The Regent’s Secret Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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“I heard that Dian Nan Wang Shizi is very skilled in horse riding. It happens to be a coincidence to meet today, so he can help me train the Purple Stallion that my father the emperor has recently bestowed upon me.”

Even though Zhao Shen was not of high status, he was still Dian Nan Wang Shizi. When the Sixteenth Princess made her request upon first meeting him, it was something a lowly servant would do. This attitude clearly showed that she did not regard him highly.

After the Princess gave her order, the two eunuchs who were following her quickly approached Zhao Shen with a gesture of request, but it was actually a warning for him to not be disrespectful or face punishment.

Li Yi saw this and became more certain that these visitors were not friendly. He wanted to get them out of there as soon as possible, but before he could speak, the Shizi had already agreed, “I am willing to do my utmost to assist the Princess.”

The Sixteenth Princess nodded in satisfaction and went to the stables. Li Yi stayed behind a step, unsure of what to do, but Zhao Shen shook his head lightly to indicate that he should not follow.

Although Zhao Yuan did not know the Princess, he could tell from Li Yi’s attitude that there was a problem. However, he saw that the Princess was not someone who could be easily dismissed.

Although Li Yi was the Crown Grandson, the Princess was his elder in terms of status. Zhao Yuan did not want to cause any trouble for Li Yi in the palace, so he decided to handle the situation himself.

When they arrived at the stables, they saw the Purple Stallion that had been bestowed upon the Princess by the Great Yuan. Zhao Yuan could tell at a glance that it was a fine horse. Emperor Guanghua had chosen a very gentle type of horse for his daughter. Zhao Yuan was familiar with it and in just a few moments, started training it.

Li Yi saw that Zhao Yuan took off his cloak, tied a rope around his waist, and easily caught the horse with the flying rope loop. Zhao Shen waved his arm casually, and the Purple Stallion obediently began to circle around him.

The Princess gave a few commands at random, and Li Yi watched as the Shizi skillfully drove the horse away and then back, before inviting the Princess to mount.

The Sixteenth Princess rode the Purple Stallion for a few steps. Zhao Shen personally protected her while she ran and quickly came back.

Seeing that everything was going smoothly, the Princess dismounted and praised the Shizi a few times. Li Yi was finally able to relax, and Zhao Yuan also breathed a sigh of relief and took his leave.

Suddenly, the Sixteenth Princess smiled and said, “I heard that the Shizi has raised a good horse for His Highness. Today, I see that the Shizi is indeed very skilled in horse riding. I wonder if His Highness would lend the Shizi to me for a month, so I can properly train the Purple Stallion. When the horse is trained, I will naturally return Shizi to His Highness.”

Li Yi saw the princess’s eyes flash with a cold light as she spoke the words “train him well.” He suddenly felt a tightness in his chest and realized that the princess never intended to release Zhao Shen. She had been preparing to vent her anger on the Shizi.

As the Emperor had favored her greatly, the Sixteenth Princess had become spoiled and accustomed to her high status. She had never treated those beneath her as equals. When Li Yi had saved a young child of six seven years old from the princess’s hands, the child had been beaten to the point of being barely alive, all because of a single wrong word.

Li Yi dared not imagine what Zhao Shen would look like after a month with her. But what reason could he use to refuse the princess’s request? If he could get the Shizi to help raise horses, then as the princess’s nephew, it was only reasonable to lend Zhao Shen for a couple of months.

Li Yi could only stall for time, saying, “Sixteenth Aunt, I can only keep Bai Yucang for a month at most. I cannot part with Shizi.”

He had to buy more time and deal with the situation later. After all, there must be a way out, but for now, he couldn’t let his guard down.

Upon hearing this, the Sixteenth Princess looked sad and helpless, as if her young nephew had bullied her. Li Yi pretended not to notice and reminded himself that ancient people matured early, and those in the royal family were shrewd. He was lucky not to be bullied as a modern-day outsider.

“If Your Highness cannot lend the Shizi for a month, how about lending him for ten days?” The Sixteenth Princess’s voice became gentle and her big, innocent eyes blinked with anticipation, as she looked at Li Yi.

She turned her head to Zhao Shen and said indignantly, “Is the Shizi not willing to train some horses for me? Then I can ride for Father to see and make him happy.”

The situation was becoming colder as Li Yi felt the weight of the princess’s determination. He had to be careful not to slip up.

Before he could answer, he saw Zhao Shen’s eyes shift from hesitation to determination. Li Yi was shocked and instinctively wanted to stop him, but before he knew it, Zhao Shen was already nodding his head.

The Sixteenth Princess saw the way they looked at each other and giggled as she covered her mouth with her sleeve. “What’s wrong, Your Highness? Is it true what they say that you have found joy in horse-riding with Shizi as a Horse-rider servant and cannot bear to part with it?”

These words were a direct hit. “Horse-rider servant” and “joy in horse-riding” were well-known phrases with implied meanings. If they were confirmed, then it would be said that Zhao Shen had been seduced by his own desires, and that would affect his reputation. As for Li Yi, it would shake his reputation as a man of great character and erode his standing among scholars. If the Crown Prince and the Emperor were to believe this, even if it was only a small doubt, it would harm the future of the Crown Grandson.

Zhao Yuan’s eyes turned frosty, but he walked towards the princess without hesitation. Li Yi moved faster and intercepted him, saying, “Aunt Sixteen, let’s just say it’s for the sake of nephew. I won’t hide it from you, I love my Bai Yucong, and would always ride it to Pan Palace. So now, I really can’t do without the Shizi.” 

Rarely did he put on such a proud demeanor, and he refused to give in no matter what.

Li Yi knew that today’s events could not end well. He turned his head to look at Zhao Shen calmly and said without hesitation, “I know it’s not appropriate to be so indulgent, but who hasn’t been reckless in their youth? Aunt, please let your nephew go this time.”

To everyone’s surprise, the Shizi was actually willing to offend the Sixteenth Princess for a Shizi who couldn’t please the Emperor. Even Li Yi’s attendants thought this was strange.

The princess narrowed her eyes and asked coldly, “Your Highness, are you really unwilling to give Auntie face?”

Li Yi remained unmoved, even smiling a little. “Today is nephew’s birthday. What’s wrong with letting him have some fun?”

“Fine!” The princess was furious and left with her entourage, leaving behind a parting shot. “I only hope that Your Highness remembers the teachings of Father and Elder Brother, and does not disappoint their high expectations!”

Li Yi replied calmly, “Aunt’s advice is well-received.” He then bowed respectfully and saw the Sixteenth Princess off.

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