The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Ominous Steps 04

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“This is a meticulously designed apartment, featuring standard two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites. It’s close to two subway lines, surrounded by a bustling commercial area. Monthly rent is not less than ten thousand,” the owner boasted. “So, the majority of residents in this single-person apartment building are senior white-collar workers and management-level talents.”

Chen Yang turned around. “I remember that the salary for senior-level white-collar professionals is between ten to twenty thousand. Just the rent alone is ten thousand. Isn’t that spending everything here?”

The owner was a bit embarrassed. “Some people share the rent. Isn’t it two-bedroom or three-bedroom? When divided, the monthly rent is only four to five thousand. In the capital city, this rent is considered reasonable.”

Chen Yang chuckled and pressed the elevator button. “Is the victim of the haunted elevator also senior-level white-collar worker?”

“Of course.”

“Does she live alone?”

“Occasionally.” Chen Yang looked at the owner in confusion. At that moment, the elevator arrived, and the doors opened. Chen Yang held the elevator for the owner to enter first. The owner hesitated, looked at Chen Yang, and then said, “You go in first.”

The owner doubted Chen Yang’s abilities. What if he went in first and the elevator doors closed, wouldn’t he be trapped? So, the owner insisted that Chen Yang go in first. Chen Yang had no choice but to enter and asked, “Isn’t the elevator with the vengeful spirit sealed off? Why are you afraid?”

“Just in case, what if it comes running towards me? What would I do?”

“Live with a clear conscience, and you need not fear ghosts knocking on your door.”

The owner scoffed disdainfully. “This phrase might deceive others, but not me. Do villains really choose their targets when harming others? Ghosts are simply transformed from humans. They don’t discriminate in causing harm.”

Chen Yang replied, “You do have a keen insight.” He hadn’t anticipated that the seemingly ordinary owner would possess such clarity. Continuing, he said, “Undoubtedly, those who harm without reason are psychologically disturbed, but truly disturbed individuals are a minority. Most harm has a cause and effect, just like supernatural entities. There’s always a karmic connection, though it cannot be denied that a minority cause harm without any apparent reason.”

After hearing Chen Yang’s words, the owner’s impression of him improved considerably. Initially dismissive due to Chen Yang’s youthful appearance, now the owner saw potential. He had heard about the emphasis on talent rather than age or experience in the Celestial Master Community. The owner’s attitude softened, and instead of casual dismissals, he shared all he knew, “The monthly rent for this apartment is indeed high, posing a challenge even for senior-level white-collar workers. Hence, they often opt for shared tenancy or share expenses as couples. There’s another scenario, not quite a couple but close, like the office lady who was attacked.”

Chen Yang inquired, “How so?” The elevator doors opened, and he gestured for the owner to exit first before stepping out himself. Outside the elevator was the corridor for the eleventh floor, with five apartments on each level.

Owner: “Some, unable to afford a home and burdened by expenses, find a lover. The office lady who was attacked had such a situation – she found a lover who financed her rent. Occasionally, she would stay here for a few days.”

The term for such a lover was colloquially known as the “third party” or mistress.

Chen Yang: “I see.”

While they were talking, a young mother passed by them. She took out her room card from her bag and swiped it at the door. As the door opened, a little girl rushed out from the room, exclaiming, “Mom!”

The young mother smiled, lifted the girl, and, about to close the door, noticed the owner. She set down the little girl and exchanged greetings with him. The owner bent down to chat with the little girl, who shyly hid behind her mother, clutching the hem of her skirt.

The little girl blinked, a hint of confusion on her face. The young mother, holding the door handle, smiled and bid them farewell. Just as she was about to close the door, they heard the little girl’s puzzled question, “Mom, who is the person coming in behind you?”

The door softly closed with a ‘click,’ creating a barrier between the inside and outside of the room. Chen Yang and the owner, who were about to leave, suddenly turned around. The owner wore a look of terror as he asked, “Did you hear what the little girl said?”

Chen Yang stepped past the owner and knocked on the door. No response came from inside, so he asked the owner, “Do you have a spare card or key?”

The owner, in a panic, shook his head. “They’re downstairs. I didn’t bring them with me.” Then, he pounded on the door, shouting for the young mother and daughter, but received no response.

Chen Yang pulled the owner behind him, took out a wire from his backpack, and began picking the lock. Ever since Qiu Shengmin taught him how to pick locks, he carried a wire for such occasions. Before the owner could comprehend what happened, he found that he had turned around in a circle. He turned in surprise to look at Chen Yang. How could he have such strength?

With a ‘click,’ the door lock opened. Chen Yang grasped the handle, about to open the door when the young mother opened it from the inside, curiously asking them, “What’s going on?”

