The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Human Skin Painting 05

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Han Ke was astonished to see that the photo on the new grave was actually not the person who had passed away, but instead resembled the beautiful woman in the painting before them.

Mao Xiaoli: “Could it be something other than a ghost? Maybe a mischievous spirit?”

Mischievous spirits were formed through the cultivation of all things, absorbing spiritual energy over time, and fortuitously awakening their spiritual nature. However, cultivating as a mischievous spirit was not easy and came with many constraints. Even if they awakened their spiritual nature, it did not guarantee significant achievements. Therefore, they often employed various means to enhance their cultivation. The most common methods included possessing humans and seizing their life essence.

It was understandable that Mao Xiaoli immediately thought of mischievous spirits, given the indications that an evil presence resided within the painting of the beautiful woman before them. Humans were considered the most intelligent beings in the natural world, so anything resembling humans had a higher likelihood of becoming a spirit.

Statues, portraits, sculptures… the longer they existed, the more they resembled reality, thus increasing their susceptibility to becoming spirits. Once they became spirits, they inevitably developed desires, with the greatest longing being to possess a human body. Most spirits deviated from the righteous path of cultivation, instead favoring the pursuit of evil through human possession.

Upon learning about the mischievous spirit, Han Ke became frightened and sought comfort in Chen Yang’s direction. “The painting has become a spirit? Celestial Master, can we get rid of it?”

“It’s easier to invoke a deity than to bid them farewell,” Chen Yang replied with a shake of his head.

Without reaping any benefits, why would it leave so easily? Han Ke had a feeling that if she simply took the painting and tossed it away, it could provoke the entity, endangering her life in an instant.

“How about… burning it?”

“Unless you wish to meet the same fate.”

“What do you mean?”

Chen Yang turned to Mao Xiaoli and said, “You have more expertise, please explain.”

Mao Xiaoli: “I’m afraid, Miss Han, that your essence and vitality have been captivated by this painting. Unless we wait for the spirit within the painting to emerge and defeat it, destroying the painting would also lead to your eternal sleep.”

Mao Xiaoli chose a milder term, but it still frightened Han Ke, who began to cry.

Chen Yang glanced at Han Ke, noticing her vulnerability and sorrowful demeanor. Her absent-mindedness indicated that her essence and vitality were entrapped.

Mao Xiaoli approached Chen Yang and whispered softly, “Brother Chen, could it really be a mischievous spirit?”

“Let’s wait until tonight to decide,” Chen Yang shook his head.

All they knew so far was based on hearsay. Although he had caught a glimpse of the female ghost, there hadn’t been any direct interaction. They would have to wait until the ghost appeared at night to gather more information.

“Brother Chen, don’t you plan to prepare something?” Mao Xiaoli retrieved a peach wood sword, a handful of spiritual talismans, and a metal compass from her backpack.

“I’m not a celestial master.”

“Oh, right. I keep forgetting because you have the aura of a seasoned warrior. You give off a reliable vibe, just like my dad.”

“Your dad?”

“He’s the current successor of the Maoshan Sect. Didn’t you know? When I introduced myself to Han Ke earlier, you even blurted out my lineage.”

“…” Chen Yang hadn’t actually realized that Mao Xiaoli was indeed a descendant of the renowned Maoshan Sect, a prestigious lineage of celestial masters. He had merely recollected a once-popular TV series that mentioned “Southern Mao, Northern Ma”. [t/n: In Chinese mythology, the phrase refers to the two most powerful families of exorcists in the world. The Mao family is based in the south of China, and the Ma family is based in the north.]

“Brother Chen is really amazing!”

Mao Xiaoli held Chen Yang in great admiration. It wasn’t common for anyone, even among celestial masters, to instantly discern her origins. Such perceptiveness surpassed ordinary individuals.

Chen Yang swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue, silently accepting Mao Xiaoli’s admiration. He remained composed and inscrutable, exuding an air of profound mystery.

“Fortunately, I painted several dozen talismans a couple of days ago, and I have a peach wood sword. It should be enough to deal with it. However, there are a few that I haven’t finished yet…” After saying that, Mao Xiaoli found a suitable spot and began softly reciting incantations while focusing on a dozen or so talismans.

Han Ke noticed something unusual and couldn’t help but ask, “Celestial Master, what is she doing?”

“Binding the negative energy.”

