The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 44

Chapter 44.1 Cat Killing 04

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The incident in Mao Xiaoli’s school spread like wildfire online, capturing the attention and curiosity of countless netizens. One particular scene, where a group of over a hundred cats encircled an excavator, sent shivers down people’s spines while simultaneously evoking an inexplicable fondness for the feline creatures’ uncanny display of intelligence.

The prior incidents of cats attacking humans and the ancient folklore about Cats Worshipping the Moon had instilled a sense of aversion towards the feline residents of Lychee Garden. This disdain grew even stronger when a small black cat boldly assaulted an innocent bystander in broad daylight, further fueling the public’s rejection. However, witnessing the sight of those hundreds of cats surrounding the imposing excavator, negotiating with an air of reason and tenderness, their nature appeared to be scrubbed clean of its former enigmatic aura.

The video depicting the vice principal’s nephew subjecting a cat to acts of cruelty somehow found its way onto the internet, finally unveiling the reason behind the small black cat’s public attack. In the video clip, he callously confined an orange cat in a cage, mercilessly impaling its delicate abdomen with a cold, steel rod, leading to the cat’s untimely demise. This immediately sparked condemnation from numerous cat lovers.

With the situation slowly unravelling, a torrent of unfavorable conjecture flooded the public discourse. Among the speculations, the assault on two young girls was deemed by some as an act of retribution orchestrated by the cats. Even though both girls shared a genuine love for these feline beings, the public opinion still raged with fervor, swathed in confusion and discord.

Chen Yang found himself barred from visiting the girl in a comatose state, as her family greeted them with coldness and hostility, refusing any access. Understanding the situation, Chen Yang redirected his attention towards the second victim, only to be met with a similarly unwelcoming reception from her family. Fully aware of the swirling rumors on the internet, the families held a deep-rooted resentment towards Chen Yang, mistakenly perceiving him as a representative sent by the school for the purpose of reconciliation. Without clarifying his true intentions, Chen Yang chose a different approach and recited a soothing mantra to calm the still-frightened girl.

Gradually, the girl’s bewildered gaze began to clear, giving way to a newfound serenity. Chen Yang silently observed her, noticing the swathes of gauze adorning her face, neck, and shoulders, clear indications of the wounds she had endured.

The parents, taken aback by their daughter’s recovery of consciousness, expressed their surprise. Chen Yang reassured them, “She experienced a severe shock, causing her spirit to become scattered. By preserving her life and safeguarding her well-being, her essence remains intact.”

With the realization that Chen Yang was a celestial master, the parents’ attitude shifted, now filled with deference. Inviting Chen Yang to take a seat, they made a heartfelt request, “Could you, by any chance, help rid our child of the malevolent cat spirit? Is there a possibility that the cat spirit will continue to seek harm?”

Chen Yang gently shook their head and replied, “There is no malevolent cat spirit.”

The parents momentarily froze, their eyes alternating between Chen Yang and their daughter. “No malevolent cat spirit?” 

Turning his attention to the girl, Chen Yang spoke compassionately, “The overwhelming fear and the rampant rumors may have led to illusions within your mind. Rest assured, you are now safe. I ask you to recall the events of that night, as I feel that the assailant will not stop their acts of violence.”

The girl hesitated for a brief moment, still bearing the emotional scars from the assault. However, she mustered the strength to engage in a clear recollection of that evening. “It was around eleven o’clock when I decided to take the shortcut path. It’s not something I normally do, returning home so late. However, on that specific night…” She paused, pursing her lips, before mustering the courage to continue, “On that night, I ventured to the Wishing House on Longqiao Street. It’s a fortune-telling establishment, usually bustling with eager patrons. By the time it was my turn, the hour had grown unusually late.”

At the mention of the Wishing House, Mao Xiaoli couldn’t help but emit a soft sound of displeasure. Speaking under her breath, she whispered to Chen Yang, “A rival encroaching upon my clients.”

