The Shadow Guard is also the White Moonlight [Rebirth] Chapter 100

Chapter 100

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Fu Nian:…

He didn’t respond to that comment.

Of course, it hurt.

The skin between his legs had rarely been subjected to harm, not even from cuts or scratches. The rough treatment combined with the abrasions from the journey had caused his flesh and clothes to stick together.

“Sit properly. Let me see how serious the injury is.”

Upon hearing the order, Fu Nian obediently complied. 

When he reached the innermost layer, the one stained with blood, he hesitated for a moment. But then he took the initiative to separate his severed limb and revealed the wound to Chu Zhaoyi.

He turned his head away, his face flushed red. “It’s not serious—”

Before he could finish his sentence, the pain caused by the tearing of the wound and fabric silenced him.

Slowly, he peeled away the fabric soaked in blood, a process more painful than direct tearing.

Fingers, familiar and gentle, repeatedly caressed the wound. The sensation was hard to describe, but with each touch, delicate sensations coursed through to the fingertips.

Fu Nian had been enduring it all along.

The tighter he clenched his fist, the more difficult it became to ignore the warmth and slight coarseness of the fingers.

“Just tear it off directly; it won’t hurt,” Fu Nian reminded in a hushed voice.

Chu Zhaoyi paid no attention.

He continued to deal with the “wound” between the severed limb and the leg in a leisurely manner.

Raising his eyes, Chu Zhaoyi saw that Ah Nian had lowered his head. His pale lower lip had been bitten, and his left fist was clenched tightly. Seeing this, Chu Zhaoyi tentatively touched the wound between his legs with his hand, causing Ah Nian to tremble slightly and his pearly white teeth to clench even harder.

It seemed that Ah Nian hadn’t realized yet that this fox in front of him was not interested in treating the wound at all.

Chu Zhaoyi finished tearing the fabric and carefully applied ointment.

He remembered that when Ah Nian had just returned to the palace, he had treated him as if he were guarding against a thief, especially when it came to intimate physical contact. Chu Zhaoyi had to repeatedly order him to comply as if he were praying to a god. Now, Ah Nian was willing to reveal his most vulnerable, hidden wound to him…

“In the future, are you still going to say things like ‘willing to be used at will’?”

The ointment worked well, and after applying it, the pain was almost imperceptible.

Fu Nian adjusted his clothes and spoke softly, “In the future, I’ll be more careful with my words.”

After saying this, Fu Nian felt the burning gaze still fixed on him, so he quickly raised his voice, “I promise I won’t say it again.”

As the New Year approached, the weather grew colder. Rain and snow were frequent, which was considered a good omen for a bountiful year.

After six months, even the loosest clothes couldn’t conceal the changes in his body. When it was still in its early stages, Fu Nian had faced numerous life-threatening situations with this little one, enduring dangers without a scratch. But now, these debts seemed to have been paid off.

He had been running a high fever for three days, but today there were finally signs of improvement.

Fu Nian, feeling weak, leaned on the table by the window. His complexion was pale, and his finely chiseled features, usually sharp and fierce, now carried a hint of vulnerability. His narrow, elongated eyes lacked their usual ferocity and had softened.

He had never expected that catching a cold and running a fever would happen to him. 

Once upon a time, he could withstand sub-zero temperatures and hide behind a furnace for a whole day during the dog days of summer, emerging without harm. As long as it didn’t lead to death, any injury was a minor one, enough to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

The palace chamber was heated by the ground dragon furnace, and Fu Nian opened a window slightly to let in some cold air.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough—” As soon as the cold wind blew in, Fu Nian quickly closed the window halfway, took a sip of hot water, and continued flipping through the illustrated book in his hand.

On it were records of the rare instances of male pregnancy in ancient texts, as well as some notes by imperial physicians.

In a few days, the court physicians from outside the palace would come to explain some of the precautions for a male pregnancy.

According to the book, in another month and a half at most, this little one would become a crying and fussing infant in the cradle.

Fu Nian recognized the characters, but it was far from enough for him to fully understand the complex and verbose ancient texts, so he could only get a general idea from the illustrations.

At noon, while Fu Nian was fiddling with several blades on the table, practicing his skills, he also began to consider the style of the short blade he would prepare for the unborn child to carry from a young age.

