The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Skeleton Under The Clothes 05

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Chen Yang woke up suddenly.

Opening his eyes, he could easily read the time on the bedside lamp: 12:23.

He sat up, put on his coat, and got out of bed. Du Shuo also woke up silently, following suit by slipping on his slippers.

“Did you feel it too?” Chen Yang asked Du Shuo.

Du Shuo: “Let’s go check.”


They opened the door and stepped out of the room, spotting Kou Xuanling holding a small compass. Kou Xuanling noticed them as he opened his door. He nodded respectfully at Du Shuo and hesitated to speak. Then he turned to Chen Yang and inquired, “Did you also notice something strange?”

Chen Yang relied on his instincts rather than tools. However, it wasn’t the right time to explain, so he simply nodded in agreement. The three of them set off, walking ahead. Chen Yang and Du Shuo followed behind, while Kou Xuanling followed the compass needle’s direction.

As they reached the third floor, they suddenly heard a piercing scream that shattered the quietness of the villa in the dead of night. Chen Yang paused briefly, then quickened his pace and started running. Kou Xuanling had already put away the compass and hurried towards the room from where the sound originated.

Kou Xuanling rushed ahead and kicked the door open. As the door swung open, Chen Yang furrowed his brow.

The ghostly aura was remarkably strong!

It nearly manifested as white frost, eagerly lunging towards any signs of life, its jaws gnashing and its claws resembling menacing spirits.

Kou Xuanling tossed a talisman, adhering it to the ceiling beam, and formed a hand gesture. “Heaven and Earth Mysterious Ancestors, source of boundless Qi. Let the Golden Radiance swiftly manifest to protect the True Ones. With authority of the Jade Emperor’s decree, descend upon us.”

As his words trailed off, the talisman on the ceiling emitted a golden light, dispelling the eerie ghostly aura and drawing in vitality, bringing warmth to the room.

Kou Xuanling recited the Daoist Golden Radiance Incantation, known for its ability to repel evil, enhance positive energy, purify negative energy, and ward off malevolent influences. It was the perfect choice to drive away the ghostly aura lingering in the room.

The piercing scream had disturbed the tranquility of the villa, waking up its occupants. Before long, Feng Yuan, Ge Qing, and a few others rushed to the scene. Mao Xiaoli arrived a step ahead, also sensing the presence of the ghostly aura, her surprise evident.

“How could there be such a chilling ghostly aura?”

Most celestial masters didn’t possess the innate ability to sense ghostly and negative energies. If they could feel it without relying on tools, it meant that the yin and ghostly energies had reached a level that required the use of talismans for expulsion.

Feng Yuan and the others couldn’t perceive the ghostly aura, but upon stepping into the room, they felt an icy coldness seeping through their feet, racing up their veins and sending a shiver down their spines. “W-Why is it so cold? Did Ren Lin set the air conditioning to zero?”

Ren Lin was the fourth individual in this group of friends. He hadn’t greeted Chen Yang and the others warmly during the day, nor had he joined them in the dining hall for dinner. This was his room, and there was no sign of the air conditioning being in use.

Ghostly energy seeping into the bodies of ordinary people could lead to severe illnesses. Chen Yang turned to Mao Xiaoli and said, “Xiaoli, recite the Golden Light Incantation for them.”

“Alright.” Mao Xiaoli readily agreed, then pointed her index finger at the Heavenly Spirit acupoints of the three individuals. “Heaven and Earth Mysterious Ancestors, source of boundless Qi. Let the Golden Radiance swiftly manifest to protect the True Ones. With authority of the Jade Emperor’s decree, descend upon us.”

Feng Yuan and the others immediately felt a clarity in their minds, the chill fading away, and a gradual warmth spreading through their limbs. As they looked at Mao Xiaoli and the others, a sense of awe mingled in their gaze. Previously, they had never encountered a celestial master or witnessed Chen Yang and the others display their powers, so they had been somewhat casual in their demeanor. Now, with Mao Xiaoli showcasing her skills, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of reverence.

The most noticeable change occurred in Ge Qing, who now regretted her decision. Assessing the situation inside the room, it was evident that something malevolent was present. If she had agreed to share a room with Mao Xiaoli, she wouldn’t have harbored any fears with Mao Xiaoli’s protection.

Feng Yuan: “This is Ren Lin’s room. Could something have happened to Ren Lin?”

