PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 56 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 56 Xiao Baozi’s Scheme

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Soon, a light laughter came from behind Shao Qing. Shao Qing turned around, and unexpectedly saw Yin Ye. Having taken off his white coat , he was wearing a simple casual outfit with the group of subjects following behind. 

The group of subjects were all weird, surprising Gu Panpan and the others into alert mode. Shao Qing calmed Gu Panpan and then said, “Why did you come?” 

“To thank you.” Yin Ye smiled slightly, and then said: “If it was not for you, we may not have had the opportunity to kill Liu Dong, let alone give him such a punishment.” 

“I just dealt with a scumbag, there’s no need to say thank you.” Shao Qing glanced behind Yin Ye to see a body dragged by a tentacle, and then asked,“ Where are you going to go? ”

“ Going to Jiangcheng. I will take them to settle there.” Yin Ye answered bitterly: “You have seen what we look like. We won’t be accepted by human beings. Only zombies can accept us. I wish you the best of luck. If you encounter any problems that cannot be solved in the future, you can come to Jiangcheng. As long as we can help, we will definitely help.” 

Shao Qing was silent. No matter for what reason, no matter who harmed them, as long as they became like this, they were doomed to not be accepted by humans. Shao Qing looked at the experimental subjects sadly. 

They used to have a normal life, with their own family and friends.Yet, it just took the selfishness of some people to ruin it all. 

Turning like this, they didn’t even have the qualification to be a person. 

But these experimental subjects that turned into semi-zombies were more sentimental and more meaningful than those of living people. Shao Qing would rather be friends with them than with the scumbags covered with human skin. 

The baby-like experimental subject crawled out of the young man’s chest. He looked at Shao Qing curiously, and then quietly extended his hand. His hand seemed to be blistered for a long time, pale and wrinkled, and looked very ugly. 

Shao Qing gently took his little hand, and the baby immediately smiled. When he smiled, his mouth widened into a wide arc. Accompanied by the fetal hair on his head, his extra-large head, and wrinkles, its facial features were a little scary. But, Shao Qing didn’t avoid it. She even kissed his forehead lightly, and made the baby even happier. He grabbed Shao Qing’s hand, and then spread his palm. Inside was an advanced zombie crystal core, the color was completely transparent, and it looked beautiful when refracted in the sunlight.

The baby put the crystal nucleus in Shao Qing’s palm. How could Shao Qing want it? She touched the baby’s head gently and then said, “I can’t use it, you can hold it.” 

The baby was very stubborn. When she pushed it back, he pushed it back again, and finally looked at Shao Qing with big eyes like it was very wronged. 

Yin Ye couldn’t help but join in: “Just hold it. On the way Xiao Yu purposefully went sweeping through some areas in order to find a higher-level crystal nucleus to make a gift for you. If you don’t accept it, he will be sad for several days.” 

Shao Qing had no other choice, so she took it. Then she took out a bunch of things, and gave it to the little baby named Xiao Yu, including milk and the like, drinks that babies can drink. There were also those items made by Yan Qiyue, that can also be eaten by zombies, as well as some baby clothes, and toys. All of it was given to Xiao Yu. 

Xiao Baozi was very sensible and also contributed many snacks. 

After stuffing a bunch of things to Xiao Yu, Shao Qing said again: “If necessary, I will definitely go to Jiangcheng, but you too, be careful.” 

Their existence, once discovered, will again cause them to become a test subject. 

Yin Ye nodded and said, “This time there is one more thing I want to ask you to help.” 

“Please say.” Shao Qing couldn’t help but take some little girl’s clothes and snacks and stuff it to another little girl subject.

Yin Ye spoke again: “I still have a younger brother named Yin Zhao. At the beginning of the apocalypse, we were separated. I was in the laboratory at that time, and he and my mother were still living in their old homes. After the apocalypse, I tried to contact him but failed to reach him. If you can, please help me take care of him.” 

“Okay.” Shao Qing nodded, and then said, “Can you describe him to me? What does he look like or what are his characteristics…” 

“My younger brother is very handsome. Everyone in our family says that he looks like a girl. Every time that’s said, he would lose his temper. At the age of 14, he had a car accident leaving him a very long scar in the corner of his eyes. He hated others calling him Xiao Zhao, because it sounded like Xiao Zhao in Tian Tu Long Ji*.” When recalling his brother, Yin Ye’s expression was much gentler. He sincerely said: “I’m sorry to trouble you, but now that I am like this, even if I find him, there is no way for me to take care of him…” 

* Recent chinese tv series

“There will always be a way. The first priority is to find him. If I can meet him, I will take care of him for you.” Shao Qing couldn’t help but pat Yin Ye’s shoulder. 

Yin Ye smiled, and then said: “I won’t delay you on your journey. We will go now. If anything happens, you must come to Jiangcheng to find us.” 

“Yes.” Shao Qing nodded and Yin Ye left with his group of people. When Xiao Yu left, he had been lying on the shoulders of the youth, watching Shao Qing. 

He had never felt the warmth of his mother, and today he felt it in Shao Qing, so he was nostalgic and a little sad.

