The Obsessive Shou Moves On [Rebirth] Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Yun Qingci didn’t hold back and chuckled.

How stupid was he in his previous life to not recognize such obvious malice! He even actually trusted those words. In order to force his father to intercede with Li Ying, he abused himself like crazy and made himself bruised all over, then, as expected by the Empress Dowager, Prime Minister Yun really went to the emperor.

He knelt in Jiangshan Hall for a day and a night, looking like he was just an old father begging for forgiveness for his child, but the force behind him inevitably made the young Emperor suspicious. The Son of Heaven agreed to the Prime Minister’s request, not because he pitied Yun Qingci’s father, but because, after careful consideration, he didn’t want to offend the Yun family for Yun Qingci’s sake.

Yun Qingci still remembered the moment his father came back. Struggling to sit up from the bed and ignoring his father’s exhaustion and blue shadows under his eyes, he asked expectantly and anxiously: “Does he still want me?”

His father looked at him with compassion, looked at him for a long time before saying in a muffled voice: “Yes.”

And Yun Qingci immediately laughed happily.

He was the only one smiling, while everyone else showed a bleak expression. But at that time, Yun Qingci didn’t care about anything, he only cared about Li Ying. 

It wasn’t until later that Yun Qingci understood that on that day his father must have anticipated the end of the Yun family. 

He knew that his kneeling, no matter how humble it was, was a threat in the eyes of the Son of Heaven. It couldn’t be an open threat because Yun Qingci was still in Li Ying’s hands, but it was still considered a covert threat.

This was why Li Ying became more and more afraid of the Yun family, and later the Yun family was found out to have formed a group in their self-interest. Prime Minister Yun had formed it to seek survival for the entire clan and this ugly situation all started from that kneeling.

That kneeling also caused Prime Minister Yun’s always tough body to fall into illness.

It was clear at a glance who his true family was. It was ridiculous how blindsided Yun Qingci was in his previous life. Because of his prejudice against his father, he believed the enemy and pushed his whole family to death.

But in fact, even if he did nothing, he would still remain the Lord Empress. Even if Li Ying really wanted to abolish him, the Empress Dowager would never allow it because Yun Qingci was her only bargaining chip to restrain the Yun family.

Zhou Zhao looked puzzled: “Why did Lord Empress laugh?”

Yun Qingci’s heart was clear, his eyes were shining, and instead of answering, he asked rhetorically: “Why does Gonggong think I’m laughing?”

Zhou Zhao observed him for a little bit, but Yun Qingci only kept smiling and looking back at him. Even though Zhou Zhao had been in the palace for many years, he still had to admit that Yun Qingci’s face was really charming. Once you stare at it for a long time, you will forget your true purpose.

He looked away and guessed that Yun Qingci was probably simply too happy to find a way to reunite with the emperor. Anyway, Yun Qingci was always crazy when dealing with Li Ying.

Thinking of this, Zhou Zhao couldn’t help but feel a little contemptuous. He showed a somewhat expectant expression and said: “Then this slave is waiting for the good news from the Lord Empress.”

Yun Qingci nodded carelessly: “Well, Zhou Gonggong, take care.”

After Zhou Zhao left, Yun Qingci’s smile disappeared.

The window was vigorously pushed open and cold wind poured in. Yun Qingci’s gleaming eyes narrowed against the wind and snow.

Yun Qingci never regretted loving Li Ying. The only thing he regretted was that he loved too much and he didn’t leave even half of a trump card for himself, so he could only be slaughtered in the end.

Never again.

In this life, he must protect his family. He will let Li Ying and the Empress Dowager open their eyes to see clearly how powerful and frightening the Yun family was and how they will take over half the country.

The wind got stronger.

Not far from the gate of the Prime Minister’s mansion, Zhou Zhao encountered an unknown carriage hurriedly approaching. He wasn’t going to bother with it but he suddenly saw a man walking beside the carriage. His feet slipped and he hurriedly greeted: “Mr. Liu…”

Liu Ziru glanced at him and said: “Why aren’t you moving your carriage?”

Zhou Zhao hurriedly ordered someone to drive his carriage aside and watched the Emperor drive past in a hurry, wondering why His Majesty seemed so anxious.

In the carriage, the man stopped rubbing his fingers on his cuffs and said: “Bring him.”

