PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 6 I am a cruel person 

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After speaking, one person opened his mouth appearing to want to speak. However before he could say anything he saw the offender who was suspended in the air suddenly wrapped by a regiment of vines. 

Just using one second that regiment of vines acted like a meat grinder and while that person was still alive, it turned him into ground meat. The process was so quick that he couldn’t even let out a single sound. 

Fresh blood and minced meat splashed outwards. By coincidence, it splashed straight onto the face of the person who wanted to speak. Stunned, when he finally realized what happened he fell to the ground and start puking. 

Just as before, Shao Qing was expressionless as if the person who just murdered someone wasn’t her. Gently smiling she asked in a good natured manner: “Now that I’ve dealt with this problem, does anyone have anything they want to say.”

Everyone standing at the very front all got splashed and just like that person they all fell to the ground and began puking incessantly. Who would still have an opinion? Who would still dare to have an opinion?

Yan Ruru had a moment of hesitation. In the end however, she hardened her heart. She knew that even if they were to just punish him it would just ignite their rebellious nature. In contrast if they were to kill him as an example for others, this stench of blood would definitely subdue everyone. 

The person who died was her brother. But right when he decided to do this scandalous event, she was no longer his brother. 

Yan Ruru would feel sad however she wouldn’t bear any grudges towards Shao Qing. 

Retracting back her vines, Shao Qing looked at the people puking in a relaxed manner and the pile of minced meat: “Remember if you have an opinion, don’t forget to tell me. If you don’t speak how else would I know what you are thinking. Starting from now on, if you have any impure thoughts or intentions or want to do whatever nasty deed you best keep it in. When you guys return then you can vent but at this place you better behave. After all I don’t mind killing another few people.”

Everyone clearly saw the changes in Shao Qing’s gaze and fear was all they felt. With her strong abilities and brutal methods. From now on, there would never be anyone who dared to offend her. 

In a split second they were all clear about one thing. They could relax in front of Yan Ruru because with her code of brotherhood, she wouldn’t do much. Thus, they were spoiled. 

They could also relax in front of Yan Pingsheng because he was tolerant, his means of doing things was rather gentle so they weren’t afraid. 

However they cannot relax in front of Shao Qing. Shao Qing would not spoil any of them. In front of Shao Qing, they could only sincerely behave and do what they ought to do. 

The things that should not be done should be left undone. If there was a day they did it, the minced meat beneath her feet now would be their end. 

Yan Ruru was incapable of protecting them. Yan Pingsheng was also incapable of protecting them. Shao Qing wouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion or gaze. 

“Okay, since no one else has anything to say let’s end matters here. If you should be eating go eat. If you should be resting go rest. In a while we’ll be travelling soon.” Shao Qing flicked off the dust on her clothes while Xiang Ru took the initiative to clean up the mess. 

She was extremely grateful for Shao Qing. Perhaps Shao Qing was quite scary in the eyes of others like a demon. But in her eyes, Shao Qing was the best. Only Shao Qing was willing to stick out for them, a group of weak useless women. 

Shao Qing’s methods were ruthless and she could kill without blinking, yet why does this matter? All those men standing down there, they weren’t as merciless but what did they do? Saying words they don’t mean, saying words that they hadn’t processed, all this caused their wounds to reopen. 

It was only Shao Qing who would be willing to intimidate so many superhumans for them. In Shao Qing’s eyes, they were humans who also deserved to be treated with respect equally.

Shao Qing didn’t take pity on them or sympathize with them. She just treated them like a regular person, which in turn made the women feel more at ease.

The other three women also weren’t willing to return to Yan Ruru’s side. It was only after Xiang Ru’s persuasion did they go. After all since Yan Ruru’s side had experienced such a thing, now none of them would dare to harass them. If all the women were over on Shao Qing’s side, the pressure on Shao Qing’s side will be a lot greater.

The crowd did depart as was told, yet no one had any appetite. Who would still want to eat food after seeing a person who was just alive be turned into minced meat. That would be messed up.

The younger women from Yan Ruru and Yan Pingsheng’s team all came forward to help Xiang Ru clean up the mess on the ground and buried it.

After cleaning up, they hastily ate a bit of food and got ready to depart.

From Shao Qing’s appearance, you couldn’t tell anything changed. Yet Yan Hanqing knew that she was mentally tired so he took the initiative to take over driving.

From time to time, he would look at the rear-view mirror to take a look. Shao Qing had her eyes closed to rest, the exhaustion evident.

