PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 69

Volume 3 Chapter 69 Shao Qing’s guess 

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The cooperation of the four people was very good. Although Mulin was a spirit superhuman,  her abilities were all towards attacking, such as creating hallucinations, etc. It completely gives up defense… 

This should be related to one’s personality. Don’t look at Mulin and Shao Qing when they are together and how she acts so soft, she is actually a very tough person. 

So all her abilities are related to attack. 

Therefore, Yan Qiyue built an air barrier to guard the sides and rear to prevent sneak attacks. 

The two of them were responsible for the monkeys, Shao Qing was responsible for the snakes and mice, and Fu Jingshen was only responsible for protecting Shao Qing. 

The most disgusting thing was those mice. They were too small and pervasive, they were not easy to fight. Not to mention, they are numerous. 

After some are killed, more will come out. It was endless. It was really exhausting. Shao Qing had a headache when dealing with these little guys. Her vines could only tangle a few mice at a time. This was because every time the mice saw the vines, they would run.  It wouldn’t even be in the same line of vision, how could you fight it?

She only had an advantage in hitting the bigger ones, no advantage in dealing with these smaller ones. 

Mulin was also the same. Her mental powers directly attack the human brain. When dealing with zombies, they will directly attack the crystal nucleus, but there were so many small rats. It is not clear how many there are, let alone to attack their nuclei. 

Fortunately, there was Yan Qiyue’s air barrier. Even if this group of mice climbed in front of them, they would be blocked by the air barrier. They could only crawl outside the barrier, squeaking and gnawing.

After fighting for a while, Shao Qing felt that something was wrong. These mutant animals just looked terrifying, but couldn’t do any harm to them. Was the person behind the scenes sending them to test their strength? 

Shao Qing always felt that something was wrong. First, if it was a test, the first two people should be enough to measure their strength. 

If it’s not a test, they wouldn’t come to play games with them, right? 

No one would be this bored. 

She felt that the person behind the scenes was very interesting. Generally, when one secretly attacks the enemy, shouldn’t they carry out a foolproof sneak attack on the opponent? This person unexpectedly came to test her in an upright manner over and over again. 

In this case, there are generally only two possibilities. First, the person is dumb or second, they are particularly confident in their own strength. 

Shao Qing feels that the first possibility was relatively large. 

After diverging her thinking, Shao Qing suddenly thought of a more terrifying possibility. The other party was not dumb and these zombies were not the main force. 

Their use is just to hold her and her friends back. 

If this is the case, then it really was trouble because the opponent’s goal was likely to be her base camp. 

“Clean up these messy things!” Shao Qing said coldly: “We need to return immediately!” 

If it is really like how she thought, then the person who secretly targeted them is really shrewd and sophisticated.

Although the others hadn’t figured out the reason yet, they all immediately used their abilities and attacked with all their strength to clear a way. 

“Er Dai, you drive.” Shao Qing used the vines to sway the mice from trying to get close. Fu Jingshen responded, then stiffened again. Looking at Shao Qing, Shao Qing’s eyes were black and white. He couldn’t see through her emotions, Fu Jingshen felt his cold hands and feet were even colder.

He drove the car in silence. The group quickly got into the car. At the same time, Yan Qiyue used his air barrier to protect the whole car. 

As soon as Fu Jingshen stepped on the gas pedal, the whole car sped forward quickly. Some zombies and monkeys that were blocking in front of the car were rolled over. 

After rushing out of the encirclement, Shao Qing slowly explained her guess. After the end of the world, they could no longer communicate as easily as before. 

Although there was a communicator similar to a mobile phone to communicate, it must be within the range of a signal tower. 

There are very few signal towers in the country. There are currently only a few bases with signal towers, which can be counted with one hand. Jiangcheng did not have them, in fact there was no place that had one where they are now. 

Therefore, it was impossible to contact them quickly. Only when they return to Jiangcheng will they know whether they have been attacked or not. 

“No matter what, we must go back. Even if this is just a guess, we must go back. They are all at home. In case something happens, none of us can bear the consequences. I rather us make a trip back for nothing to make sure they are all right.” Shao Qing gritted her teeth. 

“Don’t be afraid, Ah Qing, it will be fine. Don’t forget. Before we left, we had planted a whole circle of various mutant plants around Jiangcheng with Tang Tiande. Even if the enemy is very powerful and wants to break through, the defense of the mutant plants will not be easy to deal with. The people and zombies in Jiangcheng are also not easy to deal with.” Yan Qiyue analyzed it clearly.


