The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 27

Chapter 27.1 Gilded Baby Corpse 09

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Chen Yang couldn’t leave the room that night and ended up spending the night with Du Shuo. The next day, when he met Zhang Qiudao, Zhang Qiudao looked at him, wanting to say something but unsure of what to say. After hesitating for a while, Zhang Qiudao finally asked, “Is what you did fair to Du Shuo?”

Chen Yang paused for a moment and said, “He’s aware.”

“!! Can he tolerate it?”

“Du… Du Bei is also my partner. They both know about each other.”

Zhang Qiudao felt unexpectedly calm inside. “Are Du Shuo and Du Bei brothers?”

“You could say that.”

Zhang Qiudao nodded silently and didn’t say anything more. However, whenever he looked at Chen Yang thereafter, there was a hint of respect in his eyes. When he turned his gaze to Du Shuo, it carried a mix of admiration and sympathy, indicating complex emotions.

Early in the morning, Kou Xuanling and the others set out to prepare for tonight’s ritual at Longdao Ridge and make arrangements for the imminent arrival of the Rakshasi. Night quickly fell, and warning signs were put up around the vicinity of Longdao Ridge. Police cars and officers were stationed, forbidding any passersby from entering the area.

They publicly stated it was an investigation, which indeed managed to drive people away. However, one film crew was displeased because they had previously rented a nearby historic mansion near Longdao Ridge for their shoot tonight. Even when the police tried to persuade them, they were reluctant to leave.

After learning about the situation, Chen Yang sought assistance from Gao Tianliang. Gao Tianliang left for less than two minutes and returned, making a gesture to Chen Yang as if to say, “It’s taken care of.” He was accompanied by He Tianna, and it seemed they had engaged in a genuine conversation.

Gao Tianliang: “The small film crew rented the ancient mansion near Longdao Ridge for the day, but they couldn’t complete their shoot. The money went to waste. I talked to them about investment, and they left.”

Chen Yang expressed his gratitude. Gao Tianliang asked, “Are you planning to set up an altar and perform a ritual? I received insider information that many celestial masters arrived today. Are you conducting a spiritual liberation?”

“Yes,” Chen Yang didn’t intend to conceal it from Gao Tianliang. Firstly, it wasn’t a significant secret. Secondly, the mysterious incidents at Longdao Ridge were widely discussed in Q City, so Gao Tianliang might have already heard about them.

“Can I stay and observe?”

Before Chen Yang could decline, He Tianna pushed Gao Tianliang and said, “Are you out of your mind? Why would you go near such a dangerous place? Can’t you see the warning signs and how they’ve cleared the area of pedestrians? It’s definitely risky. Why would you still want to go?”

Gao Tianliang quickly waved his hand. “I’m just casually mentioning it, Master Chen. Please don’t take what I said seriously. Ignore it.”

Chen Yang instructed them not to go out and peep, no matter what sounds they heard tonight. They were to tightly close the doors and windows and stick protective talismans on them. Once tonight passed, everything would be fine when daylight arrived.

Gao Tianliang: “Understood. Thank you for the reminder, Master Chen.”

After that, the two hurried back to the small inn. After dinner, they repeated Chen Yang’s instructions to the crew. They warned everyone not to let their curiosity drive them to step outside, regardless of any noises they heard.

Although the others didn’t understand the reason, they nodded and agreed to comply.

In the evening, Chen Yang personally cooked a table full of dishes for everyone. They praised the food, especially Kou Xuanling, who jokingly mentioned that if Chen Yang cooked for every meal at the Dafu Branch Office, he would submit an application to transfer from head office to the branch office.

Chen Yang thought Kou Xuanling was joking and agreed. Little did he know that Kou Xuanling was actually considering the possibility.

At eight o’clock in the evening, everyone set off for Longdao Ridge. It had been transformed into a grand ceremony site after a day of preparations. Dozens of celestial masters were present, some invited by the Daoist Association from the nearest provincial capital, and others originally invited by the developers of Longdao Ridge, who now willingly came to assist in the spiritual liberation upon learning the truth.

The site was decorated with soul-inviting banners and various flags, and an altar of Yin and Yang was set up. The Yin altar was adorned with offerings of flowers, fruits, tea, alcohol, rice, gold ingots, candles, and paper money. The spiritual liberation was divided into two parts: summoning and calming wronged spirits, and providing salvation and purification for the lonely souls.

The first part, summoning and calming wronged spirits, involved summoning ten types of wronged spirits to ten different ritual locations, soothing their souls and offering salvation. The second part was the chanting and purification of the lonely souls. It had two main approaches. Usually, Zhengyi Dao employed the Lingbao purification method, while the Quanzhen Dao used the Qingxuan purification method using the Flame-Mouthed Iron Jar Feeding technique. At the current moment, the Qingxuan purification with the Flame-Mouthed Iron Jar Feeding technique was being employed.

