PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 58

Volume 3 Chapter 58 Old Lady Attribute

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When eating, Shao Qing forgot about the lighter. It was only when the meal was over, when the husbands at home began to clean up the table that she remembered. She took out the lighter, and then asked: “Whose lighter is this? I found it at the door, come and claim it.” 

Several men shook their heads after looking at each other. They all said that this lighter was not theirs. 

Gu Panpan, who laid on the sofa after eating, suddenly jumped up. She blushed a little and said: “It’s mine!” 

Shao Qing didn’t think much, but when she threw the lighter to her, she asked: “Where did you find it? Are there similar styles? It’s pretty good-looking. If there are some, I’d like to get some back for Hanqing and the rest.” 

Gu Panpan’s cheeks were slightly red, then she said: “Someone else gave it to me, so I don’t know…” 

Shao Qing became curious: “Looking at the style, was it given to you by a boy?” 

Gu Panpan hesitated, her cheeks getting redder: “Qing Jiejie, don’t ask. This is so embarrassing…” 

“Xiao Panpan also knows how to be shy?” Shao Qing chuckled, “Yes, it’s the right time to fall in love. If you really like him, bring him back to show us. I will never be a bad guy who tries to break up a good pair.”

“Qing Jiejie, you’re too much…” Gu Panpan covered her face and ran upstairs. Shao Qing lazily leaned on the sofa, holding Er Dai then sighed: “It’s great to be young, I feel that my mentality is too old…” 

She couldn’t help but sneer, then said: “Mulin, when are you going to find one to show me, so I can be rest assured.”

Mulin kept rolling her eyes: “At this age, 9 out of ten men are perverted and out of ten, 7 of them are scum. While the rest are either lacking in lust, or incapable. I’m not interested…” 

Shao Qing hugged her left and right and Yan Hanqing came over with the cut up fruit. Life was good: “Looking at you and your sharp mouth. No matter what there will always be some good men. For example, look at the ones around me. You will still meet the ones that you need to meet.” 

Mulin leaned in and grabbed a piece of orange, then slowly said: “Among the men I have seen in my life, there were not a lot of good ones. Finally the few good ones I do meet, either already have a master, or have died. Forget it, I am destined to have no company, but it’s fine with you by me.” 

Shao Qing sneered: “Your mentality is not much different from that of an old lady. I will take you out someday. If one place isn’t enough, we will go to a few more places. We will go until you find a few you like. It’s okay to bring a few back.” 

Mulin laid on the sofa, stretched her head and waited for food. Her voice could not conceal the cold: “What’s the use for men? The only way they are better than a cucumber is that you don’t have to move it by yourself.” 

Shao Qing didn’t try to persuade her, but was determined to take her out for a walk. Once she met the right person, she would not say that. 

This opportunity to go out came quickly. Jiangcheng’s plantation base was very large, and the number of vegetables and fruits that were being grown was huge. There were only a few living people in Jiangcheng, so they couldn’t eat it all. 

Fruits and vegetables can’t be kept long, they will surely go bad if they stand for a long time, so Shao Qing pondered and decided to sell the ones that could not be eaten.

So she contacted Qin Zixi. If she sold it to Jing Du, they might be worried that Shao Qing might get some corpse poison in the dish, but she wouldn’t have to worry about selling it to Qin Zixi. 

The Qin family had a lot of troops, so they could consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables. Tang Tiande has already contacted her in advance for the other portion. Since Hope survivor base has just been established, there will be some food shortages. 

Fresh vegetables and fruits were especially scarce. 

The Tang family’s father and son duo trusted Shao Qing a lot. Of course, a large part of this trust was because these fruits and vegetables were grown by Tang Tiande. 

Tang Yaozu no longer believed in others, but he can’t help but believe in his son. 

Shao Qing traded a lot of fruits and vegetables for a lot of crystal nuclei. The prices she sold to both of them were very low. It was no longer just a friendly price, it was almost like a clearance sale. 

After all, she wasn’t selling it as a full-time job. It was just that she was too excited at the time and planted a lot, so now she couldn’t finish it and needed to sell it. 

The price was similar to half off. 

Shao Qing hoarded the low-level crystal nuclei and gave it to Yin Ye. The high-level crystal nucleus was distributed to her friends . Everyone was striving to have a pack of high-level crystal nuclei. In case something happens, they can use it on the spot.

There was a house in Shao Qing’s residence. It was like a warehouse, filled with crystal nuclei, ranging from rank one to rank five. 

Basically, whoever needs to take it directly goes to the room to take it. 

If there was not enough in the room, one could tell Shao Qing and Shao Qing would go hunting outside for more. 