“Most likely.” Chen Yang fixed his gaze on the bathroom door, walked over, and opened it. After a brief glance, he walked away and returned to Du Shuo’s side. Tilting his head slightly, he said to Feng Yuan and the others, “He’s already dead. Do you want to go in and see?”

Feng Yuan and the others’ faces turned ashen, aghast with terror.

Kou Xuanling and Mao Xiaoli stepped inside for a brief inspection, but when they emerged, their expressions were visibly disturbed, tinged with disgust and impatience.

Ge Qing dared not approach, while Wei Changping and Feng Yuan stole a glance inside, only to immediately retch.

In the bathtub lay Ren Lin’s lifeless body, without a slip of clothes and submerged in a pool of crimson. The bathroom bore splatters of blood, while the tub brimmed with the scarlet liquid. Ren Lin’s head arched backward, mouth agape, with strands of noodles thrust into his mouth and nostrils. His contorted face suggested an encounter with unspeakable horror. One eye had been plucked out, lost to sight. Stripped of all clothing, his flesh exposed below the neck, raw and gory.

This gruesome scene offered an explanation for the bathtub brimming with blood. Moreover, two shattered porcelain bowls and a bottle of sesame oil lay strewn across the bathroom floor.

Overwhelmed by the disconcerting sight and the overpowering stench of blood, Ge Qing nearly vomited. She tearfully asked, “Was Ren Lin killed by those demonic spirits? Aren’t you celestial masters? Aren’t you meant to protect us?”

Ge Qing’s tearful plea plunged Feng Yuan and Wei Changping into despair. They had enlisted the aid of celestial masters, hoping to safeguard their lives, only to witness another life lost.

Chen Yang spoke up, his voice tinged with solemnity, “His demise wasn’t brought upon by demonic spirits.”

“Then, what malignant force claimed Ren Lin’s life?”

“A ghost.”

“A gh-ghost?”

“He dabbled in summoning spirits, a dangerous game he played.”

The trio fell into stunned silence. At such a precarious juncture, Ren Lin had dared to partake in a ghost-summoning endeavor, as if he were heedless of the brevity of life.

Chen Yang’s face soured, a faint aversion flickering in his eyes. He despised those who trifled with their lives so recklessly. In his own youth, survival had consumed his thoughts, and his greatest aspiration had been to steer clear of restless spirits.

What some people longed for, others treated with indifference.

It wasn’t just Chen Yang who held disdain. Numerous celestial masters harbored a deep aversion towards such behavior. It was similar to a drug addict standing before an anti-narcotics officer—a presence others would eagerly distance themselves from and eradicate. Howerver, there were always those who sought out the encounter, driven solely by thrill.

However, they hadn’t reached the point of abhorrence just yet, for they had a rough understanding of Ren Lin’s intentions behind the ghost-summoning game. He shared an unbreakable bond with Lu Nan, and as Feng Yuan had shared, they had practically grown up together, their relationship like that of brothers.

Ren Lin’s motive must have been to reunite with Lu Nan, thus venturing into the perilous game of summoning spirits. Little did he anticipate that the malevolent ghost he beckoned would claim his own life.

“What kind of ghost-summoning game did Ren Lin play?”

“It’s called the ‘Cauldron Game,'” Chen Yang briefly glanced towards the bathroom and explained, “The participant enters the bathroom fully unclothed, holding a bowl of longevity noodles, a bowl of chicken blood, and some sesame oil. They perform three bows, pouring sesame oil into the noodles after each bow. Then, they pour chicken blood into the noodles, repeating the three bows each time. Finally, they pour the chicken blood into the bathtub and lie down in it. That’s when they are said to witness inexplicable apparitions.”

Throughout the entire ritual, they must never raise their heads, regardless of what they may hear, otherwise, the consequences of what they see if discovered were unknown.

Feng Yuan called the police, and everyone sat in the living room, waiting. The room was brightly lit, and a team of police officers arrived, informed by Kou Xuanling. When it came to supernatural cases like this, the officers who arrived were seasoned veterans, ensuring swift action.

The team captain approached and inquired if any special arrangements were required for the deceased. Kou Xuanling glanced at Du Shuo, who kept his gaze fixed on the tender fingers of Chen Yang beside him, responding without lifting his head, “No need. Notify the family to arrange a proper funeral ceremony.”

