The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 44 Part 2

Chapter 44.2 Cat Killing 04

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Lychee Garden now had security patrols during the evening, so the killer was unlikely to strike again—unless they became overly confident, in which case the situation could change.

Chen Yang decided to visit Chonky again, bringing along some dried fish as bait. Chonky had been missing for several days, hiding in Lychee Garden without showing itself, and no one could find its whereabouts. Chen Yang took out a tracking charm and placed the fur he had collected from Chonky that night inside the charm to locate it.

The vicinity of the cat grave was eerie. Chonky was hiding deep within the mound, perched on a large stone, resembling an infinitely squashed and expanded meat patty. Chen Yang couldn’t resist pinching the circular layer of fat that formed on Chonky’s body, enjoying its soft and satisfying texture.

Chonky stared at Chen Yang, its cat face devoid of expression. Chen Yang didn’t let go and gently asked, “Would you like some fish?”

Chonky quietly ate the fish while Chen Yang recounted the story of a cat ghost incident involving Xu A’ni, a maid of the Dugu family during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui. Chen Yang asked if Chonky knew that cat ghost. Chonky kept its head down, engrossed in eating and ignored the question.

Chen Yang continued, “I can sense ghostly energy, Yin energy, and resentment. Sometimes, I can even see them. When these three types of energies mix together, they form a karmic debt, a debt that must be repaid. I see karmic debt on you.” Pausing for a moment, he changed the topic, “However, I don’t see any tormented souls haunting you.”

Karmic debt was owed in the underworld. Committing heinous acts such as murder sows the seeds of evil, resulting in the accumulation of Yin debt. If this Yin debt remained unpaid, peace became elusive. Therefore, those burdened with karmic debt often found themselves haunted by tormented souls. Even cat ghosts could be plagued by tormented souls, wailing and weeping before the very eyes of those indebted. Chonky, however, was an exception. It carried karmic debt but showed no signs of tormented souls.

Curiosity arose inside Chen Yang.”If you won’t tell me, I can ask Brother Du.”

Chonky stiffened, lifting its head to see Chen Yang’s smiling face. It wagged its tail slowly, relaxing its body, remaining silent but seemingly conceding. It nudged its head against Chen Yang’s palm.

Clearly, Chonky didn’t want to provide explanations or have Chen Yang mention it in front of Du Shuo. Chen Yang changed his line of questioning, “Is the killer Dong Hong? If he is, nod your head.”

Chonky nodded. Chen Yang had a feeling that it would turn out this way. Honestly, he didn’t initially suspect Dong Hong. It was the callous attitude of the little black cat when it attacked Dong Hong and watched his cat abuse video that caught his attention. He decided to probe Dong Hong further and noticed his chilling and sinister gaze towards Mao Xiaoli, confirming his suspicions.

“Dong Hong attacked the girl to frame the cats in Lychee Garden, with the goal of driving away all the cats. I saw several tormented cat souls gnawing at his feet.”

The cat souls that haunted Dong Hong were killed through abuse, filled with intense resentment. They followed him, tearing at his feet and gradually climbing up to choke his throat. Dong Hong could feel the bites on his feet, which was why he constantly shook his legs and tapped his toes.

During the night, he must have been haunted by the cat souls in his dreams. Since he couldn’t abuse cats anymore and coincidentally rumors of Cats Worshipping the Moon and cat spirits spread, he decided to impersonate a cat spirit and attack people to drive away the cats in Lychee Garden. This would explain why the attacked girls had no common connection.

Chen Yang: “Mao Xiaoli and I want to lure Dong Hong out. We hope you can help us.”

Chonky flicked its tail, grabbed the fish snack, and ran away. Being treated as an emperor by humans for many years, it was accustomed to eating and then leaving. To force it to answer questions and expect it to contribute labor was absolutely impossible! Not in this lifetime!

Chen Yang calmly packed up the lunchbox, stood up leisurely, and followed Chonky. He still had the tracking talisman in his hand. Behind the small grove, there was a small hill covered in untended shrubs. Pushing aside the shrubs and climbing over the iron fence, he landed on the ground outside the school.

Walking straight for dozens of meters, he reached a street. The entrance of the street had a sign hanging that read “Longqiao Street.” Longqiao Street was a famous street near Mao Xiaoli’s school. There were various types of food stalls in front, and if one walked deeper and bypassed the alleyway, they would find unique shops. Not many outsiders knew about it because the alleyway was also home to many ordinary people.

Chen Yang bypassed the alleyway and went to the deepest part. He stopped in his tracks and looked up to find Chonky perched on the sign of the “Wishing House” store. He marveled at how the signboard could withstand Chonky’s weight. Chonky looked down at Chen Yang from above, leisurely swaying its tail, then turned around and gracefully jumped away.

