The Obsessive Shou Moves On [Rebirth] Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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Ultimately, Yun Qingci had just slept for a long time, and apart from feeling a little hungry and not being able to use his legs for too long, there was little discomfort.

Yun Qingci dressed up, while Prime Minister Yun thoughtfully sat at the table and drank a cup of tea.

“By the way, where’s eldest brother?” Yun Qingci remembered, and Prime Minister Yun said, “He couldn’t relax. As soon as he left the wheelchair, he went to investigate the case with your second brother.”

“Are my brothers all right?” 

“Everyone is busy, so they couldn’t stay with you…” Mainly, Li Ying was there, and he couldn’t persuade him to leave. Others couldn’t help anyway, so they just went out and did their own things. Prime Minister Yun paused and said, “After His Majesty’s letter of separation arrives, father will find you a businessman who will listen to you and take care of you.” 

“I have Jin Huan and Yinxi, so I don’t need anyone else.” Yun Qingci stepped out and said, “Okay, I’m going to the hospital.”

Prime Minister Yun followed him with his eyes and found that he was walking fiercely, as if he was very uncomfortable.

His brows wrinkled deeply.

He felt that since Yun Qingci had woken up, his state was not quite right; he seemed to be much more energetic than before.

Yun Qingci had already walked to the carriage. As soon as he was about to climb up by himself, he saw Yinxi coming with a stool. He paused, stopped patiently, stepped on the stool and got in.

He was a little anxious.

It was not good to be anxious.

He couldn’t wait to see Li Ying, talk to him and explain everything about his previous life, but when he closed his eyes and thought of facing Li Ying, his heart seemed to be crushed by a big stone.

Li Ying would not want him to dream about his previous life and see him feeding snakes and sacrificing himself. He would not want Yun Qingci to know that he was covered in scars, looking like a ghost, and he would not want to turn into a skeleton in front of Yun Qingci.

How can I tell him…

The more anxious Yun Qingci was, the more chaotic his heart felt.

He pressed his forehead, and while his thoughts were scattered all over the place, he already reached the Forbidden City.

He had a token, of course, and even if he hadn’t, with this face the guards dared not stop him.

The carriage entered the Forbidden City and turned to the Imperial Hospital, but Yun Qingci said, “Go to Chaoyang Palace.” 

Yinxi glanced at him suspiciously, and Yun Qingci said uncomfortably, “I’m going to look at the flowers in the greenhouse. There are a few pots that I like very much and I want to take them with me.” 

Yinxi whispered hesitantly: “The last time you were about to leave His Majesty, didn’t you already take those pots of flowers to the Prime Minister’s Mansion?” 

“I suddenly remembered that there was another pot, but I forgot to bring it at the time.” Yun Qingci frowned and said coldly: “Do you mind?” ”

“This slave doesn’t dare.” Yinxi lowered his head hurriedly.

Yun Qingci was a little angry and pulled the corners of his clothes hard.

It was all Li Ying’s fault. Li Ying was to blame. He didn’t know that Li Ying paid a great price to be reborn before, nor did he know that it was his own choice to come back. He thought that both of them were reborn by coincidence and, since he was reborn, of course he had to bully Li Ying back.

Really, there was nothing to feel guilty about.

Yun Qingci panicked.

Li Ying probably felt that he had a mental illness. He had been demanding separation before and had angered him until he vomited blood. He refused to talk to Li Ying. And now when Li Ying finally agreed to separate with him, he was coming back again.

How to tell him.

He twisted his fingers and took a shallow breath.

In his previous life, Li Ying had always lived in Chaoyang Palace. Yun Qingci guessed that in this life, after he left, the other party might still live there.

On the way there, Yun Qingci’s heart kept thudding. He hoped to see Li Ying in Chaoyang Palace and he also hoped he wouldn’t meet him for the time being.

Because he didn’t know how to face him, how to tell him everything that happened in his dreams as if it was nothing.

The carriage finally stopped at Chaoyang Palace, and Yun Qingci walked down with a cold face. He stood at the gate of the palace, clenched his fingers vigorously and walked in.

Nothing had changed, but he didn’t pay attention to it at all;  his eyes couldn’t help searching for the familiar figure inside.