Looking numerous times back at her, it would be strange if Shao Qing didn’t notice. Without opening her eyes she asked: “Hanqing, do you think I’m too cruel?”

Yan Hanqing shook his head. Shao Qing’s methods were definitely merciless, but he didn’t think what she did was wrong; he actually didn’t think it was extreme at all. If he were to handle things he would also choose to kill the man. Although, he might have chosen a tidier means of doing it.

However the end result would be the same.

After shaking his head, did Yan Hanqing realize that Shao Qing had her eyes closed so she was unable to see his movement. So, he opened his mouth to say: “Scums deserve to die.”

Originally in a bad mood, Shao Qing suddenly began laughing and lightly smiled: “You can’t even say more than 4 words?”

“Don’t be upset. If it was me, I would also kill him.” Yan Hanqing thought about it and replied seriously. Finally he added on “Not consoling you.”

“I know.” Shao Qing knew the way she handled things were rough and extreme so much that it was a bit abnormal. But, it’s not that she didn’t want to change.

In her eyes, there were three types of men that were unforgivable. The first were men who would conduct savage acts against women, the second were the ones would play with women’s feelings, and the third were ones who would engage in domestic violence against women.

Unfortunately, this person didn’t just fall into the first category but even during these circumstances to these women who have suffered traumatic incidents to their mind and bodies, he was still willing to do this kind of stuff. She really couldn’t stand it. 

Actually she had already strongly pressed down her anger and only made those cynical remarks, otherwise today wouldn’t have been finished that easily.

“I feel like I understand a lot of things now. For example in the apocalypse, strength is the most important thing. If you do not have strength then you can only be bullied by others. If you have strength, then you would be able to protect your loved ones.” Shao Qing yawned, feeling a lot better: “Look at me. I feel that today I took a stand for justice, but a lot of people just thought I was cruel. However, even if my methods were even more savage, no one would dared to say anything because I have strength.”

“Sleepy? If you’re sleepy, then sleep. There shouldn’t be any incidents. If there is anything, I’ll wake you.” Yan Hanqing was silent for a while then spoke. He learned from experience how brutal the apocalypse could be first hand, so he couldn’t help but acknowledge the truth in what Shao Qing had spoken.

Shao Qing nodded her head and hugged Xiao Baozi. Then using Er Dai’s thighs as a pillow she began to fall asleep. She actually wasn’t that sleepy, she just felt a bit tired.

Once she began sleeping, Shao Qing didn’t wake up until dark, not even waking up in the middle for lunch. Yan Hanqing and the rest knew that Shao Qing didn’t need to eat so they didn’t wake her. Thus Shao Qing woke up naturally during the evening. 

Luckily Er Dai wasn’t a human. Otherwise his legs would be completely numb so much that it would be useless. 

When Shao Qing got up, everyone else was in the midst of setting up their tents. When some people saw Shao Qing they couldn’t help but hide. It was because this morning Shao Qing had left too great of a shadow. 

Shao Qing didn’t mind. Pulling Xiao Baozi and Er Dai along, she made a circle and returned back to their tent vicinity. Xiang Ru was in the middle of helping Yan Hanqing connect the tents. Yan Hanqing was very familiar with setting up the tents, so Xiang Ru helped but in fact she just passed him a few items. 

Once the tents were set up then they began cooking up dinner. Shao Qing smacked her lips suddenly feeling the need to eat something. Although she didn’t need to consume anything and her taste weakened by a huge margin, she was still a regular person. 

As a person she still needed to have a meal even if that meant absorbing crystals. Sometimes she would even have false illusions of hunger. 

Therefore the majority of the time even if it were for camouflage, Shao Qing would still eat a little bit: “Er Dai, let’s go hunting.”

Nearby there was a mountain although small and it would definitely have some wild creatures. Full of expectations, Shao Qing excitedly brought Er Dai and Gu Chuan to go hunting. 

Gu Chuan and her powers were very suitable for hunting. One uses vines while the other uses ice then Er Dai was in charge of collecting the prey. In an instant, they were able to catch a few wild rabbits and ducks. They even caught a variation rabbit who had red eyes, white pelt, and a pair of incisors who could run really fast.

Once they returned with the prey, the overwhelming majority was taken away by Gu Chuan. After slaughtering it, flaying it, and cleaning it; they were used for cooking. 

Only that bucktooth rabbit that had grown a pair of extremely long ears was able to escape. He was taken by Xiao Baozi to play with. 

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