The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Human Skin Painting 02

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In the villa, two distinct sets of people could be seen, totaling three individuals. One set consisted of only a single person, radiating an air of mystery and solitude. The other group comprised a master and his disciple, engaged in deep conversation. Initially sizing each other up, their vigilant expressions shifted when they spotted Mao Xiaoli and Chen Yang. Suddenly, their wary gazes transformed into a common purpose.

Mao Xiaoli whispered, “They seem a bit cautious around us, perhaps fearing competition. It’s understandable, considering they charge a higher price. After all, when it comes to three-star quality work, it’s only natural for the price to be higher.”

“The task is also quite challenging,” Chen Yang spoke calmly, showing no signs of concern. After all, he couldn’t take on this job or pass the assessment. “I doubt it will be our turn to resolve it.”

Bringing up the topic, Mao Xiaoli asked, “What’s your rank?”

“…Nil… Does that count?”


Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli exchanged glances, their faces filled with bewilderment.

“Aren’t you supposed to be a celestial master?”

Chen Yang shook his head. “I originally applied for the position of manager at the subdistrict office. I’m a government employee, part of the national workforce.”

“This can’t be right. Did they send the wrong recruitment notice?” Mao Xiaoli felt overwhelmed. “The head office is playing games with us, appointing an ordinary person as the manager. Even if the branch office is not their biological child, the difference in treatment doesn’t have to be so obvious, right?”

Chen Yang forced a bitter smile, unsure how he ended up being chosen.

He always avoided spirits and ghosts, keeping his distance as much as possible. Finally, he received a response to the resumes he sent out after graduation. The job and benefits enticed him greatly. Unexpectedly, the role involved dealing with supernatural entities. He had no choice but to decline.

Even if the benefits were excellent, he had to refuse. It was just a shame to give up the five insurances and one housing fund, along with the great retirement benefits that included housing allocation.

Mao Xiaoli, sensing his desire to quit, quickly held him back, “Brother Chen, please lend a hand. Even if we fail, let’s not lose face. If you leave now, word will spread that the employees of our Dafu Branch Office are quitters who fled without even facing the evil spirits. We’ll lose our reputation, and it won’t be long before we can’t find any work and end up bankrupt.”

Chen Yang removed her hand from his arm, smiled, and discreetly rubbed his own arm.

The young girl was slim and petite, but surprisingly had strong wrists.

“Alright then, I won’t leave.”

After briefly glancing at Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli, the other two groups realized they didn’t recognize them and probably weren’t renowned celestial masters. Consequently, they let go of their wariness towards the duo and focused on their own precautions.

Mao Xiaoli breathed a sigh of relief and quietly whispered to Chen Yang, “Did you see those two individuals?”

“Weren’t there three?”

“We don’t need to bother about the young one. In my estimation, he probably hasn’t received his Seal yet.”

It was said that before receiving the Seal, one could not summon or invoke deities. This meant that only with the Seal can one attain the entry-level status of a celestial master. After obtaining the Seal, a certificate would be issued, registering their name in the divine records visible to deities. This enabled them to communicate with deities and harness their power to combat evil and vanquish spirits.

Mao Xiaoli remarked, “Their waist plaques bear the mark of the Alliance Authority. Look, both Seals are adorned with cyan tassels, indicating they are fourth-rank celestial masters. They definitely didn’t come from the head office, otherwise, why would they accept a three-star assignment? It’s clear they’re driven by money.”

Chen Yang shifted his gaze and indeed noticed the two middle-aged men with wooden plaques tied around their waists. The plaques were intricately engraved with text, and beneath them hung cyan tassels.

His knowledge of celestial master ranking was limited, but he could infer that there were hierarchical levels. It seemed that wooden plaques and tassel colors were used for differentiation.

The higher the rank, the more skilled a celestial master was.

Chen Yang unconsciously asked Mao Xiaoli, “How did you deduce that they are from the Alliance Authority?”

“By examining the scriptures on the wooden plaques and the color of the tassels,” Mao Xiaoli presented her own wooden plaque, which had a white tassel attached. “See?”

Chen Yang glanced at the wooden plaque in her hand, noticing the densely written scriptures.