There was no one in the flower room, no one in the main hall and no one in the bedroom.

He didn’t go to the other rooms

Yun Qingci sat down on the outdoor double chair, then stood up again, unable to sit still at all.

Jin Huan looked at his figure that turned and twisted like an ant in a hot pot, pretending that he was not anxious, and subconsciously glanced at Yinxi.

He said tentatively: “Lord Empress, would you like to go to Jiangshan Palace to ask His Majesty for the letter of separation, so as not to run back and forth?” 

Yun Qingci suddenly got on his feet: “Yes, I will go find him.” 

Driving a carriage was not allowed in the palace. Yun Qingci abandoned his carriage and walked briskly. By the time he reached Jiangshan Palace, he was very restless. After seeing Jiangshan Palace, he couldn’t help but stop.

He wandered slowly to the front steps of the palace. Yuanbao had already seen him and hurried towards him: “Lord Empress.” 

“No need to bow.” Yun Qingci said, “Is His Majesty in there?” ”

“His Majesty is here. He just came back and is resting inside. Lord Empress is thinking…”

“I’m looking for him, I have something to do with him.” Yun Qingci lifted the hem of his clothes and continued up the stairs. When he reached the bedroom, he suddenly saw Liu Ziru holding an inner shirt, its white fabric faintly stained with blood.

Yun Qingci sucked in a tight breath. Liu Ziru had already seen him and whispered, “Why is Lord Empress here?” 

“I, I’m… here to take, take the letter of separation.” 

A trace of sorrow flashed in Liu Ziru’s eyes and he whispered softly, “Lord Empress, please come here.” 

Yun Qingci glanced at the bedroom divided by the bead curtain and slowly followed Liu Ziru to the side. Liu Ziru’s eyes were red as he said, “His Majesty just vomited blood again. He just laid down. Lord Empress, please have mercy on him. When he is better, he will definitely send someone with the letter of separation.” 

Yun Qingci didn’t say a word.

“Lord Empress… His Majesty has hardly closed his eyes these days, and his body can’t hold on. At this moment, he really just laid down. You see, these clothes have just been changed.” 

Yun Qingci moved and walked towards the bedroom. Liu Ziru followed, begging, “Lord Empress…”

“Let him in.” There was a voice coming from inside, and Yun Qingci’s footsteps paused.

Li Ying wasn’t asleep yet.

Liu Ziru fell silent, his expression worried. With Yun Qingci’s performance these days, he was worried he would anger Li Ying again.

Yun Qingci naturally didn’t know what he was thinking. He stretched out his hand to lift the bead curtain and walked in. Li Ying had already sat up on the bed. His new clothes were clean and white. His long black hair was scattered, surrounding his face that was too pale, making him look like his whole person was submerging in ink.

Yun Qingci came to him slowly, twisting the corners of his clothes with his fingers.

He didn’t know what happened to Li Ying, why his health had become so bad and whether he was angry with him these days.

He was deliberately angry with Li Ying, and he was also deliberately targeting him. This was the real reason why Yun Qingci didn’t dare to face him at this moment.

Even if he had a heavenly big reason, he had deliberately hurt Li Ying.

Li Ying looked at him for a while, noticed his uneasiness, sighed and said, “Sit down.” 

Yun Qingci looked around and hesitantly went to move a chair.

Li Ying didn’t offer him to sit on the bed. He allowed him to bring a low chair and sit down in front of him. His tone was gentle: “What’s the matter?” 

“I’m here…” Yun Qingci swallowed ‘letter of separation’ and said, “Yinxi said you were taking care of me these days.” 

“I couldn’t feel at ease about you.” 

Yun Qingci’s eyes turned red, he lowered his head and bit his lip. Li Ying raised his hand, took a plate of candied fruit from the bedside and asked softly, “Do you want to eat it?” ”

“You, when did you start eating this?” 

“I have been taking medicine a lot recently, and it is always bitter, so I ordered someone to make a plate and put it at the head of the bed to sweeten my mouth.” 

He also took medicine often in his previous life, and he subjected himself to Lingchi again and again, yet Yun Qingci had never seen him cry out in pain.

Yun Qingci didn’t move. Li Ying raised his hand and pinched a candied piece with his fingertips. He turned slightly and delivered it to Yun Qingci’s mouth, saying, “Taste it, it’s sweet.” 

