The Obsessive Shou Moves On [Rebirth] Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Li Ying was busy with government affairs, and Lin Huaijin might never get an explanation from him. This was also the reason why Yun Qingci felt angry.

Li Ying would never take responsibility for Lin Huaijin’s ear mufflers. Since Lin Huaijin’s ear mufflers were burned, he could only deal with the aftermath himself.

Dog emperor, only causing him trouble.

Why didn’t he find Li Ying so unappealing before?

He nodded and said, “If Xiao Hou doesn’t mind.”

Lin Huaijin’s eyes flickered, and he said meaningfully: “That’s more than I can ask for.”

Jinyalou was the best restaurant in Shangyang City. Among its customers there were dignitaries, nobles and public figures. If you wanted to eat there, it was not enough to have money, you had to have an official rank, or belong to nobility, or know someone.

Yun Qingsu and others used to have dinner there from time to time. As soon as they entered, the waiter led them to the room on the second floor. The three of them sat down here. Yun Qingsu poured a glass of water for Yun Qingci. Lin Huaijin said, “Today we have a new guest, please tell us what dishes you have.”

“Yes.” The waiter didn’t ask who they were and immediately began to chant: “We have dragon and phoenix auspicious cakes, anchovy wings, red plum beads, fragrant bean noodles, milk horns, stir-fried frogs, coriander-fried pigeons, wild duck bergamot rolls, golden silk crispy bird rolls, silk cuttlefish… Everything that swims in the river or flies in the sky, we have it. Depending on the guest’s taste, which one would you like to eat?”

Yun Qingci’s eyes lit up. He had also come to Jinyalou to eat a few times, but that was before entering the palace. He had been married to Li Ying for four years and his status was too honorable and inconvenient to come out in a company. Yun Qingci was not allowed to leave the palace at will, so the food and drink in Shangyang City now sounded very fresh to him.

He ordered a few dishes that sounded good, and Yun Qingsu said, “There are only four of us today. We can’t finish it if we order too much. Choose what you want to eat, and the rest we will order next time.”

“Okay.” Although the Yun family was wealthy, Prime Minister Yun didn’t like to waste things, and Li Ying was also not a luxurious person, therefore, Yun Qingci was in charge of the imperial dining room in the palace. He felt fine with it and picked a few more dishes, eight total and one soup. The waiter quickly wrote it down and went to arrange it.

The curtain of their private sitting room was hung half down, and suddenly there was someone walking up the stairs. Qiu Yang’s voice sounded angry: “You don’t even know how arrogant he was! And there was also that Yun Qingsu, so proud to have produced a Lord Empress in his family, completely overbearing!”

“He was always arrogant and domineering, it didn’t start today. If he weren’t that arrogant, how would he end up like this?” Someone comforted him: “You also calm down.”

“Why should I shut up? He’s so extraordinary, a phoenix on the ice going rampant! Why didn’t the ice collapse under him and bury him today?!”

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

“Ning Yi, can your third sister do it or not? That lunatic has been driven out now. You can tell her to work harder. I am waiting for the day after her enthronement to go to Yun’s house to see him go crazy! ”

Ning Yi sighed: “Don’t be so loud.”

“What’s wrong with my voice? This is not on the ice. If he shows up in front of Lao Zi again, he will definitely not be able to run away. If Lao Zi doesn’t beat him up and make him cry for his father and mother, Lao Zi will take the surname Yun! ”

“Will your father agree?”

There was a sound of laughter. Qiu Yang stopped abruptly, and the curtain of the private room was lifted. Yun Qingci was wearing a hat, his posture dignified and his tone unhurried: “What? Don’t you want to beat me up and make me cry for my father and mother?”

Qiu Yang was silent for a while, then said, “Who, who said I’ll beat you up? I was talking about Yun Qingsu.”

He stared at Yun Qingsu who was holding the curtain, his eyebrow raised: “Me?”

Qiu Yang nodded viciously: “You!”

“If that’s the case,” Yun Qingci said, “Fourth brother, accompany him to get some practice.”

Yun Qingsu moved his muscles politely, his joints cracking.

Qiu Yang immediately took a step back, pulled out the person behind him forward, frowned and said, “You, you go.”

It was Ning Yi, the son of Minister Ning. He secretly scolded in his heart: your father and Prime Minister Yun quarrel all day long. Does your father know you are that afraid of the Yun family’s son? The son of the Grand Commander, and he actually hides behind him, isn’t he embarrassed?

He said respectfully: “Greetings to Lord Empress, Fourth Young Master Yun and Lin Xiao Hou.”

Look, all these people have a higher status than him. Does Qiu Yang have a clue what he’s doing, pushing him out to block the gun.

“Master Ning,” Yun Qingsu and Lin Huaijin saluted. Ning Yi bit the bullet and said, “We’ll go and sit first.”

Qiu Yang shrank behind Ning Yi without making a sound.

He heard his father and elder brother mention Yun Qingci at home. Every time they mentioned him, they all showed undisguised contempt. The whole Shangyang knew Yun Qingci chased after Li Ying, scheming in court for an official position to allow himself to live comfortably for the rest of his days.

