The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Skeleton Under The Clothes 06

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As dawn approached, everyone retreated to their rooms to take a rest.

Upon entering the room, Chen Yang immediately reached out and grasped Du Shuo, who had turned to his normal appearance. “Didn’t you sense any ghostly aura?”

In truth, the willows by the river and the locust trees in the courtyard effectively masked the ghostly aura, successfully fooling ordinary ghost officials. Chen Yang simply wanted to inquire further, seeking a clearer understanding of the depth of demonic presence.

Du Shuo extended his hand in return, intertwining his fingers with Chen Yang’s. “I don’t concern myself with matters of the mortal realm.”

“Huh?” Chen Yang momentarily puzzled, asked, “Aren’t ghosts locus trees and demonic spirits harming people considered matters of the underworld?”

“Demonic spirits harming people are matters of the mortal realm. Only after death do they become matters of the underworld.”

The realms of yin and yang abided by distinct rules. Chen Yang, with one foot in the underworld since childhood, naturally understood these regulations. Du Shuo, being a ghost envoy, would face severe consequences if he were to violate these rules. That was why the underworld collaborated with the mortal realm, allowing the celestial masters to apprehend malevolent ghosts, evil spirits, mischievous spirits and demonic spirits, escorting them for registration and trial in the underworld.

“So, if the mischievous actions of the ghost locust tree isn’t considered underworld business… so has the lump on the tree trunk matured?”

When the lump on the tree trunk matured, it sprouted facial features. At this stage, the spirit attached to the locust tree ceased to be a mere ghost and instead became a mischievous spirit.

Transforming from a ghost to a mischievous spirit, it still carried a ghostly aura, wandering between the realms of yin and yang, inevitably causing trouble and harm.

“Hmm.” Du Shuo lifted Chen Yang and gently placed him on the bed, applying a light pressure to his neck. “It’s time to sleep.”

“I don’t feel like sleeping.”

Du Shuo’s actions froze, and he gazed steadily at him. The pressing motion transformed into a gentle, intermittent stroke, carrying suggestive undertones. “If you’re tired, you’ll be able to sleep.”

Chen Yang firmly seized the troublesome hand on his neck. “My mind is preoccupied with those matters. I can’t focus. No, don’t disturb me.”

Du Shuo rolled onto the bed, his hand stretched across Chen Yang’s shoulder, gently restraining his movements. “Daylight is approaching. If you don’t sleep now, you’ll feel tired in the daytime. How can we uncover the presence of demonic spirits? Be a good boy and go to sleep.”

“It’s already the next day. Can you tell me what the second crucial clue is?”

Du Shuo calmly observed him, his expression neutral, his eyes concealing his emotions. Chen Yang wasn’t afraid of him. He had grown accustomed to his blustering nature and felt not a shred of fear. “If you tell me, I’ll be able to fall asleep.”

Perhaps revealing it would only further disrupt his sleep, but it instead sparked his enthusiasm and curiosity.

Du Shuo “Lately, I’ve learned an interesting incantation in the mortal realm. Would you be interested in hearing it?”

Ghost envoys learning an incantation from the mortal realm’s Master?

Chen Yang indeed paid some attention to this topic, his face revealing an expression of genuine curiosity. So he inquired, “What is it?”

Du Shuo casually formed a hand gesture and, with a focused gaze upon Chen Yang, recited, “Wisdom shines brightly, and the mind finds tranquility.”

Chen Yang was momentarily taken aback, taking a while to process that it was a simplified version of the Peaceful Mind Incantation, renowned for its soothing effects. To him, it felt as if he had breathed in a mist of serenity, immediately inducing a sense of drowsiness.

He let out a yawn and murmured, “You tricked me.” Then he closed his eyes, holding onto one of Du Shuo’s arms, and slipped into a peaceful slumber.

Du Shuo leaned forward, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. “May your heart be serene and pure.”

Blessed with the profound power of the Great Emperor of the Northern Yin, Chen Yang would peacefully sleep without any dreams until he naturally awoke.

It was already half-past nine in the morning when Chen Yang finally rose, completed his morning ablutions, and descended the stairs. The others downstairs had already roused from their sleep.

Mao Xiaoli, with closed eyes, held her hands intertwined in a peculiar gesture, gripping a calligraphy brush between two index fingers. Before her lay a table adorned with cinnabar and yellow talismans. Ge Qing sat beside, her cheeks supported in curiosity as she watched, while on the other side, Feng Yuan and Wei Changping slouched over the table, their faces pale and eyes devoid of life.

