The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Cracking the Code

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The summer night was filled with moisture, a slight chill in the air, damp rain, and dim yellow lights, making the night unusually tranquil.

However, Chu Feng could smell the strong scent of gunpowder, sensing tension in the air.

He slightly lifted his head and saw X standing on the top of the slope, dressed in matching vampire attire.

Chu Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

His cat tail was held in the grip of Dr. Xie, like a little black cat caught by its owner.

X glanced down from the long slope, seeing Dr. Xie below gripping Chu Feng’s cat tail, provocatively meeting his gaze.

X’s face was wrapped in bandages, hiding his expression. He descended the steps leisurely, the summer breeze lifting his vampire cloak, revealing the red velvet lining, giving him an air of nobility and elegance. Mr. Vampire walked with ease and grace, showing no trace of embarrassment for being caught, as if the owner of a cat picking up his lost kitten, open and unabashed.

Approaching Chu Feng, X pretended to have just noticed Dr. Xie, raising his eyebrows slightly, his tone naturally surprised, “What’s going on here?”

“I should be asking you.” Dr. Xie stared at him, his voice extremely cold.

“Oh.” X lowered his head, his tone seeming to just realize that he and Chu Feng were wearing partner outfits and appearing in front of Chu Feng’s legitimate husband. X looked at Dr. Xie and chuckled softly. 

“It’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t have anyone to accompany me at the dance, so he kindly went with me just for a while.” 

X turned to Chu Feng, his tone carrying a hint of apologetic regret. “I hope I didn’t cause any misunderstanding with your husband.”

Chu Feng cursed X in his heart for deliberately emphasizing his relationship with Dr. Xie using the term “husband”! The term sounded intimate, especially ironic with the “Mr. Vampire Exclusive” blood bag he carried. Hearing it in Dr. Xie’s ears was even more grating!

Dr. Xie’s expression was ice-cold, his eyebrows furrowed, his gaze sharp as a scalpel, almost dissecting X.

X met the surgical gaze with a faint smile, adding fuel to the fire, “There’s really nothing between me and your lover.”

When X said “[there’s nothing],” it sounded like he was telling Dr. Xie: “We just finished.”

Chu Feng saw the veins on the back of Dr. Xie’s hand bulging. Dr. Xie lowered his head, looking at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, do you have anything to say to me?”

Chu Feng:…

X deliberately said all the lines he could say, leaving Chu Feng with nothing to explain to Dr. Xie.

Wearing the exclusive outfit of Mr. Vampire, Chu Feng stood in front of Dr. Xie, feeling trapped, unable to wash himself clean even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

“I… I really have nothing with him.” Chu Feng repeated palely.

Dr. Xie looked at him, chuckled, loosened his grip, and threw the carefully bought bouquet of carnations on the ground, then turned and walked away.

“Xie Shiyu…”

Chu Feng stood still and called out to him.

Dr. Xie didn’t look back.

Chu Feng hurriedly caught up, pounced on Dr. Xie from behind, hugged him, his hands with fluffy cat paws wrapped around Xie Shiyu’s waist, his head with fluffy cat ears pressed tightly against Xie Shiyu’s back. Chu Feng gritted his teeth, weakly called out, “Husband, don’t go…”

Xie Shiyu stiffened all over.

Chu Feng very rarely used this term of address, except when they were in bed and he was either unconscious or coerced into saying it a couple of times. Normally, Xie Shiyu would absolutely never hear this term of address.

Dr. Xie was taken aback, but in that instant, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a flash of silver!

A syringe, piercing into his neck.

Dr. Xie turned his head slightly, in his final moments, he saw Chu Feng behind him wearing adorable cat ears on his head, his hands adorned with enticing cute cat paws, softly calling him “husband,” while holding a cold needle in his paws, the tip of the needle piercing into the back of his neck…

Ping, ping.

Dr. Xie’s surface froze instantly.

Chu Feng reached out to support the frozen Dr. Xie, and a prompt from the system sounded in his ear:

“Congratulations on a successful purchase! You have successfully purchased the ‘Freeze Needle’!”

Function of the ‘Freeze Needle’: Temporarily freeze all activity data of the character.

The system spirit announced, “Successfully captured the suspected main character, Dr. Xie! Well done, master!”

