PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 57

Volume 3 Chapter 57 Without Regret 

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After Xiao An was settled, Shao Qing was about to leave. She didn’t even ask more about Fu Jinling’s end because she knew that Tang Tiande would treat her properly. 

She didn’t ask, but Tang Tiande would tell her because this was the best opportunity to claim credit. 

“Nowadays, ordinary men can hardly find wives. They don’t even have enough to eat themselves, so naturally they can’t afford lust. I think that Fu Jinling is quite good, so I gave her to those men. I promised that everyday, there are at least fifty men patronizing her. There is absolutely no time to be idle.” Tang Tiande said with an awe expression of “Oh, I’m such a good person”, then said: “In order to prevent her from hurting herself because she is too grateful and excited, I broke her arms and legs, knocked out the teeth in her mouth, and chained her to the bed, so she could enjoy it thoroughly.” 

Mulin couldn’t help shivering, she raised her fingers to “praise” Tang Tiande: “Awesome.” 

Shao Qing didn’t have the slightest fluctuation in her heart. She just stretched out her hand and touched Tang Tiande’s head to encourage him: “Very good. It’s almost done here, so we’re going back. There’s still a piece of land that has not been opened, so I need to go back to work.” 

Tang Tiande: … 

Shao Qing took Mulin to Jiangcheng, to allow her to get acquainted with the place first. This was Shao Qing’s base camp. No matter how turbulent outside, it would not spread here. 

“I left a special aura on you. All the zombies here will not attack you. You can come and go freely.” Shao Qing took Mulin and wandered around to places such as her planting base. Another example was her secret base.

In fact, that was the small vegetable garden behind the house. There was nothing special to it, just a small vegetable field covered with that special red soil. There was a heart-like mutated plant, and some other mutations with great lethality planted in it. Plants to prevent someone from coming to steal her baby. 

After seeing the entire Jiangcheng, Shao Qing said to Mulin: “It is safe here, but there are no people. Apart from me, there are only a few of my friends. It is inevitable that you will be lonely. If you can’t stand it, just go to Hope Survivor Base, or a nearby base. You can always come and see me if you miss me.” 

Mulin snorted coldly, “Do you have a new love and don’t want your old love? Yes, three handsome guys accompany you so you don’t need me anymore. I don’t look pleasing to the eye, so you want to drive me away.” 

Shao Qing looked helpless: “How can this be the case? Go and see the room I prepared for you.” 

Shao Qing prepared a room for her a long time ago. Not long after she came to Jiangcheng, she always believed that she could find Mulin and knew that Mulin was willing to stay with her, so early on she had cleaned up a room as Mulin’s residence. 

The pink sheets, pink curtains, and even the carpets on the ground are pink, which looked very cute. 

Mulin, who was a young girl at heart, pounced on the bed and started rolling around. 

There was also a pink bear on the bed. Since she was at the orphanage, she had a dream of having her own princess room one day, filled with things she likes. 

Clean, unmended bed sheets and quilts, fluffy blankets on the ground, so that people can roll around without getting hurt or dirty. 

It’s best to have a big closet, full of clothes, all hers, so she can wear what she wants. Wear one then throw it out. 

Now it was all reality.

Mullin hugged the bear and rolled from top to bottom like a child. 

Both of them were abandoned. She had a bad heart and her family was probably poor. She was a girl, so they were unwilling to spend a lot of money on medical treatment, thus they abandoned her. 

Fortunately, her parents still had some conscience and threw her at the door of an orphanage instead of on the street or in the wilderness. 

Shao Qing was even more pitiful. She was picked up by an old scavenging grandma. When she was picked up, Shao Qing was lying in the trash can. It was winter and she was wrapped in a thin layer of swaddling, her face frozen purple. 

The grandmother liked children very much, but unfortunately she couldn’t afford to raise them, so she had to be sent to the orphanage. 

In the past few years, the old lady would often go to the orphanage to see Shao Qing. She died when Shao Qing was four years old. 

There was no second person in this world who cared about Shao Qing. 

Shao Qing and Mulin depended on each other. 

The two of them were not related by blood, were not relatives, but they were closer than relatives. 

“Ah Qing, your dreams and my dreams have all come true. It’s great.” Mulin hugged the bear and panted on the ground. She rolled over, pressed the bear under her body, and said: “We don’t need to go out, we’ll just stay in Jiangcheng. Self-sufficiency is also good.” 

Shao Qing smiled and didn’t reply. She just touched her head. How could they not go out and completely cut off contact with the whole world? That’s not a good thing. 

Just talking and laughing is fine.

Even if they can, what about the kids?

