The Regent’s Secret Chapter 58

Chapter 58

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Just as Zhao Yuan was happily guarding Li Yi, another secret letter arrived from Dian Nan. His Royal Mother’s tone in the letter was quite pleased.

“Your father has made an agreement with the emperor. As long as my son can accomplish the task entrusted in the attached letter, the emperor will allow you to leave the capital. Remember to burn this letter after reading it. Shen Er and I are waiting for you at home.”

Zhao Yuan opened the attached letter and found that it was written by his father’s own hand. His expression became serious as he read further down, and he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Dian Nan Wang had made a deal with the Chengqian Emperor, but it was to exchange Li Yi for Zhao Yuan.

To make Li Yi disappear like the Crown Prince, without a trace.

Zhao Yuan felt as if the sky was falling and the earth was cracking. The scenery in front of him became blurry and shaky.

It turned out that Qin Wang was killed by Dian Nan’s secret poison, and that was why Emperor Guanghua couldn’t find any clues.

The Zhao family had ruled over Dian Nan for generations and had several types of secret poisons under their control. Zhao Yuan brought two of them with him to the capital. The letter said that he knew how to use them and could act accordingly.

Dian Nan Wang patiently gave some guidance, for example, to take advantage of Li Yi’s exhaustion or when he caught a cold, if there was no suitable opportunity, they would have to create one.

At the same time, he reminded Zhao Yuan that the Emperor valued his close relationship with Li Yi and believed that using him as a cover would not arouse suspicion. In this way, they could deceive everyone and achieve their goal.

Zhao Yuan secretly hoped that Dian Nan would not be too deeply involved in the palace coup. However, he knew that Dian Nan was poisonous, and Qin Wang Shizi had his people. The Emperor often visited the palace, and his mother and sister both lived there. Anyone could easily approach the Crown Prince.

It was a clever plan.

My father killed your father, and now he has ordered me to kill you.

Zhao Yuan’s blood was stirred, and he felt as if his limbs were about to burst with energy, and his blood and Qi were surging in all directions.

Dian Nan Wang Shizi wrote at the end of the letter, “After this is done, not only will my son be able to return home, but the Emperor will no longer need hostages from Dian Nan. I don’t need to remind you again, this is crucial for the future of Dian Nan. My son will do his best to handle everything properly and not disappoint me.”

Zhao Yuan gritted his teeth and read to the last word. He was unable to suppress the surging blood and energy in his body, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, staining the white paper.

Just by looking at the soaring words, one could sense the joy of Dian Nan Wang as his dreams came true.

The key to unlocking generations of shackles was now in Zhao Yuan’s hands, and the time had come. Not only did he carry the burden of past mistakes, but also the weight of all future expectations.

He was no longer just himself, piece by piece, he was not the Dian Nan Wang Shizi that everyone saw in the capital, nor was he the one that Li Yi saw as his close friend. He could only be Zhao Yuan of the Zhao family.

He was born into a noble family, everything was for the sake of Dian Nan, and no one would ask for his opinion. All of his family affection and warmth had to take a back seat to his mission.

This is the opportunity that generations of people in Dian Nan have endured humiliation and bloodshed for. One person’s power is so small that he was powerless to resist, but Zhao Yuan can choose not to cooperate.

Dian Nan Wang wants to use him to show his loyalty to the new emperor, and make the Chengqian Emperor let go of all his guard against Dian Nan. But Zhao Yuan can refuse to cooperate.

He doesn’t care about going home, or how his father, the king, might want to punish him. He just wanted to protect Li Yi.

Since the Chengqian Emperor has decided to kill Li Yi, Li Yi’s situation is no longer safe. Now everyone was waiting for him to take action, but he can use this time to delay.

The world is vast, and he can always find a place to hide with Huan An using false names.

In the past few days, Qi Yuan’s eyes when he looked at Li Yi always made Li Yi feel that he was hiding something from him. He was not like Zhao Yuan, he didn’t like to keep everything to himself.

At night, they sat together reading. Li Yi thought about it for a moment and asked directly, “Can’t you tell me?”

“I can’t,” Zhao Yuan answered decisively.

“You can’t?” Li Yi didn’t expect him to be so straightforward and resolute.

Is there anything that cannot be said? Li Yi thought they had a special relationship.

He was a little disappointed, but then he thought that he had also kept the fact that he drew erotic paintings from Qi Yuan, and he felt a little better.

Zhao Yuan saw every subtle expression on Li Yi’s face and put down his book, feeling a pain in his heart.

“Your Highness, you once said that you would be willing to leave the capital and follow me. If one day I can’t become Dian Nan Wang, but instead live a simple life in seclusion, would you still want to be with me?”

Something happened in Dian Nan?

Li Yi was shocked, but then he thought it was impossible.

Now the relationship between Dian Nan and the new emperor was much closer than in the previous few reigns. Yesterday, Chengqian Emperor even issued an edict to Pan Palace, taking the opportunity to praise the Shizi.

Qi Yuan accepted the edict and became a rising star in the imperial court again.

Li Yi could only look towards Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan said, “I suddenly feel a bit tired of the affairs of the court, just asked you casually.” 

Li Yi saw that he looked tired, without any other expression, and felt that he was overthinking. He dispelled his suspicion and continued on Zhao Yuan’s topic, “Is living in seclusion like in Wuliang Mountain? If it’s like that, living in the mountains and waters every day, or finding a place to live by the water and enjoy the peace, that would be the life of an immortal.” 

Zhao Yuan said, “What if we have to endure hardship?” 

Li Yi smiled at Zhao Yuan’s words, “With our abilities, we can still make a living even if we hide our identities. As for hardships, as long as our hearts don’t change, it’s fine.” 

Zhao Yuan knew that Li Yi was sighing about the fickleness of people’s hearts after the Crown Prince’s incident. He also saw that Li Yi’s gaze was deep and long when he looked at him, and he knew that Li Yi was also thinking about their relationship. 

If Li Yi knew that he might take his life at any moment, would he still look at him like this? 

He was so eager to grab Li Yi and tell him his feelings, but he held back. If he spoke out now, it would only add to Li Yi’s troubles. If Li Yi and Ping An showed any strange behavior, it would alarm the vigilant Chengqian Emperor, which would be even more dangerous. It was better to keep him in the dark, and it looked more real that way. 

Wait a little longer, until everything is settled and he can take Huan An far away, then he will tell him everything. 

It was only five days since Zhao Yuan received the secret letter. The preparations for the big plan were still incomplete. Unexpectedly, Zhao Xi suddenly brought a message that Zheng San was here and wanted to see Zhao Yuan in secret tonight. 

Zhao Yuan was surprised. Zheng San from the Wang Mansion had arrived, and he had a vague feeling that things might go wrong.

Little Theatre:

Li Yi: Are you taking me to elope with you?

Zhao Yuan: Uh, eloping without telling anyone is called eloping. You have no parents, so we can make our own decision.

Li Yi: Oh, I see. So I’ll be the one taking you to elope with me.

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