Chu Feng couldn’t be bothered with its flattery. He found it a bit difficult to support the frozen Dr. Xie. With Dr. Xie being over 190 cm tall and Chu Feng only 180 cm, it was a bit of a struggle to carry him. Chu Feng looked at X:

“Don’t just stand there, come help me support him.”

X came over and supported Dr. Xie with one hand. His lips under the bandages were pressed into a thin line, his mood extremely poor. He had good hearing, and he had clearly heard Chu Feng call him “husband” as he voluntarily hugged him.

X held Dr. Xie tightly, almost crushing the ice sculpture in his grip.

“Cousin, you found Dr. Xie!” Lin Lan, who had been squatting on the top of the slope observing the whole scene, pretended to just arrive, running down the steps to join them.

Chu Feng grunted in acknowledgment and then turned to the system, “How do we cure the virus in the main body?”

The system spirit took out a blue-green capsule. “This capsule contains a line of code that I developed over the past few days to crack the virus. There’s only one like it. Once we find the main body hosting the virus, we feed it to the character, and the ghost virus in the entire city will be lifted.”

Lin Lan caught the implication in this statement. “So, if we accidentally feed it to the wrong person, it’s game over?”

“I am the latest generation of smart brain systems, how could I be finished just like that? It’s just a bit troublesome.”

The system spirit explained, “This medicine contains the initial code. If it’s not consumed by the main body to completely eliminate the virus at once, the virus will record this code and know it’s under attack. It will then accelerate mutation and amplification, disrupting the current data sequence. Then, I’ll have to spend more time to create a second set of codes to crack them, and then find the main body again and feed it the capsule with the second set of codes.”

Chu Feng caught the key point, “So how do we confirm it’s the main body?”

—Dr. Xie’s ghost shadow was already in an extremely powerful state. In all likelihood, he was the main body, but just to be sure, they needed a confirmation method.

“We need to check the character’s combat power ranking.” The black system spirit hovered over Chu Feng’s shoulder, its antennae spinning like a bamboo dragonfly. Soon, a light screen appeared in the air.

On the screen was a red sniper mark, targeting the character “Dr. Xie.” Drip—

“Analyzing combat power…”

“If his combat power ranking is No. 1 in the entire city, then we can confirm without error that he is the main body. We’ll feed him the capsule with the code, and the virus in the entire city will be lifted!”

Chu Feng stared intently at the loading circle on the screen. Suddenly—

Beep! Beep!!

A red warning box popped up on the screen: Danger approaching!

Click, click.

The sound of surgical scissors came from the screen, gradually getting closer…

The ghost shadow of Dr. Xie was coming!

“Run!” The system spirit retracted the light screen. “The ghost shadow may have sensed that we’re taking away the character Dr. Xie, so it’s coming over!”

“You two go first.” X took out a silver gun from his game backpack.

Chu Feng and Lin Lan supported the frozen Dr. Xie. With the most powerful regulator X god guarding the scene, Lin Lan felt very reassured, even hearing the sound of surgical scissors clicking on the screen didn’t scare him anymore.

The system spirit helped Chu Feng pull out a small car from the storage backpack, and they quickly got into the car—

Bang, bang, bang…

The intense sound of gunfire erupted from behind the car.

Lin Lan: “Drive faster!”

Squeak, squeak—

The engine started, the car’s tires rubbed against the concrete road surface, and they sped away.

The system used a dumbbell to lock the steering wheel and manipulated the car’s onboard program, activating fully automated driving. Lin Lan sat in the passenger seat. “Cousin, has the power ranking come out?”

The screen shrank into a small square, hovering over the left chest of the frozen Xie.

Chu Feng reached out and tapped it. His fingertip touched the cold chest of Xie Shiyu. He didn’t know how much his mood would plummet after Dr. Xie thawed out. Chu Feng thought to himself that he would free up three days to spend with Dr. Xie after this.

With a touch, the small screen unfolded in the car —

Character: [Dr. Xie]

Power Ranking: ***

Lin Lan: “What does this mean?”

The system spirit exclaimed in frustration, “D*mn virus! It encrypted the character’s power ranking too! Now we can’t confirm who the real core is, we can only try feeding the medicine.”

Chu Feng frowned. “If we’re wrong, how long will it take for you to make the antidote with the second set of codes?”

