The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Ominous Steps 03

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Chen Yang boarded the car, fastened his seatbelt, and suddenly remembered Kou Xuanling. “Should we wait for Kou Xuanling?”

“No need, he has a driver’s license. He’ll drive back himself.” Du Shuo pressed the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, and drove ahead.

When Kou Xuanling came out, he indeed didn’t see Chen Yang and Du Shuo. The WeChat notification sound on his phone rang, and upon opening it, he found Chen Yang’s message. It informed him not to wait and that he could go back to the branch office by himself. Kou Xuanling shook his head, sighed, and turned to the seemingly absent-minded Meng Fu. “Master Meng, shall I take you back to Huoshen Temple?”

Meng Fu gave him a glance. “I just teased you with your ancestral master, is revenge necessary? At least give me some psychological preparation.”

Kou Xuanling smiled. “Master Meng, you’ve traveled far and wide, seen the world. Is this a big deal?”

Meng Fu muttered, “I’m not Ma Shanfeng.” After saying that, he got into Kou Xuanling’s car, asking him to take him back to Huoshen Temple. At the same time, he asked, “Is Wu Lingjiu plotting against Chen Yang?”

Kou Xuanling: “Did you figure it out?”

“No one would fail to see it.” The celestial masters attending the Daoist Association meeting were all seasoned. Just from the information provided by Chen Yang, they could discern more concealed details. For instance, Chen Yang’s talent in Ghost Dao and Wu Lingjiu’s peculiar attitude towards him.

Anyway, Meng Fu noticed it. Fortunately, Chen Yang remained upright and untarnished. Otherwise, those seasoned celestial masters, who were exceptionally protective of their juniors, would have been heartbroken. The valuable artifacts they gifted upon Chen Yang reflected their deep fondness for him. It wasn’t just an appreciation for his talent but also a genuine satisfaction with his uncorrupted character.

Meng Fu waved his hand. “Long before the branch office reported information about Wu Lingjiu and Meng Xi to the Daoist Association, they were already aware. Do you think they would bring such heavy gifts to meetings casually? Ma Shanfeng never reveals his hand. In reality, he’s the most cunning. Every time he reports to the Daoist Association, Chen Yang is the focal point. The Daoist Association gradually took notice of Chen Yang. You know how they cherish the younger generation. They couldn’t help but pay attention. The more attention, the more affection. As Ma Shanfeng slowly revealed secrets about Chen Xiaoyang, the Daoist Association were left helpless. After all, their hearts were soft, and they couldn’t bear to let go.”

Meng Fu was confident. In the entire Celestial Master Community, no one could match Ma Shanfeng’s smoothness. He was a talent who took a wrong path, not suited to be a celestial master but rather a politician. Ma Shanfeng understood physiognomy. At first glance, he probably saw Chen Yang’s short-lived fate. Yet, Chen Yang survived, unharmed and exceptionally gifted. There had to be something more to it.

Ma Shanfeng saw through it but remained silent. After each completed assignment, he wrote the reports himself, carefully choosing his words to leave an impression on the seasoned celestial masters at the Daoist Association. He created the image of someone with such extraordinary talent, kindness, and fairness. By the time they discovered that Chen Yang had such an ominous fate, even if they wanted to take preventive measures, they couldn’t bear to ruin such a good child.

Dealing with Chen Yang’s ominous fate made the seasoned celestial masters hesitate. As long as there was hesitation, there was room for a turnaround. However, Ma Shanfeng also faced the unexpected: Chen Yang’s marriage to Du Shuo.

Initially, Ma Shanfeng saw Chen Yang and Du Shuo’s relationship as an added layer of protection. Upon learning Du Shuo’s identity, instead of worrying that the Celestial Master Community would discover Chen Yang’s destiny, Ma Shanfeng preemptively revealed it to the elders in the Celestial Master Community.

As Ma Shanfeng anticipated, the elders in the Celestial Master Community, although still unaware of the connection between Chen Yang and Du Shuo, couldn’t bear to employ preventive measures against Chen Yang, even with his ominous fate. Not only did they refrain from harm, but they also showed extraordinary care, each bringing significant gifts for Chen Yang. Treating him with the same fondness reserved for any young talent with both exceptional abilities and a virtuous character.

Meng Fu said with a chuckle, “If they knew that Chen Xiao Yang and Director Du were in a romantic relationship, they would probably have felt a pang of regret for gifting so many precious artifacts.” Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but burst into hearty laughter.