As Chen Yang approached, he caught snippets of Mao Xiaoli’s murmurs, “…Above, protect and preserve our lives. Below, bind the spirits, vanquish the shadows. In all matters of life and death, diminish the path of mortality and cultivate longevity. Urgent, urgent, like a strict decree.”

Ge Qing, upon spotting Chen Yang, promptly invited him to have breakfast and take a seat. Chen Yang expressed his gratitude, pulled out a chair, and settled down. Not seeing Du Shuo or Kou Xuanling around, he presumed they were likely out on a case, considering the late hour.

“Master Chen, why is Mao Xiaoli making hand gestures and muttering while drawing talismans?”

Feng Yuan and Wei Changping perked up, their curiosity piqued as well.

“It’s the procedure for drawing talismans. Before starting, one must cleanse themselves, the surroundings, the table, chairs, brushes, and ink. Before each stroke, there’s a blessing for the paper, ink, brush, and water. What she was doing earlier was blessing the brush, and now she’s reciting an incantation to purify the water. Only after wholeheartedly completing these steps can she begin drawing, doing so in one fluid motion.”

Ge Qing appeared perplexed. “Is drawing talismans really that complicated? On TV, they simply dip the brush in cinnabar and draw directly on the yellow talisman.”

“If it were so easy, everyone would be able to draw talismans. Would there still be a need for celestial masters to confront demons and subdue ghosts?” Chen Yang cast a quick glance at Mao Xiaoli, who opened her eyes, dipped her brush in cinnabar, and effortlessly executed each stroke. “But for some people, it’s not as complicated. They dip the brush in cinnabar, and everything falls into place.”

“Why is that?”

“They have exceptional talent. Every field has its prodigies.” Chen Yang pointed towards Mao Xiaoli. “She’s the prodigy of our branch office. While others take several days to complete a single talisman, she can finish a stack in just half an hour.”

Ge Qing’s mouth slightly agape, her gaze filled with admiration as she looked at Mao Xiaoli. The previous confrontational atmosphere had long vanished, and instead, she felt grateful to be in her company.

Mao Xiaoli discreetly opened one eye and glanced at Chen Yang. He sat upright with a composed posture, even when eating a piece of toast, resembling a celestial being savoring the essence of nature’s nourishment.

Brother Chen truly lived up to his role as the brance manager. His words were so convincing that she almost believed them herself.

After finishing his breakfast, Chen Yang looked across the table at Feng Yuan and Wei Changping, pausing briefly before asking, “Are you still recovering from the fright you experienced in the early morning?”

Feng Yuan straightened his posture. “The fright was one reason, feeling upset was another, and there’s one more reason…” He wore a pained expression as he struggled to refrain from making snide remarks. “Celestial Master Kou is exceptionally devout.”

Chen Yang: “???”

Just then, Du Shuo and Kou Xuanling entered the room. Du Shuo promptly took a seat beside Chen Yang, while Kou Xuanling glanced at him with a strange gaze. It was difficult to comprehend what charm Chen Yang possessed that could captivate the director and cause him to discard his usual aloof demeanor.

Could it be that he was a descendant of a prestigious family with exceptional skills and innate talent?

Chen Yang noticed Du Shuo taking toast and milk and asked in a low voice, “Can you eat?”


“To be able to consume mortal food directly without any rituals or techniques, what kind of marvelous magic is this?”

“I’ll teach you later.”

“Hmm.” Chen Yang nodded and then inquired, “The second clue?”

Du Shuo glanced at him and replied, “Fang.”


“That’s all.”

“Just one word?!” Chen Yang couldn’t believe it. “With only one word, how am I supposed to guess?”

“So, yesterday was a special treat.”


Chen Yang’s hand discreetly reached under the table, grabbing Du Shuo’s clothes. “Brother Du, can you quietly tell me one more word? Please, Brother Du, tell me, hmm?”

Du Shuo’s expression remained indifferent, displaying an attitude of disinterest. “It’s connected to Miyun Haunted House.”

Chen Yang’s eyes brightened. “You’re the best.”

He truly was just a toothless tiger.

After finishing breakfast, Feng Yuan and the others were promptly urged by Kou Xuanling to venture outside in hopes of attracting the attention of demonic spirits in the vicinity. 

Particularly Wei Changping, Kou Xuanling specifically advised him to interact more with the beautiful woman they had encountered yesterday.

Wei Changping: “Why?”

Kou Xuanling: “Because you find her incredibly beautiful.”

“Is there a problem with being incredibly beautiful?” Wei Changping demanded. “Master Kou, would you consider this as discrimination?”

