The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Skeleton Under The Clothes 04

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Feng Yuan and his friends felt upset but they didn’t have the courage to argue against Kou Xuanling’s words.

After all, they were the ones who caused this situation, and those things were targeting them. It was only appropriate for them to handle it.

“So… what should we do?”

Chen Yang replied, “You don’t need to do anything special. Just continue with your normal lives.”

Feng Yuan and the other two didn’t understand.

Chen Yang explained, “The demonic spirits have already appeared around you. Since they have set their sights on you, they will approach you in various disguises. They need to understand your habits and social interactions. During these next few days, just pay extra attention to the people you interact with. The demonic spirits will be among them.”

Ge Qing raised a concern, “But what if we can’t recognize strangers? And what if the demonic spirits harm us?”


Mao Xiaoli took out four talismans from his pocket and handed them over. “Evil spirits and demons are afraid of thunder and fire. Whenever they encounter this Five Thunders talisman, they become frightened and reveal their true form. Throw the Five Thunders talisman at the evil spirits, and it will protect your lives.”

“And after that?”

“Run away as fast as you can.”


Mao Xiaoli thought for a moment and added, “Don’t forget to shout for help.”

Ge Qing: “Won’t you personally protect us?”

Kou Xuanling: “Then, would there be a need for you to lure them out?”

The three individuals were left speechless, and the matter was settled. Chen Yang and the others settled in the villa and noticed that they were short of one room. There were a total of eight people, but only seven rooms were available.

Feng Yuan hoped that Ge Qing would share a room with Mao Xiaoli, but both of them declined simultaneously.

Ge Qing turned to Chen Yang and said, “Master Chen, I would be happy to share a room with you.”

Mao Xiaoli protested and stood in front of Chen Yang, fiercely protecting the manager’s innocence. Just then, Du Bei emerged and said, “He will share a room with me.”

After speaking, he cast a glance at Chen Yang and then turned and walked into the room.

Chen Yang: “Alright then. I’ll go in first and unpack my things. I’ll come out for lunch later.”

Mao Xiaoli had no objections as long as the manager’s innocence was preserved. She quickly went to choose a room and arrange her luggage.

The rest of the people dispersed in the hallway, leaving only Kou Xuanling. Although he appeared unaffected, turmoil brewed in his heart.

Was that the same Director Du, known in the celestial master realm for being silent, serious, and distant? He actually took the initiative to invite someone to share a room with him? He had claimed an entire floor at the head office and not a single person had set foot there even until now!

As soon as the door closed, an unfamiliar presence descended from above. Chen Yang’s hand gripping the doorknob froze, his brow furrowing. He turned around and found Du Bei standing right behind him, calmly staring at him.

The two of them were in close proximity.

Chen Yang closed the door and took a step back, looking up at Du Bei. “Change back.”

Du Bei maintained his expression. “What do you mean?”

Chen Yang crossed his arms. “It means that if you don’t revert to the familiar appearance and aura that I know, you’re not allowed to hug me.”

“Did you notice?”

“You made it quite obvious.”

Shuo was also Bei. Hence, Du Bei was Du Shuo. So glaringly obvious.

[T/N] Shuo refers to the point on the Chinese compass which represents the direction of north; Bei means north.

“Yangyang is really smart.” Du Shuo reverted to his true appearance, exuding a handsome and aloof demeanor, unmatched in nobility.

“Don’t change the topic. How did you become a celestial master from the head office?”

“There has been a collaboration project between the Underworld and the mortal realm, which started twenty years ago. I volunteered and took on the alias Du Bei. I’ve been working at the head office for three years.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

They had been married for six years, but Chen Yang was surprised to discover that Du Shuo had been hiding something from him. What was even more astonishing was that Du Shuo had kept it a secret for three years, which left Chen Yang feeling dissatisfied.

“I did mention it, but you didn’t listen.”

Chen Yang looked skeptical. “Did you really?”