The girl continued, “I was worried that the dormitory door might be locked, so despite my fear, I chose to take the path along Lychee Garden. As I walked halfway, the silence of the surroundings became creepy. It felt off to me because there are usually many cats in the Lychee Garden, but there was absolute silence. Then, I heard the sound of footsteps crushing fallen leaves behind me. I panicked and started running. However, whatever was behind me was too fast, and it tackled me to the ground…”

At this point, fear filled the girl’s expression, and her words hastened, “My phone fell nearby, and I could barely make out the silhouette of a figure about my height, with cat-like ears and a tail. When I touched its limbs, I felt the softness of cat fur. My face, neck, and shoulders were in great pain, and the loss of blood, the pain, and the fear caused me to start losing consciousness. Just before losing consciousness, I heard a cat’s meow.”

Chen Yang nodded and said, “I understand. Thank you.” He then stood up, ready to leave with Mao Xiaoli. The girl’s family promptly got up to see them off. As they reached the doorstep, Chen Yang asked Mao Xiaoli to give them a protective talisman, and amidst expressions of gratitude, they bid their farewells.

Mao Xiaoli: “Brother Chen, was it really a cat ghost causing this?” She knew that the idea of cats transforming into spirits was baseless, so she directly asked if it was a cat ghost.

Chen Yang: “What do you think?”

“It doesn’t seem likely,” Mao Xiaoli pondered the girl’s words and analyzed, “She mentioned hearing the sound of crushing leaves, but if the cat intended to launch a surprise attack, it wouldn’t make any noise. She only saw the outline of a cat, but cat ears, a cat tail, and cat fur can all be easily imitated. As for hearing a cat’s meow before losing consciousness, it’s not uncommon to hear cats meowing in the Lychee Garden. So, the key takeaway from the entire incident is that she didn’t truly see the appearance of the assailant but made judgments based on the silhouette and sounds.”

Chen Yang nodded in approval, “You’re right.”

“However, why didn’t she hear any cat meows during the earlier part of her journey?”

“Because it was a full moon that night. Cats worship the moon, so it’s normal not to hear any meows. Didn’t we also hardly hear any cat sounds on the night we went to investigate?” A few days before and after the full moon, cats gather beneath a small hill behind the cat burial mound to worship the moon. On the night the girl was attacked, all the cats in the Lychee Garden were busy with their moon worship, hence the absence of meowing sounds.

At that moment, the elevator doors opened, and Chen Yang stepped out. “Let’s go see the Vice Principal. Oh, Xiaoli, have you ever showcased your skills at school?”

Hearing this, Mao Xiaoli waved her hand and said, “I’m not the kind of person who seeks attention.”


“Never.” Perhaps it was due to her petite appearance, despite her not being delicate and having a vibrant energy, people who had seen her were always particularly fond of taking care of her. Mao Xiaoli lamented in frustration, “They discriminate against short people! I can run faster than those with long legs!”

“Oh, that’s fine then.” Mao Xiaoli didn’t understand, and Chen Yang didn’t explain. He simply led her to the vice principal’s office. They could hear the vice principal’s exasperated voice even before reaching the door.

“How many times have I told you? Stay far away from cats if you dislike them. Don’t go provoking cats! And don’t even think about mistreating cats or dogs. The public opinion can push you to your limit! Now, tell me, how can I cover for you? You didn’t think things through before you acted, and you couldn’t even cover your tracks. You let someone film you? Not only are people criticizing you online, but the campus newspaper journalists are publishing your story every day, bringing up the previous animal abuse incidents that we had finally managed to suppress. They’re forcing the school to take action against you. Let me tell you, this time I can’t help you. If the school really starts to blame you, pack your things and go back to your parents’ place!”

“Uncle, I was in the wrong this time. I promise there won’t be a next time. Can you help me one more time, please?”