“Uh… it will probably take a month at the fastest,” the system spirit replied.

— If they feed the wrong person again and the virus evolves into a new sequence, they’ll need another month to decipher it and produce the antidote with the third set of codes.

Chu Feng sensed trouble. “You said before that the Ghost Shadow Virus absorbs the original host’s mental strength. Can the characters in my city hold up for a month?”

“Uh, it’s probably difficult for none of them to die,” the system spirit’s eyes rolled as it calculated, “In a month, probably a dozen or so will die.”

Chu Feng immediately clenched his fists.

It would be bad enough for him if just one watergun little Shiyu died, . If a dozen…

Chu Feng couldn’t tolerate such a thing. There were many Xie Shiyus in his city, not all of them were as energetic as Dr. Xie, CEO Xie, or School Bully Xie. There were many young, bullied, sad, and depressed Xie Shiyus. One person’s twenty years couldn’t be strong and glorious every moment. Those fragile Xie Shiyus had weak combat power and far less mental strength than the infinitely powerful Xie Shiyu. If infected by the virus, they might not last long before they died.

Chu Feng spoke up, “If I don’t allow any deaths in the city, how long can it last at most?”

The system recalculated, “It’s estimated to last for up to fifteen days.”

— This deadline couldn’t wait for the system to reset the second set of code.

They couldn’t just catch a suspect and try feeding them the medicine. If they were wrong, they’d have to wait another month to make the antidote, and by then the fragile Little Xies would die first.

— They had to confirm who the core was and then feed them the antidote.

“But now we can’t see the power ranking!” The system spirit was also anxious. Chu Feng tried clicking on the encrypted power ranking [***] on the screen, and a window popped up:

[Enter Password:]

Lin Lan asked, “Can the password be cracked? What system program can break it?”

“I’ll try.” 

A series of codes popped up on the screen, and the system spirit exerted all its effort to continuously input, ready to crack…

After scrolling through tens of thousands of lines of program data, the system finally found several sequences that looked potentially useful. It tried entering them into the password box…


[Password incorrect once, you have two chances left]

The system spirit:…

Lin Lan encouraged it, “Try again.”

A series of gibberish appeared on the screen again…


[Password incorrect twice, you have one chance left, after three times it will be permanently locked]

Chu Feng: “Is there no other way?”

“It’s too difficult,” the system spirit drooped, its furrowed brows lowering, “It’s an RS level 3 encryption sequence. It’s too hard to crack.”

Chu Feng didn’t know much about cryptography, but he knew they only had one chance left. If they were wrong again, it would be over.

“Can we… change the password?” Chu Feng suggested. “Usually, there’s a ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login page.”

The system:…!!!

The spirit’s fur stood up, “Master, you’re so smart! I love humans the most! Human brains always unexpectedly come up with some magical things!”

Chu Feng:…

— Indeed, it’s a human loving system.

The spirit biubiu inputted a strange sequence of codes one after another. Soon, Chu Feng saw four hidden words floating behind the password input box:

[Forget Password]

Chu Feng clicked on it, and another box popped up:

[Security Question]

[Please answer the following two security questions. After answering correctly, you can reset your password.]

“That’s great!” Lin Lan exclaimed. “Brother, you must be able to answer these questions since you know Brother Xie so well!”

In Lin Lan’s understanding, the [security questions] for resetting passwords were usually simple questions like “What’s the name of your first pet?” or “What’s your mother’s birthday?” Cousin and Brother Xie had been childhood friends, growing up together for twenty years and married for seven. There shouldn’t be any secrets between them, so answering these questions should be a piece of cake.

Chu Feng clicked [→] to move to the next page and check the security questions. There were two questions in total.

Question 1: Number of glasses of alcohol? (Only enter digits)

Question 2: Color of medicine? (In order)

Chu Feng:…

“What kind of questions are these?” Lin Lan was directly baffled. “Shouldn’t they be something like ‘What’s the name of your first childhood friend?’ or ‘What’s the birthday of your first love?’ What are these? Is the virus trying to mess with us?”

“The virus is just an abnormal program,” the spirit countered Lin Lan. “While they can remember numeric sequences and continuously mutate, expecting them to remember Chinese characters, understand their meanings, and deliberately set questions to fool us is giving the virus too much credit. They’re not that advanced.”

Chu Feng: “So?”

