PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 56

Volume 2 Chapter 56 Xiao Baozi’s Scheme

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Now there is only one last person left from the group he brought out of the research institute. Liu Dong had a hunch that after this person died, it would be his turn. 

He had never felt so powerless before because he had always been in charge of the life and death of others. This was the first time that his life was in the hands of others. It was like standing on the edge of a cliff, with an agitated wind behind him that could push him off at any second. Yet, it still wouldn’t make a move causing him to be anxious and nervous. His nerves were so bad that sometimes he would even think that it would be better to die earlier, so he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. 

After the second person died, they arrived at the base. After entering the base, the rescuers organized by each base were withdrawn in batches. The remaining elites were responsible for escorting Liu Dong to Jing Du. 

After a day and a night of arriving at the base, nothing happened. Everyone was relieved. Even the person in charge of the base felt that it must be because the base was tightly guarded, so those zombies could not come in. 

But Liu Dong still shouted every day, saying that when he went to bed at night, he always felt someone was squatting beside the head of the bed and looking at him quietly. However, when he opened his eyes, there would be no one. 

At the beginning, the person in charge of the base sent someone to guard outside his house. He sent a small group of 20 people to wrap the house like an iron bucket. Even a fly and a mosquito could not fly in.

However when he got up the next day, Liu Dong still shouted that someone was watching him quietly in front of his bed at night. 

At this time, the person in charge of the base was already a little irritated. He sped up the repatriation of all the rescue teams, and then assembled a team composed of level 3 and above superhumans to prepare to escort Liu Dong out. 

Then when they took their first step out of the base, besides the heavily protected Liu Dong, the only researcher left exploded into bloody fireworks. 

This time was even closer than last time. When the flesh and blood flew, Liu Dong was confused. His face and body was splattered with sticky flesh and blood. When he breathed, the thick stench of blood penetrated straight into his nose. 

Liu Dong collapsed completely. No matter what was said he refused to leave the base. He looked at the people around him in panic. He always felt a constant cold eye on him that was filled with malicious intent, a murderous aura. A glance that passed through his throat, heart… 

Yet when he went to look for those eyes, he couldn’t find it. 

Collapsed, he crawled back to the base and was unwilling to go out again. 

The person in charge of the base had no choice but to arrange a lot of people to guard him. In fact, the person in charge also felt a little panicked. How did that person die? 

There were more than fifty superhumans above the third level, among which there were five people with particularly keen senses, as well as psychic ability superhumans, yet no one discovered how the researcher died.

He just exploded into blood fireworks. If someone in the background was really targeting Liu Dong, the strength of that person was absolutely strong. 

In fact, everyone started to wonder, who was always targeting Liu Dong? If, as Liu Dong said, it was a zombie who came to get revenge, why did the zombie keep chasing him? 

Theoretically, even if a zombie had a certain amount of wisdom, it would not show such terrible vengeful tactics. It was like a concealed zombie. Its wisdom was much higher than that of ordinary humans. It had thoroughly calculated its plot for revenge. 

Another question is why does the zombie want to retaliate against Liu Dong? What did Liu Dong do to make the zombie want to retaliate and torture him endlessly? 

All kinds of doubts lingered in everyone’s mind, but no one asked. 

This was because Liu Dong had become crazy. As soon as he saw someone, he started shouting that a zombie was chasing him and that a zombie was looking at him in the dark and wanted revenge. 

In order to give Liu Dong peace of mind, at night, the base arranged a number of brave superhumans to sleep with Liu Dong. If someone was really there squatting beside him looking at him quietly at the head of the bed, as Liu Dong said, then these superhumans will surely discover them. 

In the middle of the night, several superhumans were frightened by Liu Dong’s screams.

“Someone! Someone!” Liu Dong’s facial features were distorted. He grabbed his gray hair, and his face and eyes were horrified. 

The superhumans were startled. They got out of bed quickly, put on an alert posture and turned on the light, but did not see anyone. They even turned over the bed. They didn’t even see any footprints, let alone a person. 

But Liu Dong insisted that there was someone. Moreover, he did not allow them to turn off the lights. He sat in the corner holding the quilt for the whole night. The psychic superhuman continued to probe the surrounding areas until his mental power was exhausted. The other superhumans had no idea what else to do and could only sit with him. 

It was okay for one night. But, this was the case for several nights in a row. They couldn’t stand it. They all requested to change their posts, and the person in charge of the base was out of patience. 

In his eyes, Liu Dong was now a lunatic. Who knew what kind of forbidden things he had done that he was afraid that a dead ghost would knock on his door? If Liu Dong’s status wasn’t special, he really wouldn’t want to butt in.

As a result, the person in charge of the base didn’t even meet with Liu Dong, he just sent people to work in shifts. 

At night, Liu Dong was even more desperate. 

He didn’t lie, nor was he freaked out, he could clearly feel that every night someone stood by the bed and kept looking at him with cold eyes. 

He felt that his eyes were heavy. He desperately tried to open his eyes to see what they looked like, but no matter what he couldn’t open them.

Sometimes he could even feel a cold blade run across his neck, leaving goose bumps on his skin. 

That feeling was terrible. Many times, after he woke up, he would beg to not suffer from this kind of torture anymore. It would be a better idea to just end his own life, but he didn’t even have the courage. 