“Help you? Let me tell you, you can control the direction of online public opinion by buying some internet trolls, and eventually, new hot topics will arise, pushing your insignificant matter aside. But as for the campus newspaper, I have no control over that. If the students start making a fuss, I can’t do anything about it! If you really have the ability, make sure the school newspaper stops reporting your animal abuse incidents!”

Chen Yang turned to look at Mao Xiaoli, who displayed a modest expression. “It’s my duty,” she replied. Chen Yang changed his mind and instructed Mao Xiaoli to interview the vice principal and the vice principal’s nephew using her role as a school journalist. He assured her that she could use sharp and intense words without any concerns.

Mao Xiaoli said, “Consider it done.” Then she knocked on the door, and the voices inside abruptly fell silent. After a moment, the calm voice of the vice principal could be heard saying, “Come in.”

The two entered, and upon seeing Mao Xiaoli, both the vice principal and his nephew, Dong Hong, had a change in their expressions. In an instant, annoyance and disgust flickered across their faces. When Mao Xiaoli stated the purpose of her interview, the vice principal outright refused. Mao Xiaoli shrugged and said, “The school is concerned about the animal abuse incidents. If the vice principal is unwilling to be interviewed, then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.”

The vice principal stopped her, wearing an unpleasant expression. “You have ten minutes.”

“That works.” Mao Xiaoli swiftly adopted a professional attitude and requested Dong Hong, who was about to leave, to stay. “There are a few questions I need Dong Hong’s clarification on. Can you stay as well?”

Dong Hong glanced at the vice principal, nodded, and remained. Chen Yang stood behind Mao Xiaoli, observing the vice principal and Dong Hong. The former wore an impatient expression but had to reluctantly comply. When asked if he disliked cats, he indeed expressed his dislike but denied any involvement in animal abuse. He didn’t appear to be lying. When Mao Xiaoli questioned Dong Hong, he didn’t hesitate to reveal his background.

It turned out that Dong Hong’s parents had tendencies towards abuse, so the vice principal took him in, providing him with a new start and supporting him. The vice principal sighed, attributing Dong Hong’s cat abuse to the shadow cast by his parents, while extensively crafting his own image of righteousness and kindness.

Chen Yang noticed a shadow cast over Dong Hong’s lowered face, and his gaze, filled with darkness, fixated on Mao Xiaoli. Sensing someone watching, Dong Hong suddenly turned his head and locked eyes with Chen Yang. He tapped his toes on the floor, wore an expressionless face, and engaged in a steady, slightly crazed smile.

Mao Xiaoli asked several pointed questions during the interview with Dong Hong, and his answers shifted the blame for his cat abuse onto his parents, citing childhood abuse. His responses were shameless, but both Mao Xiaoli and Chen Yang couldn’t refute them.

“I don’t want to abuse cats either, but I can’t control myself. The impact of my parents’ abuse on me is huge. When I see vulnerable cats, I recall my own vulnerability while being beaten and mistreated. I’m trying my best to control myself, taking medication and seeing doctors. Shouldn’t someone who has been harmed be given a chance to change for the better?”

As Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli were leaving, Dong Hong followed along, wearing a smile on his face. He asked Mao Xiaoli if she would faithfully report as a competent journalist without adding personal emotions.

Mao Xiaoli smiled and replied, “Of course. We are merely observers, and we will report all the facts truthfully.” Although the timing of the report was uncertain.

Dong Hong smiled with satisfaction, praised them, and confidently walked away. As he left, he tapped his toes and performed the toe-crushing gesture once again. Mao Xiaoli flipped him off from behind. “How shameless!” She turned to Chen Yang and asked, “Brother Chen, could the killer be Dong Hong?”

“I suspect him, but I don’t know the motive. In the next few days, you will stay in Lychee Garden during the evenings under the guise of investigation. I will follow you. If the killer is Dong Hong, he will seize an opportunity to attack you.”

So far, the killer had committed the crimes without any known motive, with Dong Hong being the only person arousing suspicion. The sole link between the two victims was their affection for cats, along with the fact that they shared the same gender.

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