“So, these two questions aren’t deliberately meant to fool us by the virus. They’re questions closely related to Brother Xie’s character, or rather…

“They’re secrets that Xie Shiyu kept from you back then.”

Chu Feng felt a shock in his heart.

He prided himself on knowing Xie Shiyu very, very well. This statement from the system made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but… Chu Feng had to admit that he couldn’t think of any connections the moment he saw these two questions.

Indeed, Xie Shiyu had kept secrets from him. Just look at the water-gun little Shiyu; he learned to keep small secrets at the age of five.


Another prompt popped up on the screen:

[Please note that you only have one chance to answer. After a wrong answer, all windows will be permanently closed, and you will not be able to reset your password again.]

Drip, drip, drip…

The system suddenly received a message from X’s message transmitter:

[The ghost shadow has been cleared. You can return to the hospital.]

“Wow! X God is amazing.” Lin Lan exclaimed. “Cousin, since it’s Dr Xie’s secret, why don’t we go back to the hospital and check Dr Xie’s office on the third floor? Maybe we’ll find some clues.”

Chu Feng also had this intention. Dr. Xie spent almost all his time at the hospital. On the third floor, next to the consultation room, was where Dr. Xie usually stayed. Perhaps they could find some clues about the security questions there.

The system drove the car back to the hospital gate.

Chu Feng and Lin Lan got off the car and walked into the hospital.

The lights in the lobby on the first floor were still flickering like they were broken. Lin Lan felt scared just looking at them and huddled closer to Chu Feng. The black spirit floated in the air, its antennae illuminating the way ahead.

They walked through the corridor and climbed the stairs. The pitch-black staircase looked like a gaping mouth of a monster ready to devour them. Lin Lan looked around nervously. Chu Feng walked in without any reaction, so Lin Lan could only grit his teeth and follow.

Second floor, third floor. The surroundings were pitch black, dead silent. In the dark night, only the sound of raindrops hitting the windows echoed, dripping like blood.

Dah, dah, dah… The footsteps echoed in the long corridors of the hospital.

They reached the consultation room on the third floor, and Lin Lan kept looking around, fearing that something might jump out from the darkness. His mind automatically played scenes from horror movies, making him nervous.

Chu Feng walked forward calmly. Since Xie Shiyu’s death, he no longer believed in ghosts. If there were really ghosts in this world, why hadn’t the deceased Xie Shiyu come back to find him even once?

He had so many things belonging to Xie Shiyu at home, maintaining his appearance from when he was alive, but nothing supernatural had ever happened. Sometimes Chu Feng hated how materialistic the world was.

Or maybe, the Pacific Ocean was too vast, and his Xie Shiyu got lost, unable to find his way back to him.

Room 306.

The spirit used lasers to scan and copy the keyhole at the door of the consultation room, quickly 3D printing a key and handing it to Chu Feng.


The key slid into the keyhole, turned, and with a creak, the door opened.

Chu Feng stepped inside, the consultation room looking the same as the last time he was here. Lin Lan and the spirit began to search separately for any clues related to alcohol and medicine.

“Cousin, did Brother Xie used to drink? Like having a few drinks regularly every day, or were there any special rules? Brother Xie owns a company, right? Like, if someone was late to a dinner party, they had to drink three glasses?” Lin Lan asked.

Chu Feng shook his head, negating the idea.

At twenty-four, Xie Shiyu had graduated from university two years ago, and his company was already quite successful. Chu Feng had just graduated from his master’s program and joined a large company, not Xie Shiyu’s. At that time, the economic situation was not stable enough, and Chu Feng thought that in case anything happened to Xie Shiyu’s company, he still had a stable high-paying job to rely on. Either way, they didn’t have to worry about bread.

Chu Feng’s outstanding qualifications and strong abilities quickly made him a key elite employee in the company, fully involved in projects and often working overtime. Xie Shiyu’s company was on the rise, dealing with various people in business, which inevitably involved dinners and banquets, sometimes not returning home until two or three in the morning.

But Xie Shiyu never drank at home. He knew Chu Feng didn’t like the smell of alcohol, so when he came home late at night, afraid of disturbing Chu Feng with the smell of alcohol, he would just collapse on the sofa and sleep. If Chu Feng heard any noise in the middle of the night, he would make a bowl of sobering soup, and Xie Shiyu would always say he didn’t need to drink it, claiming he wasn’t drunk. Chu Feng would force him to drink it anyway.

