The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Gilded Baby Corpse 05

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The new assignment had a connection to Han Jiashan, and it involved Han Ke to some extent.

Han Ke once ventured into the entertainment industry, where she received lavish support and investment from Mrs. Han. After some time, she grew bored and decided to leave the industry. However, during that period, she made a friend named He Tianna.

As a result, Han Ke approached Dafu Branch Office on behalf of her dear friend, He Tianna.

Initially, He Tianna’s agent sought help from a skilled disciple of the Tianji Pavilion, the same Weibo influencer, Pan Canghai, who previously revealed He Tianna’s unique red-eyed appearance. Unfortunately, Pan Canghai couldn’t find a solution and turned down the request of He Tianna’s agent’s.

He Tianna approached Han Ke for help. Despite knowing that Han Ke herself had limited personal connections, Han Ke’s parents held influential ties. He Tianna was also aware of the recent supernatural incident involving Han Ke.

Han Ke didn’t reject the request and promptly approached her father to seek Chen Yang’s help.

Han Jiashan followed the business card left behind and reached out to Mao Xiaoli. Mao Xiaoli took on the assignment, and the initial price was set at four million.

In reality, this price was much higher than the actual value of the project. It was mainly to ensure He Tianna’s safety and successfully resolve her unexpected disaster. Typically, a two-star project wouldn’t exceed a million in price.

If it had been posted on the Dafu APP, even offering three hundred thousand would have been immediately snatched up. When Han Jiashan posted the three-star assignment for four hundred thousand, there were already many people competing for it. So, when Mao Xiaoli heard the price, he didn’t hesitate to take it.

Chen Yang asked, “Apart from guaranteeing the resolution of He Tianna’s unexpected disaster, are there any other requests?”

“Find the mastermind behind He Tianna’s framing.”

From this perspective, it was understandable why they were willing to pay such a hefty sum. He Tianna had encountered an unexpected disaster, and it was likely that someone was plotting against her. Even if they resolved this current crisis, there could be more in the future. It was better to resolve everything at once and live worry-free thereafter.

Mao Xiaoli: “He Tianna has taken on a major production and cannot leave the set during this period. Therefore, we must accompany her as her staff members.”

The crew consisted of a mixed and highly mobile group of people. The daily flow of individuals was substantial, with the majority being part-time workers on a daily basis. If they wanted to eliminate He Tianna without being detected, this was the best opportunity.

Chen Yang chewed on a piece of candy, contemplating for a moment. “For this project, I’ll go with Zhang Qiudao. Xiaoli, you stay behind.”

Mao Xiaoli: “I took on the assignment, so why shouldn’t I go?”

“Based on your preparations for the celestial master promotion, since you’ve decided on the Alliance Authority certification, it’s important to lay a solid foundation and make necessary preparations in advance. Deputy Manager Ma has already included your Alliance Authority certification in the report submitted to the Daoist Association. Soon, representatives from the association will come to assess you.”

“The assessment will mainly cover mastery of Daoist arts and talisman drawing abilities. Given just two days, I can learn everything that needs to be assessed.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Qiudao looked up and glanced at Mao Xiaoli. His expression remained neutral, revealing no particular emotion. However, it could be surmised that Mao Xiaoli’s words had offended numerous celestial masters.

“I don’t doubt your talent, Xiaoli. But if you can also memorize the entire ‘Scripture of Alliance Authority of the First and Foremost Zhengyi’ and other related scriptures within two days, then I won’t bring Zhang Qiudao with me. Instead, I’ll bring you.”

Mao Xiaoli opened and closed her mouth several times, unable to firmly state that she could memorize the ‘Scripture of Alliance Authority of the First and Foremost Zhengyi’ within two days. Moreover, it wasn’t just one scripture. She needed to be familiar with various Zhengyi-related scriptures. The celestial master promotion not only assessed Daoist arts but also tested knowledge of cultural subjects, including scripture familiarity.

Ma Shanfeng joined in, persuading Mao Xiaoli. They didn’t want the head office to discover that their branch lacked even a third-grade Five Thunders Celestial Master. Besides, considering their previous assignment, they would undoubtedly need to collaborate with the head office in the future.

In the same profession, they naturally looked down on each other. Not only were they colleagues, but they also had a hierarchical relationship between the head office and the branch office

“Do you want to be ridiculed every time we collaborate with the head office? Or do you expect the manager to accompany you every time? Manager Chen is kind, and this report exaggerated your contributions. In reality, tell me, besides following leads, what else have you done?”

Mao Xiaoli felt wronged, kicking the table with frustration but unable to come up with a retort. When the tasks for the Haoyuan Villa assignment were distributed, Chen Yang never considered giving her risky tasks. The main reason was that she was too weak.

“I understand,” she said gloomily, then suddenly asked, “Brother Chen, aren’t you getting promoted too?”

Chen Yang was taken aback and shook his head. Before he could say anything, Zhang Qiudao expressed his confusion, “What grade celestial master are you?”

