The Shadow Guard is also the White Moonlight [Rebirth] Chapter 99

Chapter 99

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The warmth of their entwined hands intensified, but Chu Zhaoyi remained silent.

Fu Nian didn’t speak either and turned his head to look at the snowy stalactites.

“Do you know what you’re saying?” 

After a long silence, Chu Zhaoyi’s voice became even huskier, sounding different from his usual cold demeanor.

“I do. I hope… that you can use me more.” 

The cold wind of the snowy day mingled with the scorching breath against his neck, and his words were naturally stuck in his throat in the latter half. 


He had just organized his words when Fu Nian’s speech was interrupted by a slight pain on his neck. 

Sharp teeth moved like a predator, tracing over the pulsing veins on his neck. 

The hands that were just intertwined moments ago had somehow slipped into the robes and found their way around the soft flesh at his waist. 

His senses during pregnancy were already more sensitive than usual, and being touched like this made Fu Nian feel somewhat weak, and he hastily tried to evade.

But instead, he found himself further trapped.

Being so close, even though there were layers of clothing between them, Fu Nian could sense the increased warmth around his abdomen.

It wasn’t the baby’s heartbeat but Chu Zhaoyi’s…

With each heavy breath by his neck, Fu Nian seemed to realize something.

The hand at his waist tightened its grip, leaving him with no room to escape.

“Do you know why I don’t let you get close at night?” Chu Zhaoyi’s voice was somewhat husky. After saying this, he took advantage of the deserted surroundings and pressed even closer to Fu Nian. His fingers lightly grazed Fu Nian’s waist, and he applied a subtle pressure. 

Fu Nian instinctively moved to evade, emitting a soft gasp. 

“Do you really want to be used like this? As long as it makes you happy, I can use you in any way, hmm?” Chu Zhaoyi continued to whisper teasingly in Fu Nian’s ear, intentionally raising the pitch of his voice. 

Before Fu Nian could respond, he suddenly felt a tingling sensation on his lower lip.

The taste of medicinal herbs filled his mouth, a side effect from the gu residue.

This time, the kiss was notably more intense than before.

Fu Nian found himself pinned against the rocky surface, and he obediently parted his lips to allow Chu Zhaoyi deeper access.

However, this time, no matter how he used his past skills to accommodate, he couldn’t resist the torrential assault.

In the past, Chu Zhaoyi had simply enjoyed his services without much consideration for Fu Nian’s feelings.

Whether due to heightened sensitivity or some other reason, Fu Nian soon felt light-headed. His vision grew hazy, and he completely gave up resistance, half-closed his eyes, and leaned softly against the boulder behind him, allowing Chu Zhaoyi to support him so he could remain standing.

Kissing could bring so much pleasure…

In his dazed state, Fu Nian thought vaguely.

Before he could fully regain his senses, he felt the hand that had been holding onto his waist earlier surreptitiously moving.

“There might be someone outside at any moment…” 

Chu Zhaoyi paid him no heed.

Realizing something was amiss, all sounds and whimpering were swallowed by the kisses, and he could only make meaningless nasal noises.

“….” When his body convulsed, the hand behind his waist cushioned the impact, preventing him from hitting the rock and causing any harm.

After what felt like a long time, his vision gradually cleared. Fu Nian noticed that he was breathing heavily and quickly suppressed the sound.

He had no energy to reproach, relying entirely on Chu Zhaoyi to prevent himself from collapsing.

Fu Nian breathed heavily, and he saw Chu Zhaoyi slowly retrieving his right hand from beneath his robe.

His slender fingertips were damp, with the semi-solid liquid hanging from his fingers. Chu Zhaoyi brought his fingers close to his own lips without any hesitation.

Fu Nian quickly turned his head away.

However, even without looking, he could hear the sound of Chu Zhaoyi’s tongue licking his fingers, which sent shivers down his spine.

Even though it was a snowy day, the warmth on Fu Nian’s face felt as scorching as the peak of summer. 

Before he could raise his head, Fu Nian once again felt Chu Zhaoyi’s breath drawing near his ear. 