—-Xie Shiyu was very good at drinking and socializing, but he wasn’t actually someone who liked drinking. Chu Feng had never heard him express a particular fondness for any kind of alcohol.

Lin Lan: “Then… Cousin, did Brother Xie show any unusual behavior when drinking? I mean, anything out of the ordinary regarding alcohol.” 

“He seems…” Chu Feng paused, then said, “He doesn’t seem to get drunk.” 

Over the years, Chu Feng had never seen Xie Shiyu actually drunk. At that time, Xie Shiyu was a relatively young person in the business world. Whenever he met older individuals, he would be forced to drink. No matter how much he drank, Brother Xie would return home as if nothing had happened, while others ended up in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. 

No matter how much he drank, Brother Xie never seemed to get drunk, which was quite miraculous. Sometimes Chu Feng thought it might be like some people who never seemed to gain weight no matter how much they ate, a genetic advantage. 

“Ohhhh!!!” Lin Lan immediately exclaimed, suddenly enlightened. “I know the answer! The answer to the first question about the number of drinks is: ∞, infinite drinks!”

Chu Feng poured cold water on him*, “There are parentheses after the question. The content inside the parentheses is sometimes more important than the question itself.”
* figurative speech

Question 1: Number of glasses of alcohol? (Only enter digits)

With such a notation in the parentheses, it would be impossible to input a symbol like ∞. It must be an exact Arabic numeral.

“If there’s no clue about the alcohol, what about the medicine?” the spirit suggested.

“Yeah, Brother, people definitely get sick sometimes. Did Brother Xie get sick before? What kind of medicine was he taking?” Lin Lan asked.

Chu Feng thought for a moment. Xie Shiyu had always been healthy at twenty-four and hadn’t taken much medicine.

“If I have to say, it would be something like cold medicine, Banlangen, or Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, the kind of things normal people might take,” Chu Feng said.

Question 2: Color of medicine? (In order)

The content in the parentheses hinted that it must be a special medicine, and it had to be taken in a certain order. Common medicines like Banlangen wouldn’t fit any particular order.

“Otherwise, let’s look again? Pull out every drawer and check!” the spirit suggested. “If we still can’t find anything, we can go to the adjacent rooms and search.”

Lin Lan went to the cabinet to search, while the spirit hovered in mid-air, patrolling. Chu Feng thought for a moment, then walked into the small room on the left side of the consultation room, the leather bed where he had laid during his last visit.

Chu Feng’s mind kept circling around one question: why did [Dr. Xie] become a doctor?

His dream city is 100% original, and the characters in the city are closely related to reality. CEO Xie, School Bully Xie, Xie the Repeater, even the bus driver Xie, are all taken from reality, including Xie the driver who used to take him for a ride in reality.

The character “[Dr. Xie]” is taken from the 24-year-old Xie Shiyu who held flowers on a rainy night. But Xie Shiyu had never been interested in the profession of a doctor. The only similarity Chu Feng could find between them was that one wore a white lab coat, and the other wore a white suit jacket.

Apart from that, there was nothing related to the profession of a doctor in Xie Shiyu. He didn’t have any background knowledge in professional medicine. This kind of Xie Shiyu became the character of a doctor, which felt strange to Chu Feng. There might be a hidden truth here.

The key to the secret of “[Dr. Xie]” lies in: alcohol and medicine.

Let’s put aside the alcohol for now, and focus on medicine, which is closely related to the profession of a doctor.

Chu Feng changed his train of thought. That is to say, the 24-year-old Xie Shiyu holding flowers on a rainy night might not necessarily be related to a doctor, but to medicine, so he became the character of a doctor in the game.

—-What medicine?

Chu Feng searched the small room where the leather bed was placed. He put on gloves, picked up tweezers, and rummaged through the trash.

The trash was mostly latex gloves, hemostatic cotton, and bandages. Chu Feng searched for a while, and suddenly, he saw a torn piece of paper.

He picked up the piece of paper with tweezers, brought it up, and looked carefully.

Chu Feng found this piece of paper somewhat familiar; he might have seen it somewhere in reality.