“‘Scripture of All Merits of the Three and the Five of the Most High’?”

“You have quite the observation skills. Are you, at your core, a celestial master?” 

“No, I’m not.”

Mao Xiaoli wore a skeptical expression, but Chen Yang dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “It’s true, I’m not a celestial master. I just have some familiarity with folklore. It was part of a research project during my university days. Hence, I have a bit of knowledge.”

Mao Xiaoli quickly accepted it, though others would have doubted. Even with knowledge of folklore, it was impossible to recognize the scriptures at a glance. Unfortunately for Mao Xiaoli, she came from a family of celestial masters, and her relatives and friends were extremely familiar with the scriptures. Consequently, she couldn’t differentiate between an ordinary person’s understanding of the scriptures and that of a celestial master. Her suspicions dissipated swiftly.

Chen Yang breathed a sigh of relief and refrained from prying further.

At that moment, the owner of the villa, Mr. Han, descended the stairs and warmly greeted them, beckoning them to take a seat.

“As you have accepted this task, I assume you are aware of its difficulty. Four groups of celestial masters have attempted to resolve my daughter’s issue, but unfortunately, none have succeeded. If any of you can save my daughter today, I will be deeply grateful and offer my heartfelt gratitude.”

Han Jiashan, a renowned entrepreneur in the country, had built his empire in the food industry. Despite his humble beginnings, he carried himself with a refined air that revealed his literary cultivation. In just a few brief sentences, he managed to leave a positive impression on those around him.

“Mr. Han, rest assured. My master has traveled far and wide, encountering a multitude of supernatural phenomena. He has even participated in the legendary Screw-Tightening Grand Ceremony.”

Han Jiashan’s expression flickered upon hearing this. “Celestial Master Luo is truly extraordinary.”

Mao Xiaoli couldn’t help but flash a mischievous grin, whispering under her breath, “They’re really boasting now.”

“We entrust the life of my daughter to you, Celestial Masters. If you can save her, I will express my gratitude by generously rewarding each of you with a sum of 400,000 yuan,” Mr. Han declared.

What? 400,000 yuan?

With a slight movement, Chen Yang positioned himself in front of Mao Xiaoli, flashing a warm and approachable smile. “Mr. Han, rest assured, banishing evil and warding off ghosts is our responsibility. As the leading figure in our industry, we boast top-notch expertise and unwavering commitment. Our standard practice involves thorough elimination, ensuring no lingering troubles for our valued clients. We prioritize customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a five-star service.”

Perhaps it was Chen Yang’s charming appearance and genuine smile that effortlessly evoked trust and likability in others.

Han Jiashan inquired, “And who might you be?”

“I am Chen Yang.”

“Celestial Master Chen. I wonder, to which sect do you belong? Zhengyi, Quanzhen, or Maoshan…”

“We are part of the Dafu Office, an organization specifically established to assist individuals like you, Mr. Han, who share similar concerns. Within our organization, we are fortunate to have numerous exceptional celestial masters. For instance, the person standing behind me is a descendant of the renowned Maoshan Sect, belonging to a family of celestial masters. Xiaoli, please provide Mr. Han with our business card.”

Mao Xiaoli found herself utterly dumbfounded, unable to respond for a moment.


“Oh, oh, the business card.” Xiaoli reached into her pocket and pulled out a black and white card. However, the card simply bore the words “Dafu Office” and a series of contact numbers.

Its design was plain, bordering on rudimentary, but the black and white contrast lent it an aura of simplicity and elegance. At the very least, the simplicity had transformed into an enigmatic charm.

Chen Yang had contemplated producing a hundred different explanations if Xiaoli failed to present a business card.

Just then, the celestial master who had arrived alone stepped forward, interrupting their conversation, and inquired, “Mr. Han, could you kindly provide us with more specific details?”

“Oh, certainly.”

Mr. Han began to recount the exact circumstances surrounding his daughter, Han Ke. As the only daughter, Han Ke had always possessed a lively and outgoing nature. However, a disturbing change had taken place after her recent visit to their ancestral home last month. Han Ke underwent a profound transformation, becoming an entirely different person—withdrawn, obedient, and often isolating herself indoors, avoiding any form of public interaction.