“Not exactly. The suspicious part about her is that she has taken an interest in you.”


Did discriminating against him not count as discrimination?

Being a girl, Ge Qing hesitated to venture outside. Mao Xiaoli reassured her, saying there was no need to worry since she had just finished drawing several dozen Five Thunders Talismans. Ge Qing felt grateful and reached out to take them.

Mao Xiaoli: “Two hundred each.”

Ge Qing: “…”

Despite being swindled, she still ended up buying approximately ten talismans. The reason she didn’t purchase a larger quantity was that Feng Yuan and Wei Changping were also competing to get their hands on them.

Mao Xiaoli: “Two hundred for ladies, five hundred for gentlemen.”

Wei Changping: “This is gender discrimination.”

However, they had no alternative but to make the purchase.

Chen Yang discreetly gave Mao Xiaoli an encouraging and approving glance, signaling that she performed well. Mao Xiaoli straightened her posture, radiating confidence, and responded with a look that conveyed her determination to continue improving.

“By the way,” Chen Yang said, “When you come back in the afternoon, take a nap and rest properly. We’ll head out again in the evening to increase the chances of luring out demonic spirits.”

Feng Yuan and the others were filled with horror and adamantly refused. Chen Yang let out a sigh. “We’ll be right behind you.”

Finally, they managed to find some uneasy peace of mind.

Ge Qing and the others ventured outside, while Kou Xuanling looked at the stack of freshly painted yellow talismans before Mao Xiaoli. They were in disarray, lacking tidiness. To his surprise, Mao Xiaoli picked up the brush and began drawing once again.

While engrossed in her drawing, Mao Xiaoli joyfully muttered, “If I had known that yellow talismans could be so profitable, I should have drawn more.”

Kou Xuanling was taken aback. “Is this how you draw them?”

Puzzled, Mao Xiaoli asked, “Hmm? What’s the matter?” After a moment’s pause, she realized and explained, “I just performed the ritual for the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone.”


Drawing talismans was a practice that emphasized the auspicious hour, sincerity, and uninterrupted focus. It should be free from distractions and interruptions. However, when observing Mao Xiaoli, selling talismans and continuing to draw, while her thoughts revolved around profiting from the talismans, shouldn’t the divine ancestral masters manifest and punish this unworthy descendant with a thunderous strike?

It seemed that Kou Xuanling’s visible expression of disagreement was too obvious. Chen Yang explained, “Before Xiaoli draws talismans, she only offers blessings to the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. There’s no need to adhere to specific timings or to cleanse one’s body and mind. Reciting a blessing before starting is merely a symbolic gesture, following a set procedure.”

Innate talisman!

A sudden flash of white light passed through Kou Xuanling’s mind. In Daoist yellow talismans, there were innate talismans and acquired talismans. Acquired talismans required elaborate preparations, including specific rituals and adherence to dates and timings, yet even with all that, there was still a chance of failure. On the other hand, innate talismans could be created with a spark of inspiration, manifested with a single stroke of the brush, and in most cases, they succeed.

This was a Daoist prodigy, blessed with extraordinary talent. Perhaps there was no need for formal initiation and recognition by the Heavenly Court. She had already reached a prominent position.

Kou Xuanling looked at Mao Xiaoli in astonishment… the sixth-rank celestial master plaque was hanging from her waist. His face instantly turned dark. How could someone be so lazy and still only manage to reach the sixth rank as a celestial master?

Such extraordinary talent and potential being wasted, what a tragedy.

Kou Xuanling couldn’t bear to keep watching Mao Xiaoli and turned to ask Chen Yang, “What rank does Manager Chen hold?”

“No rank.”

“Truly a remarkable individual, so young and yet… no rank at all?!” Kou Xuanling was deeply shocked. “Can someone be called a celestial master without a rank? How did you become the branch manager?”

“…There are higher authorities.”

Kou Xuanling: “…” Suddenly, he remembered, “Wait, aren’t you the one who took the previous three-star assignment? I saw someone’s comment on the app later, mentioning that you summoned a ghost envoy from Fengdu… So, it wasn’t you, but Mao Xiaoli?”

Mao Xiaoli opened her eyes and said, “It wasn’t me, it was Brother Chen.”

“Without proper authorization, one cannot ascend to the Heavenly Court. How could you summon an envoy of Fengdu City?!”


Some are born genius, some are born talented, some are born lucky, some are born to become the wife of the Great Emperor of Fengdu, and some are born to struggle for the rest of their lives XD

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