The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Gilded Baby Corpse 04

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A variety of seven dishes were served, featuring four meat options, two vegetarian choices, and one cold dish. They were beautifully presented and had delightful flavors.

As Chen Yang brought out the first dish of Hangzhou-style spicy beef, Ma Shanfeng and Mao Xiaoli automatically gathered around, pulling their chairs closer. When he served the second dish of ginger-honey chicken wings, Zhang Qiudao came downstairs.

It was the first time the two of them had met. Zhang Qiudao was already twenty years old, but he had a youthful face that made him look like a teenager. Standing at around 175 centimeters tall, he often wore black clothes, thinking it made him look mature, even though he constantly held his phone, playing games.

“Zhang Qiudao, a disciple of the Zhengyi Sect,” he introduced himself to Chen Yang, nodding his head. Then he dragged a chair and sat around the table.

The courtyard of the branch office was spacious, adorned with various flowers and plants. Next to it, there was a large water tank with blooming lotus buds. The scenery was tranquil and serene. In the courtyard, there was also a stone table, round in shape, but without any chairs. It was around six o’clock, and although the sky had started to darken, the colors of the sunset were still clearly visible.

So, Chen Yang decided to have their meal in the courtyard. The gentle breeze made it neither stuffy nor hot, but rather pleasantly cool. The environment was also good, and as for the mosquitoes in summer, one or two mosquito repellent charms could easily solve that annoyance.

“Chen Yang, the new branch office manager.”

Zhang Qiudao: “Nice to meet you. Please guide me in the future.”

Chen Yang smiled, feeling better. He always felt that Zhang Qiudao was reliable. Being a fourth-ranked celestial master and courteous, he consistently took on assignments, achieved high completion rates, received positive evaluations, and showed great enthusiasm for work. And to top it off, his surname was Zhang, just like the founder of the Zhengyi Sect. What a coincidence!

Having a close relationship makes work easier. Finally, there was a reliable colleague.

With these thoughts in mind, Chen Yang’s eyes were filled with contentment.

When all the dishes were brought out, Zhang Qiudao and Mao Xiaoli stood up to get bowls, chopsticks, and the rice cooker. Chen Yang took off his apron, washed his hands, and then sat on the chair they had set up for him, engaging in conversation with Ma Shanfeng.

“Has your partner not arrived yet?” Ma Shanfeng asked.

Chen Yang glanced at the time and replied, “Should be here soon.”

Ma Shanfeng chuckled, “A fellow practitioner?”

“That’s right.”

At that moment, a voice came from inside the house. It was Mao Xiaoli calling out, “Ma Shanfeng, where did you hide your liquor?”

Ma Shanfeng: “Stop making things up. I don’t hide any liquor.”

“Cut it out.” Mao Xiaoli leaned out of the window and shouted loudly, “Hurry up and tell us! The manager is personally cooking today, and it’s our first time meeting the manager’s wife. Don’t be stingy.”

“I have a few bottles of plum wine and bayberry wine hidden behind the wall behind the ancestral master’s portrait in my office. You can only take one bottle of each, nothing more,” Ma Shanfeng revealed.

Mao Xiaoli: “I don’t drink liquor anyway.”

After a while, Mao Xiaoli returned with two bottles of fruit wine, all made by Ma Shanfeng himself. As the bottle caps were opened, a faint aroma of alcohol and refreshing fruit scent filled the air. With the evening breeze of summer and a table full of delicious food, it made everyone’s mouths water.

Zhang Qiudao: “I’ll go get some ice cubes and chill the wine first.”

Just at that moment, they heard the sound of a car engine turning off at the entrance. Chen Yang’s eyes lit up, “He has arrived.”

Everyone immediately knew that the person at the door was Chen Yang’s wife. They all stared intently at the entrance. Soon, they saw a tall, handsome man with an imposing aura walk in.

Mao Xiaoli and Zhang Qiudao exchanged glances and said, “Apologies, Sir, but we are not taking orders at the moment. If you have an urgent request, please place an order through the Dafu APP, and we will accept it.”

Du Shuo cast a cold, indifferent glance at them, sending shivers down their spines. Unconsciously, they straightened their backs and became alert. Especially Mao Xiaoli, who felt like she had seen him somewhere before. When her eyes met Du Shuo’s, she suddenly recalled Director Du Bei.

The two of them gave her an almost identical feeling, but that couldn’t be possible. They looked completely different from each other, so Mao Xiaoli was puzzled.

Among the group, it was Ma Shanfeng who remained relatively calm. He greeted with a smile, “You’ve arrived? Qiudao, go get another chair. Xiaoli, go to my office and fetch a bottle of liquor.”

Zhang Qiudao and Mao Xiaoli didn’t understand. Thinking that Du Shuo and Ma Shanfeng were acquainted, they both went inside to fetch chairs and get the liquor.

Chen Yang, sensing Ma Shanfeng’s unaffected gaze, said, “You—”

Ma Shanfeng waved his hand, clearly indicating that he knew everything.

Chen Yang sighed. The old saying held true: “An old ginger is still spicy.” He hadn’t said a word, but Ma Shanfeng knew that Du Shuo was his partner. And to face the fact that his partner was a man, Ma Shanfeng remained so composed.

In fact, Ma Shanfeng had already figured it out as early as the second day Chen Yang moved in. Which woman could leave such prominent love marks with such possessiveness? When Du Shuo entered, a single glance at Chen Yang easily confirmed his suspicions.