Du Shuo nodded. “I mentioned it three years ago when I first took office. However, at that time, your attention was focused on a group of sheep.”

A group of sheep? Three years ago?

Chen Yang coughed nervously. Back then, he had been immersed in that well-known domestic animated series. A group of sheep and two wolves were featured in a total of 530 episodes, and he had diligently followed them all.

It wasn’t entirely his fault. It was the first animated series he had ever come across. Before the age of sixteen, he was preoccupied with staying alive and studying magical arts. After turning sixteen, he was busy catching up on the studies he had missed. With only two years left until the college entrance exam, he had to cover all the knowledge.

Fortunately, Du Shuo helped him with his studies.

Before entering college, he had only watched the older version of “Journey to the West.” After starting college, he indulged in that famous domestic animated series for quite some time. He stayed up late secretly, without Du Shuo knowing, forgetting to cook several times. It took him half a year to complete sewing the clothes he had made for him.

Yes, cooking and sewing clothes. These were skills that Chen Yang had learned from a young age and had become proficient in. Even after getting married, he didn’t let these skills slide.

“Do you remember now?”

Chen Yang lowered his head and gave a gentle shake to Du Shuo’s sleeve. “I forgot.”

Du Shuo raised his hand and lightly pressed the back of Chen Yang’s neck, as if capturing a small prey.

“So, you were the one who gave me the job appointment letter?”


“No wonder you don’t need me to earn money for our family… Do you have a salary?”


The entire underworld belonged to him, and the Dafu Office was a collaborative project between the underworld and the mortal realm. Honestly, the thousands of years old Emperor of Fengdu had never received a salary.

Chen Yang had a sudden realization. “You’re accumulating merit.”

Du Shuo remained silent, indicating that it was somewhat true.

Although this merit was practically insignificant to him, like a drop in the ocean, it wasn’t worth mentioning.

“Can you still adapt?”

Chen Yang nodded. “I’ve been learning spells from Grandpa Wu for about two years, so I can easily handle normal ghosts and spirits. Besides, after marrying you, I’m like a part of the underworld, stopping those evil spirits from possessing me. Also, this job allows me to earn money more easily.”

“What if you encounter danger?”

Chen Yang blinked and embraced Du Shuo, snuggling into his arms. “Brother Du, my grandpa, my parents… they were all killed by evil spirits because of me. They never gave up on me, even in death. And Grandpa Wu, he defied the heavens and went against fate to arrange a Yin union for me. And now, you’ve been by my side, protecting me day and night, just so I can stay alive. I treasure my life, so if there’s danger, I’ll run away first thing.”

Du Shuo gently squeezed his neck. “Remember that. Your life is the most important.”

“Hmm.” Chen Yang said contentedly, “Besides, if things get really bad, I can always call for you.”

Du Shuo chuckled softly. “Mischievous spirit.”

“By the way, did you find anything when you were out?”

“Let’s talk about your findings first.”

“Now I’m completely certain that it’s indeed the work of demonic spirits. The methods they use to harm people are ruthless, stripping off human skin and devouring flesh. They seem to have attained human form by consuming the essence and blood of humans.” Chen Yang contemplated seriously. “And it’s likely that there’s not just one demonic spirit. However, I’m still not sure what exactly they have transformed into.”

Du Shuo nodded. “Hmm. What else?”

Chen Yang furrowed his brow, his expression somewhat hesitant. “I don’t know… I’m a bit concerned about those demonic spirits raising ghosts.”

“What do you mean?”

“The area around the haunted mansion in Miyun is filled with ancient locust trees, and ghosts are born from their reliance on those trees. In such a situation, it’s difficult to ensure that the demonic spirits won’t raise ghosts.”

Most likely, they were raising ghosts.

Du Shuo’s eyes revealed admiration. “Impressive. You can deduce all this just by reading the information and listening to accounts. Yangyang is really smart.”