Chen Yang stood beside the ceremony square, observing alongside Du Shuo and Zhang Qiudao. The square was filled with organized celestial masters, and the leader was Meng Fu, the temple master of Huoshen Temple. The Huoshen Temple held a large-scale ceremony to liberate souls every year, so Meng Fu was skilled and experienced in conducting such rituals.

Everyone began by observing fasting and calming their minds. They dressed in ceremonial robes and arrived at the square. Meng Fu first performed the Chenghuang ritual, seeking guidance from the local City Lord and informing them about the ten ritual locations and the issuance of official documents. The City Lord was asked to supervise wronged spirits and wild ghosts, preventing any from running amok and disturbing pedestrians. After informing the City Lord, the summoning and calming of the departed souls began, with Meng Fu starting the chanting of scriptures.

Although they were too far to clearly hear the scriptures being chanted, the melody and rhythm unexpectedly sounded beautiful, bringing clarity to their minds. Subsequently, the soul-inviting banners and other flags fluttered without wind, and the temperature on the scene suddenly dropped. After a few flickers, the flames remained still, and the soul-inviting banners ceased their movement.

The square fell into a profound silence, and the only sound audible was Meng Fu’s voice during the pure altar ceremony. However, Chen Yang knew that countless souls were present, silently observing Meng Fu. Some reluctant souls were even pressed by the City Lord to attend.

Chen Yang turned around and noticed Zhang Qiudao holding a serious expression while filming with his phone. “What are you doing?” 

Zhang Qiudao replied, “Mao Xiaoli asked me to film it for her.”

Chen Yang rubbed his forehead in frustration. “Can’t Xiaoli focus on studying the scriptures and preparing for her promotion? Why is she trying to be a part of this at such a time?”

Upon hearing this, Du Shuo glanced down and shot a quick glance at Chen Yang.

His little wife completely forgot that he himself should be studying the scriptures diligently for his promotion instead of joining in on the excitement.

As Meng Fu began chanting the liberation scripture, all the celestial masters below joined in reciting as well. Listening to the scripture was a comforting experience for the wronged souls and wild ghosts, so they quietly listened to the incantations.

Next was the offering and transformation of food, turning it into nourishment that the spirits and ghosts could consume. They also burned offerings such as candle-shaped ingots for the spirits and ghosts to use in the underworld. Recitation of specific scripture accompanied the offering process, with different types of scriptures for different purposes, such as pacifying those who died tragically or appeasing lonely souls or even feeding the ravenous hungry ghosts with needle-like throats.

After the offering and transformation, it was time to invite the City Lord and open the eighteen layers of hell. All the wronged spirits and wild ghosts were sent to the underworld through the Ghost Portal and then the gate was closed. This ritual was only performed once a year.

“Heaven is round, the earth is square. The laws and regulations have nine chapters. With spirit talismans everywhere, ten thousand ghosts obey. Swiftly enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

When the “Fengdu Spell” was recited, some wronged spirits and wronged ghosts did not resist, while others attempted to escape. Some incomplete remains might not immediately enter the cycle of reincarnation after entering the underworld, and some were afraid to face the judgment of Fengdu due to past sins, fearing entry into hell.

Unfortunately, there were celestial masters, the City Lord’s envoys and the Fengdu Underworld outside, blocking their escape. Those who tried to flee were either apprehended by the celestial masters or forcibly taken away by the Soul Binding Rope. For a moment, countless unseen wronged spirits and wild ghosts scattered in all directions on the square, their cries of anguish filling the air.

A fierce and malevolent spirit targeted Chen Yang, who was standing nearby observing. It roared and charged toward him. Before Chen Yang could react, a Soul Binding Rope appeared out of nowhere and twisted the malevolent spirit, contorting its body and causing it to howl in agony.

The City Lord swiftly dealt with the malevolent spirit, then nodded at Chen Yang and discreetly glanced at Du Shuo, who had withdrawn his hand. The City Lord thought to himself, “This malevolent spirit truly has audacity, to make a move on the Great Emperor’s wife right in front of His Majesty.”

Truly audacious and fearless.

After taking away the malevolent spirit, the City Lord joined the battlefield, but intentionally or unintentionally, he used brutal methods to capture all the malevolent spirits that approached Chen Yang. Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao found this quite perplexing.

With all the malevolent spirits taken away from the field, the remaining wronged spirits and wild ghosts entered through the Ghost Portal. As the Ghost Portal closed, leaving only a narrow gap, the surface suddenly trembled. Meng Fu and the other celestial masters’ expressions changed. “The Rakshasi has emerged!”

The earth cracked, and a stone coffin emerged from beneath the surface. Crimson blood filled the entire coffin, quickly overflowing from inside. The coffin lid slid down slowly, emitting a heavy sound, and then forcefully detached, plunging deeply into the ground, revealing the Rakshasi lying asleep inside the stone coffin.