Shao Qing looked even more sad. If she had died and Xiao Baozi survived, would it be pitiful like that? 

Seeing Shao Qing’s emotions weren’t right, Xiao Baozi quietly extended his small paws to hold his mother’s hand, and then whispered: “Ma Ma… smile …” 

Shao Qing rubbed her son’s cute face, instantly making her feel better. Then bringing her group, she continued on. No matter what, life still needs to continue. The primary goal now is to send Qin Zixi back to Jing Du. 

Xiao Baozi’s temper was also like a gust of wind, coming and going quickly. As soon as he began riding the bear, he became highly spirited again. This bear was his new joy. Every time he rode it, Yaya would feel his legs go soft. 

As an authentic rabbit, Yaya was so scared he wanted to pee himself. When standing on the bear, he was trembling all over. 

But after so many times, it became used to it. It could even stand on the bear’s head with a serious rabbit face and look into the distance. 

Then he was slapped by Xiao Baozi to lay down, crying as it rolled down.

When Xiao Baozi was riding a bear, he had been thinking about how he could turn Qin Zixi into his family? First, he needed to create a chance for Mama and Qin Zixi to be alone together. Second, no one could have the opportunity to interfere. 

Then once the raw rice is cooked, everything will be done. 

The plan was perfect. Xiao Baozi touched his chin, his face deep in thought. 

Then he began to worry, how can he create such an opportunity? As for people, he’ll deal with it as it comes. Just when he was just worried that he would not be able to create a chance for Ma Ma and Xiao Xi to get along alone, the opportunity came. 

The situation at the time was like this. They were camped by the river and Gu Panpan suggested that they go to the river to catch some fish. Later on, they could also go to the nearby areas to gather some wild vegetables, capture a few prey, and then they start a hearty picnic. 

As soon as Xiao Baozi heard this, he knew the opportunity had come. He quickly raised his hands and feet in favor. 

Originally, Shao Qing was the main force to carry out the plan, but when the task was assigned, Xiao Baozi started to roll on the ground, saying that his stomach hurt.

Thus he succeeded in getting Shao Qing to stay. Then holding Qin Zixi’s legs to prevent him from leaving, he also got Qin Zixi to stay. 

Almost everyone else was all spread out, even Shao Tong followed Gu Panpan and Ah Lan to pick wild vegetables. At a glance, the group decided to let Shao Qing and Qin Zixi stay and accompany Xiao Baozi. Anyways with Shao Qing’s strength, there shouldn’t be any danger. 

As soon as those people left, Xiao Baozi began to think about how to make his move. He secretly tried to find a way, and then he hummed very cleverly: “MaMa… I want to drink milk…” 

Shao Qing touched the head of Xiao Baozi: “Your stomach doesn’t hurt? I’ll heat up some for you.” 

“Ma Ma is the best. “Xiao Baozi smiled, and after seeing Shao Qing leave, he said to Qin Zixi:” Brother Xiao Xi, can you help me find my Yaya?… it ran out again.” 

Qin Zixi nodded solemnly, and then went out to look for it. After the two had left, he quietly took out a flower from his small wallet. 

The flower had red petals and had already dried up a little. He had secretly listened to the stall owner and the buyer speak. The stall owner said that this flower was called seven day happiness. Not only is its medication strong, but it won’t harm the body, even women who would die fighting for her honor would wrap herself around another man. As long as there is one petal, you can turn raw rice into cooked rice. 

He couldn’t understand all the preceding things. He could only understand two sentences. The sentence about not hurting the body, which means that he wouldn’t harm his Ma Ma and Xiao Xi brother. The second sentence was, raw rice into cooked rice.

Isn’t he asking for raw rice to turn into cooked rice? This way Brother Xiao Xi will not leave! 

So he secretly took a flower, but also embarrassedly threw a crystal into the stall owner’s box, then ran away secretly. 

He must succeed in one attempt! 

Xiao Baozi crawled off the bed secretly and came barefoot to the table, secretly stuffing the petals into the kettle. 

He was afraid that the effect would not work, and the whole flower was stuffed in. After it was stuffed in, Xiao Baozi guiltily burrowed into the bed. He turned over, feeling overwhelmed as he waited restlessly for Shao Qing to come back. 

What if my mother finds out? Will she be angry? What if he… Just when Xiao Baozi was thinking about it, Shao Qing came in with milk and Qin Zixi came in with Yaya. 

Xiao Baozi immediately lifted his small heart. He was very nervous. When Shao Qing handed him the bottle, he whispered, “Mama, you drink it too.” 

Shao Qing touched the head of Xiao Baozi, feeling that she was being cured by her son, she said with a chuckle: “Mom doesn’t drink milk, it’s enough to drink water.”

“I’ll pour water for you, Mama.” Xiao Baozi whispered, “Don’t you have a stomachache?” Don’t overwork yourself.” Shao Qing knocked on the head of Xiao Baozi, and felt that Qin Zixi shouldn’t just sit down doing nothing, she got up and poured a glass of water. 

Xiao Baozi stared at the glass of water, his heart beating like thunder, was it a success?

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