PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 9 Formulating a plan 

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Yan Pingsheng was extremely ashamed. This was because he knew what Shao Qing said had really happened. Seeing his expression, Shao Qing said: “I’ll get Er Dai to send you out. You go find help. I’ll go take a look at where they are and see if I can delay them for a bit. 

Yan Pingsheng already felt so ashamed, how could he let Shao Qing face danger. He shook his head quickly: “Let’s go find help together. You definitely cannot go back alone.”

Yan Pingsheng gritted his teeth and held onto Shao Qing: “I do not want any danger to fall onto Meng Shen and the rest, but you are also my friend. I don’t want to send you to your death!”

“Tell me where they are. If you don’t speak quickly they really might…..” Shao Qing was determined, while Yan Pingsheng was close to collapsing. Sitting blankly for a second, he lowered his head and pointed towards a direction: “There’s a hospital over there…. it’s really tall…..”

Shao Qing nodded her head and called Er Dai over: “Er Dai, you send him out first. Just send him to where Hanqing is will be fine.”

Er Dai widened his eyes and slowly took a step back trying to show her that he didn’t want to leave her side. 

Yan Pingsheng had already felt ashamed but seeing this situation he immediately spoke up: “I can go by myself.”

“Will you be able to find the place?” Shao Qing gave him a look and he hurriedly replied: “I won’t go back out of the city. I want to pass through this area to get help. If it’s just me as a target this small, I should be fine.”

With no other means, she just allowed Er Dai to squeeze out a drop of blood to smear it on Yan Pingsheng’s body. A zombie and a dead corpse didn’t have much difference. The blood within its body had basically stopped circulating and was quite sparse. A zombie’s blood contained a strong smell that only zombies can detect.

By using Er Dai’s blood as a ‘marker’ on Yan Pingsheng, the average zombie wouldn’t attack him while a higher ranked zombie would think twice before acting. This would make him a lot safer.

After doing all this, Shao Qing didn’t avoid the topic; thus, Yan Pingsheng immediately realized what was going on. Stupefied, he pointed at Er Dai and didn’t say anything.

Shao Qing clenched his finger and lightly said: “Everything you just saw earlier, forget about it. I am treating you as a friend and do not wish for this to be spread to anyone’s ears. If anyone finds out he is different, I will make sure to murder every single last person who knows.”

Yan Pingsheng did not get angry from being threatened. Her revealing this to him demonstrated that she had a lot of trust in him. 

Further, Yan Pingsheng understood another thing. Shao Qing will definitely stand by her promises. If someone really did find out about Er Dai being a zombie, Shao Qing will murder everyone who knows about it.

“Don’t worry. I’m not someone who would bite the hands of the person that feeds them.” Yan Pingsheng took a deep breath. Inevitably, he felt a bit uncomfortable. Thinking back to the fact that he had spent so much time with a zombie, he was admiring himself and of course admiring Shao Qing.

Moreover, Yan Pingsheng was starting to create stories in his head. For example since the apocalypse, Shao Qing had lost her husband and Er Dai who was protecting her on the road had suddenly gotten bit by a zombie.

Her lover has passed away and Shao Qing wasn’t willing to lose another loved one. As a result, she secretly took the Er Dai who changed into a zombie and brought him up.

Then she was probably extremely grateful to god for allowing Er Dai to not lose his rationality….

Before he could finish making up his scenarios, he was thrown into the car. Bringing Er Dai along, they rushed towards where Meng Shen was trapped.

The place where they were trapped was very obvious. This was because it was surrounded by a lot of zombies. The entire hospital was surrounded. Luckily both Shao Qing and Er Dai weren’t normal people and easily blended in.

Within the hospital there were even more zombies pacing back and forth. Meng Shen and them must be trapped on the top floor. Bringing Er Dai along, Shao Qing sneaked towards the top. 

After reaching the top floor, Er Dai climbed onto the ceiling. Shao Qing gradually vanished into the shadow in the corner secretly observing. 

Meng Shen was on the top floor balcony. Having to pass through the fans to reach the top floor, if the zombies dared to risk it, they would be hit with shattering superpowers. That is the reason why the zombies below still have not attacked yet.

This explains all the zombies hanging outside like spiderman, risking their life climbing up. So it turns out that Meng Shen and the rest are all there.

From Shao Qing’s perspective, she couldn’t see Meng Shen’s circumstance at all. Thinking about it, Shao Qing told Er Dai not to act blindly, then she passed through a window of the building.

Meng Sheng was resting against the wall. His handsome face had a cut that a zombie’s sharp claws had left behind. Until now it was still dripping with blood with the flesh turned outwards, it looked dreadful.

However he already lost his strength to treat his wounds. His limbs weakened, he simply sat there. It was during his rest, when a vine suddenly wound around the banister by his side.

Meng Shen’s first thought was that it was a zombie climbing in. But immediately realised that the vine looked incredibly familiar. Widening his eyes, he couldn’t help but extend his hand to touch the vine. The dimwitted Meng Shen was then stabbed by the thorns causing him to be….. Poisoned.

When Shao Qing climbed in she saw Meng Shen pitifully suffering, letting out moans of pain. Rushing forward, she discovered that Meng Shen was poisoned by her.

Shao Qing: ……..

After giving him the cure, she supported him up. “Why did you come?” Meng Shen gasped for air then asked her in disbelief. 

“Didn’t I say that I’ll come back and find you guys?” Shao Qing looked around. They originally had thirty to forty people but now there were only around ten people. In fact, every single one of them were injured. Yan Ruru was doing a bit better than Meng Shen. Moving towards them she let out a sigh: “Are you brainless? Why did you come back? To throw away your life?” Her eyes turned red as she spoke.

Her and Shao Qing’s relationship could only be described as not bad. Before because of Shao Qing’s methods, she had a bit of a complaint. But at this moment, her heart was completely moved and uncomfortable.

Isn’t her coming back no different than throwing her life away?

“When I was headed over here, I already ran into Yan Pingsheng. He is already going to get help. As long as we can delay for a bit, then help will come. Everything will be fine.” Shao Qing gently said.

There was a wave of silence. Everyone knew if they were to wait for Yan Pingsheng to go find help and bring them back, they might have died already.

After a while, Meng Shen asked: “He’s fine?”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “A bit injured, but he’ll live.”

Meng Shen pursed his lips and faced Shao Qing: “I don’t know what you used to avoid those zombies to come here, but you should take that route and go back. We were the ones who were originally burdening you….”

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