The Rakshasi possessed a stunning beauty, as expected. Her blood-red wedding attire and bridal makeup made her incredibly eerie, with blood-like red lips and two crimson streaks at the corners of her eyes, a captivating yet otherworldly beauty.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, as cold as ice, devoid of any emotion. She scanned the entire scene, her gaze cutting through like a knife. All the celestial masters stood in anticipation, the atmosphere tense.

The Rakshasi was a cannibalistic demon. When she suddenly opened her mouth and emitted a piercing scream, her beautiful red lips extended all the way to her ears, revealing a row of sharp teeth that seemed eager for human flesh. Leaping out of the coffin, she appeared ready to choose her prey.

Meng Fu intercepted the Rakshasi’s attack, saving the younger generation who was almost killed by her. He then ordered everyone else to quickly retreat, avoiding unnecessary casualties in a futile struggle against the Rakshasi.

Yi Wei from the Changdao Temple of Sichuan province stepped forward to assist, but unfortunately, the two Three Caverns Celestial Masters had exhausted their strength in beseeching the divine spirits to liberate the wronged spirits and wild ghosts. Together, they were no match for the newly emerged Rakshasi.

The Rakshasi was inherently a demon among ghosts. Having consumed countless human lives, she had accumulated numerous sins. Many Rakshasa had been previously reformed by the Buddha before, but the Rakshasi before them showed no inclination for redemption.

She possessed boundless strength and swift movements, showing no fear of ordinary spells or the raging thunder and fire. Her piercing scream seemed capable of shattering eardrums. Her mouth, filled with sharp teeth, expanded to a horrifying extent as she lunged toward Meng Fu’s head.

Just in the nick of time, a red string entwined around the Rakshasi’s neck, pulling her back several meters. As everyone focused their gaze, they saw a young celestial master holding the red string, restraining the Rakshasi’s movements. It was none other than Chen Yang.

Chen Yang had been observing from the sidelines, growing increasingly anxious as he witnessed Meng Fu and Yi Wei struggling against the Rakshasi. Just then, Du Shuo pushed him forward and said, “Go. Engage with the Rakshasi. It will reveal your current level.”

Hearing this, Chen Yang immediately took action. The red string wound around the Rakshasi’s neck, tightening its grip. The Rakshasi turned her head to face Chen Yang, emitting a piercing scream that was unbearable to endure.

Enduring the agonizing scream, Chen Yang exerted even more force, tightening the grip on the Rakshasi’s neck. He swiftly flicked the copper coins that buzzed incessantly in front of his index finger, aiming them at the Rakshasi’s neck. The coins made contact, producing a sizzling sound upon touching the Rakshasi’s skin, abruptly silencing her piercing scream.

However, this enraged the Rakshasi. She grabbed hold of the red string, ignoring the burns on her palm. With a powerful tug, she pulled Chen Yang towards her, her hand suddenly transforming into a dark purple gigantic palm that tore through her clothing. She aimed to crush Chen Yang’s delicate neck.

Seeing this, Zhang Qiudao and Kou Xuanling were about to rush to the rescue. Unexpectedly, Du Shuo acted even faster, appearing beside the Rakshasi in the blink of an eye. He embraced Chen Yang from behind and swiftly kicked the Rakshasi in the face.

He sent her flying into the stone coffin, then grabbed hold of the red string attached to Chen Yang and wrapped it around the coffin lid. He pulled it out of the ground, sealing it shut once again, and stood lightly on top.

The stone coffin emitted a resounding “boom” and the Rakshasi’s furious roars, but the coffin remained unmoved, seemingly weighing tons.

Zhang Qiudao and Kou Xuanling exchanged glances, both seeing surprise and awe in each other’s eyes. They never expected Du Shuo to be so formidable, even managing to kick the relentless Rakshasi back into the coffin.

Kou Xuanling knew of Du Shuo’s prowess but had never witnessed it firsthand. Today was the first time, reshaping his perception of Du Shuo. The reactions of the celestial masters present were similar to theirs, while the three temple masters remained composed, clearly having witnessed Du Shuo’s abilities before.

After recovering from his astonishment, Kou Xuanling questioned, “Director has been holding onto Manager Chen for so long, and he still hasn’t let go?”

With a clear understanding of the truth behind the wife and two husbands, Zhang Qiudao silently looked at Kou Xuanling. You know nothing of the twisted nature of humanity.

The onlookers could only see Du Shuo holding Chen Yang and standing motionless on the coffin, unaware that Du Shuo was currently interrogating the Rakshasi.

Du Shuo leaned against Chen Yang’s back and covered his ears, casting a spell of silence. Chen Yang looked puzzled and attempted to turn around, but Du Shuo firmly held his hands in place, causing him to gaze somewhat dazedly at the coffin beneath his feet.

“Since you have achieved the status of a Rakshasi, will you submit to the underworld, taking charge of evil spirits and overseeing the punishment of sinners? Are you willing?”

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