It was just a change from husband and wife to husband and husband. Ma Shanfeng, having traveled far and wide in his younger days, had encountered all sorts of supernatural beings, let alone a same-sex couple. But judging by Du Shuo’s demeanor, he seemed like someone of significance.

Deputy Manager Ma might lack natural talent in the art of Dao, but when it came to reading people, he was accurate.

Zhang Qiudao brought out a chair, and Ma Shanfeng gestured for Du Shuo to sit. Mao Xiaoli came out with a bottle of liquor in one hand and a bucket of ice in the other.

Ma Shanfeng took the bottle of liquor and asked Zhang Qiudao to bring out his tea-making utensils.

Zhang Qiudao stood there, arms crossed, with a cold and stern expression, refusing to obey.

Ma Shanfeng had no choice but to say, “I will write a thorough report for your current assignment.”

Zhang Qiudao finally went inside to retrieve the tea-making utensils.

Ma Shanfeng: “The fruit wine is best enjoyed chilled, while the liquor should be served warm. May I ask for your surname?”


“Du?” Ma Shanfeng glanced at Du Shuo, and thoughts of his relationship with Director Du Bei from the head office flashed through his mind. He quickly suppressed those thoughts.

It wasn’t something he could delve into.

“Brother Du,” Ma Shanfeng greeted, then turned to Zhang Qiudao and Mao Xiaoli. “This is the manager’s partner.”

Zhang Qiudao: “!”

Mao Xiaoli: “Sister-in-law?!”


Chen Yang nearly sprayed the fruit wine he was drinking out of his mouth. Although he managed to hold it back, he still choked a little. Du Shuo patted his back to ease his discomfort and handed him a glass of water. “Take it slow.”

After Chen Yang finished drinking, he took the glass and placed it down. He said, “If you want to hear a joke about me, at least don’t choke on your own laughter.” Then, he glanced at Mao Xiaoli and continued, “Just call me Du Shuo, skip the ‘sister-in-law’ part.” He took a sip of his drink and added, “If you want to use ‘sister-in-law,’ reserve it for Yangyang.”

Chen Yang almost choked again and pinched him. “Don’t talk nonsense. Xiaoli, you can call me as you did before. As for him, it’s up to him.”

Mao Xiaoli smiled awkwardly, lowered her head, and ate her food. As soon as she took a bite, her eyes widened. “It’s delicious.”

She looked up to share her opinion with the others but found that Zhang Qiudao had already sat down and was eating with gusto. His bowl was piled high with food. Ma Shanfeng, although casually sipping his wine and smiling as he observed their conversation, was not eating any slower than Zhang Qiudao.

“Foxes!” she exclaimed. After speaking, she buried her head and ate determinedly, afraid that if she was too slow, all the food would be gone.

Mao Xiaoli: These cunning and terrifying colleagues initially acted so shocked. In the end, they just wanted to secretly devour all the dishes for themselves.

Chen Yang couldn’t help but laugh. He had expected some surprise or difficulty in accepting the situation, but in their eyes, his partner being a man was less attractive than the delicious spread of dishes he had prepared.

After dinner, Mao Xiaoli slumped in her chair, patting her belly, and gazed at the starry sky while murmuring, “So delicious. Brother Chen, whoever marries you is truly lucky.”

Since she had been living alone and relying on takeout and instant noodles for the past three years, Mao Xiaoli seemed to have a profound realization of the true meaning of happiness in life at this moment.

Chen Yang: “That’s an exaggeration.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Not at all.” She raised her thumb and said, “Brother Chen’s cooking skills are just like this, right, Zhang Qiudao?”

Although Zhang Qiudao wasn’t as relaxed in his posture as Mao Xiaoli, he wasn’t bored playing games either. Upon hearing her words, he nodded and added, “Delicious.”

Ma Shanfeng smiled warmly and joined Du Shuo in conversation. Since both of them enjoyed tea, they naturally had plenty to talk about.

Upon closer observation, they seemed to be peers. Du Shuo appeared thirty years younger than Ma Shanfeng in terms of looks, but his composed demeanor made it difficult to associate him with impulsive and energetic youth.

Chen Yang sat by Du Shuo’s side, leaning against his back, relying entirely on him for support. The latter remained still, maintaining an upright posture.

The stars tonight were particularly bright and abundant.

Just as Chen Yang peeled a piece of candy and put it into his mouth, he sensed Du Shuo’s gaze on him. He quickly put the candy in his mouth, raising his head with an innocent expression on his face.

“The fourth one today.”

Chen Yang secretly tugged at the hem of Du Shuo’s clothes, blinked his eyes, and silently acted spoiled.

Du Shuo shifted his body slightly and reached out to grip Chen Yang’s neck, his voice chilly as he said, “This won’t happen again.”

Chen Yang raised his palm, as if making a solemn oath, and discreetly glanced at the others. He noticed that they were engrossed in tasting their tea, daydreaming, or diligently studying the constellations while stargazing. No one seemed to pay attention to their side, which relieved him.

Little did they know that everyone’s peripheral vision was firmly fixed on the two of them. Unbeknownst to one another, they all thought to themselves: Manager Chen is truly blessed with a virtuous spouse.

Suddenly, Mao Xiaoli’s phone rang. She answered it, exchanged a few words, and hung up. Then, she announced to everyone, “A new order has come in.”

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