At the beginning, Qiu Yang also despised Yun Qingci, but later he began to hear about Yun Qingci’s murderous ways from his father and elder brother. His cruel and jealous image was known to everyone in the palace. 

Qiu Yang’s aunt was a concubine in the palace. When he entered the palace to visit, he saw Yun Qingci wrapped in a mink-fur cloak, sitting expressionlessly on a high seat, sipping fine spring tea, and in front of him there was a bloodied slave who had been beaten.

Instructed by the palace attendant, Qiu Yang stood aside holding his breath. Soon, the slave lost his breath and was dragged away.

Then Yun Qingci walked up to him and said lightly: “Raise your head.”

Qiu Yang looked at him with his face pale.

Yun Qingci was beautiful, but it was difficult for people who looked at him at that time to notice how handsome he was. They would only remember his gloomy and murderous eyes.

“Good-looking.” Qiu Yang watched the young man who was shorter than him stretch his fingers and pinch his chin: “Are you here to see His Majesty, too?”

Qiu Yang: “…”

Yun Qingci thought Qiu Yang was a male pet sent in.

After learning that he was the son of the Grand Commander, Yun Qingci smiled, but the murderous intent in his eyes was like a poisonous mist, almost burning Qiu Yang’s skin: “Grand Commander Qiu has always looked down on the palace, how could he come up with an idea like this?”

Qiu Yang had to explain: “I just came to see my aunt.”

“Oh.” The murderous intent dissipated in an instant. Yun Qingci released his chin and wiped his thin white fingertips. He didn’t say sorry and he didn’t say any extra words, he just left without looking back.

Qiu Yang was so frightened by him that his legs went soft, and he swayed all the way, his expression dazed.

At that time, he understood that Yun Qingci didn’t care about people or things that had nothing to do with Li Ying.

However, the undisguised viciousness that Yun Qingci exuded at that time still scared him so much that he didn’t sleep well for a few days.

Yun Qingci would certainly remember for good what he’d said just now. He hated it the most when someone talked about him being abandoned by Li Ying.

Qiu Yang also heard that after Yun Qingci got married, Prime Minister Yun would often himself clean the courtyard where Yun Qingci had lived, missing his son greatly. What a touching father-son relationship.

But Yun Qingci didn’t appreciate it at all. He even used to sneer at Prime Minister Yun: “Why do you clean it, do you hope that I will be driven back by Li Ying as soon as possible?”

Yun Qingci, a terrible guy, would never let them go easily.

Qiu Yang was afraid that even if he had to call for his father today and be pointed at his nose and scolded, it would still be better than being killed by Yun Qingci.

Ning Yi also heard Yun Qingci’s words and waited nervously.

Yun Qingsu said casually, “Go.”

Neither Ning Yi nor Qiu Yang moved, obviously not trusting his words.

Yun Qingci poured himself a glass of water and realized that several people were looking at him. After thinking about it, he said to the people outside the door: “What? Do you still want to have a meal with me?”

Qiu Yang straightened up first and quickly walked to their private room. Ning Yi was a bit more stable than him, forcing himself to stay calm.

In the private room, the two of them fell onto the table together. Qiu Yang showed a strange expression: “Has he been divorced?”

 “…doesn’t look like it.”

Qiu Yang frowned and said, “Is there a chance of abolishment?”

Ning Yi’s heart jumped. If Yun Qingci was abolished, then his third sister might be established as the empress, but if Yun Qingci’s affairs turned around, Prime Minister Yun was still there, and his third sister would never be the empress in her life.

Ning Yi hesitated for a moment and said, “What does Fourth Young Master think, is there anything that can be done as soon as possible?”

“If he goes crazy again,” Qiu Yang touched his chin. “Or if Prime Minister Yun falls.”

“…” It sounded very difficult. Ning Yi said: “I think the most urgent thing is to figure out why he is not crazy all of a sudden.”

“Maybe his brain suddenly healed,” Qiu Yang pinched a peanut and said, “He has never cared about people other than His Majesty before…”

He suddenly thought of the young man who took the initiative to provoke him in the morning. This young man was bright and cheerful, like a phoenix on ice, as if he had been quietly reborn in Nirvana.

Qiu Yang accidentally bit his finger.

Under Ning Yi’s surprised gaze, his brain felt empty: “…Maybe he doesn’t go crazy for His Majesty now because he is going crazy for someone else?”

Ning Yi: “!”

“…It is very likely that as long as he does not entangle himself anymore, the Prime Minister’s Mansion will take the initiative to propose peaceful separation. His Majesty is tired of him and is disgusted by him, so he will definitely agree.”

“That… Then my third sister…” Ning Yi’s eyes flashed. “There will be a chance.”

Because of Yun Qingci’s desire to control, the Emperor didn’t have any luck with other concubines so far. If Yun Qingci gave up, the Emperor would be completely free. All the concubines in the palace, regardless of their family background and appearance, except Yun Qingci, were below his third younger sister. If she became the empress, he would be an uncle of the royal family.

