The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 26 Part 2

Chapter 26.2 Gilded Baby Corpse 08

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Du Shuo and the others had already surveyed the topography of Longdao Ridge when they first met Chen Yang. They discovered that Longdao Ridge was indeed situated on a dragon vein, although not to the extent of causing the downfall of the country’s fortune. However, the dragon’s claw had been injured, hindering the dragon’s ascent, and this obstruction would affect the prosperity of the nation.

Su Li “Fortunately, we discovered it in time, and there is a way to save it.”

Curious, Chen Yang asked, “How can it be saved?”

He had never encountered such a challenging problem before. The feng shui terrain was not only affected by the Scissors Peril, but it was also a Ghost Portal, with the menacing corpse-suppressing coffin. It was full of danger and difficulties at every step. The only solution he could think of was to seek the registration of all wandering spirits and wild ghosts in this area from the City Lord and request the Ghost Emperor of Fengdu to close the Ghost Portal.

As for continuing the development of Longdao Ridge, it was best to abandon the idea. Knowing it was a Ghost Portal but still developing real estate there would likely result in more deaths.

“Perform the rites of salvation and close the Ghost Portal. Assign someone to guard it, and only when the Earth Official grants amnesty each year can the Ghost Portal be opened. Cease the development of the real estate and transform it into a park and greenway.”

Chen Yang was taken aback, finding that their plan aligned with his own thoughts. However, carrying out these tasks required significant connections and reputation. But there was a concern…

“Who will guard the Ghost Portal? What about the corpse-sealing coffin and the eight restraining coffins?” 

Du Shuo: “The Rakshasi will guard the Ghost Portal and suppress the eight restraining coffins. Just as before, the eight restraining coffins will serve as the Rakshasi’s soldiers while she guards the Ghost Portal.”

Chen Yang’s eyes widened in surprise. “You mean… she has become the Rakshasi? But is she willing to guard the Ghost Portal?”

“She will be willing,” Du Shuo assured him.

Meng Fu and the other three sect leaders held great trust in Du Shuo’s abilities and treated him with utmost respect. It was later revealed to Chen Yang that in their eyes, Du Shuo was already a Supreme Clarity Celestial Master. Within the Celestial Master Community, there was great reverence for Supreme Clarity Celestial Masters, regarding them as seniors.

Upon learning of Chen Yang’s intention to ascend in rank, the three sect leaders shared their privately held scriptures in electronic form with him. With kind and affectionate expressions, they urged him to study diligently. They also said, “If you have confidence in yourself, you can undergo the examination now. Although we are not highly respected senior figures, we are deputy chairmen of the Daoist Association. We have the authority to examine and promote the celestial master rank.”

Chen Yang: “No, no, I’m not ready yet.”

After speaking, he quickly shrunk behind Du Shuo.

The three of them were astonished by Chen Yang’s relationship with Du Shuo. Kou Xuanling said, “They have a connection.” They all expressed their understanding, realizing that the usually solitary Director had such a close friend.

Zhang Qiudao, looking pained, gave Kou Xuanling a disdainful look. He thought Kou Xuanling was foolish. Kou Xuanling accepted Zhang Qiudao’s disdain without feeling bothered. The relationship between Zhang’s Zhengyi Sect and Kou’s South Tianshan Sect had never been good.

Although the South Tianshan Sect and Zhengyi Sect had the same origin, after the founding of the South Tianshan Sect by Kou’s ancestor, they rejected the Tianshan Sect represented by the Zhang family, causing a period of decline for the Tianshan Sect.

Du Shuo glanced at Chen Yang with a half-smile, seemingly amused. When they returned to their rooms, he asked Chen Yang, “You didn’t memorize the key points I marked down?”

“I didn’t have time.”

Chen Yang stood before him, resembling a student reprimanded by a teacher.

“Are you lacking the motivation to memorize, or do you not have the time? During the college entrance exams, you managed to review and practice while continuing to learn the Daoist arts I taught you. So why can’t you do it now? University life has made you too comfortable. You even find it difficult to memorize a few scriptures.”

Although his tone was calm, it reminded Chen Yang of the time during the college entrance exams when he had to study diligently, solidify his high school knowledge, and learn Daoist arts to prevent possession by malevolent ghosts. Although he had been promised to Du Shuo, they would only officially marry when he came of age. Therefore, there were still audacious and daring ghosts who took advantage of Du Shuo’s absence, attempting to possess him.

That was why every time they met, Du Shuo would teach him Daoist arts and test him during their next meeting. At that time, Du Shuo seemed to dislike coming to the mortal realm and rarely appeared before Chen Yang. It was only after he came of age and they officially became husband and wife that their relationship became closer.

Now, when Chen Yang heard Du Shuo’s calm tone, he became uneasy and his legs trembled with guilt. He whispered, “I’ll go memorize now.”

Chen Yang pulled out the electronic version of the scriptures and started reading and reciting them while also trying to understand their meaning. Fortunately, his understanding of the scriptures was a hundred times clearer than that of ordinary people. He recited them quickly, simultaneously comprehending their essence. Unbeknownst to him, he became engrossed.

After finishing the memorization of the highlighted sections from “Scripture of Alliance Authority of the First and Foremost Zhengyi” and related key points, Chen Yang quietly stretched and caught a glimpse of Du Shuo sitting upright, his back straight like a tall pine. He exuded an air of composure and dignity that often left Chen Yang wondering if Du Shuo was born into a noble and influential family.

Chen Yang quietly stood up and tiptoed behind Du Shuo, intending to surprise him by pouncing on his back.


He swiftly lunged forward, but Du Shuo was even faster. It was as if the back of his head had eyes, as he accurately grabbed Chen Yang’s wrist and pulled it forcefully. Chen Yang tumbled into Du Shuo’s embrace, where he was held tightly and kissed passionately.