Speaking of this, Shao Qing was very worried. Since the end of the world, no newborn has been born. To be precise, there were no pregnant women after the end of the world. If this is the true end of the world, then humanity is really late. 

Then it would really be the real end of the world. 

After leaving the space to Mulin for the time being and letting her get acquainted with her room, Shao Qing went out. 

She stood at the door and took a deep breath, feeling that the knot in her heart had been completely untied. 

Her revenge has been avenged, relatives have been found, and her lovers are with her. Life was almost complete. If her life was a book, she could now draw a successful conclusion. 

“Qing Jiejie!” Gu Panpan came back from outside with Shao Tong by her side. Gu Panpan was extraordinarily lively and happy today: “Jie, are you back from the new survivor base?”

“En…” Shao Qing touched Gu Panpan, and then said: “Where did you go?” 

“I was so bored at home, so I left my brother to take care of the house and went out to play with Tongtong. Qing Jiejie, take a look, what is this?” She gave Shao Qing something. 

Shao Qing saw that it was a crystal nucleus, at least rank six, and was stunned: “Where did this come from?” 

“I killed it!” Gu Panpan was smug. 

On one side, Shao Tong nodded hesitantly. 

“You are only at rank five right now, how can you kill rank six zombies?” Shao Qing knocked on Gu Panpan’s head, then said: “Be honest, where did you get it from.” 

“I really killed it!” Gu Panpan muttered in a low voice: “Today we went out to play, and we met some other people. We killed them together, but I did the most. Tongtong and I felt that Jie will definitely need a high rank crystal now, so I only took this crystal. We didn’t want anything else.”

Shao Qing was moved, but still said: “I’m at rank 7. For me, the effect of rank 6 crystals is actually not that great. Keep it for yourself. You guys are close to the fifth rank peak right? Soon you will need a sixth-rank crystal to break through.” 

Gu Panpan was a little dumbfounded: “Jie, are you at the seventh rank?” 

“I just broke through, I forgot to tell you.” Shao Qing calculated that the group in her family had stayed at rank 5 for a long time. They were probably not far from breakthrough. 

When making a breakthrough, if you can have a rank six crystal in your hand, the possibility of a breakthrough will greatly increase. 

It seems that she needs to find a way to get some rank 6 crystals. 

At least let her little friend have one at hand, so she can be rest assured. 

Gu Panpan was a little disappointed. Shao Qing has always protected them. If there are any good things,she would always give it to them so she also wanted to help Shao Qing once. 

But no matter what she couldn’t catch up with Shao Qing, let alone protect Shao Qing. 

“I’m very happy.” Shao Qing smiled lightly. Her dedication wasn’t given for nothing. Whether it was Gu Panpan or Shao Tong, the people she cared about gave her enough love and concern. 

Except for these people in this world, no one else would give her a rank 6 crystal. 

She treated them as little sisters and they still remembered her when they got the good things. With things this precious, many people would not be willing to share it.

Yet, when they brought the object over, all their eyes were concerned about her. They sincerely hoped that she would accept it and hope that this crystal core would be useful to her.

With these little friends, what more can she want? 

She was already satisfied. 

“Go in and rest.” Shao Qing whispered: “By the way, I met my friend. I brought her with us. She will be one of us in the future. Her name is Mulin, my sister. We both grew up in the orphanage together. We’re not close like sisters, but even closer than that. I hope you can get along with her.” 

Shao Qing touched Gu Panpan’s head, then touched Shao Tong’s head. Everyone nodded. 

Especially Gu Panpan, she slapped her chest, “Don’t worry, Qing Jiejie, your sister is my sister. I will definitely treat her well!” 

Shao Qing was amused: “I’ll go to the garden to get some fruits and vegetables. I will make some good food for you in the evening. You can go first, don’t bully Mulin.” 

“Don’t worry, Jiejie.” Gu Panpan was very happy. She was curious about what Shao Qing’s good sister looked like. She pulled Shao Tong along as if she was installed to her.

Shao Qing shook her head helplessly and smiled, then went to the vegetable garden. She was going to go out in a few days to catch some living mutant animals and keep them in captivity. After all, life with only vegetables and no meat is also difficult. 

Poultry and livestock have also been domesticated step by step from wild beasts. There was no reason why mutant animals cannot be domesticated. 

When the time comes to open a livestock farm, it will be complete, there would be nothing missing. 

Shao Qing returned with a lot of vegetables and fruits. When she arrived at the door where she had chatted with Gu Panpan and Shao Tong, she found a lighter lying on the ground. 

It was a kind of zp and it looked like a male model. Shao Qing thought it belonged to a man in the family, so she picked it up and prepared to return it to them later.

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