The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 48

Chapter 48

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Gong Wei had only one thought in his mind: What exactly have I become?

At that moment, there was a soft sound as Xu Shuangce gently set down the teacup. “Little disciple is ignorant and unaware, which greatly displeases me. What is it, Ying Kai?”

―― I’m not in a good mood right now, and I don’t feel like chatting with you. If you have something important, just say it quickly.

Ying Kai was not a smooth talker to begin with, and the script he had rehearsed eight or nine times beforehand suddenly disappeared from his mind. In his nervousness, he couldn’t organize his words properly. “It’s… it’s nothing, uh, Mu Duozhu has prepared a medicine to quickly replenish spiritual energy for your little disciple, and I wanted to personally deliver it to you…”

Xu Shuangce didn’t even change his sitting posture. “Little disciple dares not to trouble a grandmaster. After the matter is done, I will personally go to the Golden Boat to get it.”

His unmoving posture made Ying Kai even more nervous. “But, it’s a matter of life and death. Why don’t I let Changsheng deliver it to you…”

“The affairs of a Sword Sect Master are busy. I will not accept this favor.”

“But your little disciple’s physical condition…”

“I infuse him with a large amount of spiritual energy every day to stabilize and repair his body. Therefore, he has already improved rapidly, even his appetite has greatly improved.” Xu Shuangce turned his head indifferently. “See?”

Ying Kai was about to say how it was impossible for him to improve so quickly, but then his gaze fell on the huge bowl of plain boiled vegetables in front of Gong Wei, a bowl so large that it could bury half of the Alliance Leader’s head.


Under Ying Kai’s astonished gaze, Gong Wei slowly raised his hand to cover his face.

“Little Disciple is deeply grateful for your concern. After this matter is settled, I will make him go to Tui’e to express his thanks in person,” Xu Shuangce’s tone changed. “Is there anything else, Brother Ying?”

The phrase “make him go to Tui’e to express his thanks” brought Ying Kai back from the brink of losing his sanity. He reluctantly shifted his gaze away from the bowl of vegetables, realizing that the words “force a smile” were no longer enough to describe the expression on the Alliance Leader’s face. “For now… for now, nothing. Since that’s the case, Shuangce, please go quickly and return quickly. I’ll be waiting for you at Tui’e, alright?”

Xu Shuangce happily agreed, “Of course.”

Ying Kai’s natural tendency to worry decided that he couldn’t help but nag, but he was afraid that too much concern would arouse Xu Shuangce’s suspicion. After a few rounds of hesitation and nearly speaking, he didn’t dare to look at his junior brother again before leaving, sorrowfully retracting the viewing array.

The light in the tavern’s private room dimmed, and Xu Shuangce leaned back in his chair, slowly drinking his tea without saying a word, his expression showing neither joy nor anger.

The more he acted like this, the less confident Gong Wei felt. He didn’t dare to make a sound and could only pretend to swallow the vegetables with a straight neck. But those vegetables were originally his least favorite thing, and the harder he tried to swallow them, the more tasteless they became. This made him feel like he had a lump in his throat. At this moment, he suddenly missed the kind and easygoing Meng Yunfei and the drunk chicken he treated himself to. His entire being was about to be overwhelmed by grievance and sadness.

Just as his soul was about to fly to Yanchuntai, there was a sudden sound nearby, as Xu Shuangce heavily set down the celadon teacup.

He coldly said, “If you don’t like it, then don’t eat it.”

Gong Wei trembled, not even having time to put down his chopsticks. “Disciple dare not! This bowl of vegetables was personally given by Master. How could disciple…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xu Shuangce swept his sleeve, and with a whooshing sound, everything in front of Gong Wei disappeared, vegetables and soup alike, leaving the bowl sparkling clean. “Go to Yanchuntai.”

Xu Shuangce’s face was like frost as he slapped a gold ingot the size of a fingertip with the emblem of Cangyang Sect on the table, then turned and strode out.

I was clearly trying my best to eat the vegetables, why did Xu Shuangce get angry again?

