PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 1

Volume 2 Chapter 7 The Cute Item brought back

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Gu Panpan looked at Xiao Baozi holding the rabbit by the ears and wobbling about. She immediately felt bad for the poor rabbit. However this rabbit was rather smart. Knowing that its life hung in the hands of Shao Qing and them, even if it was swung around, it was especially well behaved. 

Shao Qing was originally planning to remove its teeth, cut its nails, and give it to Xiao Baozi to raise. If it made any movements she might just eat it directly, then later she would find a more obedient animal. 

She had never thought that this rabbit would be so intelligent. Seeing it behave so well Shao Qing decided to let it off. 

“Okay, bring your rabbit baby over here.” Shao Qing waved her hand: “It’s time for dinner. What do you want to eat? Rabbit leg or chicken leg?”

Xiao Baozi strided over carrying the rabbit along: “Mama, it isn’t called baby rabbit. It’s called Yaya*……”

* = teeth teeth

“Okay, Yaya.” Shao Qing looked at the rabbit with it’s rather long front teeth. Her son’s naming style was exactly like hers.

“I want chicken leg. Yaya what do you want? Chicken or rabbit?” Xiao Baozi blinked his eyes, seriously asking the rabbit within his hand.

The rabbit’s tears were about to come falling down. He didn’t want chicken leg or rabbit leg, he just wanted radish…..

It wanted radish! Not meat! And definitely not rabbit leg!

However seeing Xiao Baozi’s adorable way of questioning, Shao Qing who was at the side surveying seemed to be considering to flay its skin. Noticing this it immediately lied down pretending to be dead, afterwards it miserably reached out to point at the chicken leg.

No matter what it couldn’t eat it’s own species right?

Shao Qing passed two chicken legs over to Xiao Baozi. Holding one leg, Xiao Baozi looked over at the rabbit worried. If he were to release his hand he was scared that the rabbit might run away but if he didn’t let go he had no way to pass the other piece to the rabbit.

Shao Qing calmly extended a rattan over. To make it look more appealing, she allowed the rattan to grow a few white flowers. Afterwards, the rattan wound itself around the rabbit’s neck as if it was a collar. The other end went to Xiao Baozi’s wrist. Xiao Baozi immediately became delighted and happily let go. Then using his other hand he started to feed the rabbit.

The rabbit named Yaya gave up all hope as it laid on its belly. Allowing Xiao Baozi to stuff the chicken leg into its mouth, it’s razor sharp incisors easily bit apart the chicken meat and bone. Then it swallowed it down.

At the start, the rabbit rejected it because it was a vegetarian. It’s favourite thing to eat were cabbage, radish and it could force itself to accept Bok Choy. But what is a chicken leg. It definitely doesn’t belong in that category.

It was only when he was forced to eat the chicken leg did he realize that there was actually something in this entire world that radish can’t even compare to.

As a result, the rabbit basically swallowed down the two chicken legs, one chicken wing, and a few pieces of chicken butt. Afterwards, fully content it rolled about on the ground.

Naturally wanting to gain attention and love already made it not a typical rabbit. If a regular rabbit was to eat that much meat they probably would have been puking or having diarrhea, hanging on with half a life. 

Yet this variation rabbit had evolved in various ways. However because of its origin, it was fate for it not to be able to fight against those bigger variations. Eating meat is just a small case now. 

After feeding the rabbit, Xiao Baozi felt content. Dragging along the plump rabbit that was propped up on its belly, he began to run around. The rabbit who just felt that life was so blissful was now being dragged everywhere, nearly having its front tooth taken out. 

After Xiao Baozi had taken the rabbit for a stroll, that rabbit had already lost quite a bit of fur. Looking so pitiful even Shao Qing felt bad for it. 

When it was time to sleep, Xiao Baozi cold heartedly abandoned Shao Qing and insisted on hugging the rabbit while he slept. Afraid that Xiao Baozi might be bitten by the rabbit, she could only watch over them. 

When Xiao Baozi was deep in slumber, Shao Qing took out the rabbit within Xiao Baozis arms. Afterwards she took the lowest rank crystal she had and fed it to the rabbit. 

The rabbit was originally still in a daze when it suddenly felt something slide down its throat. Then its body exploded with power. In a moment it’s tiny body expanded into a plump ball shape. 

Following that new soft fur grew out and its front teeth got even sharper. The rabbit started jumping up and down on the spot making itself look rather dumb. 

Shao Qing patted its head and quietly whispered in a gentle tone: “Obediently stay by my son’s side. In the future I will let you continuously increase in rank. If you dare try to escape or allow my son to be hurt, I will turn you into a roasted rabbit.”

The rabbit was unable to understand human speech but that didn’t seem to hinder its ability to understand Shao Qing’s meaning. At once it became frightened and rolled onto its back to reveal its white soft belly expressing its acknowledgement to comply. 

Shao Qing gently patted its belly. If it wasn’t necessary she wouldn’t want to remove the rabbits teeth or clip off its nails. As long as the rabbit was well behaved, she would also give it some benefits. 

 What else could she do? She didn’t ask for her son to like it.

In fact, if it was raised well perhaps the small rabbit could protect her son. Then it would be killing two birds with one stone. 

The rabbit wasn’t stupid. Other variation animals all had their bodies strengthened: stronger claws or teeth, increased speed, or even increased strength but this rabbit was slightly different because its biggest change was its brain. 

Just like an online game, he used all his points on wisdom. 

Therefore this weak as chicken rabbit was probably smarter than all the rabbits around. This smart rabbit quickly understood Shao Qing’s line of thought and in fact was willing to endure the hardship. 

Within variation animals he belonged to the weakest category. It could be said that he was on he bottom of the food chain. So any animal that ate meat could probably devour him in one bite. So why not have Shao Qing raise it? That was safer and it could raise its strength. 

If Xiao Baozi could treat it more gently then that would be even better.

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