The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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“Isn’t the Ghost Prince Consort supposed to be female?”

That was Gong Wei’s initial reaction, but then he quickly thought, right. If Madam Xu wasn’t female, then the Ghost Prince Consort can also not be female. After all, no one knows what really happened behind the myths and legends. It’s just that similarly, being known to be welcoming a bride, Xu Shuangce had his own luck to help him overcome the killing obstacles, while the Ghost Prince Consort might not have been so fortunate.

However, the sudden intersection of the well-known story with reality still gave Gong Wei a sense of absurdity. He sat on the bed, holding the blanket and pondering for a long time before suddenly realizing and exclaimed, “So, Master, what you saw was a female member of the Iron Sect?”

Xu Shuangce glanced at him indifferently, seeming too lazy to even answer.

Gong Wei said awkwardly, “Disciple is dull. Disciple still doesn’t understand why Master is so worried. Could it be that the appearance of that celestial being was extremely terrifying?”

Xu Shuangce said, “I did not clearly see the appearance of the other party. Presumably, mortals also need magical power to see the appearance of a deity. I just suddenly remembered something— the mechanical giant in the illusion said, ‘all living beings are like grass, and the puppet soldier will destroy the world.'”

Gong Wei naturally heard this, as the angry roar of the mechanical puppet at that time shook the heavens. “So, does Master think…”

Xu Shuangce suddenly fell into silence, as if he didn’t know how to continue.

After a while, he took a breath and said slowly, “Is it possible that the mechanical giant itself was sent by some deity to destroy the world?”

Gong Wei thought this was too absurd. Could this “deity” want all beings on earth to die?

If this speculation is true, then it can explain the extremely evil calamity that descended when the grandmaster transcended his tribulation, because it was not originally intended for the one undergoing the tribulation to ascend, but rather as a punishment to be torn into countless pieces, never to be reincarnated. Subsequently, the spiritual entity in the mirror struck back the heavenly thunder from the Nine Heavens and carried the grandmaster’s primordial spirit ascending into the heavens, which also went against the will of this celestial being, hence why he appeared in great wrath to impose divine punishment.

If one listened carefully, Xu Shuangce’s tone was unusually slightly unstable, and even his voice carried a hoarseness at the end.

He said, “If my speculation is true, then this deity should be an evil god.”

Everyone knew that Sect Master Xu was reticent, and Gong Wei had never seen him speak so much at once. Although he became more confused as he listened, he didn’t dare to ask further. He could only say, “But… but Master, didn’t the Ghost Prince Consort eventually ascend successfully in the myth?”

Xu Shuangce said, “Yes, ascended.”

“So, didn’t the celestial being you saw fail?”

As the light outside the window gradually dawned, it finally illuminated the dim and ambiguous room. Xu Shuangce stood by the window, half of his body shrouded in shadow against the backlight, his features clear and his eyes seemingly hiding an unspeakable haze beneath his eyelashes.

“Yeah,” his voice was very soft, as if he were answering Gong Wei’s question and speaking to himself at the same time.

“――Where did this god who committed crimes go after failing? Was he banished to become human?”

Gong Wei’s lower half of the face was hidden behind the blanket, only revealing a pair of eyes carefully watching Xu Shuangce. Beneath the calm and restrained appearance of the Sect Master of Cangyang Sect, there seemed to be a faint hint of ferocity and turmoil lurking, making him a bit nervous, yet he couldn’t pinpoint where this unease was coming from.

“….Did Master discuss this speculation with Alliance Leader Ying?” he cautiously asked in a low voice after a while.

Unexpectedly, Xu Shuangce glanced at him and said indifferently, “No, as long as we find the mastermind behind the scenes, we’ll get the answer. So, I only told you.”

Gong Wei: “…..Ah?”

The oppressive feeling on Xu Shuangce’s body was not as heavy as before, probably because he temporarily put aside his thoughts. He turned around and opened the window of the inn, saying, “So, if there is anyone else in the world who knows about it, it must be you who spoke—”

The morning breeze gently carried his leisurely words to Gong Wei’s ears: “Beloved disciple.”

Although it was a very normal address, perhaps because Gong Wei was only wearing his sleeping attire, he nestled in the corner of the large bed inexplicably feeling his cheeks heating up, and unconsciously touched his ear.

