The Regent’s Secret Chapter 74

Chapter 74

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The bright moonlight shone through the palace, and half-human-high brass ice mirrors were placed in the corners of the room, giving off a cold aura, which had an ethereal quality in the night.

Although the room was cool, Zhao Heng tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

The Emperor called a eunuch and asked, “Who is on duty in the imperial guards tonight?”

The Emperor was pleased to hear Wei Che’s name and ordered, “Go and summon Wei Che.”

Wei Che hurriedly entered the room after receiving the emperor’s urgent order, fearing that the emperor’s unknown ailment had recurred. Zhao Heng saw his anxious expression and at first was puzzled, but then realized that Wei Che had misunderstood.

Warmth rose in his heart, and he smiled slightly, saying, “I am feeling upset and wanted to talk to you.”

Wei Che wiped his sweat, relieved that the emperor was okay.

Seeing his appearance, Zhao Heng instructed a nearby attendant, “Take off his outerwear and let him cool down, he’s sweating so much.”

“You cannot do that, Your Majesty, it would be inappropriate in front of the court!” Wei Che protested, as he was responsible for the court rituals and was not supposed to act improperly.

Zhao Heng glared, “Is this the court? This is my bedroom! If I ask you to take it off, then take it off! Isn’t it more comfortable to be at ease? I’m just wearing an inner garment, and you’re wearing three or four outer garments, which looks uncomfortable to me.”

If he didn’t listen to the emperor, he would get angry. After all, the emperor’s words were law. Wei Che had no choice but to take off his outerwear and serve the emperor in his inner garment, sitting on the bamboo couch.

After a while, the eunuchs brought in some clear tea, but Zhao Heng waved them away.

Sitting in the moonlight, the clear light shone on the emperor’s face, with one side shining like white porcelain, sparkling and radiant, and the other side deep and mysterious, tempting one’s heart.

Wei Che longed for it but dared not look too much. He just glanced at the emperor and quickly looked away. He approached the couch and listened attentively to the emperor’s words.

Zhao Heng sat cross-legged and after a long time said softly, “No one believes in my heart, do they?”

Wei Che understood the emperor’s words even though they were vague.

He raised his head and said to the emperor, “The regent prince doesn’t not believe Your Majesty, it’s just that…he and Li Yi have been through too much, and unless someone is right in front of him, he cannot trust anyone.”

Moreover, Your Majesty is also trying to blackmail him. Even if you promise to take care of the person, no one would trust you completely.

Zhao Heng knew that this was an unsolvable problem, but he had no choice but to do it.

“I detained Li Yi to give a way out for the Empress Dowager and the Shen family,” said Zhao Heng with a desolate tone.

Wei Che felt sorry for the emperor and tried to console him, “The Empress Dowager will understand Your Majesty’s intentions in the future.”

Zhao Heng smiled silently, “Zi Tong, you don’t have to comfort me. The Empress Dowager will only accept it. I did it for the sake of the country, to control the Regent Prince. She unknowingly offended him deeply and still wants Li Yi’s life, but she doesn’t know that only Li Yi can save her life now. I want the Regent Prince to return power, and there are many ways to do it, fast or slow. I don’t have to force it to this extent, but I only have one way to save the Empress Dowager’s life.”

As the emperor spoke, his voice grew softer and softer, “I want to weaken the Shen family and let the Empress Dowager live her life peacefully… but I can’t just watch her die.”

Wei Che saw how distressed the emperor was and approached him quietly, wanting to pull at the corner of his robe, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

However, Zhao Heng reached out and clasped the back of Wei Che’s neck with his hand. He held onto Wei Che’s neck and pulled him onto the bed, stroking Wei Che’s cheek and saying, “I am a lonely emperor. The Regent Prince and the Empress Dowager will eventually leave me. Zi Tong, will you always be by my side?”

Wei Che looked at the clear and bright eyes of the emperor and felt his heart tremble. He had done many things in secret and had already become like cold iron inside, but at this moment, even his heart was shaking.

Wei Che covered the emperor’s hand that was on his face and said with a mesmerized voice, “Even if I have to die, I will never leave Your Majesty.”

Zhao Heng shook his head, “You fool, who asked you to die? Can’t you just stay with me?”

Wei Che was scolded by the emperor and laughed. He became quick-witted again and joked, “Yes, Your Majesty. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it to accompany you.”

The emperor also laughed and let go of Wei Che’s hand, laughing so much that he laid back on the bed.

When the laughter gradually stopped, the emperor stretched out a lazy hand towards Wei Che, and Wei Che understood and leaned over to help the emperor up.

Suddenly, Zhao Heng exerted force and pulled Wei Che down in front of him. Wei Che was surprised and struggled to get up, but Zhao Heng turned over and pressed him down completely.

Wei Che was so scared that he didn’t dare to move.

The emperor didn’t say anything or do anything else. He just let out a long sigh and got up from Wei Che’s body.

Zhao Heng closed his eyes and leaned slowly against the wall. After a few moments, he waved his hand, indicating that Wei Che could leave.

Wei Che quietly got off the bed and walked to the door, but he turned back to see the emperor’s thin body against the white wall under the moonlight, like a solitary bamboo in a painting.

Wei Chi’s hesitation and worries were suddenly thrown to the back of his mind, with no trace left. Those chaotic and unclear thoughts also became clear in an instant.

He held his breath and turned back.

The emperor heard the movement, opened his eyes, and looked at Wei Chi fixedly.

In the hazy light, with a faint fragrance in the air, Wei Chi knelt down and said softly, “I came to accompany Your Majesty.”

Unable to restrain himself any longer, Zhao Heng grabbed him fiercely and kissed him.

Wei Chi tolerated the young and reckless impulse, guided the emperor, and explored his sensitive mouth inch by inch. Soon, the emperor took the initiative and regained control.

After their lips and tongues finally parted, Zhao Heng gasped for air and rested his forehead against Wei Chi’s, saying, “I don’t want to ruin you, let’s just leave it at this one time.”

Forced intimacy and submission were behaviors only appropriate for eunuchs and incompetent servants seeking favor. Wei Chi was young and handsome, and Zhao Heng couldn’t bear to lose his right-hand man.

A monarch should treat his officials with respect, reward them with high ranks, wealth, titles, and honors, and record their achievements in history. It was unworthy of a ruler to destroy someone’s future and leave behind a shameful legacy for the sake of personal desires. Such a person, not to mention serving as a monarch, was not even fit to be a human.

The emperor pushed Wei Chi away completely and turned his back on him.

Wei Chi silently got off the bed and left the room.

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