During several nights, Han Ke would awaken abruptly, filling the air with haunting melodies of Cantonese opera that sent shivers down the spines of the entire family. Mrs. Han, alarmed by the unusual occurrence, would hurriedly switch on the lights, only to find her daughter, Han Ke, seemingly responsible. She scolded Han Ke and sent her back to sleep, but the next day, Han Ke had no recollection of the incident. Nevertheless, a series of peculiar behaviors began manifesting in Han Ke, causing Mr. Han to suspect a possession.

Initially, they presumed it to be an ordinary case of possession, given the absence of any casualties or harm within the family. However, when they sought the aid of a celestial master, their efforts ended in failure. The family’s cherished koi fish and beloved pet dog inexplicably perished, their lifeless forms bearing gruesome marks of suffering.

As time went on, Han Ke’s physical condition rapidly deteriorated, her once vibrant form withering away into a mere semblance of life.

It was only then that Mr. Han realized this predicament surpassed the simplicity of a common possession. He feared that a malevolent ghost might be lurking, intent on extinguishing Han Ke’s life.

The solitary celestial master, surnamed Lv, inquired, “Mr. Han, did the possession occur after your visit to your ancestral home last month, or had it taken hold before that? Were there any specific locations you visited prior to the possession?”

“Numerous celestial masters have inquired about this matter. Han Ke fell victim to possession during her ancestral visit, though the exact timeframe remains uncertain.”

Startled, the disciple of Celestial Master Luo exclaimed, “During the ancestral visit? Could it be that she offended the ancestors along the way?”

Mao Xiaoli: “Which ancestor could possibly be so petty as to jeopardize the life of their own descendant?”

It seemed utterly inconceivable. Ancestors who were respected, properly honored, and had peacefully passed away would never endanger lives, let alone the lives of their own progeny. At most, they would offer guidance or administer a gentle reprimand for any lack of filial piety. They would never disturb the peace of the household.

Chen Yang: “Mr. Han, do you happen to recall any strange incidents along the way? Did Miss Han engage in any actions that might be considered disrespectful toward the departed?”

Mr. Han delved into his memories, pausing before finally responding, “During the ancestral rites, there was quite a gathering. My ancestral home is in Western Guangdong, and last month coincided with Tomb-Sweeping Day. It is customary for us to ascend the mountainside to pay respects to our ancestors. As for anything odd or disrespectful… Ah, it’s coming back to me now. Keke passed by a newly adorned grave and caught sight of a photograph on the tombstone. She couldn’t help but remark on the deceased’s beauty.”

Just as Master Lv was about to speak, Master Luo quickly interjected, “What happened afterward?”

Master Lv cast a vexed glance at him, but the latter remained unfazed.

When it came to four hundred thousand yuan, who would be concerned about trivial and dismissive glances?

“Afterward… there was a young man beside Keke who said, ‘It’s a shame that she died so young.’ Keke promptly replied, ‘If only I were as beautiful as her, it wouldn’t matter if I died early.’ Then, the village chief scolded them both, cautioning that their behavior could attract the attention and discontent of those who passed away prematurely. At that moment, I didn’t dwell on it much. Could it be that just because of those words, Keke is now being targeted for a dreadful fate?”

Mao Xiaoli shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t bother trying to reason with ghosts.”

Han Jiashan: “So, what exactly is happening?”

Mao Xiaoli glanced at Chen Yang, gesturing for him to explain, but she was prepared to do it herself if needed.

Chen Yang: “By analyzing the information you provided, we can extract some insights. A freshly adorned grave, a deceased person of exceptional beauty, and an untimely demise. This suggests that the departed individual was young and attractive, having recently departed from this world. Typically, those who pass away prematurely spend a longer period in the realm of spirits before reincarnation. Their premature demise and unfulfilled desires cultivate deep-seated resentment. Moreover, if the deceased possessed beauty but lacked the corresponding fortunes to enjoy, the resentment intensifies. Your daughter’s words, in fact, constituted a veiled form of conditional exchange.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that your daughter desired beauty and used the concept of an early demise as a bargaining chip.”

“Keke merely uttered it without much thought.”

“Do you genuinely believe that ghosts would take it seriously?”

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