PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 9 Formulating a plan 

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Shao Qing wanted to give him a slap on the face but abandoned that idea. Sitting on the ground, she spoke in a light-hearted manner: “Did you fight with a zombie and get your brains knocked out? Why else would you be saying things you didn’t think properly about first?”

Meng Shen wanted to retort, his eyes opening wide, but after a while he just lowered his head in a dejected manner: “I told you to leave. From the beginning, I approached you with bad intentions. Yan Pingsheng also. We really don’t deserve for you to be like this….”

Shao Qing made an ‘oh’ sound. “I know. But the reason I came back wasn’t because of that. It is because I’ve accepted this mission and have the responsibility to ensure your safety. Just this and nothing more. Don’t think too much about it.”

With the way Shao Qing put it, Meng Shen looked at her, moved.”Ah Qing, you don’t have to say it that way. I know even though you act cold, you are extremely true and loyal to the ones who treat you well. If we are able to get out of here alive, I want to become your close friend.”

Who wants that…… Shao Qing rolled her eyes feeling completely helpless. Nowadays, people are so strange. I’m literally telling him the truth and he just won’t believe it. 

Since Shao Qing had arrived to the top floorp, those people all lowered their heads in shame unable to face Shao Qing. This is because Shao Qing had once proposed having them retreat yet because of their greed they wanted to increase their pace to get through the city. In the end this caused them to bring disaster upon themselves. 

Thirty to forty brothers, more than half were dead. While the rest were struggling at death’s door. Hiding on the top floorp, they had no idea if they would be dead or alive in the next second. 

Yet a portion of them were still blaming her. If you knew that there was danger, why didn’t you say a few extra words to persuade us? If you tried a little harder then we would have retreated and we wouldn’t have this many deaths. 

Why didn’t you mention the reason? Why didn’t you tell us that there was this kind of danger ahead? Why did you bring your own squad back but not us?

Those people are shameless and inferior. There is always those kind of people who would always push the blame on others. 

In this desperate environment, it would cause a lot of people to become crazy. One man who wasn’t too tall couldn’t help shout out: “If you have a plan to take us out then take us out! Is it because we offended you the last time so now you’re….. if…..if you had tried harder to persuade us last time then we all would have retreated!”

Once he spoke, Meng Shen’s face darkened. The crucial point was that there were actually people who agreed with him. He was so mad he could burst. He badly wanted to just throw that man off the top floor to let him know what kind of danger Shao Qing had to face to come here. 

How could he have the nerve to say that?

More and more people gradually began to think that way. Yes, why didn’t Shao Qing tell them that there was going to be this kind of danger ahead? If she had mentioned that, then they definitely would have returned!

Everyone decided to selectively ignore the fact that they were the ones who instigated everyone to increase their pace to get through the city. They also selectively ignored Yan Pingsheng who had clearly mentioned that Shao Qing had a bad premonition thus wanted to retreat. 

Even if Shao Qing knew the danger ahead and told them, would they have even trusted her?

Ignoring that part, in their desperate straits, their hearts were filled with negativity. So they decided to take all of that energy and vent it on Shao Qing. 

Shao Qing’s gaze became cold and incomparably deep. It was finally at that moment that she made a decision. As long as she brought Meng Shen, Yan Ruru, and Yan Pingsheng back safely then she has successfully completed the mission right?

As for the other people….. why does it concern her?

That’s why dealing with these people who are going to become corpses, Shao Qing didn’t get angry. Being angry at a dead person would just be stupid. 

Shao Qing wouldn’t lower herself to their level andon the contrary she would fan the flame. More and more people began to grumble and the entire top floor was soon filled with voices of complaints.

Looking through the protective fence, she saw that quite a few zombies had already started climbing up. There were also some zombies who had climbed up half the distance to fall and have their muscles and bones shattered. But, even more zombies continued to slowly make their way up.

“Be Quiet! At this time you guys are still behaving like this? Look at your conscience and ask yourselves, who is really in the wrong here!” Meng Shen stood up and coldly spoke.

In a second they were unable to speak. Some reflected upon themselves and felt shame while some recalled Shao Qing’s fighting strength.

“I don’t think the top floor will last.” Complete silence, Shao Qing pointed downwards. Looking down, everyone discovered that right outside the window hung a large amount of zombies.

Right outside were a bunch of evolved zombies. Their speed and jumping ability were incredible. They could easily jump the height of a one story building and then climb to the theft protected window. 

Just like this they came up floor by floor. Luckily they were still a bit dumb and didn’t go through the top floor window to access the balcony. Instead they would only climb up each story from outside, so that still gave them some time. 

“We can just keep beating them down.” One superhuman suggested. 

“And then what? A group will guard the balcony entrance and another will guard the edge? Then after you guys have used up all your powers, you’ll just wait to be surrounded.” Shao Qing coldly laughed. 

“Then what’s your plan!?” A superhuman grudgingly yelled. 

Shao Qing didn’t mind and just replied: “I do have a plan. But it can’t guarantee everyone surviving. It’s very dangerous. You guys will have to decide.”

Meng Shen nodded: “Say it, I’ll follow you.”

Yan Ruru also expressed her opinion: “That’s right. Even if it’s a bit more dangerous, it’s still better than waiting to die here.”

“My comrade will be coming. In a bit, I will have him cause a distraction and lure the attention of the majority of the zombies. Once that is happening we will tidy up the rest of the zombies hanging on the outside of the building. Then using my vines, we’ll leave from the top floor.” Shao Qing: “This plan is very dangerous, so whether or not you want to execute it depends on you.”

At once, Meng Shen nodded his head: “I’m with you.”

Yan Ruru also immediately supported her: “I’m also coming with you. But, won’t this be a bit too dangerous for your comrade?”

Those that were still arguing it was too dangerous and were suggesting that they should just wait at the top floor for help didn’t say anything.

Shao Qing placated Yan Ruru: “Don’t worry. He has a unique power. When the time comes, he should be able to leave safely.”

“Then that’s fine.” Yan Ruru’s brows wrinkled together: “You just make sure to tell him to be careful. That zombie king has been hiding in that zombie hoard. Even when it was chasing after to kill us, it didn’t emerge; very sinister.”

Shao Qing nodded her head and asked: “So are there any willing to leave?”

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