Kou Xuanling, puzzled, asked, “Why?” Wasn’t it said that the elders in the Celestial Master Community were reluctant to part with their gifts?

“Certainly, they’re reluctant, but there was calculation behind their generous gifts. Having a strong backing within the Celestial Master Community, especially receiving attention and care from numerous seniors, Chen Xiaoyang might be less likely to fall into the demonic path like Wu Lingjiu.” Meng Fu slapped the back of his chair while laughing heartily. “These elders cherish the younger generation, but they are also frugal. If they had known about Chen Xiaoyang’s relationship with Director Du earlier, they would have casually picked a few artifacts, poured countless cups of encouragement, and spared their wallets.”

Kou Xuanling recalled his interactions with other celestial masters since childhood, understanding the meaning behind Meng Fu’s words. Celestial masters cherished the younger generation, always presenting gifts during the first meeting. However, their generosity during the gift-giving was followed by a sense of financial pain, especially with the lavish offering bestowed upon Chen Xiaoyang today.

Kou Xuanling, imagining how those venerable and dignified elders in the Celestial Master Community would maintain composure upon learning the truth but secretly regretting, was amused.

Nevertheless, the heartfelt intentions of the venerable elders were still deeply moving.

Du Shuo shared the same truth with Chen Yang, including unveiling the calculating yet caring side of Ma Shanfeng, who, despite his hidden schemes, always cared for the youngsters in the branch office.

Chen Yang took out artifacts like the Jade Ruyi, the Seven-Star Treasure Sword, the Five Thunders Token, and the Zhentan Wood from his backpack – all precious Daoist artifacts gifted by various Daoist sects.

He smiled, eyes slightly moist, and said, “They remind me of Grandpa Wu, someone unrelated yet tirelessly sought ways to keep me alive, taught me Daoist arts, and helped me ward off malevolent ghosts and evil spirits. Even after learning about my perilous fate, they chose to protect me. Suddenly, I feel incredibly fortunate.”

Chen Yang once detested his own fate because the utmost Yin constitution it brought subjected him to constant harassment from evil spirits and malevolent ghosts and the threat of death from an early age. Even his family perished as a result, and Grandpa Wu, succumbed to exhaustion after battling a malevolent ghost who sought to seize Chen Yang’s physical body.

Yet, he still considered himself fortunate because he consistently encountered people genuinely benevolent towards him. Despite the malevolent nature of his fate causing fear and rejection from some, others were willing to assist him, showering him with goodwill.

Hence, Chen Yang knew he would never become like Wu Lingjiu. He was unwilling to disappoint and sadden those who loved and believed in him.

“I am grateful to be a celestial master, upright and without shame before heaven and earth. Most importantly,” Chen Yang, with a smiling gaze at Du Shuo, continued, “I met you, married you, and then fell in love with you. Brother Du, thank you for always being with me.”

At the age of ten, Chen Yang lost his parents, at fourteen, he lost his grandfather, and at sixteen, he lost Grandpa Wu. He faced the fearful gazes and cold indifference from the neighborhood. It seemed like Chen Yang lost everything until he met Du Shuo at sixteen. From then on, he no longer had to experience life-and-death separations or fear that his Yin constitution would harm others.

Du Shuo played various roles in Chen Yang’s life after the age of sixteen, acting as a father, elder brother, and intimate lover, accompanying him for almost seven years. The remainder of his life, including death, would be spent together, with no parting in sight.

Du Shuo glanced at Chen Yang, sighed helplessly, and found a place to park the car. Placing his hand on the back of Chen Yang’s neck, he pressed him against his shoulder. “Yangyang, you know I can’t bear to see you cry.”

Chen Yang, wiping away tears with a smile, patted him gently. “Untrue. You’ve made me cry plenty of times.”

“It depends on the situation,” Du Shuo whispered softly in Chen Yang’s ear. His once stern and aloof features had softened, transforming from a lofty deity to a mortal who understood love and desire. If anyone saw him, they would be entranced, wishing they were the one who moved the heart of a deity. “But every time you feel a bit sad, it hurts my heart.”

“I would have become a tyrant, unable to be the just and stern Great Emperor of Fengdu. Originally, only the resolute Court of Great Yin laws and regulations filled my heart, but the intrusion of a Chen Xiaoyang will make me lose composure and rationality, behaving anxiously like an ordinary mortal.” Du Shuo discussed his own flustered appearance and found it amusing. “In the mortal realm and the underworld, among the six realms, there is only one Chen Xiaoyang. I happened to encounter him, happened to hold him in my hands. I am very fortunate.”

