The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Human Skin Painting 01

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The midday sun blazed with unrelenting intensity, causing the air to quiver as if it were being grilled. It created an illusion of distorted space, playing tricks on people’s senses. The road adjacent to the subway entrance radiated scorching heat, with vehicles hurriedly coming and going. Meanwhile, on the other side, pedestrians sought solace from the oppressive heat by deliberately strolling along the shaded sidewalks.

The scene unfolded with an interesting juxtaposition. On one side, a crowd of pedestrians filled the path, leaving little room to move. In contrast, the other half stood empty, exposed to the scorching sun. 

The area by the subway entrance and the adjacent sidewalk bustled with cars and shared bicycles, leaving only a narrow path for pedestrians. Amidst this commotion, a young man emerged from the subway. He sported a white T-shirt with a long red checkered shirt layered over it, the sleeves casually rolled up to his elbows. An old red string adorned his right wrist, featuring an ancient copper coin. His attire was completed with black pants and high-top shoes, while a backpack rested comfortably on his shoulders. With a pleasant countenance and an air of tranquility, he walked with ease.

Despite the scorching weather, the young man seemed unaffected, exuding a cool and refreshing aura. Unbeknownst to him, his presence somehow seemed to temper the heat around, lending a cooler ambiance to everything in his vicinity.

Following the directions on the electronic map, Chen Yang entered the community, moving away from the noisy road and finding a quieter environment.

The community was surrounded by lush trees, and walking on the tree-lined path dispersed the heat.

“West Community… Building 10.” Chen Yang looked up. “Turn left and keep going.”

The address on the job application form led him to a residential building instead of the Dafu Subdistrict Office mentioned. It looked like the office was nowhere to be found.

Chen Yang approached a middle-aged lady who had just exited the residential building. He asked for directions, and she pointed him to a small path. “Go from there, straight ahead, and you’ll reach it.”

The small path was crowded with cars, bicycles, and a few shared bikes that had fallen over. Chen Yang followed the path, which led him through a dense shade and a narrow gravel road. After some effort, he finally emerged and found himself facing an old six-story residential building.

As he entered the courtyard, he noticed a large metal sign to the left of the entrance gate, displaying the words “Dafu Subdistrict Office, Shenchun West Community.”

Inside the lobby, Chen Yang realized it didn’t resemble a typical subdistrict office. There were no rows of chairs or service windows. Instead, it felt more like a cozy living room, with a coffee table, sofa, and a landscape painting hanging on the wall.

On the right side of the lobby, there was a square table adorned with two incense burners, two water cups, and two wine glasses. Each had five offerings, including incense, flowers, lamps, water, and fruits.

Behind the altar table and incense burners were two portraits of ancestral masters. One depicted Celestial Sect Master Zhang, while the other portrayed the Three Perfect Lords from the Maoshan Sect.

Chen Yang’s mouth twitched, feeling the urge to give those who worshiped the ancestral masters a good slap.

The revered ancestral masters were crammed onto a single altar table, lacking even a proper place to reside. They were confined to mere portraits, forced to share the limited space. It was truly disheartening.

Shaking his head, Chen Yang abruptly paused, his brows furrowing in deep thought.

He distinctly remembered this place as the venue for scientific and logical discussions. But why were they honoring ancestral masters from two different sects? Had he somehow ended up in the wrong location?

Chen Yang silently turned on his heels, realizing that such good fortune was too good to be true. Fresh out of school, he had been handed a job offer to serve as the manager of the community subdistrict office.

As expected, it turned out to be unreliable.

Stepping out of his office, Ma Shanfeng, his prominent paunch preceding him, surveyed the unfamiliar young man before him. Recognition flickered across his face as he recalled that this was the candidate scheduled for the manager’s position interview. He promptly called out to him.

“Chen Yang?”

Chen Yang turned around and saw Ma Shanfeng, who was wearing a smile as radiant as Maitreya Buddha. He felt a bit puzzled as he greeted him, “Hello.”

Closing the distance between them, Ma Shanfeng extended his hand, subtly preventing any thoughts of escape. With a warm and welcoming smile, he inquired, “You must be Chen Yang, the candidate for today’s interview, right? Did you bring the necessary documents?”

“Yes, I brought them… Is this the Dafu Subdistrict Office?”