Gong Wei felt both aggrieved and bewildered, but even if he was given courage, he wouldn’t dare to ask. He hurriedly followed. In the blink of an eye, Xu Shuangce had disappeared at the end of the street. Gong Wei’s pace was slow due to his lack of spiritual power. As he chased after Xu Shuangce, he tried to find the unique sandalwood scent of Master amidst the crowd. Suddenly, he didn’t pay attention and stepped into a puddle under the steps, nearly falling in. “Oops!”

That “oops” had yet to finish its sound, when time suddenly froze.

The vendors with their mouths open, the stray dogs with their tongues hanging out, even the needle dropping on the ground could be heard, and all the movements of the pedestrians were frozen in mid-air.

Gong Wei’s toes were hovering over the puddle.

A tall and straight figure, with wide sleeves, passed through the crowd. His expression was indifferent, not saying a word, as he steadily walked forward and grabbed Gong Wei’s wrist.

―― The next moment, time suddenly resumed its flow. The bustling sounds and laughter erupted from all sides. Gong Wei staggered and stepped on the bluestone steps, stabilizing his figure.

No one noticed what had just happened. The dogs barked and wagged their tails as they crossed the street.


Xu Shuangce pursed his thin lips and remained silent, his sharp eyes veiled, covering up his expression.

His unreadable demeanor made Gong Wei very afraid. His wrist was tightly gripped, almost to the point of pain, but he didn’t dare to struggle much. He said in a hesitant and soft voice, “Next time, I will definitely stick close to Master and not look around again.”

Perhaps it was his illusion, but after hearing this, Xu Shuangce’s breathing seemed to stop, then he looked at Gong Wei. “Really?”

Gong Wei hurriedly nodded. “Yes.”


Xu Shuangce’s gaze was deep and obscure, as if he wanted to see through Gong Wei’s heart. It seemed like a long time but also like an instant. Suddenly, he looked away and chuckled, the end of his laughter short and mocking.

He said, “I don’t believe it.”

What’s there not to believe?

Gong Wei was puzzled, but Xu Shuangce didn’t give him more time. He just grabbed Gong Wei’s wrist and took a small step forward in the bustling market―― as if the distance of a hundred miles had shrunk into an inch, and in an instant, the bustling street and the densely packed houses all retreated. Gong Wei felt his eyes blur, and when Xu Shuangce’s foot touched the ground, they were already on a hill outside the city gate.

Shrink to Inch!

The powerful inertia caused by the spell pushed Gong Wei forward. The next moment, the refreshing scent of sandalwood rushed towards him.

Xu Shuangce seemed to have expected this rush. When he landed, he turned around and reached out, his arm catching Gong Wei.

“Master, forgive me, I…”

Xu Shuangce turned around and said lightly, “Let’s go.”

He held Gong Wei’s hand and walked along the gravel road outside the city gate.

Gong Wei, confused and afraid, didn’t dare to struggle. His wrist was hot and uncomfortable from being held, and he had a strange feeling of being led by the hand. Hand in hand with Xu Shuangce, walking side by side like this was truly the most unimaginable thing in his life. What was even more unimaginable was that Xu Shuangce didn’t have any intention of using magic again. The world’s number one, actually just walked along the suburban road like an ordinary person, heading towards the distant blue mountains, a hundred miles away.

After walking for about a mile, Gong Wei finally couldn’t help but cough weakly. “….Master?”


“Master, why would you personally set foot on this worldly path instead of using sword flight?”

Xu Shuangce calmly responded, “Among the spells of the world, the most consuming of spiritual power is time reversal, followed by Shrink to Inch, as they go against the laws of nature.”

Gong Wei quickly and respectfully said, “Oh.”

“After Yanchuntai, the road ahead is unknown. At this moment, it’s best to conserve spiritual power for unforeseen circumstances.”

“… ” Gong Wei thought, but you still haven’t explained why you’re not using sword flight?

He couldn’t help but steal a glance from the corner of his eye at Xu Shuangze’s waist, where a black satin waistband, revealing dark armor underneath his outer robe, was empty, devoid of a sword.

The more he thought about it, the more it seemed like it had been a long time since he last saw No Way Out. Did Xu Shuangce forget to bring it?