Chen Yang had grown accustomed to him praising himself in a way one would praise a child. Although this man was his husband, in reality, he was probably several times older. Thinking about it like that, it didn’t feel strange to occasionally be treated like a child.

“So, what did you find out?”

“Let’s play a guessing game.”

Chen Yang became intrigued. He used to play this game often, and every time he won, he would receive generous rewards. “How do we play? Are there any rules?”

“No specific rules. Within three days, based on the clues, you need to identify all the demonic spirits and guess their original forms. That’s how you win.”


“Ghost Locust Tree.”

“That’s it?”

“One clue per day. That’s today’s clue.” Du Shuo smiled at him.

Chen Yang made a face. “How stingy.”

While locust trees were often associated with spirits, not all of them harbored lost souls and wandering ghosts. In the northern regions, locust trees were believed to be the dwelling place of ancestral spirits, providing shade and blessings to future generations. However, the concept of Ghost Locust Trees was quite the opposite, as they attracted wandering spirits and ghosts. Once they reached maturity, they could become a threat to people.

A Ghost Locust Tree referred to the growth of peculiar lump on the tree trunk that resembled human heads. When these nodules cracked open and revealed facial features, the locust tree became intertwined with the spirit, forming a Ghost Locust Tree. At this stage, it possessed the ability to harm people.

It was crucial to seek the assistance of a celestial master to eliminate it, as otherwise, it could disturb and unsettle households.

Chen Yang rubbed his chin, wondering if there were Ghost Locust Trees planted in the Haoyuan Villa area.

If there were demonic spirits raising ghosts, then it would be normal to have Ghost Locust Trees in the courtyard. Was the first clue really that obvious?

“You… aren’t pulling  my legs, are you?”

Du Shuo smiled and pulled him into his embrace, holding him tightly. “Consider it a special treat for the first day.”

“Will there be more tomorrow?”

“Don’t be too greedy.”

Chen Yang pursed his lips, lost in thought.

However, before he could even feel relieved, he realized that the Haoyuan Villa was filled with locust trees, with even a whole grove of them. Chen Yang had forgotten that the North was different from the South. Setting aside feng shui, in terms of geographical conditions alone, it was easier to cultivate locust trees in the North than in the South.

In the South, locust trees were considered evil spirits, associated with darkness and malevolence. In the North, however, locust trees were seen as the resting place of ancestors, providing shade and protection for descendants and their homes. Seeing a locust tree was like seeing a noble figure. Therefore, it was not unusual to find locust trees in the North, and coincidentally, the developer of the Haoyuan Villa had a liking for locust trees and planted many of them.

Well, now the challenge was to find the ghostly locust tree with a lump among hundreds of locust trees, which raised the difficulty level.

Chen Yang said to Du Shuo, “You’re cunning.”

Chen Yang advised Mao Xiaoli to be mindful of the Ghost Locust Tree, while Feng Yuan and others were often chased out of the villa, wandering around the neighborhood to attract demonic spirits. However, even after spending a day outside, they didn’t gain much.

On the contrary, Wei Changping came back much happier and even had an extra bowl of rice.

When Chen Yang inquired, Wei Changping replied, “I just met a beautiful girl, and it got my adrenaline pumping.”

“A beautiful girl?”

Wei Changping grinned, “She’s gorgeous, with a perfect figure. She just moved in recently.”

Kou Xuanling: “Aren’t you afraid she might be a demonic spirit pretending to be human?”

Wei Changping hesitated and showed a reluctant expression, “I don’t think so. She’s really beautiful.”

“The more beautiful they are, the more suspicious it becomes. They can easily captivate people like you.”

Wei Changping was completely frightened, losing all romantic thoughts.

Chen Yang shook his head, choosing not to remind Wei Changping that if she were truly a demonic spirit, the Five Thunders talisman would have already been activated. However, a little scare wouldn’t hurt, just to avoid falling into a trap later on.

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