Xu Shuangce turned around, seemingly smiling: “Get up, beloved disciple. Today, we can go to Yanchuntai and meet your friend. Don’t you still know a good friend there?”


The Immortal Alliance set up inns for practitioners to rest and recuperate in various places, which did not accept ordinary copper or silver coins but could only be recorded in the sect’s accounts or directly used with gold. When they checked out, Gong Wei had already prepared for the sensational effect. He carefully hid himself completely behind Xu Shuangce. However, when the two of them passed through the lobby, the passing practitioners all had normal expressions, without any surprise, as if they didn’t recognize the dignified Sect Master of Cangyang Sect at all.

Xu Shuangce calmly said, “Don’t worry, I’ve cast a concealment spell. When others see you and me, they only see one ordinary Cangyang Sect disciple.”

Gong Wei expressed admiration and bowed respectfully: “Master is wise!”

Then he suddenly realized, one ordinary Cangyang Sect disciple?

“…..Master, what about me?”

Xu Shuangce glanced at him from the corner of his eye, his gaze seemed to carry a hint of teasing, then he calmly went forward to settle the bill.

Gong Wei stood still in place, subconsciously touched his face, wondering what Xu Shuangce had turned him into.

But worrying was futile. Unless he found a mercury mirror to perform divination, he couldn’t see what he looked like in other people’s eyes. He couldn’t just grab a passerby and ask, “Hey, what am I?”

Gong Wei could only suppress the faint sense of unease in his intuition and look around.

Due to most practitioners practicing fasting, the inns set up by the Immortal Alliance rarely provided food. Even if they did, it was only for junior disciples who had just built their foundation, mostly simple staple foods like hot porridge and buns. The window of the inn’s kitchen was open, and a steaming basket of buns was just being taken out. The chef picked up a bun and casually tore it open. Gong Wei’s eyes widened in surprise. Inside, there was a large meatball made of chicken and mushrooms.

The fragrance wafted over, Gong Wei swallowed his saliva, and a sudden surge of emotion overwhelmed him.

Although eating wasn’t necessary for him, it was still one of life’s greatest pleasures. Apart from the few meals of boiled vegetables served by the Cangyang Sect, the last proper meal was over a month ago when Meng Yunfei treated them to drunken chicken. At that time, he was still in Linjiang City…

At this moment, the chef suddenly leaned out and looked outside. Seeing that Xu Shuangce had his back turned to them, he surreptitiously waved at Gong Wei.


Gong Wei was puzzled. He approached hesitantly, and the fat chef wrapped a bun in paper and stuffed it into his hand. A loving kindness seemed to overflow from him: “Quick, eat it while the boss isn’t looking! Hurry!”

Gong Wei was astonished: “But, but I have no money?”

“Oh my, who needs money? Take it, take it!”

“No, I can’t take things for free…”

“Hurry and take it, you poor thing.” The chef urged in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll keep an eye on the boss for you. Hurry up and eat!”

Gong Wei was caught off guard and had his mouth stuffed full of meaty buns, overwhelmed by the rich aroma and flavor. In his fluster, he glanced back at Xu Shuangce while hurriedly swallowing, the sweet and savory taste of the food and the chef’s strong affection surrounding him. Devouring the bun as if in battle, the chef stretched half of his body out of the window to shield Gong Wei from Xu Shuangce, quickly breaking open another bun and quietly saying, “This one is also filled with chicken, here, eat the filling!” 

The chicken and mushroom meatball stuffed Gong Wei’s mouth full, while a sudden question filled his mind: How did you know I like chicken filling? 

Nearby, Xu Shuangce took a half step back, followed by the innkeeper’s voice full of smiles, “Take care, come again next time, dear guest!” The chef added, “Quick, he’s turning back!” 

Gulp! Gong Wei forcefully swallowed his food, hastily wiping his mouth and quickly saying, “I’ll bring money next time!” 

The chef beamed with radiance, bidding farewell reluctantly, while Gong Wei swiftly cast a cleaning spell around his mouth and fingers. In the moment Xu Shuangce turned around, he had already hurried back to the inn’s entrance, hands behind his back, innocently looking up, completely unaffected. 


