The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Human Skin Painting 06

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The ‘Han Ke’ before him was the real Han Ke who had been possessed.

The figure of ‘Han Ke’ downstairs was merely a paper cutout.

‘Han Ke’ smiled gently and took a graceful step forward, exuding an air of elegance and charm.

“Mr. Scholar, how did you discover my true identity?”

“You informed me,” Chen Yang replied calmly, taking a step towards the adjacent painting.

‘Han Ke’ raised her hand, delicately concealing her face with the extended sleeve, her lips forming a subtle curve, her eyes shimmering. “A well-read scholar is truly exceptional… When and where did I inadvertently reveal a vulnerability that led to your deduction?”

“Xiao Fengyu.”

‘Han Ke’s’ expression abruptly changed, losing its previous tenderness and replacing it with a sinister and cold demeanor. “How did you know?”

Chen Yang gestured towards the signature on the painting, not far from her. “Han Ke mentioned that when she found the painting papers, it was blank. But now, there’s a portrait on it, with the signature ‘Xiao Fengyu’. I deduced that you are not only the artist but also the subject of the painting. So, you are called Xiao Fengyu.”

“You guessed correctly.”

‘Han Ke’ walked back and forth in the same spot, her gaze fixed on Chen Yang. Her facial expressions were lively, exuding a captivating charm. This charm definitely did not belong to the original Han Ke, indicating that the female ghost was on the verge of taking over Han Ke’s life.

No wonder she was so keen on prolonging time with Chen Yang, displaying absolute confidence and fearlessness.

With the room door tightly locked and a paper cutout downstairs, even if all those celestial masters came up, it was unlikely they could handle her.

Because she was never a newly deceased ghost, but rather a vengeful spirit that had been dead for about a hundred years.

“Xiao Fengyu is your stage name. Your original name was Zhu Xiaoyu. You were likely born during the flourishing period of female performers in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, but unfortunately, you also died during that same era.”

The flourishing period of ‘female performers’ in Guangdong and Guangxi was during the early Republic of China, a time when bandits were rampant and officials were colluding with criminals.

“How do you know?”

Baidu, of course.

Chen Yang remained composed. “Knowing your name and deducing your past life isn’t a challenging task for me.”

Upon hearing this, ‘Han Ke’, or rather, Zhu Xiaoyu, came to a halt and gazed at Chen Yang with a mixture of curiosity and doubt. To be able to deduce her past life solely from her name, he must be a skilled master of feng shui.

Besides, he clearly didn’t possess the wooden plaques or jade tablets bestowed by celestial masters. How could an ordinary person remain calm and composed in the face of a vengeful spirit?

With this thought, Zhu Xiaoyu became even more cautious, refraining from underestimating the situation.

“You’ve been dead for so many years, and the mortal realm is no longer the one you once knew. By recklessly seizing someone else’s body and stealing their vital energy, if the ghost officials find out, they would subject you to a six-day trial in Luofeng and inflict a punishment far worse than the depths of hell.”

Zhu Xiaoyu’s visible expression of fear was quickly overtaken by resentment and bitterness.

“For nearly a century, I have remained in the realm of the deceased, enduring the excruciating anguish of my demise day after day, yearning for a chance to be reborn. My life was cut short at the age of twenty-one!! I met a gruesome end that haunts me still. My flesh was stripped away to create painting paper, leaving my soul trapped and unable to find the path of reincarnation. My corpse was abandoned in the wilderness, covered in earth, devoid of sunlight. Without anyone to honor my memory or erect a memorial, I became a solitary and lost ghost, burdened by the presence of recently deceased souls clinging to me. I became a lonely and wandering ghost, unable to find rebirth. It’s incredibly difficult for me to have another opportunity to experience human existence. No one can stop me!”

Zhu Xiaoyu appeared frenzied, with unstable emotions, causing Han Ke’s facial expression to twist into a hideous grimace. Her long hair swirled as she lunged forward, intending to grasp Chen Yang’s neck.

Chen Yang narrowly evaded her, gripping onto the beautiful portrait and gesturing as if to tear it apart.


Zhu Xiaoyu refrained from making any further movements.

If the portrait of the beautiful woman were torn, her own spirit would dissipate into nothingness.

Chen Yang had no intention of actually tearing the portrait since Han Ke’s very being was intertwined with it.