Liu Ziru waved his hand, and the two imperial guards who were following the carriage stepped forward and grabbed Zhou Zhao. The latter was shocked: “Your Majesty, what does Your Majesty mean?”

Liu Ziru frowned. In fact, he was also confused. His Majesty was very anxious today, as if he was worried about something.

Both being internal supervisors, he didn’t mind giving Zhou Zhao a favor and advised in a low voice: “His Majesty is in a bad mood.”

Zhou Zhao was not stupid and immediately closed his mouth. 

When the master is in a bad mood, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut rather than to be noisy.

What’s more, there was no problem with him going to Prime Minister Yun’s house at this moment. Undoubtedly, Yun Qingci should have already made a fuss. If the Son of Heaven saw him go crazy with his own eyes, he would definitely be even more disgusted.

It would be a good show.

As soon as Zhou Zhao finished thinking about it, his back suddenly felt cold, and he turned to look back stiffly. He saw the carriage curtains move slightly, as if the person inside had just opened them and glanced at him.

It was a short glance, but no one knew what that glance meant.

Shivering with the sudden cold, Zhou Zhao turned slightly pale. Could it be that… the Son of Heaven knew that he was here this time to encourage the Lord Empress to self-harm?

Li Ying’s carriage stopped outside the gate of the Prime Minister’s mansion, and Liu Ziru personally went to announce his arrival. Prime Minister Yun quickly called for Yun Qingci and his two elder brothers: “Chen welcomes His Majesty. It is an honor to have His Majesty honor us with his presence. Your Majesty, please forgive me for the poor welcome.”

He bent down to kowtow, and a pair of powerful hands firmly caught him: “Teacher is too polite.”

Prime Minister Yun used to teach in the imperial college. The previous emperor died too soon and Li Ying was only thirteen years old when he ascended the throne. Prime Minister Yun was also the designated minister of the country. Calling him “teacher” was not abrupt.

However, both Prime Minister Yun and Liu Ziru, looking at the way the Emperor’s hands supported the man, felt that the gesture was too friendly. Prime Minister Yun straightened up without missing a beat and greeted: “Come inside, please. I don’t know what Your Majesty is doing here in the snow…”

All the voices disappeared in an instant and Li Ying stopped. His gaze passed through the snow floating in the air and focused on the carved corridor of the Prime Minister’s mansion.

A man in a mink-fur cloak with white gauze wrapped around his head, and his hands clutching the cuffs of white fur, walked unhurried towards them.

Li Ying kept looking, and Liu Ziru hurriedly took two steps forward and raised an oil-paper umbrella over the emperor’s head. He glanced at Li Ying and then at Yun Qingci.

When they got closer, the eyes of the two met.

Yun Qingci was taken aback for a moment. Li Ying’s arms raised and spread slightly. 

He was waiting for Yun Qingci to rush over and pounce in his arms as usual.

Not only him, but everyone present, including Prime Minister Yun, expected it. 

He really didn’t know how he gave birth to the bane of his existence. When he saw that man, he couldn’t even move. Nobody understands one’s son better than their father. With the Emperor coming in person, there was no need to think, he could tell how happy Yun Qingci would be. Had the Emperor not come, he would’ve been already thinking of ways to find him.

Even though the injury on his forehead wasn’t even scabbed yet.

Prime Minister Yun turned away, and Yun Qingci’s brothers watched indifferently. 

Everyone in the Yun family knew that Yun Qingci was born to collect debts, and the debts collected were all given to the Li family.

Yun Qingci quickly recovered, noticed everyone’s expressions, then walked up quickly with a smile on his face.

Li Ying leaned forward very slightly, ready to greet him, but saw Yun Qingci stop three feet away from him, with a respectful attitude: “Chen greets His Majesty.”

The slight forward movement was interrupted, and the raised arms lowered again. No one noticed these tiny movements except the emperor himself.

The man clasped his hands behind his back and looked at his Lord Empress.

Prime Minister Yun looked back, and the Yun elder brothers who were present also showed a different expression.