It was at this time that Liu Dong discovered that he had lived in vain all these years. The older one became, the more they were afraid of death. Even at this point, he still didn’t dare to pick up the knife to end his life. 

When he completely collapsed, he looked at himself in the mirror. His gray hair was messy, layers of wrinkles seemed to have appeared on his face, and because of the days without sleep, he began to have puffy dark circles. He could barely recognize himself. 

At this time, his thoughts had become dim, He could even hear countless people asking for his life. The seeds of hatred germinated in his body, constantly growing, and eating his internal organs bit by bit. 

As if enchanted, he walked up to the highest building and then jumped down.

It was late at night when Liu Dong died. Someone found out that he died in front of the building the next morning. Because the building was very tall, he had splattered into pieces beyond recognition. Only a wisp of smile from the corner of his mouth was left that made people shiver.

Shao Qing stood in the crowd and watched for a long time. She did not leave until the base sent someone to collect the corpse. This time, all the culprits have finally been laid down. She was finally relieved. 

Next, as long as Qin Zixi is sent home, it will be done. 

After returning to the place where they temporarily stayed, Shao Qing made Qin Zixi come over. A group of people were having a feast together. Qin Zixi was also preparing to leave. 

He didn’t leave all this time just to watch the mad person die. Now that Liu Dong was dead, he should go back. 

At the end of the meal, Shao Qing discussed with Qin Zixi: “I’ll take you back? It’s along the way anyways, we’ll head out tomorrow?”

Qin Zixi was a bit dazed. He nibbled on his biscuit like a little squirrel. There was even a bit of biscuit crumbs on the corner or his mouth. He then looked at Shao Qing and used his red little tongue to lick the corner of his lips. Then did he rush to respond: “I don’t want to trouble you. I can return myself.” He had already bothered Shao Qing a lot. 

“It’s along the way.” Shao Qing couldn’t help but touch his hair, and then said: “I actually need to go to Jing Du, so let’s just go together.” 

Qin Zixi was also unwilling to be separated from his little friend, so he hesitated a little and nodded. Although still expressionless, the speed of his cookie eating became much faster. Even the little hair on the top of his head seemed to rise up a little higher. 

Shao Qing had a smile in her eyes and rubbed his cheek: “You should try smiling more instead of being so serious every day.” 

Qin Zixi bulged his face and widened his eyes: “I’m not young anymore! This is called being imposing. My father does this so that his subordinates are afraid of him.” 

The group of people began to laugh and tease him: “So awesome, so majestic and imposing ……” 

Shao Qing touched his head again, “En, not young.” She didn’t have much expression, but her eyes were smiling.

Qin Zixi was still a little disheartened and mumbled to himself: “I am not young anymore, I will be eighteen in a few months…” 

When they first saw Qin Zixi, they thought he was an arrogant young master and his temper would not be so good. But, after a long time, they discovered that Qin Zixi was quite cute.

Shao Qing propped up her chin with one hand, watching her friends tease Qin Zixi, feeling much younger. 

Xiao Baozi on the other hand was on the sidelines, thinking carefully about the scene. It seems that Ma Ma likes Brother Xixi very much. Sister Panpan and the rest also like him a lot. Then allowing Brother Xiaoxi to become his family won’t face any objections right? 

Even if it was known that he did it, it does not matter! Mama loves him so much, she couldn’t punish him!

The next day, they were ready to leave. Just before leaving, Liu Dong’s body was being shipped out. 

In the apocalypse, cremation had become very important. This was because the corpse can easily become the food of some mutant animals, and it was safer to burn it. 

Moreover, it may cause diseases such as plague. As long as they are the right conditions, most of the corpses will be burned and then buried. 

Shao Qing and the others stayed at the door until Liu Dong’s body was lifted away, and then they continued on the road. Gu Panpan mumbled, “Today is really wretched!” 

Leaving at the same time as Liu Dong’s body, wasn’t that bad luck?

Shao Qing was far behind the funeral procession in front of them. When they reached a bifurcated junction, suddenly several zombies descended from the sky. Several thick tentacles rolled up Liu Dong’s body then under the cover of several zombies, they quickly escaped. 

The mourning team was taken aback. They have all encountered a lot of zombies’ sudden attacks and were also ambushed. Every time they lost some companions, but for the first time, the zombies came and did not attack, bite or kill. Instead, they just grabbed a body and ran away? 

What is this? 

Now those people really believed that there were indeed zombies who secretly followed Liu Dong, trying to retaliate. Didn’t you see that the people are dead, but they weren’t even willing to let the corpses go. How much hatred was there? 

After the group of experimenters made this move, Shao Qing’s suspicions were completely eluted, and no one would think of her anymore. After all, the ‘killer’ had already appeared. 

Shao Qing didn’t stay longer. She left with her friends. She walked on the other side of the fork. Shao Tong poked Shao Qing’s shoulder after about ten minutes of departing. 

The tacit understanding between the two was very high. After Shao Qing and Shao Tong looked at each other, she understood the meaning of Shao Tong. She stopped and said lightly: “Brothers who are secretly following, you do not have to hide. Why not come out and talk? Since you followed all this way, you must be tired?”

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