Chen Yang pondered for a moment and entered the Wishing House. It was a fortune-telling establishment, adorned with the typical mysterious decor and intentionally dim lighting. “You’re here, come on in and have a seat.”

A woman emerged from a small room, cradling a black cat in her arms. She sat at her fortune-telling table and extended her hand, gesturing for Chen Yang to sit down. Once seated, Chen Yang spoke, “I’ve come to find a friend.”

The woman took out a deck of tarot cards and handed it to Chen Yang. “Shuffle the cards.”

Chen Yang: “No need. I can find what I’m looking for.”

The woman silently watched Chen Yang and softly said, “Draw a card.”

Chen Yang casually drew a card and placed it on the table. The woman glanced at it and said, “Justice. Fairness and justice. Uphold your morals and stand firm in your convictions. You will overcome any difficulties.” After interpreting the drawn tarot card, the woman continued, “Do you wish to inquire about your love life?”

Chen Yang declined and turned to see a Peach Blossom Talisman and lucky stones beside him. Mao Xiaoli had mentioned that the Wishing House was her competition and she had lost to them several times. The woman asked if he wanted to buy a few, but Chen Yang refused and stood up to leave.

The woman called out to him and handed him the “Justice” tarot card he had drawn. “We will meet again.”

Chen Yang accepted the tarot card, left the Wishing House, and walked a few meters before turning back to find that the door was already closed. He looked up at the signboard of the Wishing House but couldn’t spot Chonky. He had no idea what Chonky’s intention was for leading him to the Wishing House. Shaking his head, he put away the tarot card and left.

Mao Xiaoli remained active in Lychee Garden for several consecutive days, to the extent that she was even discovered sneaking into the area by patrolling security guards one night. The news spread throughout the school the next day, but she remained unfazed. “I’m here to uncover the truth. If it’s really a cat spirit attacking people, it can come after me. If it’s the killer, well, I might just get an interview.”

In private, Chen Yang remarked, “So audacious.”

Mao Xiaoli laughed. “Being audacious is necessary to provoke the culprit. Attacking two girls consecutively after three days, without any concern for security guards or the police, either indicates a sense of invincibility or extreme self-confidence. Either way, they won’t tolerate disdain or provocation.”

However, for the next two weeks, the culprit remained inactive. Some of the patrolling guards in Lychee Garden were withdrawn, and the atmosphere grew quiet once again. However, students no longer dared to take the shortcut through Lychee Garden, as they realized even without the “cat attacks,” the garden itself was dangerous. With no lights or people around, far from the dormitory area and classrooms, it was easy for someone to hide, and if one were to be killed and disposed of, it’s doubtful anyone would know.

Tonight, Mao Xiaoli sneaked into Lychee Garden, walking around carelessly. Everyone in the school knew she was using herself as bait to uncover the truth, so she decided to forgo any disguise. Occasionally, she shouted, “Mr. Cat Spirit, I’m here. Come and kill me already.”

These audacious words echoed through the woods, returning to fill the silence of Lychee Garden. Chen Yang, standing several meters away from Mao Xiaoli, suddenly looked up at the sky. The moon was concealed by dark clouds, casting no light. He wondered why the cats in Lychee Garden had disappeared.

Mao Xiaoli abruptly halted upon hearing the sound of leaves crunching behind her. Someone was approaching and stood right behind her. Mao Xiaoli swiftly turned around, shining her phone’s light on the person’s face, revealing a grimacing and twisted cat-like face that startled her. The person lunged at her, and with a sharp scream, Mao Xiaoli kicked them, sending them flying and crashing into a tree before bouncing back and falling to the ground.

Chen Yang heard Mao Xiaoli’s cry and rushed over, witnessing the scene unfold. The assailant got up and immediately started running. Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli pursued him separately. The assailant was fast and familiar with Lychee Garden, taking numerous turns that almost caused them to lose track.

Chen Yang stopped and found the assailant’s blood on Mao Xiaoli’s shoe soles. Mao Xiaoli wore studded boots, and when she kicked the assailant, the studs scratched their skin, leaving traces of blood. Chen Yang took a drop of the blood, placed it on a tracking talisman, and quickly took a shortcut to intercept the assailant. Mao Xiaoli delivered a flying kick, flipping the assailant over, while Chen Yang used the red string to bind the assailant’s hands. The ancient copper coin slipped and fell into his palm.

Chen Yang removed the assailant’s mask, and Mao Xiaoli’s light shone on their face. “Dong Hong, it’s you this time—wait, it’s not him?!”