“I hope so.” Shao Qing was expressionless, but she couldn’t conceal the nervousness and anxiety in her heart. Even if she was in danger, she could be calm. But if the people in danger instead were her loved ones, she couldn’t. 

Because of the anxiety in their hearts, they returned very quickly. During the day, they switched the person driving without stopping. Yan Qiyue and Mulin drove during the day, while Shao Qing and Fu Jingshen drove at night. When one of them drove, the other three rested. The car would not stop at all unless necessary. 

They were in the car even when eating. At this time they couldn’t care about enjoying anything, speed was their priority. 

Generally, when the car stopped, it was because Yan Qiyue and Mulin needed to go to the toilet. This cannot be solved in the car. 

The mountain path was particularly rugged. When the car was started, it was better to be slower. If the speed was too fast, people would feel dizzy and nauseous. 

But no one cared about this. The car was driving as if it was about to fly. In addition to the ruggedness of the mountain trails, there was another feature, that it was very narrow. If the car was not driven well, it may fall into the ravines on both sides. There was no possibility of having two cars driving on the same path. That’s impossible. 

Furthermore, there is only one way to go in the dark, there is no such thing as turning around. 

So when Shao Qing saw the slow-moving car in front, she almost wanted to knock them into the air. But although she was a little irritable because of her anxiety and tension, she was still sensible.

She asked Yan Qiyue to press the horn, urging the people in front to hurry up. The car in front was still moving slowly, it was only slightly faster than walking. 

Shao Qing’s face was expressionless, the anger in her eyes could not be concealed. Yan Qiyue kept honking the horn. After about a dozen sounds, the window of the car in front came down, and a head was stretched out and cursed: “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Are you rushing to your death?” 

Let alone Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue was getting a little angry. He calmly asked: “Kill?” 

Shao Qing looked at the width of the road ahead. There was indeed no way to overtake them, but she did not have that kind of manic character. She was ready to be diplomatic first and use violence as the last resort. She stretched her head out: “We are in a hurry, something happened at our home. Can you guys go faster?” 

Probably because they heard a female voice, several heads came out from the window, whistling: “It turned out to be a little lady. Rushing to go back to see your man? Don’t rush, it’s better if they died, just follow us brothers. Anyway, we don’t have a wife.” 

After he finished speaking, everyone in the car began to laugh. 

Shao Qing was very calm the entire time. Now that the ceremony was over, and they didn’t listen, naturally she won’t need to give them any more opportunities.

“Stop the car.” Shao Qing rolled up her sleeves a little. When she opened the door and walked out, the car in front also stopped. A group of people laughed and said, “My dear, you have figured it out and prepared to take refuge with us brothers?” 

After Shao Qing came down, Mulin and Fu Jingshen followed. Shao Qing was very calm, then walked near the car in front, and the people in the car also walked off. 

There were five people in total. They should all be superhumans. The leader was around rank 5. No wonder he was so arrogant. High-level superhumans are usually in a mercenary group or from a large base. Not to mention being stray wanderers, even if they were among a mercenary group, rank 5 superhumans were among the top. Although they can’t even fall into Shao Qing’s eyes, she could understand where their confidence came from. 

The thinnest among the five people spoke with a smiley face: “So there are two girls. Look at you two, among our group, do you have any that catch your eye? If you do, follow us. It doesn’t matter if there is none, though, you all have to follow us anyway.” 

“There should be no one in the car.” Mulin took a look and said. 

Fu Jingshen was very annoyed, because someone actually harassed Shao Qing in front of him. He sneered and kicked the empty car into the side of the ditch. 

The ditch was very deep. Although there was no water in the ditch, it was not easy to come up. In addition, the body of the car would definitely be damaged when it fell. Most of the car was scrapped.


Several people immediately became angry. At first, they just wanted to harass Shao Qing and didn’t mean anything else. Later, when they saw Shao Qing and Mulin, they were so beautiful that they had thoughts they shouldn’t have. 

Unexpectedly, these two girls, one hotter than the other, would directly scrap their car when they came up. 

The man in the lead gave a sullen expression: “Reject the offered drink, then you’ll have to drink the penalty drink. We only want the two women. Now, take the women and the car!” 

He was arrogant because he was a rank 5 earth-based elemental. On this kind of dirt mountain road, his ability would have a better effect. 

If left in normal times, Shao Qing would probably let Mulin and the others practice their hands. Now, she just wanted to deal with this group of people quickly and go home.

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