“Lord Fu, lunch is ready. His Majesty said he still has affairs to attend to and asked you to eat first.”

“I understand.”

At noon, Chu Zhaoyi was always busy, and he didn’t ask further questions.

After finishing lunch, Fu Nian wrapped himself in a large dark cloak and shook off the Gao Gonggong who had been following him, strolling around the Imperial Garden. 

He had been cooped up in the room with a high fever for several days, and even though it was cold outside, the fresh air was refreshing.

Walking to the Mirror Flower Pond, a place he used to frequent, Fu Nian heard the sounds of palace maids bickering and arguing near a nearby artificial mountain. 

He paid them little mind, instead going to sit at the Lakeside Pavilion, taking out an empty wine flask and letting out a sigh. 

“Over there, it fell onto the icy surface.” 

“You threw it too hard…” 

“Person in the Lakeside Pavilion! Can you help us out? Could you pick up the embroidered ball for us?” 

Hearing the commotion behind him, Fu Nian turned curiously to see what was going on.

He saw three palace maids and a “young lady” dressed in extravagant clothing.

Upon closer inspection, the young lady in luxurious attire seemed somewhat familiar.

“Imperial Guard Lian?” Fu Nian hadn’t spoken yet, but the woman on the opposite shore of the lake had already recognized him.

Fu Nian thought for a moment before realizing that the woman dressed like a young lady was a maid from Ze Wang’s side.

“I’ve seen Miss Lu Yi.” Fu Nian respectfully saluted.

Since the other party only recognized him as the guard who used to climb trees and cause trouble, he decided to go along with it.

“No need.” Lu Yi’s face quickly turned cold when she saw it was really him. She didn’t even bother to look at him and continued to speak to the palace maids beside her, “Little Shi, go pick up the embroidered ball.”

“I, I’m afraid to walk on the ice…”

“If you’re afraid, you still have to do it. I just asked Sister Hong’e yesterday to embroider this for me. If I lose it today, what if I can’t ask her again? Go pick it up!”

“You… Why don’t you ask the guard sitting in the Lake Pavilion? Don’t you know him—”

“I bully the weak and fear the strong, so you go.” Lu Yi said confidently.

Fu Nian almost laughed out loud.

This domineering nature of hers was unmistakable. She hadn’t mistaken the person.


“Is it because I usually treat you poorly or something? You’re so unwilling to pick up an embroidered ball? You look pleasing to the eye and pitiable, so I spent some money to please the Gonggong and let you follow me for leisure. If you’re unwilling to do even such a small thing, you might as well go back to washing clothes.”


Fu Nian turned his head to glance again.

Really fierce. Fu Nian had no intention of intervening in children’s playfulness, but seeing this, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Similar words and a temperamental attitude. In the previous life, he had heard Chu Zhaoyi scold someone like this. Lu Yi could be considered Ze Wang’s quasi-daughter, and it seemed that the children of the Chu family had similar personalities when they were young.

The palace maid called “Little Shi” had no choice but to cautiously walk onto the ice and move towards the small embroidered ball.

After taking just a few steps, she slipped and fell heavily on the ice.

The ice in the middle of the lake was not as solid as the surrounding areas, so her fall caused a cracking sound, and the ice beneath her broke.

Hearing the noise, Little Shi panicked and tried to get up.

However, she slipped again and fell heavily onto the ice surface.

This time, the ice completely cracked, and the bone-chilling lake water flowed over the ice.


Hearing the cries for help, Fu Nian, who had been sitting by the window, finally got up.

Seeing one of the palace maids half-submerged in the water, with her upper body still on the ice and not completely submerged, he immediately realized the seriousness of the situation. He quickly walked over the bridge, shouting loudly, “Don’t move! I’ll come to rescue you!”

After saying that, Fu Nian continued to run towards the bamboo forest.

He intended to retrieve the girl from the water before she fell in.

“Help! Help!” The palace maid who had fallen into the water didn’t pay any attention to what others were saying. She cried out, “Ah—”

“Little Shi!”

Just as Fu Nian was about to pick up a bamboo pole, he heard another cracking sound coming from the ice, followed by a “splash.” It seemed that someone had jumped into the water.

He quickly turned around and saw that both Lu Yi, who had been arrogant on the shore, and the timid young palace maid had disappeared. There were only ripples in the cold lake water.