When someone fell victim to a malevolent ghost, their three souls and seven spirits would be startled, fleeing in fear. Lost on the path of reincarnation, unless guided through a solemn ceremony, their memories of the past would fade, transforming them into restless and aimless spirits, eventually fading away into oblivion.

The captain nodded, assuring that they would offer solace to the grieving family. With that, they departed, taking the lifeless body along.

Chen Yang directed his gaze downward, engrossed in contemplation.

Kou Xuanling had a matter to discuss privately with Du Shuo. The latter cast a fleeting glance at Chen Yang before heading towards a secluded corner. Kou Xuanling followed suit, while Mao Xiaoli approached Chen Yang and inquired, “Brother Chen, when did you first notice that something was wrong?”

She remembered Chen Yang’s claim of being able to perceive ghostly energy. To Chen Yang, the intensity of the lingering presence must have been substantial. However, despite the mere separation of a single floor, they were unable to save the person in time.

Chen Yang pondered before answering, “At 12:23 AM. I believe Ren Lin must have started playing the ‘Cauldron Game’ around midnight, and he was killed around 12:20 a.m. However, I couldn’t sense the ghostly energy until Ren Lin’s death, and by that time, whatever Ren Lin had summoned had already vanished.”

“In other words, that thing could conceal the ghostly energy?” Mao Xiaoli gasped in disbelief.

Ghostly energy, as well as Yin energy, were usually undetectable, and most people were unaware of them. However, certain individuals could sense them, and certain tools within the celestial master realm could collect ghostly and Yin energy. Nevertheless, ghostly and Yin energy could indeed be concealed.

Some practitioners of the Ghost Dao, who followed the path of merit and righteousness, had the ability to mask their ghostly and Yin energy. On the other hand, there were other ghosts who relied on objects to conceal themselves. The most common method was to possess objects with heavy Yin energy, such as willow trees by the riverside or locust trees in the courtyard.

Willow trees by the riverside and locust trees in the courtyard inherently possessed heavy Yin energy, and by using certain techniques, one could hide their human presence. Ghosts could attach themselves to the trees and thereby conceal their own ghostly and Yin energy.

Chen Yang pondered over Du Shuo’s mention of the Ghost Locust Tree, the entity that Ren Lin had summoned. It was highly likely that it wasn’t Lu Nan but rather the ghost locust trees.

Only under such circumstances could he fail to detect the presence of ghostly and Yin energy in a timely manner.

“Is the Ghost Locust Tree truly real?” Mao Xiaoli had spent the entire afternoon searching but couldn’t find a locus tree with peculiar lump during daylight.

“Let’s resume the search after daybreak. We haven’t thoroughly explored the locust trees in the courtyards yet, apart from the forest.”

“Sigh, I understand. This case is proving to be quite challenging.”

It had only been a single day, yet a life had already been claimed.

Even with four celestial masters, including two of the third rank, daring to act with such audacity, one could only imagine the number of lives they had taken in the past.

Chen Yang gazed at the disheartened Mao Xiaoli and gently patted her head. “If we can solve this case, we’ll receive ten million and accumulate merit. Who knows, it might even pave the way for your promotion to Alliance Authority, making you a fifth-rank celestial master.”

Upon hearing this, Mao Xiaoli’s eyes immediately sparkled with hope. “I truly wish for that.”

Mao Xiaoli had spent four years at the sixth rank of All Merits, already fulfilling the three-year requirement for advancing to Alliance Authority. Yet, her promotion remained elusive.

With renewed determination, Mao Xiaoli’s spirits lifted. When Ge Qing, driven by fear, approached her and proposed sharing a room, Mao Xiaoli, her mind brimming with thoughts of ten million and the promotion to Alliance Authority, didn’t hesitate to accept.

Witnessing this, Feng Yuan and Wei Changping couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy. Their gazes turned toward Chen Yang, who casually remarked, “I have a roommate now.”

Their eyes then shifted to Du Shuo, but a single glance from him filled their hearts with reverence. How could they dare to make such a request?

Thus, only Kou Xuanling remained.

Kou Xuanling, a cosmic straight male, stated nonchalantly, “I don’t mind. It’s up to you all.”

“We truly don’t mind. Not at all.”

However, it didn’t take long before they did mind.

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