It was believed that for a talisman or charm to hold true power, it required a delicate balance of positive and negative energies. Drawing the talisman itself was a relatively straightforward task, but binding the negative energy proved to be a challenging endeavor. Mao Xiaoli was currently binding the commonly celestial stem and earthly branch power into her thunder talisman. Only by harmonizing the opposing energies could the talisman unleash its power.

In general, harnessing vital energy and channeling both positive and negative energies were no simple feat. Yet, observing Mao Xiaoli’s steady demeanor, it became abundantly clear that she possessed an extraordinary natural aptitude. 

As midnight approached, a time when Yin energy reached its pinnacle throughout the day, the anticipation grew palpable.

The villa was engulfed in darkness and tranquility. The dense clouds silently dispersed, revealing a pale and chilly crescent moon hanging ominously in the corner of the sky. The villa’s courtyard, adorned with blooming flowers and thriving plantswas peaceful. Suddenly, a gust of wind swept through, causing the flowers and plants to sway aside. However, the nearby vegetation remained undisturbed. It was as if an unseen presence had passed by, gently parting the path through the foliage.

As this gust of wind reached the doorstep, it abruptly halted. A golden light flashed across the previously empty entrance, accompanied by a stern and authoritative voice that carried a force capable of rending mountains and shattering rocks.

The eerie wind vanished in an instant.

Inside the house, everyone gathered in the living room, waiting anxiously. Suddenly, a loud noise echoed from outside the door, startling Mr. and Mrs. Han, as well as the housemaid who had been patiently waiting nearby.

Mr. Han: “What’s happening? Has the malevolent ghost arrived?”

Chen Yang looked up and noticed that Celestial Master Luo’s disciple was already diligently explaining to Mr. Han, “Not yet. It’s simply the wind blowing outside.”

“The wind?” Mrs. Han furrowed her brow and instructed the maid to step outside and investigate.

The maid ventured out for a quick glance and returned with the report, “There isn’t even the slightest breeze.”

Such a loud disturbance, if caused by the wind, would surely be accompanied by strong gusts. It was highly unlikely for there to be no wind at all.

Mrs. Han wrinkled her brow. “Could it be a thief?”

At that moment, Celestial Master Luo stepped forward and calmly stated, “It was merely a lost spirit, hoping to seize an opportunity, but it was frightened away by the door gods.”

Mrs. Han harbored doubts in her heart. Celestial Master Luo suggested, “There’s a layer of incense ash outside. See if there are any footprints left behind.”

The maid hurriedly ran outside to investigate and exclaimed, “Yes, ma’am, there’s a series of footprints!”

“The footprints are faint, indicating only an arrival without a departure.”

The maid confirmed with repeated affirmations.

Mrs. Han, uncertain but placing more trust in Chen Yang, turned to him and inquired about the situation.

Chen Yang explained, “When a ghost walks on incense ash, it can manifest footprints. Ghosts are light in weight, hence the lightness of the footprints. Miss Han’s auspicious fate has attracted wandering ghosts seeking to latch onto her energy. Fortunately, the door god protects the household, preventing these wandering spirits from entering and causing harm.”

When it came to discussing their daughter’s favorable destiny, Mrs. Han felt that she could accept this explanation. She nodded her head in agreement.

Celestial Masters Lv and Luo stared at Chen Yang, both disbelieving and unwilling to accept it.

Chen Yang rubbed his face, feeling helpless.

It was a world that judged people based on appearances, so what could he do?

Currently, they were all waiting in the living room. If someone appeared in the bedroom, the female ghost would become even more cautious. Tonight was the crucial night for the female ghost to find a replacement. Chen Yang hadn’t informed Mrs. Han that if they couldn’t resolve the female ghost tonight, Han Ke wouldn’t survive the night.

Therefore, even if the female ghost knew that a celestial master was present, she would never let go of this opportunity tonight.

Just to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli remained in the living room. Mao Xiaoli had a red string tied around her wrist, with a bell attached to each end. The other end of the red string was tied around Han Ke’s ankle.

Mao Xiaoli grew bored and found herself staring at the floor, unable to indulge in her usual games. She longed for a conversation and decided to speak to Chen Yang, who was engrossed in a recipe book.

“Brother Chen–“

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The clock struck twelve, its chimes resounding.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

An abrupt rush of ringing shattered the previously calm atmosphere, instantly igniting tension. Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli stood up abruptly, their attention drawn to Han Ke’s harrowing scream emanating from upstairs. Hastily, they sprinted up the stairs, their hearts pounding.