“I have no rank.”

Zhang Qiudao didn’t believe it, but Ma Shanfeng and Mao Xiaoli had known for a while. Upon Mao Xiaoli’s mention, Ma Shanfeng patted her hand and said, “After we resolve this calamity, you should be in time for your promotion assessment, Xiaoli. Chen Yang should come along too.”

Chen Yang: “Ah?”

Ma Shanfeng: “Xiaoli, send the electronic versions of your ‘Scripture of All Merits of the Three and the Five of the Most High’ and ‘Scripture of Alliance Authority of the First and Foremost Zhengyi’ to Director Chen. Also, send other relevant scriptures. Chen Yang can try to tackle these scriptures in these few days. If there’s still time and energy left, Qiudao, you can send him the ‘Scripture of Supreme Clarity’ and ‘Scripture of Supreme Clarity, Three Caverns, Five Thunders.'”

Chen Yang: “………”

Even if he were the reincarnation of the literary deity, it would be impossible for him to familiarize himself with countless scriptures in just a few days. He didn’t even want to be promoted to the celestial master rank. Anyway, he had people under him.

Chen Yang looked at Du Shuo, involuntarily conveying a sense of pleading for help.

Du Shuo glanced downward, lifted his tea for a sip, and nodded. “Good luck.”

With someone present, Chen Yang forced a smile and remained silent. Once they returned to their room, Chen Yang pounced on Du Shuo, grabbing his collar and biting his shoulder. “You didn’t speak up for me!”

Du Shuo simply lifted Chen Yang’s bottom, carrying him while hanging him on his body. “As the manager, you shouldn’t neglect yourself even when supervising subordinates. Higher rank allows for more cooperation with the head office.”

“You’re being cold-hearted.”

Chen Yang, filled with anger, buried his head in Du Shuo’s shoulder and bit him again. “I can’t possibly comprehend so many scriptures all at once.”

“Do you remember the college entrance exam?”

“I do.”

“Highlight the key points.”

Upon hearing that, Chen Yang’s eyes lit up. “Right. After being the Directo of the head office for three years, you should know the exam questions of the Daoist Association. You mark them, and I’ll memorize them.”

Du Shuo: “What will you bribe me with?”

“We’re an old married couple. Talking about bribes hurts our feelings.” Chen Yang hopped off the ground and said, “Speaking of which, you still owe me a reward.”

“We’re an old married couple. Talking about rewards hurts our feelings.” Du Shuo reclined lazily, using the original words to shut down the conversation.

Chen Yang sat beside Du Shuo, staring at him. When Du Shuo remained unfazed, he lay down and kissed Du Shuo’s cheek. “Bribery and rewards are different. You can’t mix them up. The former hurts feelings, while the latter strengthens them.”

Du Shuo lowered his gaze and looked at Chen Yang in his arms, letting out a light chuckle. He handed him a book, and Chen Yang sat up immediately after glancing at the title. “Book of Ghost Spells?”

The Book of Ghost Spells was an ancient scripture of Ba-Shu Witchcraft and Ghost Dao. Celestial Master Zhang studied in a witchcraft sect on Heming Mountain, where he learned the techniques of using ghost spells for healing and exorcism. Later, he descended to the mortal realm and received the sacred Seal Sword Technique Scripture, which led him to achieve enlightenment. Sadly, the teachings of witchcraft and Ghost Dao eventually faded away, and along with them, the Book of Ghost Spells was lost.

Chen Yang often heard his witch grandpa, who taught him about the Ghost Dao, mention this book with a hint of regret. He also felt sorry for the book’s loss. On a few occasions, he mentioned it in front of Du Shuo and surprisingly, he remembered.

“Where did you find it?”

“There are ancient ghosts who have been dead for hundreds, even thousands of years below. I asked them.”

Chen Yang was happier than when eating candy. “Will you accompany me on this mission?”

“No, I won’t.”

Chen Yang felt a sense of regret in his heart. “Are you very busy?”

Du Shuo patted Chen Yang’s back to comfort him, with an uncertain expression. “July is approaching.”

It was the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the Ghost Festival. The earthly officials granted amnesty, and the gates of the underworld swung wide open. Countless ghosts roamed the streets as people paid homage to their ancestors. The underworld was busy, and the celestial masters in the mortal realm were also occupied. Therefore, Du Shuo didn’t have time to accompany Chen Yang, which was understandable. In previous years, he would disappear for nearly a month, coming and going at odd hours.

Chen Yang held onto Du Shuo’s arm tightly, feeling reluctant to let go.

Du Shuo let out a silent sigh. His little wife was too clingy. The Great Emperor, who never showed favoritism, felt quite helpless. “I will come to see you.”

Although he couldn’t guarantee to be by Chen Yang’s side all the time, if he had the opportunity, he would definitely go and see him, to be by his side.


Chen Yang smiled and quietly lay in Du Shuo’s embrace, flipping through the newly obtained book of spells.

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