Their eyes met, a gentle breeze passing by. 

Xu Shuangce looked Gong Wei up and down, and for some reason, Gong Wei felt that although his expression seemed distant, there was a hint of amusement hidden in his gaze. 

With a flick of his sleeve, Xu Shuangce stepped over the threshold, and in a calm tone said, “Let’s go, beloved disciple.” 

With long strides, Xu Shuangce walked ahead, while Gong Wei hurried to catch up, secretly glancing back to the chubby chef and waving gratefully. 


Music Saint Liu Xuzhi stated for long periods at was held at the Yanchuntai, conveniently located on the route to Tianmeng Pass, just over a hundred miles from their hometown of Suicheng. Gong Wei initially thought that, given Xu Shuangce’s character, they wouldn’t stop midway and would directly fly to Yanchuntai on his sword. However, Xu Shuangce seemed entirely uninterested in hastening there, wandering leisurely through the city with his sword No Way Out left idle.

Suicheng is situated at the border, naturally not as bustling as Linjiang City, but the early morning market was still lively when vendors set up their stalls. Gong Wei, with severe injuries, had his spiritual power suppressed to the maximum, walking not as fast as Xu Shuangce, stumbling along behind. Most of the passing townsfolk smiled and glanced at him, leaving him full of suspicions, wondering what exactly Xu Shuangce had turned him into. 

Coincidentally, there was a breakfast vendor by the roadside, scooping up steaming chicken bones from the pot with a big ladle, loudly calling out, “Liushi Chicken Noodle! Authentic chicken leg meat! Come and have a look!” 

Gong Wei couldn’t help but look over, only to see the breakfast vendor immediately seize the potential opportunity, “Would the customer like to try? If it’s not tasty, it’s free!” 

Feeling sad, Gong Wei thought, even if it’s delicious, I have no money, Xu Shuangce is not the kind of Master who would give pocket money to his disciple! Unexpectedly, just as the vendor saw him about to leave, he quickly changed his tune, enthusiastically waving and saying, “Don’t go, don’t go, today we’re giving away a free bowl of chicken leg meat, first come first served! Don’t miss this chance!” 

Gong Wei was so shocked he almost stumbled. Xu Shuangce, up ahead, suddenly stopped and turned around, calmly asking, “What’s wrong?” 

Gong Wei didn’t dare mention the word “chicken”, quickly trotting over and saying deferentially, “Nothing, Master.” 

Xu Shuangce glanced at him for a moment, then suddenly extended his right hand. 


Gong Wei dared not make any move, frozen in place, only to hear Xu Shuangce say, “Hold on.” 

Hold on… 

Gong Wei tactfully pinched Xu Shuangce’s sleeve with two fingers, smiling and saying, “Master is so considerate to his disciple, disciple is overwhelmed…” Before he could finish, Xu Shuangce lifted his left hand and tapped his wrist. A faint golden glow appeared on Gong Wei’s pale wrist, forming the word “Xu”. 

“Since you walk slowly, stop looking around. With this mark, no matter where you are, I will know.” 

Gong Wei gritted his teeth, thinking, you actually marked me! Then he sincerely apologized, “Disciple knows his mistake.” 

Xu Shuangce nodded approvingly, “Otherwise, if you were abducted, wouldn’t it delay the journey?” 

“Master’s teaching is right, disciple will… abducted?” 

Gong Wei, for the first time in his two lifetimes, heard this term being used on himself. Combining the excessively affectionate behavior of the chef just now, a dreadful suspicion suddenly arose in his mind. 

“….Master, did you turn me into a little maid?” 

Xu Shuangce glanced down at him from above, without answering, and continued walking forward.

Am I really a little maid? Xu Shuangce wouldn’t tease people like that, would he? 

Gong Wei hurried to catch up, his mind overwhelmed by doubts. Fortunately, this time Xu Shuangce slowed down his pace, not forcing him to run after him, and after a while, he suddenly stopped. Gong Wei looked up and saw a tavern in front of them. 

“Dao Master, please come in!” A waiter dashed out enthusiastically, leading Xu Shuangce to the upstairs private room with a keen eye, asking politely, “What would you like to eat? What would you like to drink?” 