She has always been like this. Cold as winter to the enemy, but good to her own people. This is why so many people are willing to go against the whole world for her. 

Like Gu Panpan, they were willing to stay away from normal human society and live in this city full of zombies for her. 

There were too many vegetables and fruits to be transported to the two survivor bases, so Shao Qing was ready to go out in person. 

Yan Hanqing took Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan with Tang Tiande, to Hope survivor base to deliver the goods, while Shao Qing took Er Dai, Yan Qiyue, and Mulin to Jing Du. 

They left Shao Tong to look after the children. 

The compartments of the three off-road vehicles were filled to the brim. In order to prevent the food from spoiling prematurely, Gu Chuan had iced all the vegetables and fruits. That way they would not be harmed due to the freezing. 

It was like a natural refrigerator. In a short period of time, the ice would not melt and the food would not spoil. 

When it arrives, these will be eaten quickly, so naturally there is no need to worry about whether it will go bad.

After the team went out, Shao Qing said to Mulin: “Look at men more when you go out. There’s no harm in looking and we can bring them back if you are interested.” 

Shao Qing was very overbearing: “Jiangcheng is very big, even if you grab one and come back, we can afford to raise them. We will stock up on those who are more obedient. There are zombies everywhere, so they would not dare run out of the city. Those who are disobedient, we will tie up and wait until they are obedient.”     

Mulin’s mouth twitched, “My sister, why don’t you stop thinking about finding me a man? You might as well find some suitable props for me to entertain myself.”     

Shao Qing immediately ignored her thoughts selectively, and then began to speak again: “There is a really good meat shop in Jing Du. The taste is very good, but the price is a bit more expensive. When the things are delivered, I will show you around Jing Du to find delicious and fun things. How about that?”     

“Don’t mention men anymore and your speech has gotten me hungry.” Mulin touched her belly, then stretched out her fingers: “I want to eat three!” 

“Even thirty is no problem.” Shao Qing successfully put aside the topic: “There is also a tofu dish that is a must. The owner of this shop has a strong taste, and especially likes salted tofu. It’s a heresy! Can salted tofu be eaten? Can you eat them? No! Only sweet tofu makes sense!” 

Mulin: … 

She suddenly felt that after being separated for so long, she could not keep up. Shao Qing’s brain circuit was all over the place. Who on earth taught her such things?

Shao Qing was not this amusing before. 

“Salted tofu  is as frightening as meat dumplings!” Shao Qing said after making a final conclusion: “But the point is not here, because the tofu made by the owner is really delicious.” 

Mulin was expressionless, she suddenly wanted to change cars. 

The former Shao Qing was like the current Gu Chuan. If you don’t take the initiative to ask her, she doesn’t even say anything. But now that she hasn’t seen her for more than a year, she has become a chatterbox. 

The last days are scary. 

When it was noon, they stopped on time, set up camp and prepared to eat. 

Whenever Mulin went on missions with other people, no matter what, she never ate meals so punctually. 

In the apocalypse, there are dangers everywhere, so how can they eat at the exact time? Most people have to walk to a safe place to make sure that there is no danger around, then divide everyone into two groups. When one group eats, the other group is responsible for guarding and patrolling. 

Wait until the first group of people have eaten, then they would change those who patrolled over to eat. 

When they were eating, they would be so nervous for fear that some zombies, mutated animals, or even mutated plants would jump out nearby and kill them. 

There was no such worry for Shao Qing and the others. As soon as they saw a spot, they stopped and set up a camp, ready to cook and eat.

There was not even a single patrol person. Some were responsible for going out to collect firewood, some were responsible for chopping ingredients, some were responsible for cooking, and some were responsible for sitting and waiting for dinner. 

For example, Mulin. 

It was the first time since the end of the world that she has experienced being so leisurely in the wild. 

Shao Qing was cutting vegetables next to her, and then told her: “Compared with the base, it is actually more interesting outside. In the base, you can only eat common vegetables, fruits, and meat made from dried meat. But in the wild, there are ingredients everywhere! All kinds of wild vegetables, and wild animals are available. You can eat whatever you want, doesn’t this have the feeling of camping?” 

Mulin: … 

As long as you have strength, you can live well anywhere since you don’t have to mind the environment. People like Shao Qing can live well even in the apocalypse. 

But speaking like this is really awkward! Compared to her, who has spent a whole year struggling in comparison, how can she endure this! 

Mulin had no expression on her face. She thought angrily, then raised her hand: “Can I eat barbecue at noon? The kind you grilled last time with extra cumin.” 

If we are becoming corrupt, let’s become corrupt together!

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