Gong Wei’s curiosity tormented his heart. He really wanted to ask why Master wasn’t carrying his sword, but he was afraid of reminding Xu Shuangce, who could easily summon No Way Out with a flick of his hand. Lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t help but steal another glance from the corner of his eye, only to unexpectedly meet Xu Shuangce’s gaze. In an instant, he saw his reflection in those black, deep eyes.

Gong Wei’s heart rose to his throat, and he immediately lowered his gaze.

“What are you looking at?” Xu Shuangce asked slowly.

Gong Wei focused on the gravel road under his feet, bowing his head humbly. “Looking… at how wise and mighty Master is, like a deity descending to earth…”

The footsteps beside him suddenly stopped.

Gong Wei wisely closed his mouth and stood still. He felt the focused gaze beside him linger on him for a long time before finally moving away. Xu Shuangce’s deep voice brushed past his ear in the gentle breeze, sounding somewhat softer, “Look over there.”

Gong Wei raised his head blankly and followed Xu Shuangce’s gaze to the sky. He saw the vast expanse of green fields beyond the city, and two small black dots streaked across the skyline. Upon closer inspection, he realized they were two sparrows chasing each other, sometimes one chasing the other, sometimes the other circling back. Eventually, they flew side by side, disappearing affectionately into the distant sky.

“Do you see it?”

Just two birds. Gong Wei wasn’t sure. “….Uh?”

Xu Shuangce exhaled almost inaudibly, but he didn’t explain anything. He just asked, “Are you tired?”

Gong Wei hurriedly shook his head.

Xu Shuangce didn’t say anything more and just continued to lead him forward, hand in hand.


Despite Gong Wei’s insistence that he wasn’t tired, after several miles of walking, he began to slow down. So Xu Shuangce let him rest in a roadside pavilion for half an hour. This pattern of walking and resting repeated several times, and Gong Wei became increasingly weary, his feet aching. He could barely resist leaning against Xu Shuangce. After a meal’s worth of dawdling, he didn’t know if Master was finally fed up with his dawdling, but he kindly used Shrink to Inch again, bringing the visibly exhausted Gong Wei to the foot of the mountain.

With golden clouds swirling at the summit and fairy lights enveloping it, the magnificent buildings atop the mountain peak were faintly visible. Exotic birds and celestial beings circled above, emitting melodious calls. It was none other than the Yanchuntai where Music Saint Liu Xuzhi resided year-round.

Perhaps Ying Kai had already informed Music Saint Liuxu, as disciples from the Music Saint Sect lined up along the way, waiting respectfully to greet them. Along the long stone steps from the mountaintop to halfway down the mountain, there stood a familiar figure at the end of the queue. Clad in silver-grey robes and wearing a crown, he exuded an air of elegance and handsomeness as he paced back and forth on the broad stone steps, evidently having waited for a long time.

Xu Shuangce stopped, and his voice turned cold. “Isn’t that your friend?”

Gong Wei wasn’t stupid. Although he didn’t know how Meng Yunfei had offended Xu Shuangce, he could clearly hear the dislike in Xu Shuangce’s words. Without hesitation, he denied earnestly, “I grew up in Cangyang Sect, where everyone is a friend. I only met Young Master Meng once in Linjiang City and haven’t seen him since then. Master, please understand!”

“People are waiting for you,” Xu Shuangce said.

Gong Wei firmly replied, “They must be waiting for you, Master!”

Xu Shuangce looked at him without confirming or denying, then suddenly made a hand gesture.

The conversation of the people halfway up the mountain, a hundred feet away, suddenly became clear in their ears. One disciple laughed, “Senior Brother Meng has been waiting here all morning. Why hasn’t that close friend of the Cangyang Sect arrived yet? Why not send a messaging talisman?” Another disciple joked, “Senior Brother Meng has had the snacks prepared by his men remade three times. Who will sympathize with the chickens in the kitchen?” “Senior Brother Meng has been pacing back and forth. These green bricks are going to be worn down three inches!”

Meng Yunfei couldn’t hold back anymore, but he was a refined person, not even getting angry loudly: “Stop talking nonsense. This is the way to treat guests. What do you know?”

“Senior Brother Meng is blushing!” “Hahaha…”

The chicken in the kitchen.