Chen Yang hugged Du Shuo tightly, laughter erasing any trace of seriousness from his features. “You never used to say these things before.”

“Not saying doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.” Du Shuo lightly patted Chen Yang’s back, relieved when he saw him no longer in distress. Chen Yang had always been strong, consistently displaying an optimistic and resilient attitude, possessing a tenacious vitality.

The only time Du Shuo had ever seen Chen Yang so sad that he couldn’t sleep was on the anniversary of the deaths of Chen Yang’s parents, grandfather, and Grandpa Wu. It was only when he discovered that Chen Yang’s sadness affected his own happiness and caused him to worry about his sleeplessness that he began to truly value Chen Yang as an individual. He no longer focused on on his dangerous and mysterious fate or his Yin constitution, but solely on Chen Yang himself.

After realizing his feelings, Du Shuo took advantage of Chen Yang’s reliance on him, leveraging the strong bond of their Yin union to firmly shift his position and impression in Chen Yang’s heart. He made Chen Yang understand that he wasn’t just a father or an elder brother but his most intimate husband. Someone who could embrace and possess him, allowing him to depend on a husband who could entrust both body and soul.

Du Shuo gently pinched Chen Yang’s neck, a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Hence, when Chen Yang turned eighteen, Du Shuo seized the opportunity, cutting off any chance for him to embrace another lover in the world besides himself. Overnight, their relationship transformed into that of intimate partners, and Chen Yang, without a chance to ponder, found himself emotionally and physically claimed.

Beyond the just and stern image of the Great Emperor of Fengdu, the Great Emperor revealed himself as an ordinary man capable of scheming and driven by possessive desires due to love.

Fortunately, Du Shuo appeared by Chen Yang’s side at the perfect moment, so even as Du Shuo shifted from a paternal and fraternal figure to an intimate lover, Chen Yang only paused momentarily before accepting the change.

If Du Shuo were to now confess to Chen Yang about his past, including thoughts and methods that were not entirely virtuous, Chen Yang probably wouldn’t find it objectionable. This was because Du Shuo was Chen Yang’s husband, and in Chen Yang’s perspective, their relationship was natural and unquestionable. He believed that there would never be anyone else who could replace Du Shuo in his life.

Therefore, Du Shuo occupied the most crucial position in Chen Yang’s life. This sentiment didn’t require understanding from others, and it didn’t affect their judgments and assessments of right and wrong.

Chen Yang lifted his head and kissed the corner of Du Shuo’s mouth. “I like hearing that.”

“Then cherish it well.” Du Shuo used his thumb to wipe a bit of moisture from Chen Yang’s eye corner.

Chen Yang, surprised, asked, “Does that mean you only occasionally say things I like to hear?”

“Saying nice things too often makes them lose value.” Du Shuo kissed Chen Yang’s forehead. “Be good.”

Chen Yang glanced at Du Shuo, well aware of his character – rarely uttering sweet words, only comforting when Chen Yang was feeling down. Once in good spirits, no matter how much one pestered, he refused to speak. Sealed lips, not a word spoken. When trying to please him, he accepted everything without saying what needed to be said.

Chen Yang, annoyed, pounced on Du Shuo, biting his lip. “Do you want to say it or not? Can’t you say something nice to make me happy?”

Du Shuo calmly replied, “There are so many ways to make you happy. It doesn’t have to be this one.” He encircled Chen Yang, turning Chen Yang’s biting into a deep kiss. Chen Yang became drowsy from the kiss, no longer insisting on sweet words.

‘Knock knock ‘. The car window was knocked on, and Du Shuo released Chen Yang, lowering the window halfway. Outside stood a man. He seemed surprised to see Du Shuo, then said, “Sir, could you move the car to the side?”

Chen Yang glanced and noticed their car was blocking the parking space behind, so he pulled Du Shuo. Du Shuo acknowledged and moved the car to a parking lot not far ahead.

After getting off the car, Chen Yang asked, “Why are we here?” It was a large square, surrounded by many tall buildings, resembling a bustling commercial district, with people coming and going..

