The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 43 Part 2

Chapter 43.2 Cat Killing 03

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Three days later, at noon, Mao Xiaoli returned angrily. “Things have escalated.”

Everyone was enjoying chilled watermelon, and upon hearing her words, they handed her a slice and asked, “What happened?”

Mao Xiaoli took the melon and took a bite in frustration. “Last night, another girl was scratched on the arm by cat claws. She didn’t faint, but she firmly believed it was the work of a cat spirit. She claimed to have seen a creature with a human-like cat head and limbs, with a tail as well. Honestly, I don’t know what kind of trickery is going on, but even if I wasn’t familiar with cat spirits before, I can’t believe such a monster exists!”

Animals becoming spirits referred to them gaining spiritual awareness, understanding cultivation methods, and pursuing the path of cultivation. When animals transformed from mischievous spirits to spirits, they possessed great power and could even shapeshift into human form, but they never appeared as half-human, half-monstrous beings. It was either a human form or their original form. Moreover, when it came to killing, it was more convenient for a cat to remain in its original form, as it was more agile and nimble. [mischievous spirits referred here are more like goblins, while spirits (of non-humans) are more like creatures such as the fox spirits. for cat spirits, think of bakeneko.]

However, Mao Xiaoli’s knowledge couldn’t match solid evidence. The assaulted girl, frightened and in a state of shock, could have easily mistaken a cat for something else. Mao Xiaoli couldn’t press the matter further, as now the parents of the victims and other students were rallying together, demanding the eradication of cats from Lychee Garden. Even the school authorities were starting to waver.

Taking another bite of the watermelon, Mao Xiaoli sighed and said, “To be honest, I used to worry about the cats. But now, I’m more concerned about the cats retaliating and people getting hurt. That would only lead to bigger troubles.”

There were likely many cats in Lychee Garden with spiritual awareness, and there might even be a cat ghost among them. Cats held grudges and wouldn’t give up until they achieved their goals. If the two sides couldn’t reach a resolution and conflict ensued, the consequences could be irreversible.

Chen Yang glanced at Du Shuo, who remained calm and continued eating the watermelon. So Chen Yang stayed silent and quietly ate his own slice. Suddenly, a phone rang, and Mao Xiaoli answered the call. After a brief conversation, she hung up and addressed everyone, “The school has agreed to take action. Who’s willing to accompany me?”

Chen Yang slowly raised his hand, and Du Shuo turned his head to look at him silently. Then Chen Yang slowly retracted his hand and scanned the people present. Zhang Qiudao raised an eyebrow, indicating that he was going into seclusion to level up in his game. Kou Xuanling replied indifferently, “Don’t count on me. I don’t feel like talking to any of you.”

Ma Shanfeng was out of the question, so Chen Yang shrugged helplessly and said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to handle it.”

Du Shuo’s gaze remained cold. Unfortunately, no matter how cold his expression was, Chen Yang saw him as nothing more than a paper tiger.

When Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli arrived at the campus, they noticed that some students had impulsively rushed into Lychee Garden to chase away the cats. However, the forest was the cats’ playground, and clumsy humans were no match for their agility. The students were played with and mocked by the cats. Some of them, after being toyed with, saw the cats perched high on tree branches, looking down at them with wide grins, sending shivers down their spines. This sight solidified their belief in the existence of cat spirits.

The person receiving Chen Yang was the principal, who had been studying metaphysics for the past two years and held great respect for Chen Yang as a celestial master. However, he was unaware that Mao Xiaoli, his own student, was also a celestial master. He assumed they were merely acquainted.

The principal said, “I was reluctant to seek the help of a celestial master before because I was certain that cats were not the ones harming people. Cats have been living in Lychee Garden for decades, breeding and multiplying. If they intended to harm humans, they would have done so long ago. The students love them, and I believe that even the most cold-blooded creature wouldn’t harm those who love them. Besides, cats are intelligent beings. They say cats hold grudges, but they also remember acts of kindness.”

Chen Yang: “Are you suggesting that you lean towards the idea of a culprit who is harming women and blaming it on the cats?”

Principal: “Yes.”

Chen Yang: “But what if it truly is a cat spirit causing harm?”

Principal: “We must ensure that no innocent beings are harmed.”

Chen Yang smiled. “Then it seems the one demanding the eradication of cats in Lychee Garden is not you.”

The principal smiled back. “Indeed, there are simply too many cats in Lychee Garden. If possible, I would prefer that sincere cat lovers come forward to adopt them. When there are too many cats, conflicts inevitably arise. It’s the same with any living thing—when they become too abundant, problems ensue.”

The principal bid farewell to Chen Yang after making his request. As Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli walked along the tree-lined path, they noticed many people rushing towards Lychee Garden. Mao Xiaoli recognized some familiar faces and stopped to inquire, “Why is everyone hurrying towards Lychee Garden?”