“Master!” Gong Wei’s eyes went dark, and he immediately bowed deeply, with a face of genuine distress: “Disciple was truly foolish for breaking the rules for a moment. I didn’t expect to leave the impression of being greedy for food to outsiders. I promise not to…”

Before he could finish his words, Xu Shuangce suddenly reached out and forcibly lifted him up inch by inch.

From this angle, Gong Wei could see Xu Shuangce’s jawline, which seemed even more sharply defined than usual.

For some reason, he felt that Sect Master Xu had been in a bad mood whenever Yanchuntai was mentioned along this journey, especially when he saw Meng Yunfei just now. It even reached the point where it could be called “depressed.” But on the contrary, instead of explaining why he was feeling down, he lifted his head and even seemed a bit aloof.

He uttered two words: “Hold on.”

Immediately, Xu Shuangce changed his grip on Gong Wei’s left wrist to his left hand, and his empty right hand grabbed Gong Wei’s shoulder. Then, he leaped up!

“Who’s that?” “Sect Master Xu?!” “Sect Master Xu is here!”

The disciples of Music Saint on the halfway up the mountain all exclaimed and looked up. In the blink of an eye, Xu Shuangce carried Gong Wei and soared up, his robe fluttering, covering hundreds of feet in an instant, landing directly on the mountaintop with one foot!

The strong wind howled and the clouds scattered, and Gong Wei only had time to catch a glimpse of Meng Yunfei’s astonished face halfway up, before soaring to the top of the mountain, landing on the forty-ninth level of the green jade long steps of Yanchuntai. He stood firm without warning, feeling Xu Shuangce’s right hand on his shoulder loosen, but then the cold fingers grabbed his left wrist again, forcing him to stand shoulder to shoulder in front of the main hall of Music Saint. The magnificent hall door was tightly closed, and through the crack in the door came the vivid sound of storytelling:

“Only to see that the Law Flower Immortal blushed, and fell in love with the Cangyang Sect Master at first sight, and became deeply attached at the second sight. However, unexpected changes occurred, and the days of envying the mandarin ducks and not the immortals did not last long. This pair of lovers who dared to defy the world’s taboos were interfered by the Yejinmen Sword Sect…”

At this moment, Gong Wei’s only thought was to break free from Xu Shuangce’s hand and jump down from Yanchuntai.

At this moment, a refined voice interrupted the storyteller, sighing and lamenting, “This ‘Undying Love in the Yellow Springs’ has intricate details and is always fresh, truly a masterpiece of folk legends! But it’s a pity—”

The storyteller quickly asked, “Master Music Saint, why is it a pity?”

Music Saint Liu Xuzhi sighed again, heavier than before:

“Today, Sect Master Xu is coming to Yanchuntai as a guest. It seems that the time is right. Change the book!”

Gong Wei: “…”

Gong Wei covered his face with one hand, silent. Inside, Liu Xuzhi suddenly became interested again: “Oh, by the way, did last month’s Kaiyuan Miscellaneous News publish any new masterpieces?”

Storyteller: “Yes, yes, yes. One was about the disciple and master of the Ministry of Life and Death, and the other was a sequel to the secret history of Alliance Leader Ying, telling about the young days of Alliance Leader Ying traveling the world with Sect Master Xu, with hidden feelings, and a mutual promise of a lifetime…”

“Ah, I am also a mentor myself, and I know that those stories about disciples and masters are all nonsense.” Liu Xuzhi thought for a moment and said, “Then let’s go with the secret history of Alliance Leader Ying. It has a higher credibility.”

As soon as he finished speaking, outside the door, Xu Shuangce’s face was as calm as water, suddenly sweeping his sleeves – Boom!

The two heavy palace doors flew out with a howl, smashing into the wall of the main hall, creating two huge pits!

As debris flew and dust billowed, a figure darted like lightning from the reclining chair, jumping up half a meter high. Then, like an arrow leaving the bow, he grabbed the astonished storyteller and rushed into the inner hall without even putting on his shoes.

With Gong Wei’s hand firmly in his grasp, Xu Shuangce stepped into the chaotic main hall and said slowly, “Liu, Xu, Zhi.”

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