Zhu Xiaoyu begged him, “I simply want to be reborn. I have spent a hundred years as a wandering and forsaken ghost, exposed to the elements without anyone to worship me…”

She beseeched with a mournful plea, tears streaming down her face, but Chen Yang remained devoid of any compassionate sentiment. These spirits were masters of deceit, utterly untrustworthy. Zhu Xiaoyu had indeed suffered greatly—dying tragically at a young age, her skin peeled off to make paper, her soul tormented day and night by sinister sorcery. With no one to honor her, she endured a wretched existence, plagued by hunger and bitter cold.

However, these circumstances did not justify her endangering others’ lives.

Chen Yang: “If your true desire is to be reborn, you could have exerted influence over the Han family. At the time they invited the initial group of celestial masters, you could have spoken through their mouths to express your wishes, urging them to erect a monument and offer homage, then requesting the celestial masters to perform a ceremony to guide your departed soul. Instead, you drove away all the celestial masters and even plotted to harm Han Ke. Isn’t it simply greed, longing for Han Ke’s extraordinary life essence? Spare me your tales of misery and injustice.”

Even if Zhu Xiaoyu had indeed endured immense suffering in her past, if she genuinely sought rebirth, she could have followed Chen Yang’s advice. However, she did not. Her true motive was an insatiable desire to claim Han Ke’s exceptional fortune.

After all, even if rebirth were granted, it did not guarantee that one would be reincarnated as a human. And even if reborn as a human, the fate that awaited might be one of destitution and affliction.

Unable to deceive Chen Yang any longer, Zhu Xiaoyu decided to reveal a vicious face, forcefully splitting open the bedroom door and fleeing outside.

Seeing this, Chen Yang exclaimed, “Half a million!”

Hastily, he ran over and kicked the bedroom door shut. Removing a red thread from his wrist, he held one end in each hand and stretched it out to form a long line. The ancient copper coin in the middle chimed brightly.

Zhu Xiaoyu, seemingly terrified of the coin brimming with positive energy, retreated a few steps, pressing herself against the wall. Catching sight of the portrait resting on the bed, she swiftly lunged forward to snatch it. Chen Yang flicked the red thread, lightly brushing Zhu Xiaoyu, causing a faint red glow to flicker. Zhu Xiaoyu narrowly escaped being forcefully expelled from Han Ke’s body.

Observing the situation, Chen Yang seized the paper and repeatedly struck Zhu Xiaoyu.

Zhu Xiaoyu let out cries of agony, ultimately being forced out of Han Ke’s body.

Chen Yang caught Han Ke’s collapsing body, while Zhu Xiaoyu took the opportunity to fly out of the bedroom, intending to engage in a vicious rampage. Chen Yang shouted, “Mao Xiaoli, stop that female ghost!”

Mao Xiaoli, who was observing the ongoing battle from the staircase landing, felt a chill run down her spine as she heard Chen Yang’s shout. The lights above flickered, and she quickly turned around, only to witness a fleshy, skinless mass approaching her.

Without thinking, Mao Xiaoli raised her hand to shield herself. The wet and sticky mixture of blood and pus coated her hand, causing her stomach to churn with revulsion. Instantly, she brandished her peach wood sword and summoned Five Thunder talisman.

Thunder and fire were feared by all supernatural entities and evil spirits, prompting the female ghost to release Mao Xiaoli and redirect her attack towards Celestial Masters Luo and Lv downstairs.

Celestial Masters Luo and Lv were in the midst of dealing with the painted paper talisman when they realized they had fallen into a trap. The menacing ghost launched a sudden assault, prompting them to flee in opposite directions, narrowly avoiding the ghost’s strike.

To their surprise, Celestial Master Luo’s disciple rushed forward from behind and became possessed by the ghost.

His eyes rolled back, his face contorting with a grimace. His body stiffened as he he rose onto his tiptoes.


Celestial Master Lv raised his peach wood sword and talisman, ready to thrust them towards the young disciple’s chest, but was interrupted by Celestial Master Luo.

“Cut it out! He’s my disciple!”

“Once possession occurs, he’s just a ghost!”

“Fart!” Suddenly, the young disciple grabbed Celestial Master Luo by the throat, overpowering him with immense strength. Celestial Master Lv stuck a talisman on the disciple’s body and began chanting a spell.

After Celestial Master Luo was saved, he foolishly tore the talisman apart, inadvertently allowing the ferocious ghost to resume its haunting.

Celestial Master Lv became infuriated. “If you don’t want the five hundred thousand, I certainly do. Don’t stand in the way of my fortune!”

Chen Yang supported the weak and feeble Han Ke as they walked out, immediately noticing the chaos downstairs. He asked Mao Xiaoli, “What’s going on?”