Xu Shuangce took off his robe and sat down casually, saying, “Didn’t you want to take in food?” 

――Indeed, he was Sect Master Xu, yet the word “meal” was merely “take in food” in his mouth. 

Gong Wei’s heart, already filled with fear these past few days, surged to his throat again. He thought that in his previous life, among those who forced him to fast, Xu Shuangce was also involved. It was impossible for him to suddenly show kindness and offer food――could he have noticed something and was planning to deceive him? 

With this thought, Gong Wei dared not speak the words like “drunken chicken”, “roast chicken”, “mouth-watering chicken”, “chicken and mushroom meat bun”, which directly linked to death. He gritted his teeth and said with pain, “Disciple dares not. Disciple should abstain from food to seek the great dao, how can I indulge in desires of the palate?” 

Xu Shuangce didn’t even lift his eyelashes. “It’s okay. Master is in a very good mood today, so I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat.” 

Gong Wei bowed deeply. “In that case, please grant me a bowl of boiled vegetables with plain water, Master!” 


Xu Shuangce’s movement stopped. After a while, he asked, “Why?” 

Gong Wei’s expression was solemn. “After being away from home for so long, I deeply miss the food Master gave me on Mount Cangyang. Therefore, I only wish to eat boiled vegetables with plain water to always remember Master’s grace. Master is wise!” 

The air in the private room seemed to freeze. 

Gong Wei maintained his respectful posture for a long time before Xu Shuangce softly said word by word, “But I remember that when we were in Linjiang City, you were quite comfortable. You voluntarily let Meng Yunfei, a disciple of Music Saint, and had him treat you to a meal of drunken chicken and had a great time.” 

Why did Xu Shuangce still remember that unfortunate drunken chicken? 

Gong Wei spoke firmly, “Disciple relaxed excessively that day and violated the precepts momentarily. I promise not to do it again in the future!” 

The temperature in the private room seemed to drop suddenly. Xu Shuangce repeated word by word, “――Relaxed excessively.” 

There was a thin layer of ice in his eyes, and after a long while, he said slowly, “Indeed, my beloved disciple only seems to enjoy relaxation when with that disciple surnamed Meng. No wonder you had such a hearty appetite that day and were so happy.” 

Gong Wei thought he couldn’t stand him eating drunken chicken so much, so he showed even more remorse on his face. “Master…” 

“Give him boiled vegetables with plain water,” Xu Shuangce said coldly. 

The waiter hurriedly ran off, and soon the food was served. It was a huge bowl of soup with vegetables, very similar to the one given by Master on Mount Cangyang, with a surface as clear as a mirror without any oily smell. It glaringly reflected Gong Wei’s sad eyes. Still, he had to pretend to be grateful and thank Sect Master Xu sincerely, “Master’s kindness is deeply engraved in my heart!” 

Xu Shuangce, who had just been “in a very good mood”, didn’t even respond to him with a single word. 

As soon as the door of the private room closed, only the two of them remained facing each other. Gong Wei didn’t dare to lift his head, feeling as if he were swallowing bitter gallbladder as he slowly ate the vegetables. Suddenly, a jade pendant at Xu Shuangce’s waist lit up, flying into the air automatically and projecting a thousand-mile visibility array, with Ying Kai at the center. 

“It’s great, Shuangce, you finally accepted my Xianxing plate! I’ve been trying to contact you since last night, but I couldn’t reach you…” Ying Kai’s urgent voice abruptly stopped when he saw Gong Wei. 

Gong Wei: “…” 

Ying Kai: “…” 

In an instant, it seemed as if thunder had struck the earth. Gong Wei felt so aggrieved that he almost burst into tears on the spot: Senior Brother! Have you seen the miserable state I am in now! Why don’t you hurry to rescue me! 

“Is that so.” At this moment, Xu Shuangce, sitting on the other side of the round table, said calmly, “This place is remote, with sparse spiritual energy. Perhaps that’s why the array isn’t working smoothly.” 


Ying Kai stared at his junior brother whom he hadn’t seen in sixteen years. Although he had tried his best, anyone familiar with him could see from his stiff expression that he was forcing a smile. “…Shuangce, is this the little disciple you took away? Haha, how did he end up like this?”

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