Du Shuo took Chen Yang’s hand and said, “Didn’t you say you’re hungry? Let’s go eat.” He then led Chen Yang into a tall building, entered an elevator, and pressed the button for the sixteenth floor. There were seven or eight people in the elevator, including an old and a young person, presumably a grandfather and grandson.

The old man, holding his grandson’s hand, asked, “Is this a dedicated elevator?”

The boy impatiently replied, “No. Grandpa, can’t you stop asking this every time we take an elevator? Where would you find so many dedicated elevators? This is a department store building. There are no private elevators that go directly to a specific place.”

The old man mumbled, “That’s good then.”

A person nearby, finding the old man’s words rather strange, gave him a curious glance but didn’t say anything. The old man continued, “You haven’t experienced it, so you don’t know how terrifying it is. Elevators, these places, are dangerous. Accidents happen all the time, ominous indeed.”

“Alright, Grandpa. We’re here. Let’s get out quickly.” Many people in the elevator had already shown displeasure due to the old man’s words. The boy hurriedly pulled the old man out, and fortunately, the elevator doors opened at that moment.

Chen Yang looked and saw that they had also reached their destination floor, so he followed Du Shuo out. They chose a restaurant and went inside, unexpectedly encountering the grandfather and grandson from earlier. The grandfather seemed to want to talk to his grandson, but the latter impatiently stood up, saying he was going to the restroom.

Chen Yang happened to sit next to the old man while waiting for their table, observed the look of disappointment on the old man’s face, and decided to strike up a conversation, “Sir, what did you mean by the elevator being dangerous earlier?”

The old man, pleased that someone initiated a conversation, said, “Elevators often have accidents, isn’t that ominous?”

Chen Yang chuckled. “Cars also often have accidents. Does that make them ominous too?”

“That’s different. A car is an inanimate object in motion. When it crashes, the ominous aspect lies in the location. An elevator is a confined space, going up and down in one place. If an accident happens, wronged souls and departed spirits get trapped inside the elevator. That’s when the elevator becomes an ominous place.”

Chen Yan: “Wronged souls and departed spirits trapped in an elevator don’t have the ability to harm anyone.” These cases should be considered accidental deaths, and only if there were strong unresolved wishes could they become trapped as earthbound spirits, which were incapable of harming others.

The old man disagreed, “If one dies tragically with a heavy grudge, it can harm people even if it’s just in a small, enclosed space like an elevator. If someone is intent on causing harm, it’s a surefire method, completely unavoidable.” Seeing several young and middle-aged people drawn to the conversation, the old man became more excited. “Just think about it, if you want to harm someone, just make the elevator malfunction. If the elevator suddenly falls, the person will die a horrible death. If the elevator doesn’t fall, it will get stuck in mid-air, the alarm bell will be destroyed. No matter how loud you shout to the heavens, no one will answer.”

A young person couldn’t help but say, “What you’re describing are occasional accidents with elevators. How does that turn into something ominous? Elevator accidents are normal occurrences, just like car accidents. When you talk about it, it becomes a supernatural event. Does that mean all accidents in the world are caused by wronged souls and departed spirits killing people?”

The old man stared. “Don’t disbelieve! Do you know that apartment building across the street?”

Among the young people, a woman glanced and said, “I know. I live in that apartment building.”

Old man: “Which floor do you live on?”

Young woman: “Eleventh floor.”

The old man was suddenly shocked. “The eleventh floor? Did you just move in?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?” The young woman felt a bit uneasy. The old man’s expression made her somewhat fearful.

“The elevator in the previous upscale apartment was a private one. You press the floor and room number, then the elevator opens directly into the room. Once, a woman pressed the wrong floor, walked out, only to find the neighboring apartment had an anti-theft door. Moreover, the residents of that apartment were coincidentally away on a trip and couldn’t return in time. This resulted in the woman getting trapped between the anti-theft door and the elevator door for five or six days, starving to death. When the residents returned and opened the elevator door, a decomposed female corpse fell in, terrifying them.”

In reality, everyone to some extent fears elevators, not only because people inside may be crushed into a pulp if the elevator falls but also because once the elevator closes, individuals are trapped in a small, enclosed box. If the signal malfunctions, the sense of loneliness, despair, and fear can drive people insane.

The woman trapped in the narrow gap between the anti-theft door and the elevator door, as described by the old man, was genuinely frightening because during those five days, she gradually sensed death approaching, dying in despair. What was even more horrifying and despairing was that the elevator buttons were right in front of her, but due to the tight anti-theft door railing, her hand couldn’t reach to press the elevator button. Clearly, the hope of survival was within sight, yet she could only watch helplessly.