Chen Yang wrapped his arms around Du Shuo’s shoulders and willingly responded. They remained locked in each other’s embrace for a long time. When Chen Yang began to feel short of breath, Du Shuo finally let go, leaving delicate kisses on Chen Yang’s eyebrows, nose, and ears, as if showing an immense affection.

“Trying to ambush me? Have you learned that too?”

“Yes, I’ve learned,” Chen Yang playfully bit Du Shuo’s shoulder, leaving a faint mark of his teeth. “Even though you knew I was going to ambush you, couldn’t you pretend to be successfully ambushed by me?”

Du Shuo chuckled softly, “No, I can’t. Because I also want to ambush you.”

Chen Yang shifted his body, finding a more comfortable position as he nestled into Du Shuo’s embrace. He played with his large hand in his own, squeezing it gently with each passing moment. Then he asked, “When will you perform the ritual to deliver souls at Longdao Ridge? Did Zhang Qiudao mention anything about Celestial Master Cao? Where is he?”

“It will start tomorrow night. We need to disperse the crowd and wait for the arrival of other celestial masters to set up the ten different ritual locations for soul deliverance. As for the so-called Celestial Master Cao, we sent people to capture him, but he managed to escape beforehand. However, he is now wanted nationwide.”


“Yes. He masqueraded as a celestial master, selling fake medicines under that pretense and causing the deaths of innocent infants. He is wanted for those crimes. By the way, he isn’t even a genuine Celestial Master. He is a sorcerer from the Nanyang region.”

“I suspected as much.” Chen Yang had previously found Celestial Master Cao and his two disciples’ behavior to be peculiar, especially when coupled with Zhang Qiudao’s mention of his forged wooden plaque and He Tianna’s comments about an increase in cases of celebrities being possessed by evil spirits in the entertainment industry. Celestial Master Cao had risen unexpectedly.

It seemed to Chen Yang that he had a dubious agenda. Looking back now, it appeared that Celestial Master Cao had been posing as a genuine Celestial Master while taking on jobs as a sorcerer from Nanyang, using the opportunity to swindle money from clients while also acting as a celestial master to cure people of curses. It was all a carefully orchestrated scheme to amass wealth and fame.

Not long after, a third-tier female celebrity in the entertainment industry suddenly met a tragic end in her own bathtub. Her lower body bled profusely, her face contorted with fear. The autopsy revealed that she had died from complications during childbirth. However, prior to this incident, the actress had a flat stomach and showed no signs of pregnancy.

This incident became a deeply buried secret in the entertainment industry, with no one daring to mention it. After hearing about the incident, He Tianna remained silent for a long time before finally telling others, “She debuted around the same time as me, and there were several anonymous accusations of me being involved in scandalous activities.”

At this point, it became clear who had harmed He Tianna.

“Why did that sorcerer from Nanyang, who previously instigated us to resolve the strange incidents at Longdao Ridge, gather so many celestial masters ranging from seventh rank to fourth rank? What’s his intention?” 

Chen Yang had an intuition that the sorcerer from Nanyang originally intended to cause even more harm, but his plans were thwarted.

“He coveted the Rakshasi and wanted to refine her into a spiritual sacrifice. Gathering celestial masters was a means to use their blood for the refinement process,” explained Du Shuo.

The so-called spiritual sacrifice was the most sinister and mysterious technique in sorcery. Once successful, it was almost impossible to undo its effects.

Chen Yang couldn’t believe it. “Does he lack understanding or is he overly confident in himself? How can a sorcerer who practices such dark arts contend with so many celestial masters? And he wants to refine a Rakshasi? Truly… unparalleled confidence.”

“That’s why he is currently being hunted. His two disciples have already been captured. His sorcery has been nullified by the Daoist Association, rendering him powerless to commit further evil. As a murderer, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

Chen Yang nodded in agreement. “Deserved!” Then he said, “Tomorrow night, I also want to go and watch the deliverance of the lost souls and close the Ghost Portal.”

“Your constitution is unique, making you an easy target for ghosts and demons. During that time, when countless ghosts are being reincarnated, there will always be one or two wronged spirits who refuse to accept their fate and attempt to escape. You are the perfect vessel.”

Chen Yang: “They won’t be able to come within ten steps of me, and besides, you’ll be by my side. I fear nothing.”

Du Shuo chuckled softly, pinching Chen Yang’s neck. “Your courage is growing by the day.”

Chen Yang kicked his legs in delight and said, “I also want to catch a glimpse of the Rakshasi. It is said that a Rakshasa is hideous, while a Rakshasi is remarkably beautiful.”

Du Shuo’s gaze darkened, his eyes focused on Chen Yang as he lowered his gaze. “You want to look at other women?”

“Just out of curiosity. It’s like wondering how beautiful a flower blooms,” Chen Yang said, rising on his tiptoes and gently kissing Du Shuo’s lower lip. “No one can compare to you, Brother Du.”

Du Shuo’s displeasure was instantly soothed, and he returned Chen Yang’s kiss.

Zhang Qiudao opened the door and interrupted, “Brother Chen, I’ve arranged for a friend to perform the ritual for Gao Tianliang’s little baby spirit. You don’t need to—”

Chen Yang and Du Shuo looked in his direction.

At that moment, Chen Yang was still nestled in Du Shuo’s embrace. This intimate position was so close that even if they were to fall and tumble three hundred and sixty degrees on level ground, they wouldn’t be separated.

Zhang Qiudao didn’t want to hear Chen Yang’s explanation. He closed the door and left, his expressionless baby face concealing a soul that had been left speechless and profoundly shaken.

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