Chen Yang calmly looked at the young mother. She appeared composed, with a balanced mix of curiosity and displeasure in her eyes. The owner stared wide-eyed, scrutinizing the young mother, and asked her, “Are you okay?”

“What could be the matter?”

“Just now, I heard your daughter say…” The owner hesitated for a moment, glanced at Chen Yang, and changed his statement, “Has your husband returned? I’d like to discuss the security features of the apartment with him.”

“He hasn’t returned. He’s on a business trip,” the young mother softened her expression and added, “If you need opinion, you can ask me. However, I’m a bit tired now, and I have to help my daughter with her homework later. Could we discuss it tomorrow?”

The little girl, peeking timidly from behind her mother, looked at them, her hands twisted together, shoulders hunched. As she mustered courage to speak when met with Chen Yang’s gentle and calm gaze, the young mother suddenly turned and tenderly said, “Wenwen, go back and do your homework.”

The little girl lowered her head and went back inside. Chen Yang, glancing at the dimly lit room, asked, “Why isn’t the light on inside?”

“Didn’t have the chance,” the young mother said tactfully. “Do you have any other business?”

Chen Yang shook his head. “No.” After saying that, he took a step back. The young mother smiled at them and closed the door.

The owner’s expression tightened. “Everyone in the entire building knows she had a child out of wedlock and has no husband.” Frowning, he added, “The situation is pitiful for the mother and daughter. The young mother fell victim to being the ‘third party.’ The mother and daughter rely on each other, and a while ago, the little girl faced a hit-and-run accident, leaving her somewhat withdrawn.”

“Well, that just shows a lack of discretion.” Chen Yang shook his head. “Too hasty. There should be enough time to disguise oneself. Probably a newcomer who doesn’t understand the rules.”

The owner looked perplexed. “Huh?”

Chen Yang retrieved a Five Thunders talisman from his backpack, knocked on the door three times, and waited quietly. After a while, the young mother approached and opened the door. In the lamplight, her face appeared pale, with a hint of anxiety in her eyes. She inquired, “Is there something else?”

Chen Yang lifted his hand, placed it on the young mother’s shoulder, and led her aside as they entered. Walking and speaking simultaneously, he said, “It doesn’t concern you.” The room was illuminated as the lights came on.

Anxiously, the young mother hurriedly approached, wanting to usher him out, but the owner intervened, carefully scrutinizing the young mother and hesitantly saying, “Are you… are you okay?”

The young mother responded, “I’m fine.”

“The one who opened the door just now wasn’t you.” A shocked expression crossed the young mother’s face. The owner continued, “I asked the imposter about your husband, and it claimed he’s away on a business trip.”

Lips pressed together, the young mother remained silent. When she saw Chen Yang approaching her daughter, who sat at the table, panic flashed across her face. “Don’t do anything reckless! Don’t harm my daughter!”

Chen Yang sat across from the little girl, concealing the Five Thunders talisman in his palm. Calmly, he addressed the girl, “Even if you’re looking for a substitute, targeting a child is inappropriate.”

The little girl hummed a tune while drawing, seemingly oblivious to Chen Yang. Unperturbed, Chen Yang glanced at her drawing – chaotic lines and dark colors, unsettling to the viewer.

Chen Yang: “You have no grievances with them. If you wish to find an innocent substitute and succeed before being noticed by the underworld and celestial masters, that’s your fortune. But since you’ve been discovered, attempting to choose a child as your substitute, I cannot turn a blind eye. You’re an old ghost seeking to seize a child’s body. Aren’t you afraid of being contested and devoured by evil spirits?”

The soul of a child and its body haven’t fully merged, making it susceptible to evil influences. Attempting to seize a child’s body was typically the work of rogue old ghosts, craving a few decades of additional lifespan from the child. However, the space in a child’s body could hardly accommodate a rogue old ghost. The difference between adults and children, even with a significant disparity in appearance, could still be discerned.

Perhaps before these rogue old ghosts could adapt to the child’s body, they would be torn into pieces and devoured by evil spirits attracted by the commotion.

Hearing this, the little girl abruptly flung the crayon in her hand. It made a crisp sound as it hit the table, spinning before coming to a stop. The eerie atmosphere left the young mother and the owner breathless, but Chen Yang remained calm throughout.

The little girl spoke, “No grievances? How could there be no grievances? If it weren’t for them, how would I have died? It was this girl playing with a ball. She threw the ball, hitting me on the head, causing me to slip and fall onto the road when I turned around. How did I end up getting run over by a truck, dying from the upper body down? It was her!”

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