Ma Shanfeng nodded, his eyes narrowing. Sensing Chen Yang’s skepticism and hesitation, he said, “We’re not too strict around here. The work is relaxed, except during certain busy periods. We provide meals and accommodation, along with complete social security benefits. On regular days and holidays, we offer sponsored trips and provide some fruits and daily necessities. Basically, if you stay for twenty years, you can retire and receive a pension. The government will also provide a house for you to live in…”

Completely drawn in by the security benefits, as well as the provided meals and accommodation, Chen Yang couldn’t help but feel enticed by what he heard.

Having successfully made it from a small village in the south to B University, Chen Yang aspired to stay in the bustling city after graduation. However, the challenge of finding stable food and shelter loomed over him, especially considering he had a family to support.

“Can I bring my family to live in the dormitory?”

“How many people?”

“Just my partner.”

In that moment, Ma Shanfeng’s gaze toward Chen Yang changed. Getting married right after graduation was quite commendable.

“The allocated house has two bedrooms and a living room. You can even have a child in the future,” Ma Shanfeng’s tone shifted, “However, good benefits indicate strict conditions. You need to pass the interview assessment first.”

Chen Yang stood up straight, his eyes sparkling. “I will work hard.”

Ma Shanfeng’s smile grew warmer as he observed the young man standing in front of him, a sense of satisfaction filling his heart.

The young man’s handsome appearance was a pleasant sight. As a representative of the subdistrict office, he would undoubtedly make a remarkable impression. His evident excitement, driven solely by the prospect of having a place to live, showcased his genuine enthusiasm. It was evident that he was a sincere and ambitious individual.

Good, very good.

“So, what are we assessing now?”

Ma Shanfeng took out his phone and made a call, speaking in a low voice before hanging up. He looked up and gestured for Chen Yang to take a seat. “Have some tea first. The assessment tasks will be brought to you soon.”

Chen Yang nodded and sat down. Then he asked, “This is the subdistrict office, but why haven’t I seen anyone?”

Wasn’t it usually busy during work hours?

“This is the Dafu Subdistrict Branch Office.”

Chen Yang’s smile faded. A branch office for a subdistrict office?

“At present, we have three staff members, and if you successfully pass the assessment, there will be four of us. Our intention is to recruit a new manager for the branch office, someone who can effectively lead and propel the growth of our community. We aspire for the new manager to guide and expand our branch office with utmost dedication and vision.”

…Did that mean they would unify the entire subdistrict and community?

Chen Yang remained silent for a moment and asked, “Is it really true that it includes free meals, accommodation, and social security benefits?”

Ma Shanfeng spoke firmly, “It’s true! If you pass the assessment today, you can move in tonight.”

Chen Yang made a determined decision. As long as he didn’t break the law and had the guarantee of meals, accommodation, and social security benefits, he was determined to stay!

Suddenly, a lively young girl bounced in and exclaimed, “Ma Shangfeng, we’ve got an assignment!”

“Here comes the assessment.” Ma Shanfeng smiled warmly, not bothered by his nickname. He pointed to the young girl and introduced her, “One of our staff members, Mao Xiaoli.”

Mao Xiaoli glanced at Chen Yang and immediately smiled, telling him about the office employee benefits. She even presented a contract with a pen and paper, encouraging him to sign quickly. It was only when Ma Shanfeng cleared his throat that she reluctantly said, “Sign the contract after passing the assessment… I’ll choose a simple one for you, handsome. I believe in you.”

After speaking, she retrieved her phone and logged into an app, intending to accept a straightforward neighborhood dispute case. Just as she was about to proceed, Ma Shanfeng lightly tapped her back and asked, “Xiaoli, are you finished?”

Caught off guard, Mao Xiaoli made a blunder and inadvertently confirmed the next assignment. Once confirmed, there was no turning back. Glancing at the task’s three-star difficulty level, she realized it was a challenge only a seasoned professional could handle.

Her anger surged, and she pointed an accusing finger at Ma Shanfeng, exclaiming, “Crafty old fox!”

Ma Shanfeng smiled and said, “You can go together. If it doesn’t work out, we can transfer you to the head office.” Then he turned to Chen Yang and encouraged him, “Young man, give it your best.”

Puzzled, Chen Yang looked at Mao Xiaoli for an explanation.