His voice was as gentle as ever, but Yun Qingci’s heart seemed to be squeezed by a huge hand. More and more moisture gathered in his eyes, until it rolled out and fell on Li Ying’s hand.

He didn’t understand where Yun Qingci’s tears came from, and subconsciously began to reflect on himself on where he had wronged him. Yun Qingci had already raised his hand, and his wide sleeve covered his face in embarrassment.

His other hand was clenched tightly on the chair. His shoulders kept shaking, and he made a very light sobbing sound.

Li Ying was a little dazed. He sat at a loss for a while, put the candied fruit back and said, “I’m sorry.” 

When Yun Qingci heard this, he immediately lowered his sleeve. His face was still wet with tears but his expression was already tinged with anger: “What are you sorry for again?” 

“…I shouldn’t have gone to see you. I just couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to entangle you. This is my business. You don’t have to worry about it.” 

He thought that Yun Qingci was crying because of the entanglement and separation.

Yun Qingci’s mouth pressed into a flat line, and he said after a long time, “That’s right, it’s your fault. I was, was already very determined to separate with you, you, you now make me feel as if I owe you.”

Li Ying’s thick eyelashes drooped and he said softly: “I owe you, so you can treat it as if I paid you back. You don’t have to feel indebted because of it.” 

Yun Qingci was even more aggrieved: “Do you really want to separate from me?” 

Li Ying laughed involuntarily.

Yun Qingci was really such a person, even if he did something bad, in order to avoid feeling guilty, he would deliberately throw his choice at the others.

If he said that he didn’t want to be separated, it would seem that he was using the days of taking care of him to deliberately restrain him.

His Lord Empress was really terrible; knowing that he couldn’t bear it, he still had to force him to let him go generously.

Li Ying clenched his fingers and said slowly: “Ah Ci, if you want to separate, then separate.” 

“I’m asking you.” 

Li Ying rolled his Adam’s apple and said with a smile on his face: “I will do whatever you want.” 

“What do you mean whatever I want, what is your opinion?” 

“This matter is up to you.” 

“I just want to know what you think.” 

Li Ying suddenly looked at him. Yun Qingci was taken aback. He met those hollow, persistent eyes and his cheeks bulged slightly: “You, why are you so fierce?” 

“I don’t want to be separated. Could it be that you do not want to be separated?” Li Ying said, “Yun Qingci, I promise to do whatever you want, what else do you want… what are you talking about?”

He seemed to hear Yun Qingci say, “En.” 

Yun Qingci felt a little uncomfortably under his stare, so he subconsciously looked away and said, “En.” 

“…en what?” 


“…” Li Ying’s breathing was chaotic and he said dumbly: “You, en what?” 

“En…” Yun Qingci looked elsewhere, his cheeks puffing and hollowing. Then he pursed his lips decisively and said, “I, um, if you say you don’t want to separate, then we won’t separate.” 

Li Ying’s pupils contracted.

There was silence in the room.

He didn’t know what Yun Qingci was thinking again.

Was it just because he took care of him for a few days?

He hadn’t rested for too long and often woke up as soon as he closed his eyes. He didn’t have more energy to figure out how exactly Yun Qingci wanted to torture him.

Li Ying closed his eyes wearily and went with him to the end, saying, “If that’s the case, it’ll be as you wish.” 

Yun Qingci’s eyes lit up as he kicked his legs in the chair, accidentally kicking Li Ying. He smiled reflexively and said, “Then, you have a good rest, I’ll go back to the palace first.”

Li Ying stared at him: “Can you sleep with me?” 

Yun Qingci’s heart jumped.

Li Ying, this guy, was too hungry, right? He hadn’t said he would make up with him yet.

Yun Qingci modestly smoothed the corners of his clothes and glanced at the bridge of Li Ying’s nose. He thought that he used to be the one who clung to Li Ying and asked for this and that, but now that Li Ying was taking the initiative to give, it seemed a bit wrong.

Li Ying had already pulled his legs up on the bed. He supported himself with both his palms and moved farther inside with some difficulty. When he looked at Yun Qingci again, his temples were dripping with sweat and his voice was hoarse: “Is it possible?”

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