Fu Nian didn’t hesitate any longer. He abandoned the bamboo pole and rushed to the lake, diving into the water.

When it came to matters of life and death, especially involving Ze Wang’s beloved quasi-daughter, Fu Nian couldn’t stand by and do nothing. As he swam towards the center of the lake, he thought that if he let them die, it would be embarrassing for Chu Zhaoyi in the future.

Before he reached the center of the lake, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, completely unexpected.

This kind of pain was different from his usual injuries, and it struck suddenly, causing Fu Nian’s vision to go dark.

After recovering, he continued to swim underwater, holding his breath.

But the two pairs of feet in the water were no longer visible.

Fu Nian was alarmed, thinking that they had sunk to the bottom. He wanted to continue searching, but suddenly, he felt a tug on his collar.

He was being pulled up to the surface.

Fu Nian couldn’t speak; the sudden abdominal pain still engulfed his body.

When he was pulled out of the water, Fu Nian finally saw that the one who had saved him was the arrogant maid from Ze Wang’s side.

“Why did you jump into the lake for no reason?” Lu Yi impatiently scolded him and wiped her face with a dry cloak.

Fu Nian:…

It turned out that the other party was a good swimmer and had already pulled the person out of the water.

He had mistakenly thought…

“Quick, thank me.” Seeing that Fu Nian didn’t speak, Lu Yi threw the cloak she had used to wipe her face to Little Shi. “You were rescued, and you don’t even say thank you.”

Fu Nian hadn’t even spoken yet when he saw her expression freeze. 

“Blood! Blood! There’s blood!” 

Lu Yi, who had been arrogant just a second ago, suddenly panicked and started screaming. 

“Little Shi! There’s blood! ” 

Fu Nian: … 

The excruciating pain in his abdomen made his eyes turn black. 

He followed Lu Yi’s terrified gaze and looked at himself. 

Today, he was wearing a light-colored robe, but from the waist down, it was all dyed in blood red. 

On the ground, the bloodstains were still spreading along the stone slabs. 

When they were brought back to Chengyuan Hall, Fu Nian remained conscious despite the intense pain.

The little one in his abdomen began to exert a downward and oppressive force.

In the midst of throbbing pain, Fu Nian could feel it.

“Lord, use a bit more force…”

“The other imperial physicians will arrive soon…”

In the warm water, Fu Nian kept taking deep breaths, trying to follow the instructions he heard around him.

In the throes of agony, he gripped the edge of the basin tightly until his knuckles turned white, unable to help but let out a muffled groan.

Outside the hall, footsteps hurriedly approached, stumbling along the way. “Why so suddenly? Wasn’t it supposed to be a ten-month pregnancy? Even if it’s counted as just over nine months, Ah Nian is not even eight…” 

“Your Majesty, it seems the premature birth was caused by falling into the lake.” 

Chu Zhaoyi had arrived. 

Hearing the familiar voice, Fu Nian clenched the basin rim even tighter, gritting his teeth. 

“Don’t go in! It’s filthy inside—” 

Outside the screen, he heard the voice of Li Gonggong. 

Shortly after, he heard Chu Zhaoyi’s brisk footsteps approaching. 

Feeling that another hand had joined his, Fu Nian quickly let go of the cold basin rim and grasped onto that hand tightly.

It was Chu Zhaoyi’s warmth…

Fu Nian had no strength to speak.

Following the instructions of the imperial physician was exhausting, and staying silent was taking a toll on all his willpower.

“Ah Nian, Ah Nian?” Seeing him struggling, Chu Zhaoyi quickly extended both his hands to lend his strength.

Fu Nian continued to take deep breaths.

Although Chu Zhaoyi had never given birth to a child, he had grown up in the palace and had witnessed the agonizing cries of the other consorts during childbirth.

However, the sight of Fu Nian, biting down hard and refusing to make a sound, was different.

“Ah Nian, if it’s too painful, don’t endure it…” Chu Zhaoyi said while using his free hand to gently stroke Fu Nian’s hair, attempting to soothe him.

It took Fu Nian a long time to squeeze out a hoarse voice from between his clenched teeth, mixed with a groan, “Compared to the pain of having the gu extracted back then, this is much lighter…”

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