PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 68

Volume 3 Chapter 68 Wave after wave 

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You can encounter conspiracies and tricks on all trips, and also none. 

Shao Qing patted her head: “No need to look anymore. He must have run out of sight by now. Anyway, we have eaten and drank enough, let’s go.” 

The others had no objections and followed her to move on. Shao Qing originally thought that it would be over like this, that the person in secret should be calculating and would not immediately make a move, but the fact was that when they had just left shortly, they met another person. 

This time it was a woman. She was holding a small baggage in her arms. She looked very pitiful. She came over and asked, “Can you spare me some water? I have been walking for a day and I haven’t found any water source, I feel really weak… . ” 

Shao Qing didn’t say anything and directly stabbed her. The woman exclaimed, then ducked “I just wanted a drink, why do you have to treat me like this?!” 

Shao Qing coldly looked at her for a long while, then she showed an ‘Ai Ya, I concede defeat’ face, then said: “Xiao Chun Chun was right, you really aren’t simple.” 

Sure enough, Mu Lianchun knew her. This group of people should be a group, the forces behind them were not simple. They all carried the smell of zombies, which is very obvious. 

What is the origin of this group? They seemed very powerful! 

This woman was the same as Mu Lianchun, even somewhat similar to Shao Qing. The question is, who sent them? 

The woman held her little baggage: “Actually, I just passed by, you guys can talk slowly.” 

She wanted to run, but the vines that had been hovering at her feet for a long time came out quickly. A huge vine whip was formed. It was thrown towards her face. 

With the whistling of the wind, the vine whip looked very cruel. It fell on her head. The woman changed her complexion and quickly tried to dodge. But then, there was another vine. The whip came out of the ground and directly caught her unprepared.

When the woman was not careful, the baggage in her hand was taken away. Her face changed drastically, she didn’t care about the vine whip that was drawn to her body, she flew directly to pick up the baggage. 

The outer layer of the baggage was shattered. After all, it was just common fabric. It could not resist Shao Qing, and the contents were revealed. 

A skull. 

Looking at the size of the skull, it should belong to an adult. 

The woman hugged the skull very preciously. The vine whip took away a large piece of flesh on her face. She seemed to not sense it at all, she just checked whether the skull in her arms was damaged. 

Probably due to luck, the skull was intact. The woman breathed a sigh of relief, holding the skull tightly, she ran away without stopping. 

Shao Qing calmly watched her escape: “Sure enough, it is a bit different. Look at the wound on her face, the skin was good, but the flesh under the skin still looked like rotten flesh that has been rotting for a long time after the protection of the skin was removed.” 

Like her and Er Dai, they were the same on the outside. Although there was little blood in their bodies, their bodies were not active, their hearts would not beat, but at least underneath their skins, their flesh was still normal. Unlike that woman, there was rotten meat under the skin, just like the painted skin in the story of Liao Zhai. 

“Their appearance resembling human beings are all false, but it can be seen that they already have wisdom and memory, they are very human-like, but we don’t know how strong they are.” Mulin touched her chin and said: “At their level, it is very easy to mix into a survivor base.”

“Probably around rank 6, definitely less than rank 7. I can’t be sure about the specifics. After all, there has been no life and death battle.” Shao Qing said lightly. 

She felt something was wrong. The feeling that these two people gave her at the moment was a deep disagreement. It was not like when she was promoted to rank 6, but like a special quick way to reach her current strength. 

Thus, their strength was actually a bit worse than that of the rank sixth-level zombies, but their wisdom has made up for their shortcomings. 

The question is, who has the ability to mass produce rank 6 zombies? 

If someone can do it, it will undoubtedly be bad news for humans. After all, it is very difficult for humans to rise to rank 6, but these kinds of mass-produced zombies, even if they are slightly less powerful, they are still rank six!

If this kind of manufacturing is limited and cannot be mass-produced, then that will be simple. However, if it is possible to be done, Shao Qing can already see the future of mankind. 

“There is a special energy fluctuation in them.” Yan Qiyue frowned: “This kind of energy fluctuation gives me a very familiar feeling, but I can’t tell whether it’s good or bad. I am only worried they are aimed at us.” 

They were very arrogant, but their enemies should be humans, and most were dead. How did a den of zombies suddenly pop up looking for trouble. 

They shouldn’t have anything that these zombies can covet.

“I can’t think of anything. We will just have to deal with it when it happens.” Shao Qing wasn’t afraid of anything yet. 

Yan Qiyue nodded. Although they continued to move forward, everyone remained vigilant. They did not have the feeling of leisurely travelling like before. 

When it was getting dark, they arrived in a small forest. This place was very nice and suitable for rest. It had food and shelter. They were strong enough, so they didn’t have to worry about any dangers in the forest. Thus they stopped to rest. 

During the meal, nothing happened. At night, Shao Qing did not go to sleep as usual. Er Dai stayed up the first half of the night, and she stayed up the second half of the night to let Mulin and Yan Qiyue rest. 

Although Er Dai was up the first half of the night, Shao Qing did not sleep. She laid in the tent, keeping her five senses alert at all times. She listened to the surrounding sounds and was sensing whether anyone was approaching. 