The paper was torn from a small notebook, colorful, with a very ugly rabbit in the lower right corner, one ear longer than the other. Chu Feng instantly recognized where this notebook came from!

It was a prize given out at the university anniversary celebration he attended with Xie Shiyu. There were a bunch of small notebooks, and he didn’t know which student association was responsible for buying them. When he opened them, the pages inside were colorful, with rabbits with ears of different lengths in the lower right corner, and he had teased Xie Shiyu about it a few times.

These notebooks were of no use to Chu Feng and had been idle at home. Xie Shiyu might have taken a few of them to use as memo pads, but Chu Feng had never paid attention to such trivial matters.

Now, he slowly unfolded the piece of paper.

On it were Xie Shiyu’s handwriting, written in pen, fast but powerful, like a silver hook and an iron painting, the pen tip cutting through the paper like a knife, forming a few words with force:





Chu Feng stared at the piece of paper, squinting, three letters, one number, one insect. Chu Feng couldn’t see the connection between them for the time being.

Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knocking on the door outside.

Lin Lan’s nerves shook, recalling a series of horror movie scenes:

“Who… who is it?”

X: “Me.”

Lin Lan breathed a sigh of relief, opened the door, and found X standing at the door, with the silver gun behind him still emitting smoke, as if he had just finished a battle.

Lin Lan felt a deep respect for X, that was the powerful [Ghost Doctor Xie]:

“Did… did you eliminate it?”

“No.” X said, “Frozen.”

Without finding the source of the virus, even if the shadow was eliminated, they would return again soon. With the power of [Shadow Doctor Xie], it was quicker to freeze them after elimination.

“Do you have any discoveries?” Chu Feng asked as he walked out.

Lin Lan and the spirit shook their heads.

“I found this.” Chu Feng laid the piece of paper flat on the table.

Lin Lan glanced at the note, “Uh… RP, abbreviation for character? G…, why are there ellipses after this letter, and then the number 0, fly? What… what did Brother Xie write on this!”

“These seem to have no connection.” The spirit evaluated. X silently glanced at the note, without speaking.

“Or… Cousin, do you want to associate this note with your memories from reality? After all, your dream city is 100% based on your memories. Maybe you’ve seen Brother Xie write this note somewhere in reality, but because it was such a small thing, you forgot about it.”

Human memory only remembers memorable things, but the human brain only develops 10%. Chu Feng had read Freud’s analysis in “The Interpretation of Dreams”, and perhaps the brain could record all experiences, but people couldn’t subjectively access all of them.

The book gives an example of a botanist who dreamed of a strange plant leaf. With his professional knowledge of plants, he had never seen such a leaf of a tree before, and couldn’t figure out what kind of tree it was. Eventually, he stopped thinking about it, and many years later, by chance, he suddenly found that the leaf was from a specimen collection given to him by a friend fourteen years ago. After he had finished looking through the collection back then, he had put it away and completely forgotten about it. But the image of the forgotten leaf reappeared vividly in his dream.

Had he also seen Xie Shiyu’s note in the trash five years ago? Chu Feng couldn’t remember.

Normal people who see notes with characters they don’t understand in the trash wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Chu Feng probably forgot about it.

But this incident was still stored in a corner of his brain, projected into the dream city by the game system.

“These incomprehensible letters and ‘fly’, could they be codes for some kind of alcohol or medicine?” the spirit suggested.

Lin Lan: “Makes sense!”

“I’ve searched before. Couldn’t figure it out.” Chu Feng pointed to the word “fly”, “I haven’t found anything related to alcohol or medicine.”

Lin Lan couldn’t understand why Chu Feng started with “fly”, but X immediately understood. To decipher a strange set of characters, the first thing to do was to look for differences, starting with the most different word. On this note, previously there were simple letters and numbers like RP, G, and 0, which could have countless interpretations, but the Chinese characters “fly” were just that, “fly”.

“Is there any alcohol or medicine related to flies?” Chu Feng asked.

Lin Lan: “Um… who would name alcohol or medicine after flies? Flies are so disgusting, and alcohol and medicine are meant to be ingested…”

The spirit stood still, making constipated noises, still trying to retrieve information.

Before the system’s search could load, X suddenly said:

“Have you heard of the Spanish Fly?”

Chu Feng: “What?”

X remained silent for a moment, then said:

“It’s an aphrodisiac.”

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