Qiu Yang blushed and whispered, “It’s just a pity that the other person entangled in his madness will be miserable…”

“So what.” After drinking some wine, Ning Yi felt like he was floating a little. “Who would dare to pick up what His Majesty threw away?” ”

“Why wouldn’t one dare?” Qiu Yang frowned and muttered with some displeasure: “…if you can marry it and keep it at home, the house will look great.”

It’s just that he’d be angered to death first.

On Yun Qingci’s side, after the food came up, someone came to report that Yun Qingjun had something to do suddenly and would not come to dinner today. He also said in particular: “The deputy commander-in-chief asks to bring a message to Lord Empress that he is really sorry to disturb Lord Empress’s mood.”

This was a bit too polite. Yun Qingsu dismissed the messenger first, and said to Yun Qingci: “Third brother doesn’t like to socialize, don’t take it personally.”

“I know.” Yun Qingci lowered his head, picked up the rice in the bowl, and hummed: “We are all family members, you don’t need to explain to me.”

Yun Qingsu looked embarrassed and ruffled his hair with a moved expression. Yun Qingci obediently accepted it. Lin Huaijin couldn’t help but say, “I see you have indeed changed a lot.”

“Then have I changed for the better or for the worse?” Yun Qingci said casually, turning to look at him.

Lin Huaijin was caught off guard and thought for a moment before saying seriously: “For the better.”

Yun Qingci curved his eyes and happily took a few mouthfuls of rice.

After the meal, Yun Qingci went out with his fourth brother. Before getting in the carriage, Lin Huaijin reminded him in particular: “Don’t forget my ear mufflers.”

“Okay,” Yun Qingci said, “I will send someone to bring them to your mansion when the time comes.”

“No, I’ll get them myself.”

Yun Qingci readily agreed.

He didn’t like to owe things. He had a good time recovering and relaxing in the past few days, without the need to run around for Li Ying’s sake. After returning home, he found two pieces of leather, sat in front of the window and sewed them up.

It got dark, and snow fell outside the window again. Yun Qingci went to accompany his family to have a meal, then took a bath and came back with his long hair half-dried. Jin Huan had already lit the light: “Lord Empress, it’s time to go to bed and rest.”

“I’ll finish sewing these two stitches, you guys go first.”

He sat down in front of the lamp, soft light illuminating his profile. Both Jin Huan and Yinxi clearly felt he was a different person from before.

Being kind was not like Yun Qingci.

The two attendants stood still until Yun Qingci raised his eyes and urged again: “I will go to bed soon. You don’t need to wait. Go and rest. ”

Only then did the two of them withdraw respectfully.

Yun Qingci was the only one left in the room.

He sewed the last stitch, took scissors to cut the tread, checked the tie, and then was startled.

There was someone…

A familiar aura came from behind.

Yun Qingci squeezed the ear muffler that had just been stitched and frowned.


Having been with Li Ying for too long, he had become too familiar with him and didn’t even notice him sneaking into the room.

A shadow fell in front of the lamp, and someone bent over from behind him, encircling his slender waist.

Yun Qingci straightened his back, his thin shirt outlining the contours of his shoulder blades, and the man’s smooth chin pressed into his shoulder.

Li Ying stretched out his hand forward, opened out his palm and said: “Are you looking for this?”

Yun Qingci nodded and raised his hand to take it, but there was a chuckle in his ear. Li Ying grabbed both ear mufflers and bent over to hug him.

Yun Qingci subconsciously grasped the corner of his clothes. Li Ying hugged him against the screen, then put him on the couch, and looked at his bewildered face. He raised the ear mufflers in his hand and said, “Your injury is not yet healed, why are you in such a hurry to sew it?”

It was his familiar voice and his familiar gentleness. Yun Qingci said, “When did you come?”

“When you were bathing. ”

“…” Shameless.

Li Ying didn’t feel shameless at all. When he noticed Yun Qingci staring at him, he stretched out his hand and pinched his cheek.

Yun Qingci shrank back, Li Ying couldn’t help laughing and said, “You still want to avoid me?”

“…Is there something wrong with Your Majesty?”

Li Ying leaned towards him, and Yun Qingci leaned back on the bed, unable to hide anymore, so he raised his hand and pushed. “What are you doing here so late?”

Before he could figure out Li Ying’s purpose, Yun Qingci didn’t want to get involved with him too much. He stayed at home during these days. The situation in the palace was unknown. It seemed that he needed to find an opportunity to contact his spy as soon as possible to confirm whether there had been any emergency recently.

Li Ying kept a distance from him obediently, still very gentle: “I came to take a look at you and see if you are… sleeping well.”

“…” He has so much free time.

Yun Qingci said, “You have seen enough, so please go back.”

“I’ll go back when you fall asleep.”

Yun Qingci had no choice but to lie down and say, “I’m asleep.”

“Close your eyes.”

“…” Yun Qingci closed his eyes, then opened them abruptly.

Li Ying’s face was close.

After being discovered that he couldn’t steal a kiss, Li Ying looked a little uncomfortable, paused slightly and said, “This, I like this very much.”


Li Ying rolled his Adam’s apple. Resisting the urge to hug Yun Qingci, he pursed his lips as if embarrassed: “Can you help me put them on?”


He thought that these ear mufflers were sewn for him.


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