She had an incomprehensible feeling that it wouldn’t be so quiet tonight. 

At night, she couldn’t sleep anymore. After lying down for a long time, she got out of the tent and sat with Er Dai. 

As soon as she sat down, she felt a faint rustle of the wind. It seemed that something was coming. She pricked her ears and listened carefully. The sound was getting closer and closer. It shouldn’t be a person, or just one thing… 

Er Dai also discovered it. His eyes widened, he stared cautiously at the dark night in the distance, “Can you feel what it is?” Shao Qing asked softly. 

“It may be the same monkey I met today. In short, it is a very small body.” Er Dai whispered. 

As soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned. Er Dai, to be precise, Fu Jingshen, seemed to have exposed something just now.

Fu Jingshen quietly looked at Shao Qing’s profile. There was no extra expression on her face, she was very calm, as if she hadn’t noticed that he had just been abnormal. 

But the more this happened, the more Fu Jingshen couldn’t calm his heart down, the more he felt that Shao Qing was strange. Shao Qing is a very careful person. How could she not notice that he was so fluent and different from normal?

Shao Qing listened carefully for a long time, a faint voice was getting closer and closer, and it was about to be in front of them. 

“Get ready to fight.” Shao Qing whispered. 

Fu Jingshen nodded and was ready to fight. He was actually a little nervous, because his fighting instinct was definitely not as good as Er Dai. 

He had fallen asleep since the end of the world, so this body’s power really belonged to Er Dai. For him, being unfamiliar was a normal thing. 

If it was exposed during the battle, it would really be terrible. 

“Follow me in a bit.” Shao Qing exclaimed. She first released Guang Guang to guard the tent, then released Da Hua and the vines. 

A minute later, a bunch of weird things appeared in front of them, including the monkeys they encountered during the day, and a large number of zombie rats. Zombie rats were probably the most dangerous existence for ordinary people after the end of the world. 

Although their strength alone was not high, it was their small size that was the problem. Even if they sneak into the survivor base, they will not be found. 

As long as they bite an ordinary person, they will turn people into zombies. 

After the end of the world, there were many bases where ordinary people have clearly entered the bases after inspection and according to theory, they will not become zombies, but they did turn into zombies. 

After investigation, it was discovered that zombie rats did it.

If only this was the case, then they were not dangerous. After all, in terms of individual strength, they were not a threat to a superhuman. But apart from their small size, they have another characteristic, that is existing in groups. 

A zombie rat may not be able to beat a superhuman, but what about a group of them? If there are enough ants, they can kill an elephant. What’s more, the difference between them and a superhuman is not the difference between ants and elephants. 

No matter how powerful the superhuman is, they can’t stand a large group of zombie rats who are not afraid of death, and are besieged one after another. The fate of most people was being exhausted and eaten to bones. 

In addition to monkeys and mice, there were also a small number of snakes and mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes were very dangerous to ordinary people. After all, they were small and likde to suck blood. The reason why they are not as lethal as zombie rats is because after the end of the world, few mosquitoes become zombies. 

But there are several zombie-like mosquitoes here. They all stayed on the tree and hid in the leaves. If you don’t look carefully, there is no way to find them. Rather than saying they will participate in the battle, they were more like monitors.     

The few snakes were all very large pythons.The ones that can be directly casted in horror movies related to snakes and cannibalism. Each of them looked particularly ugly, with ragged skin. They were rotting and covered with a greasy liquid. They were so dirty it challenged people’s patience.     

Shao Qing took a deep breath, simply because of disgust.     

After the end of the world, she has seen a lot of disgusting things, but nothing like that. Especially the greasy liquid on its body, she couldn’t imagine how she would start to deal with that.     

In addition to making her nauseous, she was more vigilant. Creating high-level zombies with a human appearance, zombie animals controlled by humans, how many more methods does the opponent have yet to show?     

She seemed to be able to see someone hiding behind the scenes, sneering at her.     

“Kill first, then we’ll chat.” Shao Qing calmly awakened the two sleeping people, then took the lead. Although she was disgusted with the ugly appearance of the zombie snakes, they must be the first to be dealt with.     

Because their attack strength was the most lethal. It can’t be left to Mulin and the others.     

Shao Qing made her move very quickly. She entangled the few big snakes first. As soon as Mulin and Yan Qiyue climbed out of the tent, they were shocked.

Especially Mullin, who jumped with fright, then shouted: “God, I thought I entered an apocalypse themed amusement park! Why are they so ugly!” 

“Get to work.” Shao Qing beckoned. Then she said: “This attack came too suddenly. I don’t think their purpose is that simple. Let’s quickly resolve this, then study them. Mulin, you and Qiyue stand behind me. Don’t charge ahead. Just catch the ones who are alone.” 

The two people nodded. Their abilities, one was for air manipulation, the other was for mental manipulation, they were both range powers. 

If they were in a game, they were like the mages. It is best to stand back and take advantage of their lethality. 

“Let’s start.” Shao Qing endured the anxiety in her heart and made her decisive move.

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