“Ah Nian, you taste so sweet…” 

Fu Nian suddenly felt overwhelmed, wanting to scold him for his audacity, but a sense of shame left him speechless. 

How did Chu Zhaoyi become like this…

He wished that Chu Zhaoyi would remain the reckless and thoughtless child he used to be, someone who didn’t care about his feelings at all. At least then, Chu Zhaoyi wouldn’t say these embarrassing things. 

“The way Ah Nian was trembling in my arms just now, your expression was truly exquisite.” 

“I didn’t get a taste at all last time—” 

“Stop it!” Fu Nian, for once, didn’t let Chu Zhaoyi finish speaking and hastily interrupted. 

After the interruption, Fu Nian felt like Chu Zhaoyi had let out a chuckle. 

Immediately afterward, Fu Nian realized that there seemed to be fewer layers of fabric between them. 

His right leg had been amputated since birth, with a remaining stump that was normally connected to the hip joint and used to attach a prosthetic limb. 

After wearing the prosthetic for a long time, he hardly felt any pain in the stump. 

However, his left leg was fully intact, with highly sensitive nerve endings. 

The skin between his legs was rarely exposed to sunlight, making it much more sensitive to touch.

“Let’s go back first…” 

“Didn’t Ah Nian say that you’re willing to be used in any way?” 

As the first snowfall began to clear, the sky was getting darker. 

On the way back to Chengyuan Hall following Chu Zhaoyi, Fu Nian couldn’t ignore the discomfort caused by his wet clothes. 

And the pain in his leg. 

This pain wasn’t the usual muscle soreness after excessive training; it was a piercing pain that occurred whenever his soft clothing touched it, as if something was digging into his flesh. 

Finally returning to the sleeping palace, Fu Nian couldn’t wait to search for dry clothing. 

However, he couldn’t bend down easily now, and when he saw a drawer, he couldn’t open it. 

In the midst of his frustration, a sleeve embroidered with a dragon reached out and fetched some clothing for him. 

“I can change by myself,” Fu Nian said irritably. 

This was something that couldn’t be seen by others, especially not by the Gonggong.

“I’ll do it. After all, it’s the trouble I caused,” Chu Zhaoyi said, not the least bit guilty despite acknowledging the trouble he’d caused.

Fu Nian:…

He clenched his teeth and didn’t engage in a verbal battle with Chu Zhaoyi. Instead, he grabbed the dry underclothes and pants.

While changing, Fu Nian realized that his clothes had been tied into a myriad of knots by Chu Zhaoyi’s earlier interference.

Despite his prosthetic limb’s relative agility, it couldn’t untangle these tiny knots.

Fu Nian suddenly turned around, meeting Chu Zhaoyi’s innocent expression, which even included a blink.

“I said I would help you…” Chu Zhaoyi stood upright with his hands behind his back and innocently explained.

In the midst of this stalemate, the voice of Li Gonggong came from outside the screen.

“Your Majesty, the imperial physician will arrive shortly. Is Lord Fu awake?”

“Yes, he’s awake,” Chu Zhaoyi replied softly.

After responding to Li Gonggong, Chu Zhaoyi added in a hushed tone, “The imperial physician will be here shortly.”

Fu Nian didn’t say anything and eventually sat obediently on the stool, allowing Chu Zhaoyi to untangle the knots on his clothes.

Halfway through changing, Chu Zhaoyi suddenly stopped.

The room was warm due to the inner room heating, and while Fu Nian didn’t feel cold, he instinctively reached for the blanket.

Well, expecting Chu Zhaoyi to help someone else get dressed was indeed overestimating his abilities.

“Wait to put on your clothes; I’ll apply some medicine for you,” Chu Zhaoyi said as he deliberately placed the dry clothes just out of Fu Nian’s reach. He calmly searched his sleeves for the small medicine box he carried with him. 

“No need,” Fu Nian said, not sure what game Chu Zhaoyi was playing but instinctively refusing. “What medicine do you need to apply? Just give me the clothes—” 

Chu Zhaoyi watched Fu Nian’s frustrated expression with amusement, like a small animal that had its fur ruffled and was now agitated. He pretended to offer some helpful advice. “Did your leg not hurt from the rubbing just now?”

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