The young woman was startled. “No way. After such an accident… did they dismantle the private elevator?”

The old man shook his head. “No. That would require a massive project. The property owners compensated and settled it. However, accidents continued to happen, even on the eleventh floor. The residents moved out. Someone died right at their doorstep, and in such a gruesome manner. Besides, that family was also one of the culprits, installing an anti-theft door. After they moved out, another office lady moved in.”

The young woman, an office lady herself, had recently moved to the eleventh floor of that upscale apartment. Despite feeling a bit scared, she sat down to listen to the old man’s story. She asked, “What happened afterward? Did she encounter something?”

The old man said, “Certainly did. One night, the office lady returned home late. When she walked out of the elevator, it seemed like she saw something. Limbs stiff, she stood frozen right between the security door and the elevator door that hadn’t been removed yet. The office lady seemed to be entranced. Suddenly the elevator door opened, and she tilted backward, falling directly down. There was no elevator car behind her. She fell from the eleventh floor and landed on top of the elevator car on the fourth floor, dead.”

The young woman, though frightened, remained rational. “How do you know all this so clearly?”

“Watched the surveillance footage. The footage was clear, and I was there at the time. I used to live in this apartment. I modified the elevator after the incident.”

The young woman asked again, “Wasn’t there anyone looking for the first woman trapped between the eleventh floor anti-theft door and the elevator door? Did no one check the surveillance footage during her five-day disappearance?”

“Uh, how should I know?”

The young woman smiled. “Sir, you better not be superstitious. What you’ve said are just accidents.” She breathed a sigh of relief as she found inconsistencies in the old man’s story. After making that statement, she relaxed and went back to her table with her friend to order food.

The old man turned to Chen Yang and asked, “Young man, do you believe me or not?”

Chen Yang glanced at the upscale apartment across the street and replied with a smile, “Seeing is believing. Without witnessing it firsthand, I wouldn’t know whether to believe it or not.”

Although the old man wasn’t satisfied with this response, he didn’t seem unhappy either. After all, Chen Yang didn’t outright deny his words. “Ah, you young folks just won’t believe what I say. I can tell that girl just now is in for trouble.”

Chen Yang didn’t sense any ghostly aura on the young woman from before, so he didn’t immediately agree with the old man’s words, just smiling. The old man waved his hand. “If you don’t believe, you don’t. No one likes to listen to advice anyway.”

At that moment, the old man’s grandson returned, pulling the old man to order. Du Shuo also took Chen Yang away to start ordering. As the old man left, he glanced at the previous office lady and sighed helplessly while looking at the upscale apartment building across the street. “How can you not believe in superstitions”

The next day, Mao Xiaoli received a job order and handed it to Ma Shanfeng. “Uncle Ma, take a look and see if there’s any issue.”

Ma Shanfeng took the order and responded, “Elevator vengeful spirit? I’ll check it out.”

Mao Xiaoli nodded. “Okay.”

Two hours later, Ma Shanfeng emerged and told Mao Xiaoli, “Indeed, it’s a two-star level assignment. We can take it.”

Zhang Qiudao approached while chewing on a popsicle. “Elevator vengeful spirit? What’s the background?”

Mao Xiaoli: “The property owner in this building posted the order on the app. It seems someone died in the elevator before, creating a vengeful spirit. The spirit is still lingering, and last night, a girl returning home late was attacked, narrowly escaping death. So, the property owner quickly placed the order. I happened to see it and thought it was manageable, so I accepted it.”

Zhang Qiudao: “Is there any detailed information?”

Mao Xiaoli: “No. The employer just wants us to expel the vengeful spirit. If possible, perform a ritual for the spirit, and if not, at least drive it away to prevent harm.”

Zhang Qiudao: “At least this property owner has a conscience.”

Chen Yang came downstairs, overheard their conversation, and asked Mao Xiaoli, “Where did the elevator vengeful spirit appear?”

“Hongwan Apartments.”

Zhang Qiudao: “Luxury apartments, a single unit is very expensive. Ordinary people can’t afford it.”

Chen Yang: “It’s this place. I heard someone mention this apartment building just yesterday. I didn’t expect an incident to occur today. Xiaoli, let me take over this job. It feels like fate. I’ll handle it.”

