The Regent’s Secret Chapter 46

Chapter 46

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“Your Highness is too much like Qi Yuan.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the air became as cold as frost.

After a long silence, when Zhao Yuan placed his hand on Li Yi’s face, Li Yi realized he had tears in his eyes.

Until the moon reached its zenith, Zhao Yuan never urged Li Yi to drink again. However, Li Yi drank until he was completely drunk.

Zhao Yuan couldn’t bear to see this any longer, so he stood up and pulled the unsteady Li Yi into his arms, saying, “Your body is not as strong as it used to be. Drinking too much will harm you.”

Li Yi smiled and shook his head, refusing to listen to Zhao Yuan’s advice, and continued to drink.

Zhao Yuan immediately grabbed Li Yi’s restless right hand. Even though he was in his embrace, Li Yi remained restless. Zhao Yuan couldn’t bear to force him, so he coaxed him, saying, “Be good and listen to me.”

Li Yi wanted to listen.

The words exploded in his mind, and Li Yi smashed his glass and jumped up. “You b*stard! Every time I listen to you, what do you do to me in the end? What have you done?!”

Zhao Yuan looked at Li Yi in a daze, allowing him to curse at him. His lips tightened, gradually forming a line.

Li Yi couldn’t hold back his anger and pointed at Zhao Yuan’s nose, “You scumbag! How did I treat you back then? Didn’t my father and the emperor want to kill you? How many times was I afraid I couldn’t protect you? I was so devoted to you, but what did you do in the end? My father and mother have died, my sister died of illness with no one to care for her, and when the emperor passed away, there was only me left in the world. It was you, you who dealt me the final blow! How could you do that, Qi Yuan? How could you? Tell me, tell me that you didn’t do all those things at the end…”

Li Yi’s eyes were so fierce that they seemed to spit fire. He spoke until he was exhausted and almost fell over, but Zhao Yuan held him up and carried him into the room.

He gently placed Li Yi on the bed and smiled faintly. However, anyone who saw his smile couldn’t bear to look at him.

Zhao Yuan nestled up against Li Yi’s ear, speaking softly and apologizing in every sentence. It was as if he had never left Li Yi’s side.

“Huan An, it was me. I did it all. Only I am dead now, and from now on, don’t think of me anymore.”

Li Yi listened and started to cry softly, “You b*stard, you died on your own, leaving me with a decade of hatred. Who can I turn to now?”

Zhao Yuan hugged him tightly and comforted him, “Isn’t there someone who looks exactly like me? You can do whatever you want to him.”

Li Yi said intermittently: “In the end… it’s not you.”

Suddenly, he grabbed Zhao Yuan’s front collar and urgently said: “I never believed that you would treat me like that. The biggest regret I had back then was not being able to tell you my true feelings. If I had, you would have known my heart, and all those things you kept hidden from me would have been said to me…”

As Li Yi spoke, he gradually lost his voice. After all, he had vented all his emotions from these past years in one go, and he passed out from drunken exhaustion, tears still lingering at the corners of his eyes.

At this moment, Zhao Yuan’s heart had calmed down. He knew that Li Yi had the chance to speak up right now and must feel much better. He tightly hugged the person in front of him, wiping away each tear mark with a kiss.

Finally, Zhao Yuan laid down next to Li Yi, smiling lightly and said: “You fool, you got drunk once back then and even said things like ‘I can’t walk when I see you.’ How could I not know your heart?”

The next day, Li Yi woke up with a splitting headache and found that Su Wang was lying next to him, which scared him blank.

When he realized that nothing had happened, Zhao Yuan had already been awakened by his shock. Seeing Li Yi’s expression, he sat up slowly and said calmly: “I drank too much yesterday and must have just taken a nap here.”

Li Yi thought to himself that this was the Regent’s Palace, which was all his place. Wherever he wanted to rest, he could rest. How could there be a “here” in this situation?

Zhao Yuan was about to call someone in to attend to them when he saw Li Yi still looking embarrassed. He changed his mind and got up to adjust his clothes by himself.

Li Yi was stunned for a moment and realized what Zhao Yuan meant. He quickly got up and helped him tie his hair and adjust his crown.

Zhao Yuan had just spent the night entwined with the person in front of him, and his heart was still filled with affection. Seeing Li Yi come to attend to him, he hurriedly stopped him and held his hand, saying: “How do you know how to do this? Let me do it myself.”

Li Yi gave a faint smile and said: “I’ve been a commoner for so many years. If I don’t know how to do these things, how can I survive?”

Zhao Yuan fell silent, letting Li Yi tie his hair for him.

As they faced the mirror, Li Yi still had a headache and furrowed his brows in silence. Zhao Yuan had an idea and thought to ask Zhao Xi to prepare something to help him sober up. He said: “You drank too much yesterday.”

Li Yi stopped combing his hair and apologized: “I behaved poorly last night. I apologize to Your Highness.”

Zhao Yuan couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. Suddenly, Li Yi remembered something and asked anxiously: “Your Highness, did I do anything yesterday…”

Only just remembering whether you caused any trouble, but it’s too late now.

He was very pleased in his heart but showed no sign of it on his face. He spoke calmly, “Don’t worry, nothing happened.” He added, “You didn’t say anything out of line.”

Li Yi rarely got drunk and had no idea that he was drunk. Since he had no memory of what had happened, it must mean that nothing had occurred. However, his head was throbbing, and he felt a little sour and swollen in his chest, perhaps because he had dreamed of Qi Yuan again.

He dreamt of Qi Yuan coaxing him and kissing him, which was undoubtedly a sign of having drunk too much.

Zhao Yuan was ready and dressed, but when he turned around, he saw that Li Yi was still in his undershirt. He wanted to help him get dressed, but Li Yi wouldn’t let him.

Zhao Yuan could only sit aside and watch.

The morning light shone through the window, illuminating Li Yi and making him look even more like a jade-like person.

Zhao Yuan had been thinking of him for a long time, he had crossed ten years to be with him. 

He suddenly said, “Li Yi, listen. I don’t care if you still think about Qi Yuan or if you occasionally mistake me for someone else. I only ask if you are willing to follow me in the future?”

Zhao Yuan’s tone was unusual, and what surprised Li Yi even more was that he had never seen him bow to anyone since he met him. He dared to argue with the gods and buddhas in the temple of the Monastery. At this moment, he even admitted to being behind someone else and even being his substitute.

Zhao Yuan didn’t wait for Li Yi to answer. He reached out and directly pulled him in front of him. He lifted his hands through Li Yi’s scattered hair, leaned his body forward, and said in a tempting voice, “Don’t you want him? Seeing my face every day isn’t it good?”

Li Yi stared blankly at that face, felt the warmth in his palms, heard the familiar voice, and almost lost his reason. He managed to regain some composure and said hurriedly, “I don’t want to mistake your highness for someone else. It’s unfair to your highness.”

Zhao Yuan asked if he was willing to follow him, did Su Wang want the truth?

Li Yi was somewhat uncertain.

Zhao Yuan sensed that Li Yi might want to decline, so he stepped back and said, “At most two years until His Majesty assumes the throne.”

He reminded Li Yi, “You said that you also have a good impression of me.”

At this moment, Li Yi was too tired to think about the future. He quieted his thoughts and listened to his own heart before answering, “I have said that I will trust Your Highness, I will take the reign of the Emperor as the deadline.”

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