Yun Qingci glanced at his father, opened his mouth and swallowed the word “father” before he could say it. He had hardly said this word in his previous life. It was really embarrassing for him to say it now, so he changed his wording and said: “What are you doing standing in the yard when it’s snowing so hard?” ”

“Right,” his father reacted quickly, gave him another glance and said to Li Ying. “Your Majesty, let’s go in.” ”

Li Ying retracted his gaze in silence and strode into the front hall.

Yun Qingci followed behind, receiving inquiring glances from his two elder brothers. Prime Minister Yun raised his head in front of the emperor for the first time, arranged for the Emperor to sit down in the main seat. He ordered tea, and asked again: “Your Majesty is here in the snow today, is there something important?”

Li Ying picked up the teacup and raised his eyes to look at Yun Qingci. It just so happened that Yun Qingci was also looking at him suspiciously. With their eyes meeting, the latter smiled slightly, very gentle and obedient. He looked very polite and distant.

Yun Qingci never thought that one day he would be able to look at Li Ying so calmly, as if he were facing a stranger. Of course, perhaps for Li Ying he wasn’t even comparable to a stranger.

Li Ying stared at Yun Qingci and said truthfully: “I am here to pick up the Lord Empress and return to the palace.”

Yun Qingci: “???”

Li Ying’s arrival was already hard to believe, but now he said he wants to take him back to the palace?

Did the Empress Dowager force him to come? Impossible, especially since the Empress Dowager successfully encouraged Yun Qingci to self-harm in his previous life. Even if Li Ying coming here to pick him up was indeed her last move, she would arrange it only after making sure that Yun Qingci wouldn’t self-harm. How long ago did Zhou Zhao leave? How would the Empress Dowager know that Yun Qingci would not threaten his father with self-harm as before?

Besides, how could Li Ying, with his temperament, listen to her arrangements? At most, her painstaking efforts would have only resulted in Liu Ziru appearing here.

How could Li Ying come here in person!?

Yun Qingci was puzzled, and his father also looked at him from the peripheral. Yun Qingci seemed confused for a while, then said: “However, Your Majesty said that I should go back to the Prime Minister’s mansion to recuperate. My injury has not healed yet. ”

Li Ying squeezed the teacup tightly, his black eyes turbulent.

Liu Ziru’s heart thudded. What is Yun Qingci doing? His Majesty has personally come to pick him up, what kind of temper is he showing this time? Is he really crazy?

He rushed to smooth the awkward situation and said: “His Majesty heard that the Lord Empress was injured after returning to the mansion yesterday. His Majesty thought that the Forbidden City Taiyuan Hospital is full of wonderful medical staff. So, coming to pick you up is also in consideration for your injury. ”

Yun Qingci didn’t believe a word of it.

Although he died eight years later, even after so many years he could never forget that Li Ying threw him off the bed and drove him back to the Prime Minister’s mansion after he cut his wrist. Li Ying’s exact words were: “The Emperor sends Lord Empress back to the Prime Minister’s mansion to recuperate.”

Although he didn’t understand why Li Ying’s actions in this life were completely different from the previous life, he would never go back as soon as Li Ying called for him.

Yun Qingci raised his eyes and was about to speak when he suddenly heard an old voice: “The Taiyuan Hospital is full of wonderful medical staff…”

Prime Minister Yun stroked his long beard: “When the Lord Empress came back yesterday, only his wrist and head were injured. He still needed to look for his own doctor in the prime minister’s mansion. Now he has accidentally added a new injury in the mansion. Can Taiyuan Hospital really take care of it?”

It was almost as if he pointed at Li Ying’s nose and scolded directly: why did you forget the wonderful skills of the Taiyuan Hospital when you sent my son back yesterday? At this moment, you want to pick him up, using this set of excuses? Do you think there is really no one to protect the youngest son of the Yun family?

Liu Ziru heard it clearly and his face was slightly embarrassed. He subconsciously casted a secret glance at the Emperor.

In the past, although Prime Minister Yun was dissatisfied with Yun Qingci pestering the Son of Heaven shamelessly, Yun Qingci was paranoid, wayward, and hated his father to the bone, thus Prime Minister Yun could do nothing about it.

Even though he was eager to protect Yun Qingci before, Yun Qingci didn’t appreciate his affection at all.

Now Yun Qingci suddenly changed his temper and decided to rely on his father, so Prime Minister Yun’s back straightened, as he was ready to proudly support his cub…

Let’s see what comes out of it.


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