.

No matter how Shao Qing looked at it, the dagger looked very familiar. It really resembled the dagger she had first lost. Just when she wanted to look at it in detail, Meng Shen softly said: “That… have you finished looking?”

Seeing Meng Shen’s expression that seemed as if she wanted to fight him for his dagger, Shao Qing passed back the dagger. Then she asked: “Where did you get that dagger from? It looks very nice.”

“Someone gave it to me.” Meng Shen hesitated and then replied. Taking back the dagger, he tenderly wiped it and then finally placed it back into its sheath.

“I see.” Shao Qing didn’t say much, she just indifferently said: “Looking at that dagger, I thought it looked very familiar. Something that I saw ages ago.”

Meng Shen’s eyes lit up, then he repeatedly asked: “You’ve seen it? Who was using it? Are you able to find her?”

Shao Qing quickly analyzed what Meng Shen said, then finally probed: “When I saw it at that time, the nickname of the dagger’s owner was someone called Qing.”

“Yes, that’s her!” Meng Shen’s cheek was slowly becoming scarlet and lively. You couldn’t even see his calm appearance from before. “Where is she now? Are you able to find her?”

Shao Qing didn’t answer his question and just asked back: “How did you meet her? How did that dagger end up in your hands….”

Meng Shen was a bit hesitant. After quite a while, he revealed a face as if he had cut off all means of retreat and replied: “Actually, I don’t know her. In fact she was wearing a gas mask at that time. At that time, I was a research worker in charge of pharmaceutical research. We had just studied an anti-cancer medication. However, before we were able to hand over our results a spy had stolen it.”

Thinking back to that, Meng Shen’s expression was a bit icy: “Because of that accident, the research institute was blown up. I was stuck under a rock and it was her…. Qing saved me. That dagger was something she left behind for protection…..”

After finishing, his icy expression in a flash was melted away by his tender feelings. Seeing this, Shao Qing couldn’t help but shudder. Because of those urgent circumstances, Shao Qing simply did not have enough time to send Meng Shen out. At that time she could only contact people for support. After getting rid of the slab of rock on top of Meng Shen, she could only place him where someone could assist him and then go off after the spy.

At that time, she had left the dagger to Meng Shen. Originally she wanted to retrieve it after all these events. However because of that time’s injuries she ended up in the hospital for three months. She had broken three ribs, her leg got a fracture, and the rest of her injuries didn’t even need to be mentioned. After she healed she was discharged from the military.

As a result she never got the chance to take back her dagger.

Shao Qing wasn’t prepared to tell Meng Shen that she was Qing. Those were things of the past and she didn’t want to bring it up. Seeing Meng Shen’s hopeful eyes, Shao Qing who wanted to originally say that Qing died couldn’t bear to say it and changed her words: “She received some injuries. After she recovered her body just wasn’t able to continue to do these strenuous missions so she retired. I heard that she has already returned back home and got married and had kids.”

Meng Shen’s mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. Lowering his head, his face couldn’t conceal his look of disappointment. After a long while did he say: “Knowing that she is living well, I can be at ease now. Originally…. Originally I wanted to return the dagger to her.”

“She doesn’t need it anymore.” Shao Qing stood up. “I’m going to see if food has been made.”

Meng Shen nodded his head and tightly held onto the dagger. There were some things that just can’t be forgotten. Every night when he fell asleep, he would recall that fair hand gently pulling him. Even though smoke filled the air, he could still smell that light fragrance off her body. 

Many times, he had tried to ask around for the people who participated in that mission. However, Shao Qing was part of the secret unit. There was simply no information at all. The only thing Meng Shen knew was that she was called Ah Qing. 

After so long, when he thought he would never find her and that he wouldn’t find anymore or get anymore news, Shao Qing had told him that the person he has been searching for in his dreams has already retired to go home and had gotten married. 

In the end it was a illusory one sided love. Perhaps even when he died, Qing wouldn’t know that there once was a person who fell in love at first sight and couldn’t forget her. 

Seeing Shao Qing was soon about to walk up the stairs, Meng Shen couldn’t stop asking one last thing: “Her real name. What is it?”

Shao Qin paused. Shaking her head she continued up the stairs. Yan Hanqing donned an apron when he came out of the kitchen. The apron was supplied by Shao Qing. Small flowers scattered around, it was definitely designed for a maiden in mind. 

At the beginning, Yan Hanqing was quite shy. However, now he can indifferently wear that apron and be a cooking husband. 

“I’ve made Bao Bao some warm milk. Do I need to add some sugar?” Yan Hanqing asked. Shao Qing thought about it, then thinking about Xiao Baozi’s preferences she said in a loving manner: “Just a spoonful. Anymore and he won’t be able to digest it and he’ll just spit it out.”

Yan Hanqing nodded his head and turned around to add more sugar. His back nice and broad resembled a mountain’s sturdiness, overflowing people with a sense of security. 

Seeing him wearing a cream belt, it looked a bit funny. Yet Shao Qing felt warm and at ease.  A person who is like her, used to going through fire and water, hovering between life and death, the thing they hope for the most is warmth, a sense of security.   

Therefore when Lin Qifan showered her with tenderness, she had fallen so quickly. At that moment she had thought she had finally found that one thing she could count on. She had found that one man who willingly wants to support her. 

It was only later did she find out, that some men had a tender outer coat and was used to sweet speech and honeyed words, but have thrown away their conscience to the clouds. 

Leaning against the door frame, Shao Qing sighed: “If only the person I met first was you, then everything would be a lot better.”

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