Mao Xiaoli forcefully kicked open the door to the bedroom. To their dismay, the room remained enveloped in darkness. Chen Yang relied on his memory to locate the light switch, pressing it repeatedly, but to no avail. Left with no other options, they strained their eyes to make out the details in the room, illuminated solely by the feeble glow of the moon.

Just as they entered the bedroom, the door slammed shut behind them with a resounding thud.

Mao Xiaoli leaped onto the bed, lifting the covers to reveal only a single bell. Han Ke was nowhere to be found.

“She’s gone?”

Chen Yang’s brows furrowed as a sudden, slippery sensation crawled over his hand. Startled, he raised his head to see ‘Han Ke’ crawling on the ceiling like a twisted creature, its head turned towards him with eyes rolled back, leaving only the whites of its eyes glued on him.

Its mouth contorted into a grotesque grin, droplets of saliva falling onto his hand.


Mao Xiaoli turned her head and took out a spiritual talisman. “Jade purity begins in green. True talisman speaks, forging a bond. Shift and merge the dual energies. Blend as one to craft the truth. Five thunders, five thunders crash and roar. With haste, summon Huang Ning to the fore. In misty veils, transformations take flight. Roaring with thunder, empowered by light. At the beckoning call, swiftly appear. Unleash the solar voice, bright and clear. Urgently and decisively as if by celestial decree.”

With remarkable precision, the spiritual talisman, as if endowed with sight, swiftly homed in on ‘Han Ke’, adhering upon her back. In an instant, a dazzling surge of lightning erupted from the talisman, engulfing ‘Han Ke’ in a torrent of electrifying agony. Her voice emitted an eerie scream, echoing the immense pain she experienced.

Mao Xiaoli seized the opportunity to pursue, intending to affix another Five Thunder talisman.

However, much to her surprise, ‘Han Ke’ reacted with astonishing speed. She swiftly crawled along the ceiling, darting through the corridor with uncanny agility until she reached the staircase. Recalling the agreement with the other two celestial masters, Mao Xiaoli cried out in despair, “No! My half a million!”

After shouting, she chased after ‘Han Ke’.

Downstairs, the lights illuminated the area brightly. ‘Han Ke’ contorted and twisted like a snake, emitting unearthly sounds that resembled the roar of a wild beast. It instilled fear and terror in all who heard it.

Mr. and Mrs. Han in the living room were frightened to the point of almost losing consciousness. The maid took refuge under the table, cowering. ‘Han Ke’ suddenly raised her head, revealing a face painted with eerie red and green colors, and unleashed a terrifying roar in their direction.

The Five Thunder talisman that had been affixed to her back had fallen off amidst the chaos. Now, ‘Han Ke’ resembled an agitated and monstrous creature.

Mao Xiaoli chased after her, forming a hand gesture with her index and middle fingers, and swiftly threw another Five Thunder talisman. Witnessing this, Celestial Masters Lv and Luo exchanged a brief glance. Master Lv stepped forward, intercepting Mao Xiaoli’s talisman and tearing it away.

“Young girl, we agreed that you would handle the bedroom while we handled the living room. Since you’re unable to resolve the situation, it’s best for you to withdraw.”

Mao Xiaoli grew infuriated, her face turning red, but she felt utterly helpless. She had yet to grasp the true essence of being “shameless” and “doing whatever it takes”. Perhaps, after spending more time with Chen Yang in the future, she would be able to face such a situation and resort to knocking out other money-grabbing celestial masters.

However, the present Mao Xiaoli was both innocent and principled, so she remained standing at the staircase without moving.

Below, Master Luo and his disciple confronted the advancing ‘Han Ke’. Mrs. Han’s legs turned jelly. Mr. Han hastily pulled her to the side.

The battle downstairs was fierce, yet the bedroom was enveloped in a peculiar stillness.

Chen Yang drew the curtains tighter, allowing the moonlight to filter through, then turned to the painting and uttered, “Come out.”

As soon as his words faded, the bedroom door quietly closed, rendering it seemingly impossible to open at the moment.

Then, a person slowly emerged from the darkness, illuminated by the moonlight. Surprisingly, it was ‘Han Ke’, who should have been in the living room downstairs!

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