It wasn’t Dong Hong but an unfamiliar young man. Gasping for breath, the young man chuckled and said, “You run really fast, Mao Xiaoli. Just as I expected.”

Mao Xiaoli was puzzled. “Do I know you?” She didn’t recognize the young man.

The young man smiled and replied, “You haven’t interviewed me because we usually participate in long-distance running competitions together and get interviewed simultaneously. You haven’t interviewed me, but I’ve noticed you. I’ve noticed how fast you run, and I’ve been wanting to race you.”

Mao Xiaoli kicked him. “What kind of stupid comparison is that? You dressed up as a cat spirit and attacked me. Are you the culprit?”

“No,” the young man replied. “The real culprit should be busy killing right now. He has to kill. If others don’t die, he will. He has already been given two chances.”

Chen Yang furrowed his brow, sensing that the young man had more to say. Just as he was about to grab him and inquire further, they heard a scream in the distance. Alarmed, they quickly got up and ran towards the sound. The young man behind them said, “It’s too late. You won’t be able to save anyone.” Mao Xiaoli was furious and wanted to turn back and kick him again, but time waited for no one.

The two of them ran with all their might to the source of the sound, expecting to witness an irreparable outcome. However, what they saw was the sight of the assailant lying face down, unconscious. Sitting atop the assailant’s head was Chonky, a twenty-kilogram cat.

Next to the assailant sat a terrified girl, only her hand injured but otherwise unharmed.

When Chonky saw Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli, he gave them a calm look before disappearing into the darkness. Mao Xiaoli stood there in a daze and said, “I think I sensed disdain in Chonky’s gaze. It must have been my imagination.”

Removing the mask, they confirmed that the assailant was indeed Dong Hong. Not long after, the police arrived along with an ambulance. Lychee Garden became lively once again, but this time, they had apprehended the culprit. The doctor initially thought the person in need of treatment was a victim, never anticipating it was the assailant. After a brief examination, they discovered he had nearly suffocated. Chen Yang’s expression turned strange upon hearing the results.

With the twenty-kilogram Chonky pressing on his head, it was impossible not to suffocate.

While the girl was giving her statement, she said, “I love cats. I used to go to Lychee Garden every day to feed them. I felt really upset when Lychee Garden had those incidents. For the past half month, I hadn’t been there, but I secretly went to feed them, thinking everything was fine.” Fresh cat food was indeed found at the scene. She continued, “That’s when I encountered the assailant. At first, I managed to hide from him, but his cat-like claws scratched my arm. My phone fell and broke the flashlight on the pavement. The second time, I couldn’t dodge it. The assailant’s steel-blade-like claws were about to slash my neck when Chonky appeared and distracted him. Chonky sat on the assailant’s face, making him unable to move.”

Perhaps because the scene was too comical, the girl burst into laughter while describing it. Meanwhile, the media magnified Chonky’s photos, with sensational headlines like “Black Cat Subdues Serial Killer as a Gesture of Gratitude.” Chonky truly became an internet-famous chubby cat.

The assailant was apprehended, and the vice principal, who was related to Dong Hong, also faced consequences. The cats’ innocence was proven, and Lychee Garden was preserved. The incident should have come to an end, but the young long-distance runner who had disrupted their line of sight vanished, along with Chen Yang’s red string.

Mao Xiaoli investigated the long-distance runner’s information and her expression turned grave. “His name is Meng Xi, a sophomore. He was the school’s long-distance running champion and participated in numerous races. He had a car accident six months ago and couldn’t run anymore. He also took a half-year leave of absence and hasn’t returned to school. We can’t find his address on campus.”

Without finding Meng Xi, they couldn’t know why he had disguised himself as the assailant to lead them astray. It couldn’t be just for the sake of competing in a long-distance race with Mao Xiaoli. It seemed more like he wanted to take Chen Yang’s red string. Everyone in the branch office knew that the red string was Chen Yang’s artifact, the best tool for whipping away evil spirits and malevolent ghosts.

Moreover, what did Meng Xi’s words mean?

Two days later, Dong Hong was discharged from the hospital and taken away by a police car. He would be imprisoned for the crime of intentional homicide. However, on the way, the police car was involved in an accident. It collided with a truck carrying steel bars, causing them to spill out like porcupine quills, piercing the police car.

When they were treating the personnel inside the rescue car, they were astonished to find that the steel bars cleverly avoided everyone except Dong Hong. A steel bar pierced through his abdomen, nailing him to the seat, and he died on the spot. The scene of his death resembled the unfortunate cas in the viral video being impaled by steel bars, leading people to speculate it was revenge from the cats.

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