The girl paused and said, “Hello, senior sister. I heard that a parent arrived with an excavator. They claimed to have discovered a mass grave of cats in the small grove, hanging with an eerie aura. The parent believed that the cat spirit was hiding among the cat corpses, so they insist on excavating the cat mound. Now, many people have rushed over to see.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Did the security guards allow the excavator to enter?”

“No. Remember the cafeteria in the western area that was supposed to be leveled and repaired? There was an excavator parked nearby due to previous water leaks. That parent happens to be the one operating the excavator. After protesting for a while and the school not taking action, the parent became furious and drove the excavator away. I heard they even called the security guards over there.”

Mao Xiaoli and Chen Yang exchanged glances and immediately ran towards Lychee Garden. As expected, from afar they could see students forming circle after circle. Mao Xiaoli took out her club reporter badge and handed Chen Yang a photoless press pass before squeezing their way in.

The two of them reached the innermost circle and found that the excavator had already entered Lychee Garden, approaching the cat grave. Bushes and young saplings had been trampled down, while security guards stood nearby, trying to reason with the parent. One middle-aged man was engaged in negotiation with the parent, “Mr. Zheng, please calm down. We will handle the cats in Lychee Garden. Please give us some time.”

Chen Yang frowned and asked, “Who is he?”

Mao Xiaoli: “He’s the Vice Principal who has been advocating for the removal of cats in Lychee Garden. He’s eager to get rid of them without even investigating the truth.”

The parent refused to listen to reason. “The people who were attacked by the cat spirit are not your daughters. The ones who are unconscious right now are also not your daughters. Of course you can take it slow!”

It turned out he was the father of the girl who had been attacked earlier. No wonder he was so emotionally charged.


Suddenly, a sharp meow echoed through the air, and everyone looked up to see a small black cat perched on a tree. Before anyone could react, the little black cat leaped in the air, and in a flash, a young man had claw marks on his neck and face, drawing bloods.

The crowd erupted in commotion. Even those who were previously hesitant to believe in the cat spirit were now shaken in their convictions. The sight of a cat harming a person unfolded right before their eyes, striking a nerve with the parent operating the excavator and others.

Those individuals pushed past the security guards, clearing a path. The majority of the remaining people watched as if it were a show, while some took out their phones to capture the moment.

Chen Yang: “Who was the person harmed?”

“It’s the Vice Principal’s nephew, who was also the instigator of the previous cat abuse incident at the school. But because he’s the Vice Principal’s nephew, he wasn’t expelled.” Mao Xiaoli said with a hint of satisfaction, “He deserves the cat’s retaliation!”

Chen Yang squeezed through the crowd and ran forward. After running a dozen steps, he suddenly came to a halt. At the same time, the crowd also stopped and fell silent, collectively gazing at the scene unfolding before them.

In front of them, the road was blocked by hundreds of cats, large and small. More cats were gradually coming and sitting down. They stared intently at the students but showed no signs of aggression. Some cats had their families with them, with mother cats grooming their kittens. Mischievous kittens couldn’t resist pouncing on wild grass, while lazy old cats found a comfortable spot to lie down, too tired to bother.

The crowd and the excavator were surrounded by hundreds of cats, seemingly determined to protect the cat burial mound and preserve their dignity. However, in gratitude towards the humans who had shown them love, they chose the gentlest way to implore humans to believe in them. In the center of the cat group, a large, plump black cat sat upright, its round body exuding an inexplicable sense of majesty.

The crowd began to whisper in hushed voices, “So adorable, I want to pet the cats.”

“Do cats really harm people? Aren’t they known for holding grudges and repaying kindness? Wasn’t the young man who was harmed the one who abused cats before?”

“If cats were truly harming people, they would have already pounced on us in a frenzy.”

“Cats are really adorable, especially the chubby one in the middle. Such a blessed appearance.”

“Chonky has always been the lord of our school, our precious golden potato.”

Seizing the opportunity, Chen Yang swiftly leaped onto the excavator in three steps, swung open the cabin door, subdued the bewildered parent with one hand, and hit the brakes with the other. He then tossed the parent out of the excavator and somersaulted onto the roof, executing agile and dashing moves that drew gasps of surprise from the onlookers.

Addressing the crowd, he spoke, “The truth of the matter has yet to be determined. Please, everyone, refrain from acting impulsively or being manipulated by malicious individuals. Let us await the results of the police investigation. If it is indeed the cats in the Li Garden causing trouble, the school pledges to remove them.”

Mao Xiaoli also stepped forward and said, “Please, everyone, go home and await the results. The school will not tolerate any true culprits!”

With this incident unfolding, it was difficult to proceed further. The people originally sought a clear stance from the school, and the sight of hundreds of cats swarming them moments ago had left them deeply unsettled. It was evident that these cats possessed intelligence—at least one or two had become supernatural beings.

Those who disliked cats or felt guilty naturally felt fear, while cat lovers found the scene endearing, believing the cats in the Lychee Garden to be magical and relatable. Their cuteness intensified the desire to adopt them.

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