Mao Xiaoli replied, “Possession by a ferocious ghost.” She pointed to the young disciple and continued, “They’re attacking each other.”

Mr. and Mrs. Han spotted Han Ke and hurriedly tried to make their way up, but unexpectedly, Mrs. Han tripped and fell. The cunning ghost, knowing that Mrs. Han was the employer, shifted its attention to her instead.

Just as Han Jiashan helped his wife up, his throat was seized.

Chen Yang entrusted Han Ke to Mao Xiaoli and descended the stairs. He wrapped the red thread between Mrs. Han’s hands, causing her to scream and retract her hands.

After Han Jiashan was saved, he hoarsely pleaded, “Save my wife.”

Celestial Master Luo and Celestial Master Lv witnessed Chen Yang’s actions and then looked at Han Ke at the stairwell, finally understanding the situation.

It seemed that the person before them was not just young and arrogant, but genuinely talented with exceptional abilities.

Judging by the ghost’s skills, she likely has around fifty to sixty years of experience. If they were left to confront the ghost individually, it could risk depleting their own abilities. Chen Yang’s ability to single-handedly expel the ghost from Han Ke’s body and instill fear in the ghost possessing Mrs. Han showed his remarkable expertise.

In the realm of celestial masters, age was not the sole measure of profound abilities. Innate talent held greater significance.

Han Jiashan pleaded once again, “Save my wife, and I’ll add another two hundred thousand.”

Celestial Master Luo and Celestial Master Lv were tempted, but Chen Yang calmly replied, “No need. Five hundred thousand is sufficient.”

With that, he loosened the red thread and began firmly striking Mrs. Han.

This audacious move left the celestial masters present astounded. They never anticipated such a direct approach. Usually, banishing a ghost that possessed a person required catching it off guard or performing intricate rituals, which could be immensely challenging.

To simply strike like that… was too childish.

However, their jaws dropped in astonishment the very next second. They witnessed the skinless ghost being actually pulled out of Mrs. Han. It had intended to seize the opportunity and possess Han Ke’s body, but Mao Xiaoli cleverly revealed the Five Thunder talisman.

With no other options, the ghost intended to pounce on Han Jiashan.

Celestial Master and Celestial Master Lv stood in the way, undaunted as the vicious ghost lunged at them. But just as it reached them, a red thread tightly wrapped around it, dragging it away. Chen Yang stepped on the ghost’s head and raised his hand, reciting, “Black Emperor’s Spirit Book, Heavenly Ape Treasure Talisman. With the force of wind and fire, mountains crumble and wood withers…”

Suddenly, dark clouds covered the moon, and the earth fell into a profound silence. The flickering pale lights eventually extinguished, enveloping the villa in darkness. Mr. and Mrs. Han were startled but dared not utter a sound.

Han Ke firmly grasped Mao Xiaoli’s arm, while Mao Xiaoli illuminated the scene using her phone’s flashlight. When she turned around, she noticed Celestial Master Luo and Celestial Master Lv staring at her with a dazed expression.

“Why are you all staring at me? Don’t you have flashlights on your phones?”

“Yes, we do.”

Consequently, they all took out their phones to illuminate the room, significantly brightening it. Chen Yang continued to chant rapidly, “…May all the Generals hurry and drive them away. Urgent as the Emperor of Fengdu’s decree.”

The final sentence resounded like thunder in the ears of the gathered celestial masters.

This was the incantation to summon the ghost envoys of Fengdu. It was worth noting that Fengdu held a dreadful reputation among the celestial masters, ghosts, monsters, and evil spirits—a place even more fearsome than the underworld.

Luofeng’s Six Palaces of Fengdu, a place inaccessible to ordinary and virtuous individuals, served as a judgment ground solely for the most heinous spirits. It didn’t only judge evildoers but also monsters, evil spirits, and wicked gods—a place where evil in the six realms faced trial.

The ruler of Luofeng’s Six Palaces was the Great Emperor of Fengdu in the Northern Yin and Profound Heaven. Under his command were the Five Ghost Emperors and seventy-two ghost officers, governing the eighteen layers of hell and various local deities across the lands. They were revered as the Gods of Daoism and the supreme beings of all spirits and deities.

Such a formidable and innate divine entity couldn’t be summoned by any celestial master.

…Of course, Chen Yang wasn’t actually summoning the Emperor of Fengdu. However, the incantation for summoning the ghost envoys from Luofeng’s Six Palaces gave everyone the chills.

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