Mao Xiaoli wore a regretful expression and explained in a dejected manner, “Our Dafu Branch Office operates in a distinct manner from traditional subdistrict offices. We have adopted a unique approach by utilizing the Dafu APP to receive and manage our work assignments, which come with varying levels of difficulty. These assignments are rated on a scale of five stars, with five being the most demanding yet rewarding in terms of compensation. In addition to a monthly base salary, we also receive a portion of the assignment fees, which can generate significant profits for us.”

“Dafu APP?”

“Once you sign the contract, we will give you the link and account, so you can download and log in. Then you can start receiving assignments on your own. However, even if you receive an assignment, the employer may reject it  if your level is not high enough—let’s forget about it for now. Let’s focus on passing the assessment first.”

No matter how much explanation was given, if the assessment was not passed, it would be all in vain.

Mao Xiaoli’s words remained incomplete, but Chen Yang grasped their underlying meaning. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm remained undiminished.

Free accommodation, comprehensive social insurance, monthly salary plus commission—these were generous benefits.

“Let’s go to the employer’s house.”

Chen Yang nodded and followed along. He overheard Mao Xiaoli muttering under her breath, “Strange, how did they agree to a three-star request? I’ve just been granted the All Merits Seal, and typically, three-star requests are handled by the keepers of Five Thunders Seal.”

Chen Yang’s footsteps paused, and a slight change flickered in his eyes.

The “All Seal” and “Five Thunders Seal” that Mao Xiaoli mentioned held significant positions as ranks within the celestial master order. This order consisted of a hierarchical structure consisting of nine ranks, often referred to as the Nine Grades or Nine Levels. One should know that only individuals who had genuinely received the Seal, or Plaque, were bestowed with the title of Celestial Master, signifying their elevated status. The Seal itself comprised five distinct scriptures: All Merits, Alliance Authority, Five Thunders, Three Caverns, and Supreme Clarity, each representing a specific grade ranging from the seventh to the first rank.

[T/N: it’s actually Three Caverns Five Thunders but I’m just gonna shorten it to Three Caverns to avoid confusion]

Mao Xiaoli, holding an All Merits Seal, should be a celestial master ranging from seventh to sixth rank.

However, wasn’t this supposed to be a run-of-the-mill evaluation for community center activities and neighborhood dispute resolution? Connecting it to the celestial master hierarchy and job requests felt very strange.

Chen Yang pursed his lips in silence and decided to see the assessment first before making any judgments.

Maybe he was overthinking it?

Half an hour later, Chen Yang stood in front of a villa and asked Mao Xiaoli earnestly, “Tell me the truth, what does the Dafu Subdistrict Office actually do?”

Mao Xiaoli replied, “It’s not the Subdistrict Office, it’s the Dafu Branch Office.”

Chen Yang felt a sense of despair.

“Don’t worry, we are also classified as civil servants, but our benefits are a hundred times better than regular civil servants… although it still can’t compare to the central district. The nature of the work is actually quite similar, serving the people.” Mao Xiaoli gradually fell silent, probably because Chen Yang’s accusing gaze was too obvious.

“What is the assessment?”

Mao Xiaoli raised her thumb and said, “Want to go in and take a look?”


Chen Yang entered the villa and realized that there were not only one group of people who had come, but two. He heard that one group had just left.

After hearing this, Mao Xiaoli shook her head and said, “So they were desperate for a solution. No wonder they didn’t refuse when we request to take the assignment.”

After a moment of contemplation, Chen Yang understood the situation and came to a realization.

The family’s surname was Han, and their only daughter had been possessed by an evil spirit. They had invited several groups of celestial masters to come. However, all of them had failed, and the difficulty of the task had escalated from one star to three stars. It just happened to be picked up by Mao Xiaoli.


Sixteen is considered underage, so let’s change it to the shou meeting the gong at sixteen and getting married at eighteen! mua mua!

Dafu Branch Office: Difu (Hell) Branch Office.

In this story, the categories and ranks of celestial masters are all standardized. Not all categories may be mentioned, so there is no need for explanation. The ranks mentioned in the story, which refers to the attainment of the five Seals, range from seventh rank to first rank. As for the ninth to eighth ranks, they are just entry-level, so they can be ignored.


Celestial master ranking in ascending order: All Merits ↠ Alliance Authority ↠ Five Thunders ↠ Three Caverns ↠ Supreme Clarity

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