Mao Xiaoli nodded, readily agreeing, “Sure.”

Chen Yang went to see the girl who had been attacked, indeed the office lady from the previous night. At this moment, she was laying on the hospital bed, her face pallid, with a broken leg. When the girl saw Chen Yang, she questioned him about his identity with a puzzled look.

Chen Yang explained his purpose, “I want to know what you saw last night.”

The woman, suppressing her fear, recounted, “Last night, I had dinner with colleagues and returned home quite late, around past one. At that time, there was only one security guard at the front desk. It was deserted. I entered the elevator, then pressed the button. On the fourth floor, I started hearing a loud banging sound, coming from above the elevator. I thought someone or something fell from above. However, the elevator remained completely still. Normally, with such a loud noise and something falling, it would cause vibrations in the elevator, but there were none.”

She found it strange at the time and suddenly remembered the old man mentioning a woman falling from the eleventh floor. The old man said the girl returned home late, but he didn’t specify the time. Could it have been around one in the morning?

The elevator continued to ascend, and when the button lit up for the tenth floor, the woman heard the sound of dripping water. She nervously looked up and was met with a pair of blood-red eyes staring directly at her from the elevator’s air vent. At that moment, she completely forgot to think about why there would be a pair of eyes in the elevator’s air conditioning vent. She just stared blankly until a drop of blood hit her nose.

The elevator doors opened precisely on the eleventh floor. Trembling, the woman crawled out of the elevator. The moment she exited, the elevator suddenly plummeted, making a loud noise. When she turned back to look, she saw that the elevator doors hadn’t fully closed, and the elevator car was stopped on the fourth floor. On top of the elevator car on the fourth floor was a contorted corpse. The woman, seeing the blood-red eyes of the corpse, quickly ran back in terror.

As she ran down the corridor, the corridor lights flickered. She heard the rhythmic sound of ‘dong, dong, dong’ sound coming from behind, persistently trailing her. The woman dared not look back. Shivering, she fumbled for her key card to swipe open the door. As she entered, she caught a glimpse, in her peripheral vision, of a blurred, fleshy face. At that moment, she was so frightened that she lost her composure. That thing quickly blocked the entrance, preventing her from going inside.

The office lady turned and screamed, fleeing without daring to use the elevator, so she took the stairs. Despite wearing high heels, she ran surprisingly fast. However, the ‘dong, dong, dong’ sound echoed relentlessly behind her. Later, the woman hid behind a fire exit door, and the sound gradually faded away. She breathed a sigh of relief and came out from behind the fire door, finding the stairwell empty.

Fearful that the thing might return, she quickly ascended the stairs. But just as she climbed one floor, the corridor lights suddenly went out. Looking up, she saw something crawling down the stairs. Despite the twisted limbs, it moved quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was right in front of her.

After seeing the horrifying face, the woman’s pupils dilated, and she screamed before being pushed down the stairs. She broke her leg and fainted.

“That female ghost is the vengeful spirit from the elevator!”

After obtaining the clue, Chen Yang went to Hongwan Apartments to meet the owner. Seeing Chen Yang, the owner thought he was too young, clearly not believing he was a celestial master. Nevertheless, since he was the one who accepted the order on the app, the owner could only give him a try. However, when asking Chen Yang to capture the vengeful spirit, he insisted on being present to prevent Chen Yang from lying or deceiving.

Chen Yang: “I don’t mind, but aren’t you afraid of vengeful spirits?”

The owner chuckled arrogantly and scornfully said, “Afraid of what? If a vengeful spirit dares to come, I’ll deal with it first! Don’t change the subject. Tonight, I’m keeping an eye on you.”

Chen Yang smiled and said, “No problem.”


  1. Actually, the way Yangyang and Du Shuo get along before has already made one thing clear: Yangyang is very dependent on Du Shuo. This is because, in his world, Du Shuo is unique and irreplaceable. In order to avoid misunderstandings, I will still explain it. Du Shuo previously played the role of a father or elder brother, but after realizing his feelings for Yangyang, he slowly changed Yangyang’s impression of him. Only after confirming that Yangyang regarded him as an equal did he eat Yangyang. Well, these side stories should cover that.
  2. The incident of a female corpse trapped between the anti-theft door and the elevator door is a real case. She was too overweight to reach the buttons, got stuck in the middle, and died of starvation. This was known as Taiwan Elevator Companion Corpse case.

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